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"Sh…they’re asleep" sounds pretty promising so far.

She’s standing in the door frame, watching as he adjusts the blanket around one of their toddlers. He is humming a low tune she recognizes, Twinkle, twinkle little star, as he smooths the fabric of the covers over their daughter’s sleeping form.

He hasn’t noticed her yet, too focused on making sure their kids are all good for the night to hear the soft padding of her socks on the floor. She has decided to linger in the darkness for a little longer, content to just watch him acting as a father.

She knew that there was this side to Richard Castle since day one, it had actually been one of the first things that she didn’t find completely irritating about him; yet nothing prepared her for the amount of emotions she feels now that she sees him interacting with their children all day. Sometimes she just observes them laugh and play and revels in the feeling of her heart swelling more and more, soaring and blooming until she feels like she is going to fly away with it and at the beginning she was stunned to find that it was actually possible for her to love him even more.

She watches him turn around and catch her figure in the shadows now. She knows he’s smiling and moves closer to him until she is standing beside him. They both look down at the two sleeping children in front of them, one bed cover in pink, one in blue, their small hands grasping at the blankets, little mouths moving and feet kicking, their minds caught in some kind of a vivid dream.

She feels his arm come around her waist, his fingers settling right over her hipbone and leans into his side. She rests her head on his shoulder, keeps looking at the two little miracles in front of her when she notices his fingers wandering lower and lower.

“Castle” she hisses and she can imagine the mischievous grin spreading on his face.

She is aware that she is wearing one of his Batman shirts; nothing but his Batman shirt. He starts pulling it up a little, his hand trailing across her stomach and she can’t help the small moan that escapes her lips.

“Sh… they’re asleep” she feels his breath hot against her ears.

“Castle” god her voice is breathy “we should really move this to the bedroom”

She feels him nodding against her cheek and before she knows what is happening he picks her up, throws her over his shoulder and retreats from their kids’ room.

“Sounds like a great idea”

Beautiful, Beautiful Lou

This one shot is based off of this video


Harry is staring at his beautiful husband. It was their wedding day and they were currently at the reception. Louis was talking with all of his friends. His hands moved in a frenzy. Some of his friends laughed and some signed things back. Most of them were signing congratulations. Harry smiled. He sat back in his seat looking at all the people who came. He recognized some from his childhood and some from recently becoming fluent in sign language. He looked at Louis again. Louis looked back and caught his gaze. Louis smiled at him. Harry smiled back. Louis turned and continued talking to his friends. Harry closed his eyes and remembered when he first met Louis. ~*~ It was the first day of year seven. Harry was sitting in the back of his class when a small boy walked in. He chuckled when he saw him. He looked like a lost fifth year. Harry watched him closely and didn’t see him moving his mouth. He had everything he needed to say on a piece of paper. Harry squeezed his eyes confused. Louis sat in the front of the class and took out his spiral notebook. He opened it and got out a blue pen. He wrote down everything that was on the board. The bell rang but Louis didn’t move while everyone else did. Harry saw him and tapped on his shoulder. Louis looked up at him. “The bell rang.” Harry said.

Louis looked at him confused. Harry said it again. “The bell rang.”

Louis read his lips and got the message. He put his things away quickly. Louis looked at Harry. He put his right hand to his chin the then moved it to the palm of his other hand. He mouthed “Thank you.”

Louis walked out the door and read his schedule for his next class. He read the numbers on the walls and found his next class.

Harry walked to class thinking about Louis. It still didn’t click in his head that he was deaf.

The next day, Harry saw Louis again. Louis waved brightly at Harry. Harry smiled and moved from his seat to sit next to Louis. Louis looked at him happily. “So are you deaf?” Harry asked.

Louis tilted his head in confusion.

“Right. Are you deaf?” He said slower. Louis read his lips and nodded. He made a knocking motion with his right hand that meant yes. Harry nodded.

Louis looked at the board and wrote down the notes. Harry smiled. He got out a piece of paper and wrote down, ‘My name is Harry.’

He placed it on Louis’ desk. Louis read it and smiled. He wrote down his name and smiled.

They communicated like this for the next school year.


The next year Louis started teaching Harry sign language. Louis was happy that Harry was actually getting it fairly well. They were able to have conversations, not extensive ones but things like “Hey! How are you?” And being able to have a response. They became really close friends after that.


Year nine was tough and it was especially tough on Louis. He now had to deal with kids who didn’t understand what Louis was going through. Year nine is when the bullying started. Harry stumbled upon people pushing him around because Louis couldn’t answer them. Harry shoved the other people away and let Louis cry in his shoulder as he signed to him all the things that the people said.

There was one day in particular of year nine that Louis was getting beat up really badly. When Harry came upon it he ran as fast as he could to Louis’ side. He punched guys in the face and the gut and got Louis out of there as soon as possible. Louis was bent over in pain. Harry frowned and rubbed his stomach gently. Harry helped him home and when they got there, Louis’ parents were signing frantically. Harry told them as best as he could. After they understood they thanked him gratefully. Harry pecked Louis’ cheek and left to go home.


Year ten was easier. Louis became more popular as he joined the local football team. Harry became popular as he was getting all the lead roles in theater. Louis had a lot of back up and when he needed him, Harry came to the rescue. Harry and Louis could have full length conversations in sign language now. Louis took Harry home to meet his parents and his parents instantly loved Harry and thanked him so much for becoming friends with Louis.


Year eleven is when Louis discovered he had feelings for Harry. Harry was walking Louis home after a soccer match. The other team made fun of him for being deaf. He won the game still. Harry ran onto the field and congratulated him and hugged him tight. Harry waited outside of the field house and waited for Louis to get dressed. When Louis walked out, Harry smiled at him and started walking with him. Harry pulled Louis into his side when Louis said someone about it being cold. Louis looked at him and smiled and curled into him more. Louis’ parents loved Harry. They thanked him every time they saw him for being so gracious with their son. Harry always said it was no problem, that it was his pleasure. Harry got to Louis’ front door. Louis rolled out of his jacket and smiled at Harry. Right before he walked inside, Louis turned and looked at Harry. He placed his lips gently on Harry’s and kissed him. To Louis’ surprise, Harry didn’t pull away. In fact, Harry kissed back. Louis pulled back and smiled widely. He ran into the house and ran to his room like a giddy school girl. Harry walked home finally content with himself. He really liked Louis.


Year twelve was the year that everything would change for them. They had started dating and were applying to colleges. That, is where everything went wrong. Louis was going to become a teacher for deaf students and Harry wanted a degree in music. They didn’t want to leave each other because of how close they had gotten. When they got accepted to different schools they knew what they had to do. The day before graduation, they broke up. It ended with tears and “I will never forget you.” They saw each other the day of graduation. After that, they went their separate ways.


Louis had gotten his teaching degree fairly early in his life. He passed through school very quickly and was now looking for a job. Harry had gotten his music degree and was playing piano and guitar for Broadway. After he stopped doing that, he went back home to England and was looking to become a music teacher. He applied everywhere. He got a call back one day. This call surprised him. “Could you be the music teacher for our school? These kids love feeling rhythms.” The person said.

Harry shook his head in disbelief. “Sir, no offense but you are asking me to be a music teacher at a school for the deaf.”

“We are aware Mr. Styles, but these children. They can still recognize music when they feel it against their skin in rhythms. There is something extraordinary missing from the school and I believe music is it.” He said.

Harry thought about it. “Do you think I could teach them how to play instruments?”

“A lot of them already know piano and various instruments.”

“I’ll be there on Monday sir.” Harry said. He hung up the phone and jumped for joy. Little did he know that Louis was a sign language teacher there as well.


Louis got to work early and set up his classroom for the days’ lesson. He was going to teach them the colors.

Harry walked in frantically and went to the principles office.

“Hello Harry!” He said also using sign language.

Harry waved and said hello.

“Okay, your room is at the very end of this hallway. It has five pianos and a few guitars and a few other band instruments. Let these students on the first day just express themselves. Do you know sign language?”

Harry nods. “I do. My best friend was deaf and he taught me.”

“Great. Go ahead and head back. I’ll let the teachers know and it assure you they will come and visit you.”

Harry stands up. “Thank you.” He walked to his classroom and sighed happily. He sat down at one of the pianos and started playing stuff he played on Broadway. He closed his eyes and let his fingers do the magic on the black and white keys. Louis stood outside his classroom and felt odd vibrations under his feet. He followed them until they got stronger by the new music room. He thought the idea was great. Having deaf kids learn music even if they couldn’t hear it. He opened the door and almost immediately started crying. Harry didn’t hear him open the door and just kept his eyes shut playing his heart out. Louis walked up to the other side of the piano and placed his ear to the lid of it. He had his hands sprawled out over the smooth wood as he felt the vibrations rack through his head. He smiled and looked up when the vibrations stopped.

Harry looked at him with wide eyes. “Louis?” He signed. Louis shook his head yes and ran into his arms.

Harry held him tight and kissed his head crying. They sat there and talked the whole morning before the kids got there. That night, they went on their first date since they were in high school.


It made worldwide news when Harry made the first deaf children’s band. The children played everything from piano to clarinet to flute to tuba to oboe to violin. Harry was so happy when he heard them play. Even though they couldn’t hear it, it sounded amazing. Harry was so pleased. He passed out a piece of music to them called “Beautiful Boy.” By John Lennon.

That night when Harry and Louis went on their date Harry asked Louis to marry him.


Now here they are, the day of their wedding. Harry walked over and sat Louis down at the table. He motioned to the door and all of his band students walked in. Harry looked happily at Louis. He blew a kiss to them and turned to his students. They were still getting ready.

“Hello everyone. I have a special treat for my new husband. Now for those of you who have hearing difficulties tonight will be nice for you because I am going to sing. And for those of you who have no difficulties, my profound apologies. I would like to dedicate this song to my loving husband, Louis.” He said and signed. He turned to his band students and one of his friend music majors stood up the podium and started the band.

Harry stood I front if Louis and cleared his throat and started to sing and sign.

“Close your eyes, Have no fear, The monsters gone, He’s on the run and your daddy’s here,

Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful Boy,

Before you go to sleep, Say a little prayer, Every day in every way, It’s getting better and better,

Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful Boy,

Out on the ocean sailing away, I can hardly wait, To see you to come of age, But I guess we’ll both, Just have to be patient, Yes it’s a long way to go, But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street, Take my hand, Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans,

Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful Boy, Darling, Darling, Darling Lou.”

Louis was crying and clapped loudly after song. He ran up to Harry and kissed him. Harry smiled and kissed him back. He signed, “I love you forever.”


A few years later, they adopted a young boy named Sean. He was deaf just like his daddy, and Harry sang him that same song.