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How I recognized comp het/coercive heteronormativity

I get a lot of asks about how to tease apart genuine attraction from compulsory heterosexuality/coercive heteronormativity and how I figured it out and all that and the sucky answer is that there’s no cut-and-dry test or yes or no way to figure it out. Ultimately, in the end, you’ll have to decide whether you feel genuine attraction for men or whether it’s been conditioned into you. That doesn’t mean your conclusion can’t change over time, but you have to make the call in the end. No one else can make it for you.

Statements I have that helped me (speaking from my own experience) conclude that I was experiencing compulsory heterosexuality and not genuine attraction to men that might resonate with you:

  • I like getting attention from men and being validated in my attractiveness, but the moment it goes from attention to an interaction (i.e. from flirting to asking out) I start panicking.
  • I’m constantly testing my attraction to men. I pick one or more conventionally attractive men in the room, and try to force myself to be attracted to them.
  • I like the idea of being with a man, but any time a man makes a move on me I get incredibly uncomfortable.
  • I like the idea of marrying a man/being in a relationship with a man, but I can always pick out a reason to not want to date any man that is interested in me or any man suggested to me. These reasons are sometimes reasonable, but often insignificant (i.e. “I don’t like guys who do their hair like that, he has a weird mole on his face, he’s too tall”).
  • I can fantasize about men and find men attractive, but thinking about realistically being with a man makes my stomach churn.
  • The guys I like always seem to be incredibly feminine or gay. (This never happened to me specifically, but it has happened to many friends).
  • Alternatively, the guys I like are always a hyper masculine man’s man who embodies everything about manliness.
  • The guys I like are always unattainable.
  • I get crushes on guys but they immediately disappear the moment they might like me back.
  • When I think about guys, I think about all the things that I could tolerate doing with them (dating, kissing, sex, marriage) but always in terms of what I could force myself to do, not what I want to do.
  • Being around guys that are interested in me gives me intense anxiety.
  • I like male celebrities, fictional men, and men in art, but never men in real life.
  • All of my fantasies around men are always with faceless, nameless men; the more realistic the fantasy and the more details about my partner I invent, the less excited and into the fantasy I become.
  • I want to marry a man, be a stay at home, have 2.5 kids and a dog named Spot, live in the suburbs, and have my kids play sports and paint. I have no idea why I want this, I can’t pick out anything about this goal that is appealing to me, but I want this to happen.
  • Your fantasies about men still somehow turn out to be a little gay. Maybe you’re penetrating him, you don’t have to look at his face/don’t want to look at his face (I had and still have this one big time), you want a threesome with another woman, he’s very feminine, etc. It might be a “straight fantasy” but you’ve altered it in a way straight people might not be totally interested in.
  • Your fantasies about men give you intense distress or anxiety. They could be intrusive thoughts, forms of self-harm, or otherwise.
  • You figure you’re attracted to men but don’t really have any evidence for it. (i.e. “I guess I’m attracted to men because I had a crush on Brian in 2nd grade. I don’t hate men and I have men who I am friends with and whose company I enjoy. Why wouldn’t I be attracted to men?”)

This by no means an exhaustive list of how compulsive heterosexuality/coercive heteronormativity affects people, and there are plenty of people who are genuinely attracted to men who may relate and identify with one or more of these bullet points. However, if you relate to or identify with a lot of these things, I’d say it’s worth an investigation into why so many of these things resonate with you. Is it because you have a specific taste in men or because society has conditioned you to want this? Is it because you have bad experiences with men related to trauma or because these kinds of desires have been ingrained into you? I can’t answer those questions for you, and it will probably take some soul-searching but these are things I noticed for myself that indicated to me I wasn’t experiencing genuine attraction to men.

If anyone else has any compulsory heterosexuality/coercive heteronormavitiy signs they’d like to share, feel free!

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What would marriage life with seventeen be like?

- kisses first thing in the morning
- kisses you all the time
- complains that you both stay in bed just a little longer
- refuses to let you go when you tell him you have to go to work
- spoils you with gifts all the time
- gets rid of the monsters under the kids’ beds

- never the first to get up
- nags about everything
- the kids are probably the ones who tuck him into bed
- takes pictures all the time
- has photo albums filled with pictures
- good night kisses

- makes you breakfast in bed
- walks around carrying the kids, refuses to let them go
- makes pancakes with them on saturday mornings
- forehead kisses
- sings and plays the guitar all the time
- surprises you with little gifts every now and then

- always pulls you back into bed when you try to leave
- gives you backhugs while you’re washing the dishes
- makes the kids say dumb things to you in chinese
- convinced them he was the prince of china
- always asks for a kiss before doing something
- throws himself on top of you after a long day because he missed you
- still likes to show off to try to impress you

- makes a bigger mess than the kids
- pulls pranks with the kids then cries when he gets scolded by you
- dances around the house with you
- breaks whatever he touches
- calls you pet names all the time
- always keeps you laughing

- you always fix his bed hair for him in the morning
- sings in his morning voice while you’re fixing his hair
- reads the kids bedtime stories
- always helps carries things for you
- kisses on the cheek
- whispers he loves you in your ear while hugging you

- plays instruments for the kids
- loves playing sports with them, especially baseball
- also very shy when showing affection in front of them
- quick pecks on the lips before leaving the house
- lots of cuddles

- matching pyjamas
- sings lullabies to the kids
- water fights while washing the car
- screams he loves you from a mile away
- makes you kill the spiders

- eats all the food
- makes your lunch and your kids’ lunches
- always carries the kids on his shoulders
- the type who says “i can fix it!” but makes it worse
- kisses the top of your head and then rests his chin on it while holding you close

- plays fight with the kids all the time
- loses on purpose and tells them they’re the strongest in the world
- cooks for you when you’re feeling lazy
- scolds you when you get sick
- holds your hand whenever he can
- surprise back hugs

- sings to you in his morning voice
- jumps on the bed with the kids to wake you up
- steals all the blankets
- playful arguing all the time
- tells you he loves you every day

- tells the kids not to say “oh my god”
- plays dress up with them
- purposely sings off-tune to make you laugh on bad days
- harmless pranks on each other like hiding the toothpaste
- surprise kisses on the lips
- probably raps while he’s sitting on the toilet

- plays your wedding song every now and then
- dances to it with you in the living room
- teaches the kids michael jackson moves
- wakes up early on weekends to watch cartoons with them
- bear hugs every day because he wants you to feel loved
- always kisses you on the cheek

thank you for your request!!


Asuma Kousuke - Sparkle vol.28

Some of the contents in his interview:

1. He’s a very energetic kid, plays all kinds of sports and outdoor activities,like baseball, swimming, fishing, catching insects etc.

2. His family own a golden retriever, so since he’s an only child, the dog was like his younger brother.

3. During second year in high school, he grew interested in men’s fashion and one day his friend convinced him to try auditioning after looking at an advertisement on a magazine (that’s how he got into his current agency).

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Having a Child with Barry Allen Would Include...

☆ Barry would carry the child and run with them on his back, but he’d never go super fast as he’s afraid he’ll drop them.

☆ He’d race the child and lose on purpose. The kid never realised it and would always brag about winning to you while you grinned, watching Barry fake pouting. 

☆ When Barry asked who their favorite superhero was, they replied with “The Arrow.” You cracked up laughing, and Barry ended up looking very disappointed.

☆ For the child’s bedtime stories, you or Barry would tell them stories about “The Flash” to get them to fall asleep.

☆ The child doesn’t get to know that Barry’s The Flash until they’re in 6th grade. They vow to never tell a soul.

☆ If your kid came home crying, Barry would have to run off his steam or else he’ll be banging on the door of whoever hurt his child and curse at their parents. 

☆ If your kid decided to play sports, you both were in the stands cheering. Barry was delighted that they chose to run track and cross country.

☆ Barry showed the kid his comics, and they started to develop a love for comics.

☆ You bought a “Flash” t-shirt for the kid, and Barry was so proud of you.

☆ He’d talk about you and the child all the time to any of his superhero pals. Sometimes, they’d get annoyed, and just leave Barry talking to himself. 

☆ If the kid needed something for a project, Barry would be back in a second with all the supplies needed and help the child.

☆ Barry was obviously protective and always worried for the child’s safety.

☆ He’d have photos of you and the child together that he’d look at when he was busy at the lab.

A/N: I wrote this at like 11:30 at night. I hope there are not too many mistakes. 


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"Mates” - Brett Tablot AU Imagine

Prompt by ameleleila - Hi! Can you write a Brett imagine like the mates one with Liam? 

Pairing: Brett x Reader
Word Count: 7368

Author’s Note: There was A LOT of pressure to write this fanfic. The “Mates” I wrote for Liam and posted last December got a lot of attention, a lot of love, and nothing but great and positive feedback. It’s special to me. It took me months to write it and it’s one of my favorite fan fictions I’ve ever written, but, honestly, it scares me. It holds such high standards. I’m afraid nothing will ever mount to that, which is why I’ve shot down every request I’ve gotten about making a part two, because I’m scared I’ll ruin the greatness of it.

When ameleleia requested a “Mates” fanfic for Brett, I honestly hesitated at first. I didn’t know if I could do it again and not recycle my work from Liam’s Mates. I pushed aside all my fears and grabbed the bull by the horns. Like Liam’s it was a long process of coming up with the plot and writing down the right words. Now, it’s finally here.

Lastly, this is obviously an AU. There are a few things I don’t follow from the show and made several changes as well.

Without futher ado, enjoy Brett’s Mates and you’re more than welcome to leave me feedback. Happy reading!

P. S. I’m so sorry ameleleia for taking so long with your prompt. I never forgot about your prompt. I was simply taking my time to make it the best I can for you and everyone else. And shout out to freeyourheartandsoul for being an amazing and awesome Beta! :)

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My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Age 6 – Elementary 

It was a good day. No, it was a great day for a couple of innocent kids playing outside in the front yard, throwing a lacrosse ball back and forth. It was their first year in little league lacrosse, and they were surprisingly good at it for a pair of kids who never played the sport before. Part of it was the constant practice they had with each other before and after their practice with the team. 

Like right now, Brett and Liam were playing in Brett’s front yard. They had been playing for about 20 minutes, just running around, pretending they’re playing a real game with their imaginary friends, and passing the ball towards each other. Liam threw the ball to Brett because he was about to get tackled by Cowboy Dyno, Liam’s imaginary purple elephant friend. Brett missed the ball as his eyes followed a moving van pulling up to the front of the house next door. 

The ball hit Brett on the back of his right leg, but he didn’t even feel it. He was too distracted by the moving van.

“Duuuude!” Liam exaggerated. “You missed the ball!”

“Finally!” Brett cheered as he completely ignored Liam’s comment. “Some new neighbors!”

Liam walked up to stand next to Brett. “Do you think it’s a boy? Someone we can play with?” 

“I hope its Tommy. At practice he said they were moving to a new house.” Brett said as he watched another car pull up to the drive away. Together, Liam and Brett saw a man get out of the moving van, obviously the man of the household. His wife got out of the silver Honda Pilot and helped unbuckled a little girl from the back seat. 

“Aww, man!” Liam whined. “It’s a girl.”


“She has cooties.” Liam said with so much disgust in his voice.

The little blonde haired girl in pigtails with perfect curls, which bounced with each step she took, started grabbing the light stuff to carry into her new house. Brett ran across his yard and into the one next door, Liam followed trailing behind. The girl stopped in her tracks and smiled at the boys in front of her.

“Hi! I’m Brett and this is Liam!” Brett pointed at Liam, who gave the girl a weak smile and wave, obviously not as excited about her arrival as Brett is. “Do you need some help?”

Brett noticed her cheeky smile. “Hi-ya! I’m Y/N. Maybe after you help me, we can play whatever you’re playing!” 

“We’re playing lacrosse,” Liam said. “And you can’t play if you have cooties.”

“I don’t have anymore cooties than you do, Liam.”

Brett laughed at her comeback. She was funny, he thought. I like her.

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Not the one ( Jumin X Reader ) part 2

Summary: You have been married to Jumin for 1,5 years but it was an arranged marriage but Jumin doesn’t have feelings for you.

A/N: Rika is alive in this fanfic and in therapy so she’s okay now. She’s also still in a relationship with V.

I hear Jumin in the other room. This is the first time I’ve heard him talk so… exited?
I mean Jumin and Rika have been friends for a long time so I guess it makes sense.
Nothing to worry about right? I decided to do what I always do when my mind is on the edge of exploding. Playing the piano. I sat down and started to play River flows in you by Yiruma. I let my mind wonder off bit by bit with every note I hit. I love the sound of the piano. It always calmed me down. Not that I was a professional or something I just played piano because I liked it. I was so concentrated that I didn’t notice Jumin coming in. After 15 minutes I was feeling better and stopped playing, then I noticed Jumin. “Oh sorry I didn’t see you coming in” I said. Jumin was still looking at his phone when he said, “ I’m hungry we should eat I’ll inform the chef so prepare for dinner” and with that he left me alone once again.

We ate in silence. There was an uncomfortable atmosphere and somethings felt off. It’s not unusual that we eat in silence, most of the time I try to start a conversation but Jumin usually doesn’t reply or replies simple things like “yes”, “no” , “ it was ok”. I was starting at my food and Jumin was starting at his phone. Which was odd since he’s always like “no phones when we’re having dinner”. But since it’s not like we were going to talk anyway I didn’t mention it. After dinner Jumin finished some business stuff and I got ready for bed.

The next day I woke up around noon. I couldn’t sleep last night because Jumin kept tossing and turning. When I woke up the house was empty again. Jumin left a note saying that he had to take care of something and that he would be back late, but that I shouldn’t worry. So I turned the music up, ate some breakfast, well lunch since it was already noon, and played with Elizabeth. After I got bored of that I decided to go out. A girl needs to shop from time to time you know. After awhile my feet started to hurt so I decided to get some coffee. There was this really cute coffee shop and it didn’t look too crowded so I went in and ordered. There was a table free next to the window with two chairs. I sat down and looked outside. There was a big green park across the street with loads of flowers in all sorts of colors and beautiful trees. There were kids playing sports, people on dates, people feeding the ducks.

I sighed, I wished I could go on cute dates with Jumin but he was always busy, at least that what he always said. Come to think of it the only “fun” thing we ever did was going on our honeymoon. Jumin was very different back then. He talked much more and was actually interested in me and in my hobbies, family, friends. I don’t know what happened but a few months after our honeymoon he changed into the person he is now. Suddenly I notice that my coffee was in front of me. I must have been daydreaming again, silly me. I’m stirring into my coffee cup and listen to what song is playing. It’s midnight city by M83. I really liked that sort of music. I started humming along and looking out the window once again.

Taking a sip of my coffee, enjoying the view, forgetting all the worries I’ve had. Until I notice someone standing next to me out the corner of my eye. “ Hello there Y/N long time no see”, a deep voice says. I turn my head to see who it is and to my surprise it was the last person I expected to see.
Hohohohohohooooo who will it be who will it beeeeeeeee
Lolololol personally I hate cliffhangers so I’m SoRrY for doing this to you ( sike)
I’m surprised that so many people liked the first part like uhh? I kinda suck so idk why but THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AJDKKSKSOS
like I’ve gained so many followers and people keep reblogging and liking my posts I’m so thankful!
Also I hope you like this part and who do you think or hope the mysterious person will be?
- Tess


Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You had won in a game against Jungkook, granting you your wish of a picnic date. But knowing him, all he wanted was a rematch. 

Word Count: 2363

Originally posted by cleolux

You laid on your belly atop your bed, groaning into the sheets. The day was nice, the sun was shining, but what were you doing? You were in bed watching Jungkook play his video games. Yeah, you loved video games too, you even considered yourself a pretty good gamer, but playing games were what the two of you have been doing for the past few days. The same thing, day in and day out. Games, games, games. 

Jungkook sat with his back leaning on the edge of the bed, intensely focusing on the television before him. He was playing some sort of online multiplayer shooter game, “YAH! YAAAH! OOOH, YEAAAH!” You could tell by the way he was screaming that he was definitely winning. This boy had a huge competition complex and never accepted taking second place.

You crawled over behind him and nestle your head in the crook of his neck. He was so into the game, he hadn’t even flinched when your sharp chin made contact with his neck, “Koookie, can we pleeeeease do something else?” He just made some weird grunt sound in response, “Kooooookie!” You wiggle your head playfully to snap him out of his gamer trance.

“Jagi, I’m…kinda….in….the middle….of something…YAH GOT ‘EM!” He was harshly pounding on the buttons in between each word. He really loved winning, this boy. Your eyes lit up when an idea came to mind.

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How many kids do the shiratorizawa boys want in their ideal future?

Asa: This is something I have thought about for at least 20 years

Current Song

Ushijima would want either one or two, nuclear family. He wouldn’t be able to give his equal attention to many more, so he would want something smaller and more intimate. Something that would fit in a four door car, and go on perfect family vacations. 

Reon, probably 2-3 he is a natural family man. He would definitely have a mini van, with the little stick figure family on the back, plus a dog. He would adore each of his children, and make sure they were all loved. Facebook mom, posts pictures all the time, and tags things about being a father, wholesome memes.

Semi would like 1, kids aren’t really his cup of tea. He would have little patience for raising more than one. The kid would get all of his attention, and Semi would for sure be a helicopter parent. His baby isn’t going to get hurt, no way. 

Tendou on the other hand loves them, 3 kids. He would have to stock up on pillows and blankets to make lots of forts, and has family sleepovers, they all make a cuddle pile in the living room. Tendou gives too many kisses, and everyone is embarrassed.

Yamagata also loves them, 2-4 whatever his s/o wants tbh. They would form a powerful volleyball team at the local community center, no one knows how they win so MUCH. All his kids play a different sport, and he goes to every game, no matter what. 

Kawanishi doesn’t see himself as a father tbh. He would much rather be a cool uncle, and give his nieces and nephews toys their parents wouldn’t want them to have/loud toys. His siblings hate him. Posts childless couple memes.

Shirabu would say 1-2, not much patience for more. He would push them to achieve more academically, so they could do what they really want later in life. He’s a tough parent, but they would appreciate the support, and the guidance he would give them. 

Goshiki wants a million babies. No question. He loves children, and they love him. They would all be tied together on one of these so no one gets lost. He would cut all their hair himself, and take a thousand pictures, SCRAPBOOK PARENT.

“Drive-By Smooches” the Fic

Inspired by the conversation @rottensocksandfluff and I had about the idea of Sportacus giving Robbie drive-by kisses.

Also they did art for the idea already which you should totally look at since I put the scene in this fic and also it’s super cute.

Anyway, here we go: 

[rated G]

The day was hot, too hot to sit underground and too hot to mess with the brats. Robbie Rotten fanned his face as he made his way into town. A nap under the shade of a tree sounded wonderful. With a sigh he lay down on the grass. The kids were play some gross sport across town and the sound was graciously muffled by distance. Robbie closed his eyes, relieved to be in the shadow of the tree and not sweating in his lair.

He wasn’t sure how long he slept but when he came to, he heard someone approaching him. Robbie mentally prepared an argument for why the children should just leave him alone for once before opening his eyes. The sight that greeted him made him sit up.

In front of him, upside down, was Sportacus. When he saw Robbie was awake, he grinned and leaned forward, planting a kiss on his lips. He pulled away before Robbie could properly process the situation.

“Just wanted to give you a heads up. The kids and I are coming back this way.”

Robbie didn’t say anything. He just stared at his boyfriend, his still sleepy mind trying to come up with a logical explanation as to why he was upside down.

Sportacus moved back a bit and Robbie saw that he was on his hands. He had done a handstand to kiss Robbie. He had one arm on either side of Robbie, his infuriating hat somehow staying on.

“I left the ladder down if you want to nap in the airship,” Sportacus went on as if nothing odd was happening, “The AC is on so it should be colder up there.”

In one swift movement, Sportacus fell back and got to his feet. He waved to someone behind Robbie before sprinting away, presumably to rejoin the brats.

Robbie sat there, stunned. What had just happened?

Whatever it was continued to happen whenever Robbie found himself in town.

One time he was in the park, waiting for Sportacus so they could go on a picnic lunch. The elf came running toward him, crystal blaring, and sped right past Robbie, stopping only a split second to peck him on the cheek and say in one breath:

Hi Robbie Someone’s in trouble I’ll be late Bye I love you!”

Then he was gone, leaving Robbie to puzzle out exact what his boyfriend had just said.

Another time, Robbie had been sitting on a bench trying to think of the best way to stop the brats from singing their obnoxious jump rope rhymes just a few yards away. The sky above him darkened briefly and he felt something warm touch the top of his head just seconds before Sportacus landed in front of him. Robbie yelped, like any sane person would if their boyfriend just fell from the sky in front of them. Sportacus had the gall to chuckle at him.

“Did you just kiss me mid flip?” Robbie asked, hand clutching his heart.

Sportacus just winked and back flipped away towards to children, much to their delight. Robbie rested back against the bench with a groan and a blush.

Finally, after a month of this, Robbie got a chance to ask what was going on.

He was leaning back again one of the walls surrounding the playground. Stephanie and the kids had a new dance routine they just had to show Robbie. He watched them setting up the stereo and getting some last minute practice. Behind him, he heard a very familiar voice say, “Hi, Robbie!”

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Sportacus. Upside down. Again.

Rolling his eyes, Robbie turned around and placed his hands on the wall, “Why do you keep—”

He didn’t get much further than that before lips covered his own. Robbie felt his face heat up. The kiss felt odd, since one of the participants was the wrong way around, but it still sent tingles down Robbie’s spine.

Sportacus pulled back and Robbie saw his face was also red, though it was probably for a different reason. He grinned proudly at Robbie.

After a moment, Robbie found his voice again, “Why do you keep doing this?”

“Doing what?”

This! Doing ridiculous things just to kiss me!”

Sportacus let his legs fall onto the pavement and stood beside Robbie like a normal person. He was still smiling, “I just never want to miss an opportunity to show you I love you.”

The blush that had only just started to fade from Robbie’s cheeks flared up again, “W-what are you talking about?”

“I know I’m on the move a lot, helping people and playing with the kids, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m forgetting about you. I’ve been taking every opportunity I can find to kiss you!” The elf looked away from Robbie, rubbing the back of his neck. It wasn’t often he acted openly sheepish, “I’ve been calling them… kisspertunities.” He cleared his throat, smile fading, “I can stop if you really don’t like them.”

Robbie thought about it for a heartbeat before putting his hands on Sportacus’ shoulders and kissing his forehead.

“I never said I didn’t like them, idiot elf,” he said. He pulled Sportacus into a hug.

Sportacus wrapped his arms around him, burying his face in Robbie’s shoulder, “Good. Because they’re a lot of fun to do.” Robbie chuckled. He could feel Sportacus smiling against him.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Robbie always enjoyed the times where Sportacus felt like being still for a change. The moment was over when they both heard a noise not far away that sounded suspiciously like five children trying to hold back their giggles. Sportacus was the first one to step away.

“I think they’re ready for us,” he said. He stood up on his tip toes and planted a kiss on Robbie’s cheek before cartwheeling over. Robbie rolled his eyes at the display and followed. Kisspertunities. What an exasperating concept.

He hoped Sportacus never stopped finding them.

The Soccer Mom Network

This is a roleplay network where members make a Facebook account for a fake soccer mom character.

How to Join
* Follow me @horseinacar
* Follow @soccermomnetwork
*Reblog this post *Make a Facebook account and follow every one else
* Friend Susan Jennings (my character) * Send me a message on tumblr with the name of your character, descriptions of them and their children, and their relationship status

* You can only have one character (so they’re as active as possible)
* Don’t start drama. But stuff between characters is fine!
* Ask the person playing a character you want to interact with what is OK.

Do I have to be a good writer?

Does my character have to be a soccer mom?
They have to have kids but the kids can play any sports or enjoy anything. You can also create a soccer dad

If you have any other questions ask me!

Sportacus goes to the ASPCA and adopts ALL OF THE PETS when he see them. When he gets home to Lazytown he doesn’t know what to do bc they can’t fit on his airship. Robbie sees the mess that is Sportacus atm and is like great here we go. He sets up a space and builds a barnish thing for Sportacus to keep all the animals at. They have the kids come and play with them to help keep the animals happy. Robbie rationalizes that the kids aren’t playing sports so he is technically making them lazy even if they run and play fetch. No one argues with him though. Robbie comes and lies down with the cats and they sleep on his tummy and take naps with him.

YA Novels in a Nutshell*

Harry Potter: scar kid fights red eyed guy, bad things, lots of curses, happy ending and a lot of ships

The Secret History: murderous gay kids who like to kiss greek and roman statues are taught latin by a madman

All For The Game: gay kids play invented sport and act all tough and mighty when you know they just need hugs

The Grisha trilogy: ships?? blood??? stuff like demons????

AADDTSOTU (you know what I mean): yet another gay couple acting philosophical and learning how to be drunk and how to swim. a dog is involved

Song of Achilles: gay version of achilles story. lots of sex

TFIOS: girl dying of cancer meets boy dying of cancer fall in love go to amsterdam have sex and die

The Hunger Games Trilogy: 24 kids gotta kill themselves because big guy said so, girl says fuck you to big guy, lots of deaths, the end

Divergent Trilogy: discount hunger games

Paper Town: guy tries to find his lost childhood best friend which he is in love with and then goes on a road trip????????????????

Lord of the Flies: where the Hunger Games idea came from, the book you will read in class 



*i havent read all of the books and im basing myself off tumblr

I can't wait to be a dad

Do all the great things. Y'know

-Teaching my kid how to play a sport
-Putting bandaids on them and being the one that can make everything better
-Being their superhero
-Doing push-ups with my baby on back
-Teaching them great things and watching them learn
-The excitement on their face when I get home
-That cute moment when they fall asleep on my bare chest
-Teaching them to ride a bike
-Teaching them to drive a car
-Taking them out to ice cream after their games
-Making a room for them with a tiny bed and furniture cuz “their a big kid now”

All of this and more. But most of all hearing that tiny voice say “daddy!”

I was the secret insecure kid who played all the sports and chased all the girls. I was the one who inside was burning up with insecurities both physical and spiritual. I covered them up by exceeding at things that don’t matter. I got burnt out and it ruined me. It wasn’t until He showed me that being different and embracing exactly who I am…that I was able to live everyday without burning out.
We Go Way Back {Ashton Irwin Smut}

RATING: This is smut, so yeah :)

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“‘Sup asshole?” You stated as you strolled through the door of your best friend’s house. Ashton let out a small giggle at your utter coolness as you made your way into his living room, dropping your duffel bag onto the floor and collapsing on the couch, kicking up your feet and propping your head up with your hands.

“Hello to you too, Sunshine,” Ashton teased you, walking in calmly after you. He swept your feet off of the couch and replaced the empty spot with himself. You punched him in the arm.

“Y/N?” Anne suddenly peeked out of the kitchen, her eyes widening when she saw you, “Oh Lord. You didn’t put your feet up? Is the world ending?”

“No, I did,” you laughed, “Your dumb son just had to be annoying, as usual.” Anne laughed.

It was safe to say that your relationship with the Irwin family was that of your own. You’d known them since you were a baby. You and Ashton had grown up attached at the hip. He’d seen you naked multiple times, he’d seen you cry, he’d seen you swear like a sailor after you’d broken up with your long-time boyfriend. He’d seen you at your worst and your best.

Harry and Lauren were lovely. You were constantly giving Lauren makeup tips and taking her on various shopping sprees, and Harry was always there if you wanted to let your inner kid out; to play sports or video games, it didn’t matter.

“Well, I should be off,” Anne sighed dramatically, walking into the living room. She bent to give you a kiss on the crown of your head, and proceeded to slap the back of Ashton’s. He protested and groaned, and you just laughed.

“Don’t wait up for me, okay?” Anne said, “Harry and Lauren are sleeping over at Nan’s house tonight, so it’s just you two. Please try to keep the house intact.”

“I make no promises!” You yelled after her, and you heard her laugh from the front entrance.

“Isn’t it a bit weird to think that your mum is probably fucking guys?” You asked Ashton curiously. His head whipped to look at you and he cringed, “Seriously Sunshine? It wasn’t until now!”

You laughed, “Come on Ash, it’s a natural thing.”

“It’s gross, okay?” Ashton made a face, and you just smirked devilishly at him, smug at the fact that you could make him squirm.

Between the two of you, Ashton was the goody-two-shoes. He was well-behaved, polite and followed all the rules. You were more on the rebellious side, constantly fighting with your parents and seeking refuge at his house.

Ashton had only ever had one girlfriend, and he’d treated her like a queen, until she’d had to go ahead and fuck Roger Lincoln behind the bleachers at a football game. You’d gone through boys like tissues, constantly throwing them away and pulling out new ones, never wanting to get too attached. Ashton Irwin would only ever be the constant in your life, and you were okay with that.

So it was safe to say that you often felt dull in comparison to your best friend. You felt as though people were constantly looking at you to be just as amazing as he was: something you simply weren’t capable of. You lived in Ashton’s shadow; he was too good for you. It was as simple as that.

“So, what movie do you wanna watch first?” Ash questioned you, looking at you with his piercing hazel eyes. His face was framed by glasses he only ever wore around you, his hair falling onto his forehead, his torso practically bursting out of his muscle shirt. You swallowed heavily, looking away.

“Um…” You trailed off, tapping your chin and pretending to be deep in thought. Suddenly you grinned deviously, “'Insidious’?”


“You need to buy new movies,” you yawned as Ashton shakily reached for the remote, clumsily turning the television off. He looked terrified.

You guys had watched both Insidious movies, and all the Saw movies. You could handle blood and gore and decapitation, but you knew your best friend couldn’t: which was exactly why you’d picked those movies.

“Sunshine, I’m seriously scarred,” Ashton admitted, and you giggled. You yawned again, covering your mouth, and stood, “Bed?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep,” Ash replied honestly, and you just nudged his knee with your foot, “I’ll protect you, you big baby. Give me a piggyback upstairs?”

He sighed dramatically but stood, crouching down. You hopped onto his back and he pretended to stagger, meriting a bite on the shoulder from you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, clinging to him like a koala bear.

Ashton raced the both of you upstairs, you laughing the entire time. When he entered his room, he went straight for his bed, dropping you down with a loud thump. You shrieked in the darkness and he just chuckled, climbing on top of you and restricting you from any movement.

“Off,” you grumbled,“Fuck, I hate you.”

“You can’t hate me Sunshine,” he giggled, retaliating quickly and using your pet name, “We go way back.”

“Fletcher, I will knee you in the dick,” you threatened, completely serious. He pulled back, his bottom lip stuck out in a pout and his glasses slightly askew on his chiseled face.

“Why you gotta play middle names like that?” He whined. In his state of distraction, you finally managed to push him off of you. He groaned exaggeratedly and rolled away, standing up off his bed and making his way over to his dresser, which stood beside his sleek red drum kit.

“Fuck,” you realized, “I left my damn bag downstairs.”

“It’s okay,” he said, pulling out a drawer and rummaging through it. He turned, asking over his shoulder, “Pants?”

“Nah,” you replied, and he merely smirked. He pulled out a baggy t-shirt, tossing it to you. You caught it swiftly and stood from the bed, walking over to where he was, beginning to unbutton your jeans as you did so.

“So how’s that whole band thing going?” You asked him, pulling your pants down your legs. You kept your eyes trained on his drum kit as you spoke, though a few times you caught glimpses of him peeling his shirt from his body and replacing it with a clean muscle shirt.

“It’s alright,” he said, running a hand through his short and curly hair, “We might actually be leaving for London to go on a small tour.”

You whipped around to look at him, completely shocked by this confession, “No fucking way. Ash, that’s awesome!”

“Yeah,” he chuckled sheepishly. You scratched the back of your head, turning away again and discarding your pants onto the floor. You pulled your tight black shirt from you body, dropping it.

“How long will you be gone?” You asked quietly, your hands reaching back to unclasp your bra. You let the material fall away, leaving your backside completely bare to Ashton. You stared at the cymbals on his drums, waiting for an answer.

“U-uh,” your friend stammered from behind you, seeming flustered, “About a month?”

“Oh,” you simply said, pulling on his beige, ratty t-shirt. You took a step forward, now only in his top and your black underwear, and ran your fingers along the sleek golden metal of the cymbals, tapping them with your nails and feeling them quiver beneath your touch.

“Yeah,” Ash simply replied hollowly. You closed your eyes, not knowing how you would manage life without him for a whole month.

“Well,” you began, trying not to let him see how much of an effect this information had had on you, and you were grateful that you weren’t facing him, “I’ll miss you.”

You suddenly felt a warm puff of air on the back of your neck, and you whipped around quickly, startled. Your eyes widened as you practically ran into Ashton; he was standing so close to you.

You stumbled back slightly, your lower back coming in contact with his bass drum and your elbow knocking against his cymbals, emitting an echoing crash. You teetered, but then his arm lashed out, wrapping around your wrist and steadying you.

“Whoa,” you joked, “That was really loud, I’m sorry–”

Your best friend cut you off.

By planting his fucking lips on yours.

Your eyes went wide. Nothing and everything was being processed in your brain at the same time. You could feel the sensation of Ashton’s soft, slightly chapped lips, could smell the minty aroma radiating off of him, could sense your heart galloping at a thousand miles an hour.

But you were also numb, unable to feel anything, time slowing in your brain like molasses. What the hell was happening?

“Shit,” Ashton pulled back and swore, his fingers finding his lips and rubbing them, as though trying to savour whatever was left. He stepped back slightly, separating your bodies by a few inches, “Y/N, I’m sorry.”

It was in that nanosecond that you realized that you’d enjoyed that…a whole fucking lot.

“Shut the fuck up,” you sighed, stepping forward and cupping the back of his neck, bringing his lips back to yours.

He was surprised at first, but the two of you quickly melted into the kiss. His hands went from your cheeks to your neck, to your shoulders, finally trailing down your arms and veering in towards your hips. He grabbed them roughly, making you let out a gasp.

“Sorry, sorry,” he stuttered, pulling back again and looking at you with concern. You just rolled your eyes and grabbed the hem of his muscle top, pulling him to you.

“Fletcher,” you stated seriously, “Shut. Up.”

And then you were kissing again. You reached for his hands and placed them back on your hips, squeezing reassuringly and letting him know that it was okay to be rough with you. You weren’t a virgin.

Ashton’s head dipped and soon, he was leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses along the column of your throat. Your jaw went slack and your eyes closed at the divine feeling. Your hands crept into his hair and threaded though the dirty-blonde locks, pushing his face further into your neck.

Somehow, he managed to turn you around and back you up, because you suddenly felt the mattress of his bed hit the backs of your knees. You fell down, squealing, and pulled him with you. He cracked the smallest smile before reconnecting your lips.

“Ashton,” you breathed as his left hand brushed down your bare thigh, caressing you. You sighed in content, and it only seemed to have fuelled his desire for you, because he was suddenly tugging at the hem of your (or was it his?) shirt, demanding that it come off. You’d never seen him this confident, apart from when he was onstage, drumming and doing the thing he loved most.

Before you knew it, your shirt had been discarded, flung onto the other side of the room. You had no idea what on earth you were doing, but you didn’t want to stop. Your mind was clouded with thoughts of Ashton Irwin, drunk off his touch.

Ashton’s eyes widened when his gaze landed on your full chest. You giggled, “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“They’re just…wow,” he whispered, and you laughed a full, joyful laugh. Slowly, his hand came up to fondle the soft skin of your breast, and you sighed in pleasure, throwing you head back. He hadn’t even done anything, and you were already soaked.

Ash kissed down your neck before proceeding lower, sucking viciously on your collarbones, leaving a dark mark on each. He finally arrived at your chest, sprinkling small pecks along your skin, not even hesitating at the stretch marks, the pink lines of discolouration that you hated with a passion.

When his lips wrapped around your nipple, your back arched into a perfect parabola. You gasped, feeling sensitive from all his teasing, the small, pink bud now enveloped by him.

He swirled his tongue around your nipple and grazed his teeth against it gently, making you let out a strangled squeak. Your fingers once again found purchase in his hair, and your mouth fell open. Ashton pampered your nipple before pulling his lips off with a pop and giving the other one the same treatment.

While he was pleasuring you, his hand slowly slipped up your thigh, rubbing soft circles into the skin. Ashton lifted his head to look at you with a concerned expression, “Can I?”

“Yes,” you practically cried, desperate for release. He’d gotten you riled up. He nodded seriously and brought his thumb to your silk-covered core. These underwear were ruined, but it was so worth it.

Ashton’s thumb quickly located your clit and began to rub slow, deliberate circles. You arched your back, pressing your bare torso into his covered one, “Ash…please.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His movements sped up, and you closed your eyes. His left hand pushed your underwear to the side and his fingers came into contact with your bare, drenched heat. You were too turned on to be embarrassed.

“Fuck, I’ve wanted this for so long,” he admitted breathlessly, sponging kisses along the curve of your shoulder. You whimpered in response as the tip of his index finger dipped into you.

He went at a slow pace at first, gauging your reaction. But when you cried out in pleasure, he didn’t hesitate to add another finger and continue at a faster speed. The whole while, his thumb was rubbing your clit quickly, trying to get you off as soon as possible, almost as thought he had something to prove.

You cried out when his fingertip brushed against your spot. He aimed for that area again and deemed successful. You could feel your high approaching, the knot in your stomach tightening.

Ashton kissed you passionately, biting at your bottom lip. That was all you needed to let go.

Your body tensed and relaxed multiple times as you shot off into a pit of pure pleasure, mulling around in the ecstasy as though it was a swimming pool. Your eyes closed and your body shook vigorously, your lips parting as you let gasps and the occasional whimper escape. Ash worked you through your orgasm, trying to prolong it.

When you finally recollected yourself and your bearings, you became conscious of Ashton gazing down at you. You looked up at him hazily and gave him the tiniest of smiles. He returned it and buried his face into your neck.

“God Y/N,” he breathed, “I fucking love you.”

You tensed at the words. Your brain kicked into overdrive, and suddenly you could feel everything rushing back at you.

Ashton was your best friend. Best friends didn’t do this. Best friends didn’t love each other…at least, not in that way. You struggled to sit up, and Ashton, being caught off-guard, let you.

“Y/N?” He asked, frowning, “What’s wrong?”

“No,” you merely murmured, shaking your head. You scrambled up from the bed, shooting a glance at the clock on Ashton’s bedside table: 1:04 AM.

“Sunshine,” Ashton said, standing as well. You suddenly felt caught and panicked, and you rushed over to his dresser, where you’d abandoned your jeans and shirt. You pulled both articles of clothing on hastily, not bothering to do up your pants.

“I have to go,” you murmured, racing for the door. You were about to turn the knob when someone caught your wrist and spun you around.

“Y/N,” Ashton pleaded quietly with you, “Please don’t.”

“I can’t,” you let a sob break through. You wrenched yourself out of his grasp and pulled open the door, running down the hall and racing down the steps. You could hear Ashton’s heavy footsteps following you.

“Please just let me leave,” you cried, unable to hold back the tears, panic flooding your body and leaving you a withered mess. You didn’t bother to retrieve your duffel bag; you could come back to get it some other time.

When Ashton wasn’t here.

“Please Sunshine, you don’t know what you’re doing,” Ashton begged you, reaching out for you. You shook your head, slipping on your sneakers and backing away from him, your hand fumbling blindly for the doorknob. Finally, you felt the cool metal and twisted quickly.

And then you spun around, running from Ashton, your best friend, and disappearing into the night.



Supercrip stories never focus on the conditions that make it so difficult for people with Downs to have romantic partners, for blind people to have adventures, for disabled kids to play sports. I don’t mean medical conditions. I mean material, social, legal conditions. I mean lack of access, lack of employment, lack of education, lack of personal attendant services. I mean stereotypes and attitudes. I mean oppression. The dominant story about disability should be about ableism, not the inspirational supercrip crap, the believe-it-or-not disability story
—  Death, Disability, and the Superhero: The Silver Age and Beyond

Dedicated for the lovely anon who requested headcanons for Peter and Edmund as fathers. Sorry it took so long I apologize because I accidentally read “headcanon” as “drabble” XD Sorry once again :)


  • his overprotectiveness intensified the moment his children were born
  • would be the kind of father that needs to know where his children are 24/7, what they are doing and who they’re with
  • once his kids grew older and started getting into relationships, he literally demanded a detailed background of their significant others
  • he went ballistic the first time his kids went through a break up that he had to be restrained by his wife and his siblings had to be called over to calm him down
  • excluding his overprotectiveness, he is a pretty chill father
  • he supports his kids no matter what they do and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy
  • Peter is dad jokes galore
  • “knock knock” *sigh* “who’s there?” “a cow goes” “a cow goes who?” “no, a cow goes moo” 


  • he is the literal definition of a cool dad
  • he only had sons so that means he would relate much easier to boys than girls
  • he is definitely the type of dad who would teach his kid to bike, play sports and give “advice” about girls
  • unlike, Peter, Ed is strictly a “no-dad-jokes-allowed” kind of dad
  • and, like father like son, Ed’s sons have sharp wits, a whole lot of sass and sarcasm and a love of pranking
  • Edmund would be super serious about his son’s academics and would constantly push his sons to become smarter and better than him
  • even though Edmund wants his sons to choose their job, he personally wants them to become lawyers or doctors or maybe even politicians
  • if someone were to ask Edmund what his proudest achievement was, it would be him getting a drawing of a trophy that says “Dad of the Year” from his sons on Father’s Day
  • it tells him that he’s being a good father and that no matter how much he pushes his children, they will always love him

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Old age headcanons for IwaDai, pretty please? C:

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

  • Daichi’s hair starts thinning out first. He never really goes very balding but Iwaizumi lords it over him
  • I can see them moving out into the country when they retire and getting a lot of dogs. Just a bunch of big, happy mutts that run around everywhere
  • They would become the Cool Old Guys that teaches any kids around how to play sports and give them tips on how to get better