kids ost

again /w a little of the yoi age swap au

I have no idea if it would actually work as a song for a figure skating program, but the culture festival medley from Kids on the Slope includes Someday My Prince Will Come and it’s super loving and I forgot to write this down before so, small scene idea for an age swap–

the young Victor walking into practice, half-listening to the grumblings of little Yuri, his head still buzzing with the news that Yuuri Katsuki is taking time off. He’s turning it over and over in his head because–if His Hero, The Best and Most Beautiful Skater wants a break, he deserves it! He deserves so much!! But he can’t help feeling sad that they won’t have a chance to cross paths again and he won’t get to watch Yuuri Katsuki skate for months, and he said he needed time to contemplate his next move but is he okay??? He’s not at the rink in Detroit, according to light social media stalking. What if it’s worse than it sounds??? What if he’s injured, what if–

Victor opens the door to the rink and Yuuri Katsuki sweeps past the barrier. He’s got a look on his face like his mind is a million miles away, but his eyes catch on Victor and Yuuri Katsuki offers up an absent-minded smile (so far into the zone that it doesn’t even register), and it’s Beautiful, ohhhh my god!! Wow!!!! You can literally see the cartoon arrows piercing Victor’s heart

(Mila takes a picture of his face in that moment and adds in so many heart stickers that it would be embarrassing if Victor hadn’t accepted how very, very not straight he is long ago.)

Other things:
- Yuuri sort of knows Lilia by way of Minako, so he’s sort of familiar with Yakov, but aaaaaaaaaAAAaaAaa is it too presumptuous to ask Yakov if he could come help out with his skaters???? Is it too obvious and too strange that he’s here mostly for Victor, who maybe doesn’t need the help, he’s doing so well on his own but he could be so much better–or is Yuuri just being, like, (frantic internal hand gestures)–he’s willing to help all the students that Yakov wants to send his way though, really, and he knows on one level that he’s good, but is he good enough? What if Yuuri fucks these kids up by accident?? 

- It’s not like Victor lacks for pleasant acquaintances around the rink, but does he have? Friends??? Yuuri isn’t exactly the poster child for having friends at that age (or any age) either but there’s something sad about it because the way Victor acts, you might not even notice that he barely hangs out with anyone outside of the rink. He has a dog, but noticeable human connections could probably be counted on one hand, which he doesn’t expect of the kid who’s always bouncing up to him during competitions. Hmm.

- Yuuri gets roped into choreographing alongside Lilia–he does the short programs, Lilia does Yuri’s free skate (Victor ends up mostly doing his free skate himself). Yuuri takes one look at Yuri Plisetsky’s punk reputation and delicate, very easily dramatic features and skate-or-die attitude and is like. Okay, what is the opposite of that? Maybe this?

- This is where Victor gets the medley, and possibly a spiel about bonds between people and forms of love as a theme. Yuuri meant “Victor, you do have people you’re close to, right, are you okay??” but it accidentally sounds really romantic and hours later Yuuri shrivels up with embarrassment when it sinks in, oh geez.

- wondering if his free skate should be Stay Close To Me or if it’s too early in Victor’s timeline to pull that off? Either way his programs are fueled by the blossoming relationship between Yuuri and Victor. It doesn’t stop Yuuri from being dense in those very specific ways of his, but.

- He might be taking a break but Yuuri’s working as hard as he ever has

- Actually part of me wonders if it should be an AU where they swap ages AND compete against one another, but the logistics seem kind of shenanigans


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A sound so strong - that calls my name

It’s wild like the river - it’s warm like the sun | |

Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron

(I drew a lot of horses back then ….//and deer .. Because of Bambi)