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I woke up and checked my asks before falling right back asleep (don’t do this kids you hallucinate asks apparently) and I thought someone sent me an ask saying the blue galra was Keith’s mom or something and I was 100% prepared to say “If that’s the case I’m done, bye”

Also if that’s somehow his sister there better a fucking knife fight between them

i’ve been so into researching the deep web and reading about stuff like peter scully lately, like it’s just so fascinating and insane that people are doing this disgusting shit every day and it mostly goes unnoticed, like fuck people are crazy

i dont even get why so many ppl are “anti fangirl” ,,, i honestly feel like ppl only are bc every one else is and the constant demonization of younger female fans is slung everywhere

like,,,, ur literally labeling yourself “anti female fan of this character” like u might as well call urself “anti people harmlessly enjoying this character in a way thats fun to them just because theyre female and im better than them bc  A. im male or  B. a female that doesnt do that”
its so immature and petty

like,,, the moment a girl has a favorite character or she ships her self insert oc with with it shes a cringey, bratty fangirl, but if some 22 yr old dude drew himself making out with a female character (typically underage) its a-ok. skeevy perverted guys? fine. young girls innocently having fun? god sooooo annoying and evil i hope they die

nice double standards y’all

shaming people for “cringy” interests is so gross oooh my god so someone likes this one piece of media more than anything how about you just…. let them? it brings someone joy what the fuck is your problem. eat some grass.

this dude who’s a cook @ work and is always talking to me/asking me how i am (same w/ like.. everyone he’s v friendly) asked me if i wanted anything this morning bc he hadn’t clocked in yet and was going to get breakfast and i said that i was fine/didn’t need anything.. yet.. he got me s/t that was apparently from the bakery across the street? and then apologized, after buying it, bc he forgot i don’t eat sweets? he always buys huge packs of water for everyone @ work too? anyway. almost cried


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