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You know what I really like about A Series of Unfortunate Events? Yeah, it’s this grim and morbid story that gives kids a new perspective on the world besides fairy tales and action shows where everybody gets a happy ending. But the Baudelaire kids know they don’t have a good outcome ahead of them. Throughout every book in the entire series we’re reminded of how miserable and disheartening it is, and that it’s perfectly okay to “look away.”

But the kids can’t look away. They’re in the thick of it. And do they let that misery consume them? No. They accept the circumstances and try to make the best of it, even though they won’t be happy. And that’s so important! Realizing that even if you don’t have a reward in sight that you can still find motivation. That even if you can’t be “happy” you can thrive off of moments of happiness. That it’s possible to keep going in a world where there are no happy endings.

It’s one thing to tell kids that the world sucks. It’s another thing to say, yeah it sucks but there is just as much good in the world as there is bad.

you know i say “play mother 3” a lot without describing it

mother 3 is an rpg by nintendo for the game boy advance that came out in japan only in 2006. its the last enstallment in the series but dont worry you can play out of order.

the story centers around a boy named lucas whos currently trying to save everything he knows from industrialization and brainwashing

a bad summary is “star trooper pig nazis turn animals into chimeras and a 13 year old uses the power of love to stop the 10000 year old 12 yr old mastermind”

its an amazing game with turn based combat and scrolling hp (so if you get a fatal hit you can still recover) it also has rythem mechanics!!

its very funny and lighthearted but also heart breaking at the same time. the story is about the world being taken over from a kids perspective so you see the corruption from his point of view

it has one of the best known fan translations that fixes bugs, is extremely accurate, and completely free to download

but if you cant play i recommend chuggaconroys lets play, he’s very good at showing the little tidbits and extra stuff you’d miss on your first playthrough.


People like to say that Millennials are lazy, unmotivated, and that we will never get out to vote. Yesterday, I met a young man from my congressional district named Trevor McElroy, who was running to be a delegate to the National Convention at a mere 17 years old. This kid hasn’t even graduated high school yet, but he’s more involved than the vast majority of the adults that I know. I asked Trevor why he wanted to do this, and he said the most amazing thing: “I just like politics.” He wanted to prove to the establishment and to the media that Millennials can get involved, that we have a voice and we will be heard.

During his 30 second speech to ask for our votes, the “grown” adults that like to tell us we’re lazy yelled “Go get a job!”

They wonder why we’re all mad, why when we come out, we come out loud and angry. They wonder why we’re jaded and disillusioned and don’t trust the system. To them, I say: we tried it your way. It didn’t work, and it’s your fault. Now it’s our time. Our vote will be in the majority in the coming election cycles, and the Democratic party has proven itself unworthy of our faith to carry out our message and our values. We have only just begun, and we won’t be following along with your broken system. This is not what my democracy looks like.

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What if the kids remembering things from across the scratch also worked in reverse, albeit in a more subconscious way?

Hmm interesting. It would definitely have given the kids an interesting perspective on the world they were about to enter after the three-year journey. 

Although didn’t Rose figure some of that stuff out already? She was telling Dave a little about what happened in Earth B on the meteor.

You Meet Your Child for the First Time After the Divorce - Luke

Its only been 20 days since your sweet baby boy, Liam was born. Couples think that a child will strengthen a married couple’s relationship, but thats not the case with you and your husband Luke. Luke wanted a family just as much as you, but when you confirmed the pregnancy test was correct, Luke could only focus on the selfish negatives of having a baby. He told you that he swore he’d never have kids, as they would just “hold him back”. Low and behold, nine months later, your relationship was destroyed with nonstop fighting, as well as little Liam coming into the world. Luke’s perspective on kids changed when Liam was born. Luke loved Liam, but you and he clashed more than ever over the new little bundle. It was finally settled and a court date was scheduled for a divorce. All you had to do was pack your things and go, but it was easier said than done. The battle for Liam began. After months of court cases and battling, a conclusion came near, and Luke was somehow winning custody. “Luke! This isn’t fair!” You cried over your baby, one snowy December night. “Get your things and go, but you’re not taking Liam.” He replied coldly. Your sad eyes searched his stern face, waiting for it to say ‘This is all a dream’ but, it didn’t. “Fine. Just let me say goodbye,” you wiped your tears and turned on your heel, climbing up the stairs to the nursery. You quietly entered your baby boy’s room, and picked up the sleeping bundle. The small baby giggled when he opened his big blue eyes. A smile curled your lips. You walked around Liam’s room with him cradled in your arms. You babbled on to your baby as he cooed to every word you spoke. Suddenly, you felt soft eyes piercing your body. Luke was leaning against the door frame, observing you. You sat in the rocking chair across from Liam’s crib. You looked into the baby’s innocent orbs. The small child giggled. With one arm you cradled him, while you let Liam hold your thumb with his tiny fingers. “Mama’s gonna go away for a while little one,” you sniffled, tears stinging your eyes. “You’re going to grow up to be a handsome, caring man like your father once was. Til we meet again darling,” you kissed the baby’s forehead, then put him back into his crib. He whined, then began crying. You began to cry too. You pushed past Luke, who was still in the doorway, gazing at you and Liam. It wasn’t until then that he realized how much a baby needs its mother—how much you actually loved Liam. Luke went to reach after you, but no words came out. He watched from the top of the stairs as you slipped out the door, not sure if you’d ever be back for your things.

18 years later

“I am so sorry,” you gasped, scrambling to pick up your business papers that fluttered to the ground. While exiting Starbucks, you pumped into a young man that was entering the coffee shop. “No worries,” he replied with a chuckle, bending down to help you pick up your papers. You sighed as he handed you some sheets of paper. “Thank you so much,” you giggled, looking up at him. You narrowed your eyes, staring at the man. “L-Liam?” You whispered, absolutely stunned. “Yes ma'am,” he smiled brightly, just like Luke. “Sorry bud,” a rough voice said from behind your son. “Just a business call.” You knew that voice from anywhere. It was Luke. “{y/n}?” He spoke softly when he saw you facing Liam. You nodded, deciding weather to leave or stay, but your feet wouldn’t budge. “Hello Luke.” “Mom?” Liam said out of nowhere when realization hit, making tears fill your eyes. He knew. He’d seen the pictures, and you were surprised Luke even associated you into his life. “You remember?,” you blinked, shifting your gaze from Luke to your son. He nodded, “May I?” “Wha—” Liam pulled you into a tight hug without letting you finish. “I never thought I would ever meet you,” he sniffled, his face in the crook of your neck. “Now we have,” you whispered, reaching up to kiss his cheek. “{y/n},” Luke cleared his throat, causing you to pull away from Liam. You were waiting for yelling, maybe some insults. Luke grinned just like Liam. “Would you mind getting some coffee with us?”

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Well Michael it’s your birthday! With your few short years you taught me so much. You did more with your 50 years then most people do in 100. I’m so proud of all your accomplishments, not just in music. So many people would be in pain, hungry, displaced, or even dead without you! I feel so blessed to have been alive during your time, and I promise to carry on your legacy. I will make sure my kids know who you are, we will change this worlds perspective of you. I know you are having a way better party up there then we could ever imagine down here. Happy birthday angel, can’t wait to see you in heaven.