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How would the UT, UF, US, SF Bros react if their kid was being bullied in front of them? Let's assume the child is in the higher levels of elementary school.


He shuts the bully down immediately, bringing them to the side to have A Talk. Later, he finds the parents and Talks to them about their child’s behaviour too. If the parents are assholes who defend their kid when they’re obviously in the wrong, he’s going to go full Dead Sea salt level off on the entire family there. “y’know kid, i kind of pity you for being born to such incompetent parents. i get it now. i mean, the only thing to come out of assholes are pieces of shit.”


He picks his kid up, holding them close to his chest while he lightly scolds the bully for their behaviour, explaining everything they did wrong and why it is a bad thing and why they should not do it. At the end of everything, he tries to get the bully to apologise to his kid. Then gets slightly threatening at the end. “NYEH! THERE! NOW ALL IS RESOLVED. However…” Papyrus quietens, looking down at the bully with a spark in his eye, “I trust you not to repeat your actions, yes?” The moment passes and he pats them on the head, “VERY GOOD! NOW RUN ALONG.”


He teleports behind the bully, sockets dark and hands in his pockets. He clears his throat, “is there a problem here?” He stares down the bully until they leave, hands balled into fists in his jacket because he can’t punch a 9 year old but damn he wants to. He brings his kid home, wringing out all the details of the bully’s past actions from them. He pays a visit to them, falling into step beside them when they’re walking home. He has a Talk.


He watches for a moment or two, trying to dissect the situation before he yells across the hall, “WHAT-” the kid takes one look at him and scatters before he can finish his sentence, “ARE YOU DOING?” He holds his kid close, insulting the bully accordingly when needed. He decides to teach his kid basic self-defense tactics and buys them a taser. “You are worth more than scum like that, and you show it on your fists when they try to put you down. Understand?”


He pulls his kid behind him to fiercely lecture the bully. He doesn’t get angry often, but right now he is absolutely pissed. No one hurts his kid. He actually growls a little as he rants off why their behaviour is unacceptable. At the end of it, he tells the bully he gives them three more chances to correct their behaviour before they have to face the consequence of their attitude. After making the bully apologise to his kid, he brings his kid out for ice cream to hopefully make their day a bit better.


He diffuses the situation immediately, making the bully sit and sulk nearby while he checks over his kid, making sure they’re alright. When his kid has calmed down and he gets the details of the situation straight, he goes to find the bully’s parents. He explains the situation the best he can, staring pointedly at the parents to take action and responsibility for their child’s actions. What they do is not his business, he just hopes they handle it.


This grown ass man is ready as hell to fuckin deck a 9 year old. Instead, he settles for shoving them roughly away from his kid, pulling them behind him. He goes off on the kid, bringing him to their parents, reporting them to school, everything that can get them in as much trouble as possible. He will not tolerate any such behaviour towards his heir.


He grabs the bully slightly too tightly by the forearm, holding them in place while he way too casually asks what they’re up to. He makes the bully bring him to their parents, not letting go once. He scolds both parents and child alike, basically daring the parents to do something about their kid’s unacceptable behaviour or face consequences. It’s after everything that he talks to his kid, checks up that they’re alright and reassures them quietly.

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How could the kids react if they see their crush being bullied?

Eren would rush in to defend them. He doesn’t tolerate bullying as it is, but if it’s his crush? He won’t hold back at all, resorting to physical violence if angry words and looks won’t suffice. He’ll take a few bumps and bruises to defend his loved one. 

Mikasa would also rush to defend them, but would be much more level headed than Eren. She would swoop in, ask what’s going on, and very casually get the bullies to stand down. She’s also more intimidating than Eren, so one stern look from her usually has the bullies keeping their distance from her crush for a while. 

Armin would step in and try to use words to get the bullies to stand down. He’ll put himself in between his crush and their pursuers if he has to, taking the brunt of the bullying himself to ensure that his crush is okay. He refuses to back down and can usually defuse any situation.  

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Your voltron family AU destroys me!! I love it so much!! I was thinking the other day about how Shiro and Keith would react to one of the kids (probably Lance) getting bullied?? Like full on dad mode activated or what?? I just love this au so much!♡♡

Ya just gotta bring in the angst too huh? :))) But thank you! I’m glad you love The Voltron Family AU. 

Lance was in school. They were asked to draw their family. See, Lance was pretty darn confident he’s got the best artistic skills in his class. Naturally he drew his two daddies and him and his two siblings. It was due tomorrow so when they were about to be dismissed, and the teacher went out, Lance went in front of the class anyway to show everyone.

Lance: *shows his amazingly beautiful drawing* So. This is Daddy Shiro. He has a scar right across his nose. His battle scar as he’d like to call it. He’s a doctor. He knows this stuff. He’s the most amazing person on Earth! He plays pirates with me all the time. And he gives the best hugs like, THIS BIG. *opens his hands wide with pride* The one next to him is my Daddy Keith. He’s—
Classmate 1: *raises his hand* What? Where’s your mommy?
Classmate 2: Why do you have two daddies?
Lance: I don’t have a mommy.
Classmate 3: Why not?
Lance: Because I have two daddies. *blinks* Why would I need a mommy?
Classmate 1: Because there’s only one mommy and one daddy for each kid. That’s how it is. I don’t know why you have no mommy but have two daddies.
Classmate 2: That’s just weird.
Lance: My original mama and papa are not here.
Classmate 3: What do you mean not here? Where did they go?
Lance: Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith said that—
Classmate 1: Why do you call them Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith? 
Lance: Because they’re my daddies. *frowns* Why are you asking me this?
Classmate 2: If your mama and papa are gone then that means they didn’t really like you and they are not really your daddies then!
Classmate 1: You’re adopted aren’t you?! *points accusingly*
Lance: *frowns* Yes, I am. Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith adopted me and Hunk and Pidge at the orphanage.
Classmate 2: *points at Lance while laughing* HE’S ADOPTED!!!!! HE’S FROM THE ORPHANAGE!!! *the rest of the class laughs*
Classmate 3: HE DOESN’T HAVE A MOMMY AND A DADDY! *laughs*
Lance: *clenches his fist*
Classmate 4: My Mommy said if you have two daddies then that’s what they call gay. And that’s weird. A boy and a boy can’t fall in love.
Classmate 5: True. That’s really weird.
Lance: *shouts* NO IT’S NOT! Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith love each other so much! It’s not weird!
Classmate 1: Yes it is! You’re not even their own child! Your real mama and papa didn’t love you and your two daddies don’t love you!
Lance: That’s not true! Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith just told me they love when they dropped me off to school this morning. They love me.
Classmate 2: They’re obviously lying! Duh! They can’t love someone who isn’t their child.
Classmate 1: Who would even love someone not related to them?

Suddenly a new voice joined them.

Keith: I would. *enters the room*
Classmates: *all looks up to the intruder*
Lance: *teary eyed* *clinging tightly to his shirt* Daddy Keith…
Keith: *picks up Lance* *kisses him on the cheek* I love Lance and he’s my son. And if any of you have a problem with that, step forward.
Shiro: *joins in* What’s going on here?
Lance: Daddy Shiro… they said you don’t love me because I’m not your real son. That I’m adopted. *sniffles*
Shiro: Who said that?
Lance: *points at his classmates*
Classmate 1: Because it’s weird that he has two daddies and no mommy!
Shiro: *tries not to snap* Do you have a problem with Lance having two daddies, young man?
Classmate 4: It’s gay.
Keith: And what is wrong with that? *authoritative voice* 
Shiro: *places hand on Keith* Calm down.
Keith: I’m trying, Shiro, but these children just bullied our kid for being adopted and having two gay daddies–who in fact love and care for Lance a whole lot than all of your parents combined. *eyes the children*
Shiro: Keith…
Keith: I’m sick and tired of being judged for having a damn family. *looks at the children* My husband and I can’t produce kids like your parents could. Lance needed parents who would love him and we wanted kids to love. It’s a win-win situation for us and I don’t see why it should affect YOU. You’re not even involved in this, yet you act all so mighty just because you have real blood-related parents. 
Shiro: *rubs Keith’s arms* 
Keith: We’re just as good as any blood-related families out there. *scoffs* Probably even better! Because all in the end, all that matters is that we love our children and no one should have the right to criticize that because you don’t know us. You don’t know what we’ve been through, what Lance has been through. He lost his family so we gave him a new one.
Lance: *hugs Keith even more and buries his face in his neck* *sniffles* *whispers something to Keith*
Keith: *felt Lance’s tears* *kisses his head* *whispers* I love you, too.
Shiro: *smiles at Keith and Lance sharing a moment* 

Lance was transferred to another school. A better one. :D

2p!Allies reacting to their kid being bullied:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
He may or may not talk to them while holding his nail garnished Baseball bat.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
A very sharp slap to the back of their head (where no on can see).
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
More or less just teaches the kid to fight and then bails them out of detention through the Window.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
One look and the little bully will piss his pants.

Children of Mischief

Loki x Reader

Requested by: @comic-book-reider

Prompt: Hi , may I request a fluffy Loki imagine where the reader is reacting to his kids and gets bullied by the giant angsty wolf Fenrir and Loki comforts her

  • Requester added on later - could they all go to the zoo and at first aren’t that impressed until they come across the reptile house and jormungan is like brothers

A/N:  I love love loved writing this one! I’m only familiar with Loki in the movies, and not very familiar with Loki’s kids according to the comics but I’m a HUGE mythology nerd, so you are really looking at a combination of all of the above…OK OK so in the mythology it’s either Narfi or Nari but I seem to hate myself and decided on both XD

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You’ll never be able to forget the day the two of you met. He had been cast out of Asgard…again. The Bifrost had just happened to end up placing him right in your herb garden, ruining your patches of mugwart and angelica root that you had worked so hard on. Oh did you ever give that man a piece of your mind! Even threatened spells until you realized exactly who you were speaking to. But the courage and natural magical skill seemed to have won over the god. He was instantly smitten. After an apology he explained the situation and you took pity on the cast out god, taking him in in exchange for further training in your magical skills.

It had been a long week for you at work but all of that seemed to just melt away on this lazy Saturday afternoon as you sat sprawled out on the couch of your humble three bedroom house in Queens. The beautiful god of lies, your faithful companion and lover of nearly a year now sitting opposite you, your feet resting in his lap. Sure, you could be practicing some new spells he’d been teaching you, or doing the dishes…but oh you needed this, deep down in your soul. Just the both of you in your underthings reading together. How you loved it more then anything in the world. You weren’t sure what he was reading…It seemed to be written in a language not of this realm, but as for you, you were reading a book of Norse Myths Thor’s girlfriend had given you in an ill attempt to ward you away from your beloved mischief maker…Little did she know you were far from innocent yourself. You  adored his antics, whit, ferocity and though there were no current plans to raise any armpied you loved his ambition. But it would seem after meeting you he has set his sights away from ruling Midgard, though you were sure you’d aid him if he asked. You loved how he called you his queen. You loved how his touch sent cold shivers up your spine but when you kissed it was like fire…And you loved how annoyed he looked when he saw that damned book.

Oh how he hated that damned book and its fictions about his world! None of it was accurate. He’s lost count of how many times he’s tried to hide it from you. Sometimes he wondered if it was actually still the same book. He could swear he’d thrown it out the window twice and sent it to Muspelheim at one point. But yet it still always came back and brought with it your mocking gaze over it’s leather bound pages and amused giggles out of nowhere. All thanks to the story some Midgardian made up about Mjolnir being stolen by a giant. “Are you reading that story again?” His voice smooth as silk yet dripping with disdain for the tale.

The Theft of Thor’s Hammer was by far your favorite tale in the book…mainly because the story placed Thor in a wedding dress and Loki as his maid-servant. The thought of those two in woman’s wedding attire just sent you rolling every time. But today you found yourself on other pages. “No.” You answered calmly shaking your head just a bit before looking up to him, watching him slowly arch a brow.

“Oh? And why not?” He may hate that damned story but he loved the joy it brought to your face, to the point he thought about ways of getting Thor in a dress for real for you.

You shrugged in response. “I’d rather not  have to search for this book for a week.” You answered in a teasing tone as you closed the pages. “Besides, reading about you turning into a mare to win a bet is still slightly amusing.” At this Loki’s jaw clenched and his beautiful icy eyes froze wide open in a look that told you that he’d been caught. Ok, so maybe the stupid book didn’t get EVERYTHING wrong…”Loki…Darling…Is there any truth to this one?” He just sat in silence, adjusting his position and refusing to look at you, refusing to admit after ages of demanding that book was all wrong that it actually got something right…One of the most important somethings no less. “Loki…Do you have children?!” You asked in astonishment. How could you have been with him for so long and not even a mention of them!

“Yes.” He finally admitted once he regained himself. “Quite a few actually.” He added before burying his head back into his book.

“Oh no!” You demanded as you took the book from him. “I want to hear more about this. We’ve been together for a year and I’ve never met your kids?! Tell me about them at least?” Never mind the with who or when. You knew how long an Asgardian lived and what one as cunning and charming as Loki could get up to in that length of time.

“Well…Which one?” He turned to face you, never able to deny your requests. “There’s Sleipnir, the twins Narfi and Nari, Fenrir, Jormungand, and Hela.” He hadn’t thought of his children in a long time, he’d forgotten how nice it felt to say all their names. And he could tell by the darting of your eyes like a deer in the headlights that you were overwhelmed.

After a moment to process things you began to ask your questions. He told you your book was correct in their births and though extremely vague it gave a good start for their general appearance. Though he didn’t care to talk about the mother of the three youngest, the ones the book described as beasts, and you didn’t much want to hear about any of his ex’s anyway…”Do you think I’d ever be able to meet them?” You finally asked, you knew it was probably thousands of years too late to be a family but you did hope for them to at least like the woman their father ended up with.

Loki thought for a moment, his long slender yet still strong fingers caressing your cheek be. Even when he thought about something as simple as a family meeting he looked like he was plotting, maybe to him it was the same thing. Finally he smiled down to you, his eyes digging into yours as he stepped closer. “Anything for you my love.” He both loved and hated how you had him wrapped around your finger. He’d go to hell and back for you, and thought you didn’t realize it yet that’s exactly what you were asking. “Are you ready to learn a new spell? We’ll need to discuss this with the rest of the family.” He added with a playful smirk causing you to raise a cautiously suspicious brow.

~ ~ ~ ~

The spell Loki spoke of was like an Asgardian conference call. Images of all the siblings filled your living room. If someone had told you two years ago you’d be seeing a sight such as this in your own home you’d have called them crazy. They were there but only in an astral form of existence. You sat in a chair off to the side of the room while Loki paced the floor, traveling through parts of Jormungand’s colossal body. His emerald green scales shimmered in shifting and rolling light being pushed and bent by the waves he dwelled beneath. The room was for the most part divided between the older three and the younger three, though Jormungand’s head and in his mind his loyalty was on the side of his sister and wolf brother Fenrir, his body did however take up most of the floorspace as he tried to make it look like he was in the room like the rest. Hel sat with her pale leg folded over a skeletal one. Her entire body was split down the middle, the right was beautiful pale skin and icy eyes which stood out in contrast to the dark hair and eye make up, the left side however was nothing more then bone. She was truly an embodiment of life and death and somewhat unnerving to see alone but with her brothers by her side the three sent chills down your spine in the worst way. You knew Hela had a magical cloak that gave her the strength and look human. You knew in this state she was weakened but yet this was still more frightening to you, and you were sure that was her plan. Fenrir sat by her, his chocolate brown fur shaggy and unkempt Around his neck rested the metal that bound him, though what to, if anything anymore could not be seen.

The twins stood with the eight legged war horse, they closely resembled what you would like to think was a younger version of their father. Dark hair wrapped around pale skin accented with sharp blue eyes and an intensity that could cut diamonds. But they looked more of the Asgardian type, more muscle to them and held themselves as Thor tends to. The Asgardian blood of their mother definitely shone through. It was near impossible to tell the two apart, but you had noticed Narfi was about a quarter of an inch taller, and Nari’s eyes were slightly closer together. Their arms were crossed, staring down their father and sizing up you. As for Sleipnir, the horse was just as you imagined, dark as night with eyes like the stars. The three were beautiful to behold, it was hard to believe they were related to those opposite the room from them, let alone siblings.

“Whatever you are planning Father-” Narfi began.

“We’ll have no part in it.” Nari continued as they both turned from Loki to you once more. “But we are giving you one chance-”

“To just let the mortal go.” Narfi finished. The two of them shared a look of distaste for their father. You found it unsettling the way they could just finish eachother’s sentences like that.

“Why does no one ever believe that I am here with him of my own free will?” You asked as you stood from your chair, moving to Loki to wrap your hand up in his. “Yes I am aware of his past. Yes I understand what he has done. But no that doesn’t make me love him any less. Just because I am human doesn’t mean I am stupid or week. I am a part of Loki’s life now. Willingly. As long as he’s willing to have me.” You were about fed up with people assuming the worst of Loki, and now here his sons were doing the same thing. You couldn’t help snapping.

“Apologies.” Narfi began.

“We had just assumed-” Nari continued before being cut off by you.

“You assumed wrong.” You snapped with a stern voice that only came after living with the mischief god for so long.

The war horse chuckled with a voice that registered somewhere between your ears and you mind. “She has a strong will and spirit.” Sleipnir chimed in. “I like her Mother.” He of course was referring to Loki as Mother, which got a little chuckle from you. His voice was strong and regal, exactly what you’d expect out of the steed of the king of Asgard.

“Then why are you bothering us?” Hela asked with a smooth low yet dead tone.

“Because, dearest daughter it has been far too long since I have seen my children and I thought an outing was in order.” You could swear you saw a grin on the fearsome face of Fenrir.

“What did you have in mind father?” Fenrir’s voice registered in the same area as Sleipnir’s did, but much less regally. No his voice was rough, guttural like a wolf growling his words should sound.

“Some new way to terrorize Midgard?” The twins asked in unison with a distrusting tone.

“A trip to the Central Park Zoo.” You answered causing a look of shock on all the children’s faces.

“What trickery-” Narfi.

“Are you up to now?” Nari. You noticed Narfi tended to start the sentences, yet another way you could tell them apart later.

“I assure you the only trickery involved would be making the Jormungand presentable to the general public of New York.” Loki’s voice was smooth and the grin on his face made it hard for anyone to tell if he was being truthful or not. But you had learned over time to look past that grin and see the light in his eyes that shone with sincerity.

~ ~ ~ ~

Fenrir sized you up as he prowled behind you, watching you with the eyes of a predator hunting its prey. He didn’t like the influence you were on his father. There used to be a time that the great Loki would call upon his children to cause chaos and lay waste to his enemies. You made him soft. Only the three youngest showed up to the zoo…Narfi and Nari refused, still unable to trust their father, or stomach him for an extended period of time. Sleipnir would have liked to join but he was needed in Asgard. Which left you with the three the myths described as beasts.  It was really no surprise to Loki, those were the three who always showed up when called upon. Jormungand and Hela trailed behind the three of you talking among themselves, wondering when the real day was going to start, sure that this had to be more than just a nice family outing. It wasn’t Loki’s style. At least not the Loki they knew…It would seem Fenrir was right, at least just a bit about how you had changed him.

The three looked vastly different from the astral forms of them that sat in your apartment. You found it odd that though Hela was the youngest of the three Jormungand looked to be in his teens still while the other two could have matched their father’s age if you were to go by appearance. Loki had explained to you this was because the other two had access to the forms for much longer. Jormungand had never gained the ability shapeshift in any meaning of the term. The form he wore today was given to him through magic in order to have him here and not crush Manhattan under his weight.

“Oh look!” Fenrir cried out as they passed the monkies. “I understand why here now! We are to meet your family?” Hearing this you halted mid stride. Normally you’d speak up about this, you were normally a take no shit kind of girl, it was one of the qualities Loki had fallen for about you. But to have the wolf breathing down your neck and to have she who alarmed the gods so much that they cast her into the realm of the dead trailing behind you…it’s no wonder your backbone.

“Clever.” Was your only reply, your voice soft as you let the words settle into you. Loki arched a brow, surprised at the lack of response, wondering if the three liking you was really so important that you were willing to sacrifice your self respect for a day. In a way he could almost respect the sacrifice, it showed a commitment to him and his bloodline. But Fenrir saw it as weakness to exploit. Hela chuckled with every insult to follow and oh there were many as the day went on. Loki had thought about speaking up on your behalf but knew you were strong enough to stand up for yourself. Jormungand just meandered behind, bored. He couldn’t see the point to any of this.

After a full morning of hearing about how stupid and weak you were and how you were unworthy of the great Loki you just couldn’t take it anymore. While the others made their way into the reptile house you stayed outside, hiding behind a bush by the door. You made sure you were hidden from sight of the three horrific children before finally letting the pain and shame take you, tears trickling down your cheek. It of course didn’t take long for your beloved to realize you were gone. And it took him even less time to find you. Without a word he knelt down and pulled you from your hiding spot, wrapping his arms around you with soothing shhs and coos. He could plainly see Fenrir had broken you. “No my queen. Don’t cry.” His silvery smooth voice washed over you like a dream as he stroked your hair. “Oh I should have stopped this much sooner. I’m sorry.”  You could feel his cool touch wiping away a tear before guiding your chin upwards to look to him. “But why don’t you fight back? You’re stronger than this. I know you are.” He added with an encouraging smile, his long fingers caressing your cheeks as you began to calm yourself.

“What have I done wrong?” You asked as you rested your head on his chest, letting the beating of his heart and the sounds of his breathing bring you back to yourself.

“I think that you may have shown so much strength that Fenrir might have gotten the wrong impression.” He began to explain, pausing to chuckle at your confused expression. “You were strong enough to tame me. Which has made me the better. But he hasn’t seen that, only that I am not my former self with you. Which is something he obviously has mistaken for you being weak enough to treat you like this.” He paused to plant an icy yet fiery passionate kiss on your lips. “Remember,” He continued as he pulled away, “you are my queen. And you had great powers even before I came along. ” You smiled with a bit of returning confidence as Loki reminded you how strong you really were. You did something no one thought was possible, you loved Loki and gained love from him in return. “To gain his respect show your strength.”

“Your daughter scares me.” You admitted with a whisper, which got less than a surprised expression out of Loki.

“Well…she is the queen of the dead. What did you expect?” He replied with a chuckle. “But I promise she doesn’t hate you…If she did you’d be dead already.” You weren’t sure how that was supposed to help, but you were sure that was going to be the best you’d get on that subject. So with a deep breath you gathered what you could of your confidence and inner strength as you straightened your back before opening the doors the the reptile house.

You could see Jormungand in a corner communing with a constrictor. His head snaked back and forth as he hissed. You couldn’t help smiling at the serpent. ”You didn’t tell me I’d find brothers! This is wonderful!” He called out as you entered, a wide toothy grin beaming from his face. Your soft expression turned to stone though, as your eyes caught a predatory leer in Fenrir’s eyes as a wicked smile grew on his lips.

“Ah good she’s done whimpering. I swear I’ll never see what father sees in you.” He opened his mouth to continue but was quickly cut off by the sudden sting of your hand across his face.

“Then it’s a good thing it is not your love I seek but his.” The wolf’s eyes went wide with surprise as his hand went to his cheek to rub the sting of his cheek away. “Now unless you have something nice to say about this lovely family outing I have planned to reunite you with your father I suggest you keep your mouth shut or I swear to all the powers in all the realms I will muzzle you like the dog you truly are.” You could see a smile growing on Hela’s grim face as you scolded her brother.

“I’d like to see you try mortal.” He growled as his eyes glowed the wild ferocity of their true form, a hint of yellow peeking through the temporary brown.

“You best not tempt her brother…” Hela’s dead tone spoke up with just a hint of amusement as she crossed her arms. “The mortal has more power than you think. And you still wear the remains of the chain that bound you last time.” She wasn’t blind, she knew well that you had read up on all of them and that you had been well trained by their father. With a growl and a huff Fenrir lumbered off to stew in his anger. The four of you enjoyed the rest of the day in your own ways. Loki enjoyed your smile as the group meandered through the animal enclosures, and though the two remaining children did not’ show  it very well they began enjoying the company of the witch who won over their father…Well..three out of six liking you was more than you expected, and well enough to call this day a win.

guys i know the pet rock in the newest episode was just an excuse to include a Dwayne Johnson joke, but let’s think about what this actually means aight:

  • it means that Ray was all alone before he met Gavin (they say they’ve been together since they were little, but we don’t know how little), so alone in fact, that he resorted to having an imaginary friend, a rock of all things (which also tells us they probably weren’t very rich at the time, else it probably would’ve been a plush toy or something, right? either that, or he just really liked that rock. my explanation is angstier, suck it.)
  • now imagine how being all alone (his father left and his mom was more likely than not at work almost all the time trying to pay for them both) must’ve affected his small developing psyche
  • he met Gavin, and they became friends, but he never got rid of Dwayne. why? because he didn’t believe Gavin was sincere. think, how do kids react to loners, who are also immigrants? bullying. someone probably ‘befriended’ him before, only to laugh in his face later, telling him it was just a dare. that wouldstick with you at any age, but Ray was still really young, so it must’ve hit like a truck
  • he told Dwayne everything, more often than not crying his eyes out, but Dwayne was always there for him. it must’ve made him feel better to share his successes in pokemon and other gameboy games with his only friend. i imagine he took him along everywhere, but never told Gavin, because what if he laughs
  • so they grew up together, playing games and becoming superheroes together, but Dwayne was always there, hidden, waiting for when Gavin would finally realise how much better he would be off without Ray, to help Ray cope just like every time before
  • sometimes, when he was alone, when Gavin went out with someone or had to do something and Ray would be left alone with just the flickering light of the XBox, Dwayne would be sat next to him on the couch, in the same spot where Gavin always sat, watching as he tried to finally get this one stupid achievement. failing over and over, Ray would become so frustrated that he’d chuck the controller away and curl into a small ball, holding Dwayne close (because if he makes himself smaller, no one can see him, no one can hurt him). 
  • he’d cry and cry and cry until he couldn’t cry anymore and then he’d tell Dwayne (in a hushed whisper, so no can hear him) that Gavin had to be finally realising he was useless. he had to be. he’d leave Ray behind and become a real superhero, someone who saved thousands of people and made headlines daily; someone great. he’d tell Dwayne he knew he was holding him back, but he was trying, he was fucking trying to be better, so Gavin wouldn’t leave him, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t because he was so selfish; because the only person he ever had was going to leave him.
  • since they met Ash, Ray was alone a lot more.