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he’s not going to be MysMe anymore bye  (rebootingtheAUintoanoriginalhhhhakhjsdsa)

shaming people for “cringy” interests is so gross oooh my god so someone likes this one piece of media more than anything how about you just…. let them? it brings someone joy what the fuck is your problem. eat some grass.

Bubbline in the new episode (spoilers!)

This is obviously spoilery, but here’s all the Bubbline from the new episodes (or rather, “Seventeen” and “Marcy & Hunson”)

Just gals being pals and wearing each other’s clothes

Having dinner with friends and the father-in-law. Finn knows something’s up, as does Hunson tbh.

Apart from the fact that PB should have been there during her gf’s gig, this song was totally about her and the ghost vocalist was voiced by Hynden Walch okay bye

Protective gf Marcy who’s supporting her gf with a handhold after the traumatic revelation that PB’s family is back.

This is getting increasingly obvious and honestly I was half expecting it to be confirmed in these four episodes. Doesn’t matter, we’ll have it before the show ends, it just has to happen at this point.

SHINee had the most variety of suits in the history of kpop

i mean they go from classic

to wedding suits

to formal suits

to even ugly suits with crazy colors

and the 70s gosh those 70s feels

let’s not forget this one

and oh god this

and those god damn velvet and leather suits

bottom line is SHINee saved those looks and no one can argue with me