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A quick follow-up to reassure you that, yes, I am aware that being bad at video games is a Joestar family tradition.  This was another tangent–next time, things get a little more serious. Stay tuned!

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connor was a kid who played little league baseball and told innocent jokes and loved to laugh and he became a complicated boy who struggled with severe mental illness, but he never became bad, he was never bad. he made mistakes but he was never ever inherently bad , and that little kid was always there inside, and i love him i love all iterations of him i love everything he was, his mistakes and all

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HAHAcan you do some kind of headcanon au where you're ongs lil sis and you and daniel like eachother??:)) thank you

HAHAsure can do <3

  • being known as ong seongwoo’s little sister have caused you exactly 3 harms
  • one. the harm of not being as perfect as he is
  • two. the harm of not being as funny as he is!
  • three. the harm of not being ong seongwoo himself
  • you’d be compared to him a lot as you grew up and at some point you’ll be fed up with trying to beat your brother or even reaching his level
  • you’re somewhat polite/cold towards him
  • you even address him as seongwoo-ssi because calling him oppa was out of question
  • sometimes when you’re feeling a bit too salty at him you’d say “orabeoni” instead which is like an olden/more polite way of saying older brother(?)
  • so falling in love with your brother’s number one best friend and the king of the school kang Daniel was out of the question
  • but it happened…
  • so yeah
  • you’re pretty sharp with things
  • like seongwoo is…. sigh
  • and good at noticing people’s feelings
  • like seongwoo … um yeah…
  • so when Daniel steals more than two glances at you and smiles sheepishly when you meet each other in the school corridors, your intuition screams at you “HE LIEKS YOU FOOL”
  • but you’re not 100% sure because kangdan is always nice to everyone and passes smiles like candies to kids
  • Ofc he’s a little cute and maybe your type
  • so you keep your tabs on him and consider the possibilities
  • unfortunately for you, your older brother is great at noticing flings and whatnot 
  • “hey (y/n) do you like niel?” he would casually ask as the two of you watch tv with your parents
  • “w-what?” you would be perplexed by nature and stutter with wavering eyes
  • “oooh~ what’s this? our little daughter likes Daniel? that’s great! Daniel’s a  very nice young man-” your mother would start, as she knows Daniel a little too well considering how he comes almost every single week
  • “I-i DON’T!” you would suddenly burst
  • throwing a dirty look at your brother, you would storm out of the room and end up in yours while feeling a tad too embarrassed 
  • *ah why did I lose my cool…. that ong seongwoo definitely noticed my feelings for Daniel as well.. I’m so screwed* you thought and decided to deny anything and everything related to kangdan 
  • the next day was a school day and everything went pretty much smooth
  • Daniel even waved to you today with his shining smile
  • so it was all good
  • until school ended
  • you were passing by your brother’s classroom by chance
  • there were voices still inside despite it being quite late
  • you were just finished with studies at the library
  • a voice you recognise as Daniel popped up and you were suddenly curious and eager to listen in
  • “-eally said that?” Daniel asked, voice a bit gloomy
  • “yeah not interested… at all!” your brother replied, you can tell by the tone that he’s grinning and probably picking on Daniel as always
  • “…t-that’s too bad” Daniel mumbled, dejected
  • the next few words you were not expecting “I liked (y/n) a lot”
  • “huh?” you would whisper to yourself “me?”
  • in your mind fireworks were shooting off into the sky, a famous soccer player scored and some random kid playing baseball made a homerun
  • “well she’s not interested in you niel. try this girl I’ll hook you up with her” seongwoo suggested
  • at this, you charged right into the room very angrily.
  • you were beyond mad
  • you were smad 
  • I mean vexed
  • “YAH ONG BLOODY SEONGWOO. YOU PETTY LITTLE SNAKE!” you cried out “I LIKED DANIEL A LOT TOO YOU-” you realised what you were doing, where you were and who  you were with
  • ah your temper
  • god damn temper
  • your bloody temper
  • it’s what sets you apart from seongwoo himself
  • he’s always collected while you’re practically a volcano ready to blast into space
  • ah your temper
  • “I-i didn’t mean anything I said I swear” you tried to make things better
  • not really
  • but you tried
  • /hands over a golden star.
  • yep
  • Daniel slowly makes his way over to you with a dreamy look in his eyes… well he’s always dreamy so-
  • “that’s great… don’t take it back” he smiled “I was happy with it the first time”
  • and that was how both of you got together
  • during the whole confession stuff, seongwoo slipped out of the room without a sound and whistles to himself as he walks along the corridor, smiling in content at his ‘good deed’ 
  • “damn I should be cupid”

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Somebody’s Eyes-2

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Happy’s arm wrapped around my waist, he spun me behind him, drawing his gun. I let out an aggravated huff, tapping him on the back. “Put your gun away!”

I pushed around Happy, crossing my arms over my chest. “When I gave you assholes keys to my house it was for emergencies only! Not to set my living room like creepers!”

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X-Kids as parents

Scott: stereotypical-dad.jpeg.  Hobbies include tinkering with the car, grilling outdoors, teaching his kids how to play baseball, and taking an afternoon nap on the couch.  Probably uses nicknames like “Sport” and “Bud”.

Jean: The mom with eyes in the back of her head. Her kids wouldn’t be able to get away with anything.  She could be making dinner with one hand, folding laundry with the other, on the phone with the PTA and she can sTILL SEE YOU TRYING TO STEAL A COOKIE FROM THE JAR NATHAN, PUT IT BACK.

Peter: The deliberately embarrassing dad.  He will drive you up to the front entrance of the school blasting some cringe-inducingly embarrassing music and imitate teen slang in front of your friends.  Expect puns.  Lots and lots of puns.

Ororo: The Power Mom.  Somehow looked glamorous in all of her pregnancy photos, even the candid ones.  Breast-feeds in public with one hand while flipping off the haters with the other.  Strikes fear into the hearts of those who try to start shit at the Parent-Teacher Meeting.

Kurt: The baby-whisperer.  No one knows how he does it.  His infant could be screaming their head off and he instantly knows exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.  Can change a diaper in ten seconds flat.  Usually found rocking his baby and singing a soft lullaby in German.

Warren: The over-protective dad.  Can’t sleep because he keeps compulsively checking the baby monitor.  Makes his kids wear ten thousand safety pads while riding a bike.  Almost murdered a soccer mom when she yelled at his kid in front of him.  Lord knows what he’s gonna be like when the little rugrats start driving.

Jubilee: The fun mom.  Lets you watch DVDs in the car.  Always has snacks on hand.  Has entire Pinterest boards dedicated to planning her kids’ birthday parties, which are always epic by the way.  Last year she rented a bouncy house.

More Klaxum Headcanons
  • You talk shit to two of them the one will fuck your shit up.
    • Talk shit about her boys? Plaxum will learn your schedule and plan everything just right that it’ll go wrong and make sure you see her after every shitty thing happens so you know it’s her. Try to tell the police? She has an alibi for every time that shitty thing has happened to you and has the people to back her up and prove it even if they don’t know her. (She made sure she was noticeable and seen by strangers so that she’s remembered and since they don’t know her personally and have never seen her before in their lives the victim can’t claim they were paid off)
    • Keith makes sure you see his pocket knife and the fancy tricks he can do with it all while staring you dead in the eyes. His face haunts you for days and the sight of that blade twirling through the air and his fingers like water never leaves your mind.
    • Lance…now Lance is someone who doesn’t forgive and forget no no, he makes sure you remember what you did. He gathers information on you, no matter how small. Might go to your friends and using his natural charisma and friendly appearance he charms his way into the group, asking subtle questions about everyone,  throwing you in there as someone he partners up with in class, questions that seem insignificant but have value to him to use against you. Weeks later you notice how the neighbors don’t regard you with the same friendly eye before, or how the kids in school start whispering behind your back and they get louder and louder as the weeks go on until you can hear the rumors floating around you as if you were reading them yourself. It was so gradual you would never know it was Lance feeding just small tidbits of information to your friends. Like a “I saw them come from X’s house the other day.” or “They were late the same day X happened at school” Just small bits of info that naturally piled up and connected to create the rumors that would more or less ruin your high school career.
  • They always do something special for each other’s birthday.
    • For Keith’s birthday Plaxum and Lance saved up for an aquatic themed pocket knife. Keith cried when he realized he wanted to marry them both right then and there.
    • For Lance’s birthday they took a trip to swim with the dolphins. Lance had to contain his will to scream continuously for hours.
    • For Plaxum’s birthday they went on a small cruise to go whale watching and actually dive in the water to see the whales from a safe distance
      • The baby had some netting around his fin so she borrowed Keith’s knife (not his birthday one, he keeps that around his neck and his regular one in his pocket) She swam out towards it much to the guide’s disapproval and cut it away.
      • The mom and baby turned towards her and gently booped her in thanks.
      • She returned to Keith asking her how it went and what it was like and to Lance hyperventilatiing and panicking because that was so fucking dangerous????? They could have eaten you???
        • Plaxum: They don’t eat humans Lance that’s not in their diet.
        • Lance: And me eating zebra cakes at 3am isn’t in my diet but I can do that.
        • Keith: You’re the one eating my zebra cakes!?!?
  • Keith and Lance own a cat each and Plaxum has a tank of fish
    • Lance’s cat is a ragdoll named Annabelle (Ironically)
    • Keith has a giant red tabby named Whiskers (Don’t laugh Lance it’s the only name Whiskers responds to)
    • Plaxum owns a bunch of goldfish that she takes good care. (They’re the big forehead bug eyed kind)
    • The cats know better than to mess with the fish and like to watch them. They tried tapping on the glass but they learned Plaxum didn’t like that so they stopped.
      • There was one time they came home to the fish tank broken and empty with the fish nowhere to be found so Plaxum was freaking the fuck out and crying because she loved those fish goddammit and they knew the cats had probably eaten them.
      • Lance goes in the kitchen to get dinner started (he’d left their food for that night defrosting in the sink with some water) He yelled because the cats were there looking into the sink at the fish swimming in there like there was nothing wrong with glass allover the floor.
      • Turned out some kids were playing baseball and the ball broke through the window and crashed into the fish tank. The cats were smart enough to know Plaxum wouldn’t like dead fish so they took them to only other water source they knew of which was the sink.
      • All the fish was accounted and for and Plaxum made sure to love on the good kitties with extra smooch and treats♥♥♥

I like to think that whizzer played a lot of baseball when he was young but not on an actual team it was just him and the other kids in his neighborhood playing baseball with broken down gloves and between them all they have one bat and two balls and Whizzer never stopped playing like the others as he grew up

All the others stopped when they became about 16 but Whizzer was loved by the neighborhood kids and he showed them how to swing and throw curveballs up until he left home

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What kind of parents do you think Stiles and Lydia would each be?

this was so hard to answer. i can easily picture stiles as a parent but lydia is harder. so i asked @deathcabjenny​ about her opinion and here what she said.

“Stiles would be the type of dad that would be like “That’s my boy!” or “That’s my baby girl!” whenever they do something sarcastically naughty and Lydia would be like “Stiles, don’t encourage him/her/them!” But she would secretly be rooting for her kids and smile about it when no one was looking

.their kids would be so smart! Like imagine all the things Lydia would teach them! They’d probably be advanced in all their school work because of the things they’d learn at home by just watching Stiles and Lydia and how they work.

I also imagine Stiles being very sporty with their kids, like playing baseball and lacrosse with his kids and every so often the sheriff would join them and they’d have cute little teams. Especially during the holidays. They’d have their family meal and then go outside where they would play sports and that becomes a tradition.

If they have a daughter, Stiles would spoil her so much! She’d be daddy’s little girl and he wouldn’t be able to say no to her, ever.

How cute would it be if they got dressed up for something and Stiles made sure to comb his son’s hair, but it would be pointless because his hair would stick right back up and he’d finally just let it stay that way. And then Stiles would fix his son’s cute little bow tie and say something like “You look so handsome, my little man.” with the biggest grin on his face!

Lydia would fall even deeper in love with Stiles by just looking at the way he is with their children.”




imagine them sitting in the living room after dinner. stiles is sitting on the floor  his back resting against the couch while his 4 year old daughter is sitting on the couch. she is playing with his hair. combing it and giggling while she says stuff like “your hair is messy” . imagine if he leaned his head back, and looked at her with soft eyes and with huge grin on his face “ are you insulting your dad?”. she puts her hands on the side of his face and adorably says “no” then leans and kisses her dad nose.they both giggle like idiots. lydia would be watching them with awe can’t believe that she is that lucky to have stiles and their baby.

imagine lydia sitting on her stiles and bed with her 5 years old  daughter sitting on her lap. . she is helping her to get ready to her first day at kindergarten. she gently braids her hair. lydia could tell that her daughter is scared. after she finishes braiding her hair. she gently drops a kiss to her neck and softly whispers in her ear that everything will be okay. her daughter  turns and hugs her mom tightly. and softly speaks “what if they don’t like me?”

“they will like you, you’re amazing and smart and every one will want to be your friend” she says while gently strokes her daughter hair. then stiles comes out of the bathroom and sees them on the bed he mouths to lydia “ is she okay?” lydia nods. then stiles grin and yells “who is ready for their first day at school” she laughs and removes her self from her mom hold and run to her dad open arms. he carries her and spin her around,lydia shakes her head and moves to them. she kisses stiles cheeks as she says “come on, get dressed we don’t want to be late”.


send me stydia/mcmartinski headcanons. 

Butch DeLoriaxFemale Lone Wanderer Headcanons

So I have this HUGE idea for a Butch DeLoria x Female Lone Wanderer fanfiction. And I have all these damn headcanons. Shall I write a giant story about all these? (Please don’t steal the ideas! I really want to write this someday but I can’t hold these ideas in anymore.)

  • The Female Lone Wanderer’s headcanonical name is Eve, Eva or Evelyn. James and the FLW’s mother were both religious and quoted the bible. Also, The GECK James searched for stands for Garden of Eden Creation Kit. He would want his daughter to belong to something beautiful. Not to mention…President Eden is this big lie in the same way that utopia can never exist, and the FLW comes to accept that. While she searches long and hard for a better life, she is only shown that she can no longer obtain what she wants. Not to mention, Butch is a Tunnel SNAKE, like the snake who tempted Eve. He believes in anarchy and making one’s own choices that defy the higher power (the Overseer who plays God).
  •  Butch’s father was killed by the overseer. Ellen DeLoria is always drunk like she’s washing away sorrows. Butch’s father used to tell him stories about the outside world and tell him to never tell anyone because everyone is supposed to believe that you are born in the vault and die in the vault. Eventually, when Butch was three or four, his father tried to leave the Vault and was shot by the Overseer’s henchman, perhaps Officer Kendall. Butch could barely remember this…but eventually figured it out as the years went on. His hatred for the Overseer’s control was a personal matter as well as his rebellious spirit coming to light.
  • Butch and the FLW were best friends before the age of nine. They used to share Grognak the Barbarian comic books, and play in the atrium. Eventually however, Butch received pressure from the other boys (mainly Wally Mack) to break away because of gender roles. The female lone wanderer then got even closer to Amata.
  • Butch DeLoria is afraid of radroaches because, when he was five he was locked in the lowest level of Vault 101. His alcoholic mother Ellen DeLoria locked him there.  Butch kept asking his mom about what happened to his dad, and afraid of the Overseer’s wrath, she told Butch to stop asking. But being a  typical five year old, he kept asking over and over. So, she dragged him to the sub basement area while intoxicated. After locking the door, he began to cry and scream after a radroach came out and attacked him. James shows up with his daughter to unlock the door and comfort him. After that, Butch holds a respect for James, but has a resentment towards his daughter that he doesn’t have a father like him. When Butch bullies the lone wanderer, James never actually gets angry since he still feels bad about Butch’s lack of a father figure.
  • The FLW always cried to her dad about Butch. James told her that boys only tease you when they like you… For years, she hoped that was the case. But she still didn’t believe that hitting on her actually meant hitting her!
  • The Female Lone Wanderer is nicknamed “Nosebleed” because of what Butch did. At the age of nine, the kids were playing baseball in the atrium. Eventually, the female became MVP (because the perk says so) and jealous of this, the opposing team’s players told Butch to bring her down a notch. When she was up to bat, he was pitcher, and threw the baseball right at her face, where it hit her nose and she received a bloody nose. He’d been calling her “Nosebleed” ever since.
  • The Female Lone wanderer never fights back against Butch unless he’s bullying someone else, namely Amata. He then stops targeting  Amata after realizing this and tries even harder to get a rise out of her, like throwing gum in her hair during class or tripping her after class. When it never works, he gets obsessed with this…and maybe even develops something far different from hatred.
  • When they were seventeen, Butch fucked up the FLW’s hair. To get back at him for all his teasing she called him a hairdresser instead of a barber. He decided to pull  a prank and botched her long hair unevenly. When she told Amata, Amata tied it like her own hair. So they wore similar hairstyles for a long time. Over time, the ponytail began to grow out more until it no longer resembled the other girl. But she refused to go back to the Vault hairdresser…err barber.
  • A year before the FLW left Vault 101, her relationship with Butch got…somewhat…better. While he still teased her, shoved her in the halls when the other guys were around, etc, he began to get quiet when it was just the two of them. He’d watch her shooting her BB gun in the basement, and even gave her a shot of whiskey he managed to steal from the Overseer’s chambers. They finally got to talk about what it was like growing up with one of their parents being dead. It turns out they had more in common than they initially thought.
  • Butch began to date Susie Mack, Wally Mack’s sister. She’d never admit to it, but when the FLW catches them making out in the hall, she immediately turns back around where she came from and feels like she could cry without fully comprehending why. Butch tries to talk to the FLW and be nicer, but she instead treats him harshly because of her jealousy. He again turns hostile. Wally Mack soon quits the Tunnel Snakes after that, pissed that Butch would go with his sister. 
  • After she left the vault, the FLW always wore the Tunnel Snakes jacket Butch gave her. She began to panic as it got more and more damaged. Eventually, Moira fixed it up, and teases that it has the scent of a man’s aftershave and cologne.
  • Butch DeLoria was the one who spray painted “Fuck You, Overseer” on the “Thank You, Overseer” sign. Amata kept yelling at him to stop it. But he managed to make a contraption out of rope to allow him to paint the sign with the other Tunnel Snakes
  • Butch meets James Hargrave in Rivet City. The kid with a bad attitude has a dead father and alcoholic mother and he reminds Butch so much of himself as a child that it begins to disturb him. He tells the kid about his own life and even becomes like a big brother James could look up to. He also told James to be always be good to C.J. Young, the little girl who always follows james around. And if he does, he’ll even let him join the Tunnel Snakes when he grows up. James asks why he has to act so nice to her. Butch tells James that he’ll understand why when he’s older…. Because he wishes he could’ve treated the FLW better. Every day, he’d been waiting for her to show up in Rivet City…
  • When the FLW agrees to travel with Butch again, she knees him in the groin. Butch apologizes for all the times he bullied her and beat her up when they were kids. So, she knees him in the balls and says she forgives him. He of course crumples to the floor and says “Yeah…maybe…I deserved that Nosebleed.”
  • Butch DeLoria is still a HUGE Grognak the Barbarian comic book fan at the age of 20. His line “I hear there were dragons out there. You ever seen one?” reveals this. It drives the FLW crazy, especially since he spends all their caps on rare issues rather than on the supplies they need.
  • When the pair sleep in Raider camps outdoors, the female lone wanderer always takes the top bunk when they manage to find bunkbeds. Based on the line “Man that creeps me out. That thing up there…you know? The sky…” The lone wanderer knows he’s terrified to look up there, so she alleviates his fear by taking the top bunk, making it feel like he’s back in the Vault.
  • Butch suffers from monophobia: the fear of being alone. His whole “Tunnel Snakes 4 LYFE” motto is only him trying to belong to something. The Tunnel Snakes have no real goals or purpose besides to be “the most badassest gang in the wastes”. Plus, he’s the only one to leave the vault for good after Trouble on the Homefront. This likely means, he knows the gang is over with and everyone else abandoned him… Even still, he follows the FLW and uses the “gang” as an excuse. He never wants anyone else following you. So how could a gang ever form?
  • Butch sings along to Galaxy News Radio. Whenever they are at a bar, Butch gets buzzed and just starts singing along. The FLW told him a million times to shut the hell up, but he just sings louder. His favorite song is supposedly “I’m a Mighty Mighty Man.” because it says that “I really don’t need a wife.” This upsets the FLW though she never says so.
  • The Female Lone Wanderer loves when Butch cuts her hair. The feeling of his fingers against her scalp takes her breath away…until he decides to play the same prank like when they were kids and shaves part of her scalp. She sics Dogmeat on him.
  • Butch really likes Dogmeat, though initially acts like he doesn’t. This is since he doesn’t mind having Dogmeat follow as well. He wanted to sew Dogmeat a personal Tunnel Snake jacket… The FLW forbid it.
  • Butch manages to find a way to bake a sweetroll. He goes through life and limb to obtain the ingredients. He gives it to the female lone wanderer as a peace offering after taking her sweet roll at her birthday party ten years prior.
  • The Lone Wanderer says goodbye to Dogmeat and Butch during the last quest (without expansion). She makes a slight joke that Dogmeat and Butch should go into the irradiated chamber of Project Purity. And while Butch declines, he doesn’t believe that she planned to do it anyway. He doesn’t understand why she says goodbye and tells him to take care of Dogmeat. When she goes in, he tries to stop her but it’s too late.
  • Butch goes into a huge depression before the events of Broken Steel (aka end of game without expansion). He becomes an alcoholic just like his mother and only has thoughts of the lone wanderer. Dogmeat ends up taking care of him more than he takes care of Dogmeat. Every day, Butch regrets that he didn’t activate the control chamber in her stead. Whenever he hears Three Dog mention her on GNR, he gives a toast before downing his last shot and smashing the glass. Instead of “I’m a Mighty Man” he only listens to the slow sad songs like “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire.
  • Ok, that last one made me tear up. AHEM. The female lone wanderer and Butch are in love. I mean…that damn dialogue. As a follower, he flirts so much only if you’re female. Need I say more?
  • Butch and Dogmeat are reunited with the Female Lone Wanderer… The Three Tunnel Snakes For Life. 

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Lol sarumi realising that their bio daughter has powers also and them trying to keep said powers at bay

So maybe they didn’t expect her to have powers either, like there’s no precedent of children of clansmen inheriting their parents’ powers (the Minato twins I assume were already born when their parents joined Scepter 4). Then one day maybe Yata and Fushimi are walking with their daughter near the park and she gets distracted by like a passing cat, Fushimi and Yata not noticing because they’re bickering about something. There are some kids nearby playing baseball and that’s when one of them hits the ball straight at the Sarumi daughter. Yata and Fushimi both move to protect her just a moment too late, both terrified that she’s going to be hurt, which is when she raises her arms in front of her face and the ball bounces off a shield of blue light. Fushimi and Yata are both staring at her like wait what as she lowers her arms and comes running back to them all ‘can we go now?’

They end up taking her back to Scepter 4 where Munakata has some of the Gold clan come by to take a look at her. It turns out the reason she has powers is due to how she was ‘born,’ so to speak, that she was created by a Strain using parts of both Fushimi and Yata’s inner makeup including portions of their souls, and as such she has inherited clansmen powers without being a clansman herself. Yata’s all concerned, probably worried that maybe she’ll hurt herself with her powers somehow, while Fushimi just asks if there’s any way to keep her powers in check for now. As it turns out even most Strain-dampening artifacts won’t do much to her, since her powers are considered clansmen powers and those are harder to contain. Also as they’re talking Yata’s suddenly like 'wait, so if she has powers because of our souls, doesn’t that mean–” He’s cut off by his daughter using green sparks to knock out all the electricity in the building. Yata kinda sighs and Fushimi facepalms as they both realize that thanks to Fushimi in particulate their cute little daughter can now use three colors.

They end up taking her home with instructions from Munakata to try and help her keep her powers in check until he can find some other way to help. This turns out to be difficult because maybe the more she uses the powers the stronger they get, like first she just lights a little fire on her finger because she thought it would be fun but then next thing they know she’s set fire to the couch and is crying and scared. The blue powers are probably the least destructive so they try to help her focus on those, Fushimi sitting next to her and just using his own experiences as a three color user to help her focus on one color at a time. Yata’s mentally a little annoyed that his daughter is using blue powers and not red but he also knows that if the blue is what it takes to keep his kid safe then he supposes he can live with it as long as she knows that red powers are the coolest okay. (Ooh but maybe the more she uses her powers the more it drains her and suddenly there’s the worry that she’s losing control and she’s going to burn herself out before Yata and Fushimi can stop it. Fushimi starts having a small angst meltdown because again here’s a precious person who could be lost while Yata’s like storming the gates of Mihashira demanding that the golds find a way to help his kid. In the end things look bad but then Shiro shows up with this bracelet that will help her keep her powers in check and Yata and Fushimi are just holding their exhausted little girl, staring at each other in relief and Yata holds out his fist to Fushimi like yeah, we made it through this and we’re all gonna be fine now.)

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What episodes do we know about Dylan crying in public? I read something you said about a basketball game

When he was a kid playing baseball he was super passionate and competitive about it and used to get frustrated and cry in public when things weren’t going his way. He was hyper sensitive and cared a great deal back in those days.

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-poofs out of no where- hey you boys. I got a question for each of you. Oso, how are you doing so far?-slides a beer case next to him- Kara, how's work doing for you? Choro, is Oso still teasing you? Ichi, how are your kids? Jyushi, want to play baseball sometime? Toddy, would you please help me find some new clothes for Ichi?

Oso: I’m doing good! No complains ;)

Kara: It’s fine so far, thank you. Been saving a little more money for all our twins’ needs and also for my little Ichimatsu~

Choro: Sometimes he does, but I know he means no harm. Ugh, just wish he’d tone it down a bit…

Ichi: From what I feel they’re a little active, but I think it’s because they hear everyone in the room.

Jyushi: …No thank you…

Totty: He won’t need anymore, he’s due for next month so there’s not much to buy anymore.


Eric Harris was born on April 9, 1981, in Wichita, Kansas. The son of an Air Force pilot, Harris moved around several times as a child. While living in Plattsburgh, New York, he seemed like a regular kid, playing little league baseball. The Harris family moved to Littleton, Colorado, in 1993, after his father retired from the military. Eric slowly began to change. In his new hometown, he was a decent soccer player and wore preppy style clothing, but had a hard time fitting in at school.

Eric’s friends from Plattsburgh: