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Potential AU: Cloud comes to Midgard, and is fine with hearing and speaking, though he has an accent, but reading/writing is something he has a bit more trouble with in this second language. So when he applies to SOLDIER/the infantry he accidently graps the wrong resume thing. Before he knows it, Cloud is the new sole cook of the Shinra cafeteria. Problem being, Cloud can't cook. Shinra doesn't care if the foods edible, but morale starts going seriously down as the culinary disasters (cont.)

(cont.) become worse. Zack hears rumors and gets curious. And who does he meet but one poor Cloud who is in way over his head. After making friends, and feeling sorry for the guy, Zack promises to find someone else to help, since his own cooking isn’t that great. That someone else being Sephiroth. Sephiroth is a good cook (it’s just chemistry, after all) and agrees on a whim. He gives lessons to Cloud and slowly starts to feel more than a teacher’s pride when Cloud suceeds…

…………I couldn’t not write the thing.  I’m gonna do a few different scenes from this – here’s the first part, since it got kinda long. I’ll add more to it tomorrow. (omg thank you anon – this is such a hilarious idea and you are freakin’ brilliant. I had so much fun. Pfffft Cloud u loser.  Poor kid.)

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Cute older Fitz with bestie older monster child!

Frisk and Monster Kid spent a lot of their remaining childhood together on the surface, not easily connecting with human kids who had no previous interaction with monsters (or other human kids that they deemed strange).  Many adventures led them into spots that maybe they shouldn’t have gone, climbing over fences and wriggling through cracks in rusty gates.  Frisk developed a habit of using Monster Kid as a step stool, climbing atop their head and struggling over obstacles. As they got older, the habit remained despite the need disappearing. But it’s a comfortable sort of habit, and Monster Kid never minded.