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I’m flashing back to my early internet days and when I was like 9-10 nickelodeon used to have a website game thing called nicktropolis and I had tons of friends and the only chat option was pre-selected moderator safe words so we created a method of talking where we would only read the first letter of each word to communicate with each other so we’d end up saying things like “HEY! penguins U.S. salsa salsa iCarly elephant salsa” to get our nasty agendas across

Wanna play a little game?

Since I LOVE riddles and stuff and since @ask-ritsuka-tachibana is being so cool in making them,  wanted to challenge you all with this crossword of mine! LOL Enjoy!

Note: when you see a definition followed by a $, that means this is a hard question. You must know a lot about the dwd universe! (anyway, cheats under the cut!)
Try to solve it and challenge yourselves!

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luckythescrubbishdog  asked:

IN BRITAIN PEOPLE GET MARRIED BEFORE THEY'RE 20 >:OOOO (And when we get Splat2oon will it be about their kids? Because I'd read that.)

Sure you can get married before your twenties but they’ve been dating less than 6months. B) Use your brain kids and don’t do anything stupid.

And I doubt. I have so many stories in mind that it’s gonna take years before they all are done

cat and kid

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by norio

Kenma doesn’t mind if Akaashi talks on his phone. After all, owning a cat like Bokuto-san must cause Akaashi a lot of difficulty.

Words: 2817, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Happily Ever After

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by OnlyHereForGallavich

Insight into Ian and Mickey’s happily ever after :)

Words: 1233, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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House for Rent

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by keylimepie

Melanie has a prospective renter show up on her doorstep.

Words: 960, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Charlotte ‘Verse

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a day in the life of dan and phil where all they do is walk around london and play pokémon go together