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Pitch perfect. Great starting point for anyone new to Poppy.

Over the sound of Red Mountain fans chanting “Mountain fight,” a screeching noise pierced the air. Gueye kept his focus on the court as cackles of “Hoo-hoo-ah-ah,” mimicking the sound of a monkey, came from the throats of some in the Red Mountain crowd standing in the bleachers.

Some of the students began pounding fists against chests and scratching their armpits.

Gueye was the only black player on the floor at the time.

Gueye, who scored 17 points in the game, did not respond.

I noticed it but I had no choice but to ignore it. It kills me that racism still exists, but I’ve been dealing with stuff like this my whole life. I know the kid wanted me to react, but I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted. ~ Gueye

Red Mountain Principal Jared Ryan walked over and escorted one of the students out of the stands, making him leave the premises.

Unblur their faces. they’re old enough to know right from wrong!

We’re often told that the younger generation is less racist, and then when kids show the same investments in white supremacy, we’re told that they’re “just kids” and “made a mistake.” This incident and others show that the problem has little to do with age and more to do with the social and psychological investments in white supremacy.

My kid reacts to Episode 5

Let me remind you all.  They are SEVEN.

“Minami is cute”

Kiddo: “Is Yurio in this episode?”

Me: “Only for like two seconds.”

Kiddo: “I will love him in those two seconds.”

1st hug- “Please pause!" 

*slowly leaves going ‘oh my god!’ comes back with toys for emotional support* 


*watches the hug again with a big grin while clutching a teddy bear*

Me: "Minami is all of us.”

Kiddo: “Especially me.”

Kiddo: “Hurry up and get to angry cute!”

Me: “Not 'til the end.”

Kiddo: “Oh come on!”

Yuri cheers for Minami- 

Minami’s routine- “I’m trying not to have a nosebleed”

2nd hug-

 "This time I need to do this for some time"

Yuri’s Routine finished- *Pauses and retires upstairs to their room*


*comes back*

Almost hug- “That won’t help”


Yuri’s speech- “OH MY GOSH SO GREAT!”

Conclusion- “My favourite two characters are Yurio and Victor/Yuri. Because Victor and Yuri count as one character.”

How does Peter Parker differ this time from his previous two incarnations?

You’ve seen the billionaire, the scientist, the soldier. Now it’s time to see the kid. And every decision we make on set is based off how would a kid react in this situation, so every fight scene we have is designed in a way that’s almost child-friendly, so he never actually punches anyone. It’s all done kind of by accident. I think the biggest difference is his youth and innocence.

My kid reacts to Yuri on Ice Episode 10

Otabek and Yurio’s friendship: Amazing!

Ring exchange- Kiddo:”are they marrying?”

Me: “Close. They’re engaged” 


Me: “Promised to marry”

*pauses and leaves to go to room*

Kiddo: *screaming from upstairs* “OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO COOL!”

Phichit as captain of Ship Victuuri: *Screams*

Realising Victor had been in love since episode one: “He fell in love with drunk Yuri!” *screams into soft toy*

Final Thoughts:

“I am no longer alive.”


“Are the Beatles better or worse than music today?”

“Baby Einstein I think is a little better for me… but I don’t want you to stop, because it’s your head, you get to think.” Maxim, 6 years old [x]

My kid reacts to Episode 7

Sleeping together: “I’m trying not to pop my teddy bear’s head off that is so cute”

Guang-hong: “he’s biting a teddy bear!”

Chris: “He is both really good and bad”

“I’m really nervous for Yuri!”

 Victor’s mean comment: *throws toy across room*

After the fight: *pauses and goes up to his room to yell and throw things a bit to relieve feelings* 

Georgi: “he still looks like a jerk”

Near the end of Yuri’s program: “pause it please” *slowly slides down the sofa to the floor* “I’ve melted" 

“KISS! KISS!! KISS!!! KISS!!!! KISSS!!!!!!!! KISSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I’ve done a triple faint!”

Final thoughts: “VICTUURI VICTORY”

They then jumped around the room screaming “THEY KISSED I CAN’T BELIEVE IT THEY ACTUALLY KISSED!” for quite awhile   


Their hogwarts house

Watching their children experience snow for the first time

They get their crush for secret santa (xMale)

Drunkenly kissing their crush under mistletoe

Jerking them off in public

When you listen to Up&Down 24/7

When you bite them during sex

You give them a boner in public

They catch you masturbating

You slap them in a fight *trigger?*

Their BF being dominant in bed

They find out you’re a vampire when you two get frisky (vampire au)

When you tell them you don’t want kids

When you tell them you want to have kids with them

How they react to you being the holy trinity

They start showing their fangs as you get intimate and you ask them to turn you

They have a crush on a member of a new boy group

When you ask to dom them

His apartment

Favorite sexual positions *nsfw*

When they watch you wax your eyebrows

When you bring home a goat and it’s 5 babies

When you get horny and bite their ear as a hint

How they react to you getting off on them kissing your neck

How they react to you being in a popular k-girl group

They have a crush on a JYP solo artist

Waking them up with a blow job

As disney characters

When you moan when you’re making out

When you swallow them at the end of a blow job

When you hand them a love letter and run away

As bunnies

When you act sexy

When you ask them to eat you out

Scents their mates would have (omegaverse au)

They find out you started work at 9 Years old

You buy a bunch of Soya milk

Their GF has a big butt