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So, yeah. Now, we all know that:

Initially, it wasn’t Yurio’s intention to snap at Yuuri, but he was disappointed to see how weak-hearted Yuuri was. Yuuri had grabbed Yurio’s attention through his skating at last year’s GPF (or maybe even before that?), and Yurio knew that Yuuri had the ability and he appreciated how good Yuuri was

I’m so happy to know that Yurio actually wanted to see Yuuri skate a clean/perfect programme (This kid is too precious omg.) and how he wanted to know what kind of guy his soon-to-be father Yuuri was.

Yurio hated how Yuuri was selling himself short, thus the scene in episode 1.

psa: you can make a difference

As an ALT– as a foreigner– I’m always going to be an outsider and I understand that it makes me appealing to other students who feel like outsiders. In the Japanese school system (and even the US!), students don’t get nearly as much encouragement or support as they need. But I feel like in the US, it’s a lot easier to hear someone say, “You can do anything!” and “You’re great!” 

We’re limited in a lot of the things we can do and it’s easy for other ALT to feel like they aren’t doing much at all. But we can do so much. Being friendly, being supportive, encouraging students, and letting them have fun and relax for an hour in a day does so much for some of them. I’m working with a girl who doesn’t even like English but she loves ALT because for a few hours in a week, she feels happy, safe, and liked by someone. This isn’t me trying to put down her teachers either because I know they’re trying to work with her but #society and #responsibilities make it difficult for them to focus on one particular student.

I didn’t even realize what an impact I had on this girl until Friday. I knew she liked me but I didn’t think our broken conversations once every other week were so important to her.

We might not be revolutionizing the school system or inspiring the masses. We might not get any feel-good motivational movies about us. But we can make a difference. Be good to your students. Some of them could really use some compassion and support in their lives.

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real talk though watari doesn’t seem like the epitome of a Good Moral man to me. i think his alignment is pretty ambiguous. the things he does (and more importantly doesn’t do) + the whole structure and concept of WH is pretty dicey. 

Adventures with BTS

BTS as shit my dad says (literally) 

Seokjin: *Sees poster of boyband in kid’s room.* PFTTT. Your old man used to look way better than that without plastic surgery. Even my mirror missed me.

Yoongi: If I hadn’t married your mum, I would have married my bed. Me and ole’ Mattricia have been going steady for many, many years. 

Hoseok: Honey, where’d kids go? Oh exchange programme overseas? Damn, this week be looking hella great. 

Namjoon: *Beats kid in one round of Mario Kart.* AWWW YEAH, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?! 

Jimin: See this? *Gestures at non-existent abs* Yeah, I still got it. 

Taehyung: Hey sweetie can you grab the remote for me? It’s next to you, dad… Yeah but Daddy’s old and his telepathy ain’t working today. 

Jungkook: Son, if you grow up to be less of a man than I am, I’ll disown you.


In a dark dark town, there was a dark dark street.

Help for American fanfic writers writing for British characters


Repeats: Reruns, this is what we call reruns of a show.

Pavement: Sidewalk. when a British person talks about “pounding the pavement” this is it.

Fringe: Bangs, seriously I’ve read first person POV fanfics about a British character from a British movie or tv show who use the term “bangs” instead of “fringe”. It smashes the sense of disbelief for me.


SM:TV Live:  Early 2000s kids Saturday morning television programme.

Jim’ll Fix it: Television show broadcast in the 70s and 80s. Probably best to avoid this show since it was revealed Jimmy Saville was a paedophile.

Live and Kicking: SM:TV Live’s main rival, broadcast from 90s onwards. There would have been fights over this: write that in, it’ll make it more realistic.

Get Your Own Back: Hosted by Dave Benson Philips, broadcast from 90s.

Taggart: Glaswegian cop show, started in the 80s and ran until the late 2000s

 Swap Shop: broadcast from 70s, originally hosted by Noel Edmonds but it enjoyed a renaissance in the late 2000s/early 2010s hosted by Basil Brush (I’ll explain in the next point)

The Basil Brush Show: Basil Brush is a puppet fox who had his own show from the 70s but had a spin off sitcom in 2002-2007, the actress who played Katie Bell in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had a main part in it! Basil’s famous catchphrase “Boom, boom” comes from the joke about two elephants who fall off a cliff.

Only Fools and Horses: Sitcom in the early 80s. Iconic. This show gave us so many  hysterical moments such as the Batman and Robin scene, the bar scene, the Chandelier scene. If you want to see these moments they’re on youtube. 

The Young Ones: An 80s sitcom about students in London starring the late Rik Mayall. It is all over tumblr so finding out more shouldn’t be a problem.

I think that’s it. If any Americans want to do one for British fan fic writers I’m all for it!