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this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.


The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


After working on my previous Thumbelina image, I felt like I really wanted to carry on that little bit longer with this theme of teeny, tiny people. And so very recently I started working on this new illustration, loosely based on The Borrowers by Mary Norton and here is the result :)

For Kitchen Borrower print go here

AAA It’s time!! Thank you all so much for following and supporting my blog!


-MUST be following me! (@kid-cores)

-Reblogs count for entries, and each reblog counts as one entry UP TO 5 REBLOGS

-Likes don’t count but feel free to like as a bookmark

-Please no giveaway blogs or sideblogs, I want everyone to have a fair chance

-Absolutely no ddlg/cgl/kink blogs may enter, even SFW ones (even if you reblog I won’t count your entry)

-There must be over 50 entries or I won’t pick a winner

-You must be ok with giving me your address so I can ship your prize to you

-Contest ends August 15th, 2016! That is the day I’ll pick winners

Now, onto what you get if you win! You will recieve:

-Four cans of slime (in red, green, blue, and yellow)

-Three bags of candy (your choice what kind)

-50 orbeez in assorted colors

-One normal sized rainbow slinky

-One tube of animals (type of animals depends on what’s available)

Good luck everyone!!

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…this makes me happy


The first episode of Season 4, The Kindergarten Kid, is here! Enjoy!