kids or their entire families or something

Imagine Robbie finding out that the kids’ parents are all away most of the time and the kids are just living alone in their houses and being horrified, because he may be a villain, but child neglect is something else entirely, and Sportacus is away on elf business and the Mayor is bad enough at raising one child, so Robbie “””grudgingly””” moves into Ziggy’s house (since he’s the youngest), gets Trixie, Stingy, and Pixel to stay over until their parents are back, and starts acting like a dad to all of them, just until Sporty gets back to take over. (And when Sporty does get back, they all beg him to stay anyway, since he’s their most fun parent ever.)

Taking Project Joy for Jay in a new direction

Thank you all for your initial support of Project Joy for Jay. When I first thought of the idea on Saturday, I was still in the process of trying to come to terms with the fact that this is all real, that Louis — the 1D member who is most visibly such a mama’s boy, the kid whose youngest years consisted of just him and his mum taking on the world together — that he would lose his mum way too soon to such a horrific disease.

I wish I could do something that would ease the pain that Louis and the entire Tomlinson-Deakin family is feeling now and what they will be feeling in the months to come, but unfortunately that’s not how death and grief work. So instead I decided to do something that would carry on Jay’s legacy of joy and positivity. I’ve spent the past 24 hours re-thinking my original plan and I am completely changing it. As such, I’ve deleted the prior posts in order to prevent any confusion from here on it.

I greatly appreciate and am deeply thankful for those of you who supported the original idea, and I hope you aren’t offended that I’ve changed it. I also am beyond grateful to those of you who provided the constructive criticism necessary to get this project on the right track.

I’ve come up with a different plan and I am excited to hear what you all think of it. It goes as follows:

Joy for Jay Day:

The major goal of this project will be hosting Joy for Jay Day on March 25, Jay’s birthday. On this day, we will try to combine charitable fundraisers and local volunteering efforts in Jay’s honor. These efforts could include (but are not limited to):

  • volunteer efforts in our local communities at homeless shelters, animal shelters, hospitals — wherever you can think of that asks for volunteer help
  • donating clothes to the needy
  • donating books and toys to children’s hospitals
  • a blood and bone marrow drive (cancer patients are constantly in need of blood products and bone marrow transplants can be life-saving, so I think this is very important)
  • small acts of loving kindness within your community (i.e. paying for the person’s coffee who is behind you in line, carrying groceries for someone who is struggling to manage their load etc). Tell them you did it because of Jay or leave a “Joy for Jay” note on the receipt or something along those lines so that perhaps more people can learn about the wonderful woman that was Johannah Deakin
  • some type of fundraiser based on fan art in which all proceeds (except perhaps the cost of shipping and handling) go to charities Jay supported or charities which support leukemia/lymphoma
  • our talented musical fans could perhaps do covers of One Direction/Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson/whoever else goes solo by then songs with some sort of connection included which would link it to Joy for Jay and prompt people who enjoy the music to do a good deed or donate to charity
  • anything else people can think of or suggest

One of the major benefits of Joy for Jay Day is that it is all about charity in whatever form that may take. Jay’s most common activity on Twitter (other than praising her children) was retweeting about all kinds of charitable ventures people took part in. While I did not know her personally, I imagine she would be thrilled to see a day full of charity held in her honor.

This is also great for fans who do not have the money to donate frequently to charity. There are a ton of charitable ventures going on right now in this fandom, and for some fans, there is only so much they can donate per year. There are also fans who do not have the budget to donate at all. With Joy for Jay Day, anyone who cannot afford to donate for whatever reason can instead get involved in a form of community service or volunteerism while honoring Jay’s memory.

Joy for Jay tributes:

There are so many people who are affected by Jay’s death. While this hits the Tomlinson-Deakin family hardest, every one of the boys, many of the Tomlinson-Deakin clan’s friends, people whose lives she affected through her charity work … they are all struggling too.

I’m also seeing on Tumblr that a lot of fans are having a tough time with this. None of us really knew her, but she still made an impact on our lives. To that end, I’d like to collect some tributes to Jay to keep on a list on our website. I’m hoping we can keep these positive. Talk about which qualities of Jay’s you liked best or something you want to thank her for or what ways she inspired you or how you were maybe able to relate to her or anything like that. 

I think it could also be nice if people with artistic abilities choose to send in some drawings or if people who love writing have any poems they would like to send in. I don’t want this to be a page of condolences; instead, I think it would be cool to create a record of positive ways Jay made an impact on this world.

Grief can feel very lonely, and just because none of us knew Jay does not mean we cannot grieve her loss. Perhaps being able to see how others are also affected by her untimely death might help everyone get through this with as much support as possible.

The only caveat here is that I ask that you refrain from anything relating to Larry in these messages or anything that would deny that Freddie is Louis’s son. I also ask that you refrain from saying anything along the lines of “It’s so sad that some fans in this fandom were doubting you had a grandson while you were dying.” While I believe everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs, this is not the time or the place for any of that type of dialogue.

The tributes will be moderated before they are posted to ensure that they are appropriate [i.e. no bad language, no improper references, nothing mean-spirited]. You can send any tribute you’d like to with “Tribute page” in the subject line or send them in a message on Tumblr and make it clear that this is a tribute and you would like it to be published on the Tumblr page. If I feel the tribute is in any way inappropriate, I will respond to you (unless it is sent anonymously) to let you know why I have decided not to post it.

A possible book?

I have thought of perhaps combining these tributes into a book to send to the family. I have not fully decided whether this is the best idea, as I do not want to intrude on the family’s privacy. At the same time, some people who are grieving do enjoy having things such as these so they can see (when they feel up to it) how many lives their loved one has touched.

The decision as to whether to put these into a book will not be made for at least a few months, as I would not approach any reps for the family about this until late January/early February at the earliest. If, at that time, it feels like this book is something that is not out of line to do, I will reach out to some sort of family representative. If not, I will abandon that aspect of this project entirely. 

I really do want to give them the time and space to grieve privately and get through what will likely be a tough holiday season. If the rep says the family does not wish to receive something like this or if I get no response, I will not go forward with the book. Nobody but the Tomlinson-Deakin family will know what their grief is like or what they feel up to receiving, so I think it’s best to leave it up to them/the people around them to decide what’s appropriate.

What about the ad?

I am no longer interested in taking out any ad in any publication. People have provided many different reasons as to why that might be more harmful than helpful. The focus instead will be on spreading joy in memory of Jay, specifically on Joy for Jay day on March 25.

How to help now

This campaign will still need artwork in the form of a logo/design for the social media push related to Joy for Jay day, so anyone with graphic design experience should get in touch with me at

You can send in tributes whenever you are interested in doing so, and I am also always accepting ideas of what active things we can do on March 25 to make it the best day it can possibly be.

1. “Joanne K Rowling is dead”

One day, when we are all old and moving on with our lives, the news is going to come and throw us twenty years into the past. Our past. Things we have forgotten will suddenly become vivid memories- The password to that Tumblr account, the skype friends, the head canons, the fanfiction..

When the news comes, you’ll be with your kids, and you’ll cry harder than you have in your entire life. Because while you are mourning the author, you are also mourning a part of your soul, the part that misses the world you created for yourself around these books, like the writing and the friendships and how raw every single emotion felt because these books taught you how to feel like a part something, because we were a family. And we still are.

When the news comes, you’ll leave the room, your confused children following you to make sure you’re okay. You’ll go into your attic, where there’s a box with everything Potter related that got sealed away for convenience. It’ll now have a permanent spot in your home. 

You pick your house scarf out of the box and wrap it round your neck and you smile through the tears. You hand your kids jumpers with the crest on them and tell them to put them on, before taking the books that made you who you are today and telling your kids that “it’s time for a story” and as you retell the story for the thousandth time, you fall in love with the characters all over again and pass on this feeling to your children. You pass on the legacy.

That night, you let out one more tear and a smile and say your final goodbyes to Joanne Rowling, the woman who wrote. You sleep comforted with the thought that she’s with Lupin and Tonks, Lily and James, Sirius and Fred. And that night? You are not alone, because thousands of adults cry together,  holding the same nine words close to their hearts.

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”

anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to be mean but aren't you worried that you might pass lupus to your kids like your mother did to you. Again i don't want to offend you and i'm sorry if i do but i think it's something you have to think of, i mean it's a possibility..

Hey, I’m not offended at all. Ten percent of lupus patients have a first-degree relative (sister, daughter, son, mother) or a second-degree relative (aunt, uncle, first cousin) with lupus. Therefore, 90 percent of lupus patients DO NOT have relatives with lupus. 

So with that being said my mom has had 4 kids and only 1 child got it, also my mom is the only person ( besides me now) that has lupus in our entire family. Passing it on can happen but it’s less than A 10 percent chance. I hope this answered your questioned :) 

I wrote a thing

A short snippet on an Dipper with amnesia short AU by tswwwit, and was instantly inspired to write a little of my own, because I need a little something something in my life. Still probably not in line with what tswwwit had in mind *shrugs*


As fun as this was, Bill’s sick of it. He wants his Pine Tree back. The one that was full of ’Fuck Bill Cipher’, not the one who barely gave a rat’s ass that he was a demon.

Something snaps inside him, and he whirls on the Dipper Pines imposter. “What part of demon, don’t you get kid? I could broil your entire family in seconds. Peel their skin from their bones and watch them bleed to death over a period of weeks.” Bill’s eye turns red, and he lets a blue flame crawl across his shoulders and arms for emphasis.

“No, you couldn’t.”

Came the kid’s response, and for a damn moment Bill thought he could see his Pine Tree again. The real one. It was the way he said it, with such confidence that Bill’s stupid little organ did a happy little flip-flop. But that moment didn’t last long. Dipper’s brow furrowed and he dismissed whatever thought had come to mind with a head shake and a shoulder shrug.

The next thing Bill knows his stupid organ crashes down to the pit of his stomach. The feeling makes Bill sick, and he doesn’t do sick well. How he wishes he could just reach into the kid’s head and yank the memories back into that gaping void, but guess what. He can’t. Not with this stupid bond still getting in his proverbial way, all the freaking time!

No, it’s time. Bill gives an inward shudder. It’s time to meet with someone he’s trying to pretend doesn’t exist. A demon so intent on studying human physiology that he’s made himself a human body that is so close to the human equivalent of average, he’s just a tad strange.

gracefulpercy  asked:

Imagine: grace and Harry as grandparents

i like the way you think my buddy my guy
(sorry this took so long!!!!)

•okay so i always imagine Harry as a HUGE man so it’s super comical to see him w tiny babies

•the rubiam babies are spoiled af not only by their dad, but by their dads entire family as well

•liam and ruby telling them she’s pregnant is a blast

•grace screams and cries

•harry’s face lights up like a christmas tree

•from the start of their relationship ruby says “liam michael stewart im calling your mother” when he does something stupid and that only multiplies by 10 when he does dumb stuff w the kids lmao

•grace and harry moving to virginia to be close to their grandchildren

•ruby being on bed rest for one of her pregnancies and liam telling them so they can actually enforce it

•if liam tells her to sit down she’s like “don’t tell me what to do i’m fine” but if grace tells her to sit down she does it right then immediately

•Harry leaned over fixing a car with a baby in one hand and grace is like good shit good shit

•grace not wanting her grandchildren to end up in a bad relationship like she did with liam’s father and always being hella overprotective

•Harry teaching all the kids how to change a flat tire

•but also him always having freshly baked cookies ready whenever they come over

Imagine your OTP (Part Two)

-Person A is a single parent whose child went missing and Person B is on the team/is the person looking for them and they fall in love and find the kid and become a family

-Person A is a vigilante and Person B is so grateful that they leave first aid kits and messages and help any way they can because Person A can change things, and who the hell are they if no one gets up to help?

-au of the above where Person A became a vigilante because of something that Person B did or something that happened to them and Person B never knew

-Person A always buys Person B a teddy bear/significant gift to the two after a fight and Person B now has an entire collection

-Person A is the doctor of Person B’s dying family member/friend and they both fall in love while mourning and remembering them

-Person A and B are married and for their anniversary, Person B takes them on a date to re-enact their ridiculous first date but the way it should have gone this time-without the rabid dog and family emergency and mugging

-Person A and B are best friend, always will be, and super close, so when someone asks them if they’re together, they just look at each other, shrug, and answer “yeah, why not.”

-Everybody thinks Persons A and B are pining for each other and try to hook them up but the truth is that they were going out from the beginning but didn’t tell anyone because they didn’t know how they’d react and everything just snowballed and now the entire school/town is trying to get them together

-Person A is a prince and Person B is their mentor, who can’t be with them or they’ll be hanged by kingdom law-law which Person A swears to change

-Person A is always getting into fights, and Person B is the one always waiting for them to come home with a first aid kit and soft kisses

-Person A is the cop who’s always getting hurt on the job and Person B is the EMT who’s always patching them up with a swat on the back of the head

-Person A and Person B are students in a class who are pining for each other and the teacher ships them so hard she helps them get together and talks about them with her other teachers

-Person A is on a sports team and Person B has a scrapbook full of pictures and newspaper cutouts of all their games

-Person A is a pizza delivery guy who gets stuck inside Person B’s house because of a hurricane/flood alert that’s stopped traffic in the area and they end up bonding and sharing the pizza

-Person A is a single parent who falls for the pediatrician who’s always so good with their kid even though they hate doctors and Person B always kisses the kid’s boo-boos and shot bandages to make the kid feel better and Person A just fucking can’t anymore, oh god.

-Person A is an artist who goes to the same park as Person B’s kid and the babysitter and teaches the kid how to draw things and they become really close and one day Person B shows up to take them to the park and all Person A can think about is how their kid never told them how hot their mom/dad was, holy shit

-Person A and B are two serial killers getting revenge on people who destroyed their families/lives and run into each other often and start killing people for each other as weird courtesy/courting gifts

-Person A was in love with Person B before they died and became a ghost and now have to live with the ghost of their love slowly losing themself and becoming insane all alone because no one else can see it happening

-Person A saves Person B from a mugging late at night and ends up teaching them self-defense and maybe falling for them 

-Person A has been in love with Person B their entire life and Person B only notices who they are after Person A gives up their life to save them and someone else tells Person B

-au of the above in which Persons A and B were actually good friends and Person B is stuck replaying the day over and over again until they realize that they did love Person A, but instead of it changing Person A’s death, it just brings them back to their gravestone

-Person A isn’t really touchy-feely but always gets really demanding and snuggly when sleepy and Person B will never get over how cute it is

-Person A has the worst/most adorable bed head and Person B always loves playing with it when they wake up

-Person A gets glasses and shamelessly takes advantage of what it does to Person B, which really could be turning them on or just turning them into a blushing mess

-Person A and B meet each other at the store buying tampons for their sisters and bonding over their struggles of demanding (loveable and precious) females in their lives

-au where they’re both there because it’s a class A tampon emergency and have to race each other for the last box

-Person A goes to their highschool reunion and finds out that life is indeed unfair and yes, they’re still have feelings with their first love, who didn’t even have the damn decency to get less attractive or nice, fuck them. no really, please.

-Person A knits something every year for Person B on their birthday and one year it’s a scarf that says, “Congratulations, we’re pregnant, don’t freak out.” They most definitely do.

-Person A walks out of a movie completely satisfied with the work they did when they hear Person B talking about how the movie is total crap and ruined the entire series, and it’s on now, fucker. 

-Person A and B share horrified looks at each other over the head of some innocent (fucked up) passerby saying that they liked the Star Wars movies with Hayden Christensen more than the other ones

-Person A is wearing a Hufflepuff keychain/accessory and Person B scoffs at it and just started world war fucking three, you ignorant piece of shit

-Person A and B are the poor people who flopped onto the two chairs left at Macy’s on Black Friday while everyone else in their family goes fucking insane on deals. 

-au of the above where there’s only one chair left and Person B just sits in Person A’s lap because they really just need to sit down and don’t give a shit anymore.

-Person A is always the little spoon and complains but secretly loves it more than anything and hold Person B down when they offer to trade

Meme Game #Rin

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

  • surprisingly he has a pretty good taste in decorating your home in everything but flowers. it’s ridiculous how mismatched his flower arrangements are
  • totally owns a ‘kiss the cook’ apron
  • as much as he loves you, he will always need this one little corner that is completely his and he swears he’ll marry you because you just accept that and never barge in when he needs his time

♡ - romantic headcanon

  • the first time he cooked for you, he was so damn nervous that the entire food burnt and tasted horrible, leading to you eating take out and joking with each other
  • he has a hidden stash of photos of you when you weren’t looking
  • he keeps something of you with him whenever he is apart from you, especially when he’s on a mission

♥ - family headcanon

  • among from all the exwires, he has the biggest family with at least 3 sons and 2 daughters
  • but only the daughters inherited his flames 
  • his kids jokingly call him ‘mum’ since he takes over all the jobs that are assigned to women by society

You don’t get to grow up in the Fenton household as a picky eater. 

As kids, they grew up almost entirely on a diet of takeout and leftovers, mixed together and scrounged up from whatever their parents left in the fridge. 

That, combined with their dad’s love of snacking and hatred of grocery shopping, meant that any food in the fridge at breakfast wasn’t guaranteed to be their by dinner, and the family hardly ever ate together anyways.

In the Fenton household, you ate what you could get.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark ~ Chapter 8

Read it here

The Connor siblings are used to the supernatural. After all, that’s what they are. But something stranger than usual is happening. Kids are going missing around Beacon Hills, turning into things that shouldn’t even exist. Then Ellie Connor, the youngest, starts having nightmares about people in masks, drawing her entire family into a terrifying dilemma.

anonymous asked:

Can u sum up gemmaverse because i lost track around the time the kid also hooked up with a teacher or something like that?

Oh Jesus, you’ve been gone forever, dude. 

Mariana and Pietro got married and had kids. Elena grew up, got a boyfriend, had kids. Her daughter Mia is the current protagonist who also grew up, got a boyfriend, has a kid. There are people who want to kill the entire family because of stupid shit like stealing boyfriends or whatever. More dumb catchphrases and references to Gemma’s favorite things. It’s just all around shit, like usual.

through the years- sirius black

Sirius Black is eleven and he is going to Hogwarts, he practically begs the sorting hat to put him ANYWHERE but Slytherin. He ignores the flabbergasted looks as he calmly walks to the scarlet and gold table.  Sirius Black is eleven and he has the greatest friends in the world and he doesn’t care that his mother sent him a howler at breakfast because James was there to burn it to a crisp. Sirius Black is now twelve and he tries not to be upset that his mother never sent him for his birthday, not even a card. Sirius Black is now twelve and Snape is the most annoying kid in the entire world and yes James we should try that jinx on him that will be hilarious. Sirius Black is now twelve and Remus Lupin is hiding something he just knows it. Where does he keep disappearing off too? Sirius Black is now twelve and he is dreading going home for the summer but maybe the letters from his friends will keep him distracted from the wrath of his family.

Sirius Black is still twelve and his back at Hogwarts for his second year. He brushes off the fact that his mother barely looked at him all summer as he climbs on the Hogwarts Express. Sirius Black is still twelve and he loves to call McGonagall ‘minnie’ no matter how many times she gives him detention for it. Sirius Black is now thirteen and Remus is a werewolf did you hear that James? Remus is werewolf! PETER? REMUS IS A WEREWOLF. Sirius Black now thirteen and he spends endless nights in the library with James and Peter because there has to be a way to help Remus come on guys. Sirius Black is now thirteen and him and his friends know what they’re going to do and they finally have Remus on board this is going to be great. Sirius Black is now thirteen and he is so grateful for his friends and he has been invited to spend some of the summer with James could life be any better? Sirius Black is thirteen and he finally knows what a mother’s love feels like when he is pulled into a hug by Mrs Potter.

Sirius Black is still thirteen and he is nervous to see what house Regulus will be sorting into. His heartbreaks as his brother doesn’t even look his way when he walks over to the green and silver table. Sirius Black is still thirteen and life is full of Hogsmeade and Zonko’s jokes and Honeydukes.  Sirius Black is still thirteen and he doesn’t listen when Lily Evans lectures him and his friends after they prank Snivellus. He jumps in fright when McGonagall begins to join in. Sirius Black is now fourteen and he has started to notice the looks he gets off of girls as he walks down the halls. Sirius Black is now fourteen and he can’t stop laughing when he sees Evans’ face when she gets a lower mark than James in a transfiguration test. He stops laughing immediately when she turns her wand onto him come on Evans we can sort this out nicely please put your wand down.Sirius Black is now fourteen and he kisses two different girls within three days and causes a fight between them. I did not know they were best friends Remus, get off my back. Sirius Black is now fourteen and he can’t wait to come back to Hogwarts again next year.

Sirius Black is still fourteen and he desperately tries to cover up his laugh when Evans turns down James for the first time. Sirius Black is still fourteen and he has to blink away the tears in his eyes when his brother spits in his face when he tries to talk to him. Snivellus has began to get close to him and he has a feeling that has something to do with it. Sirius Black is now fifteen and he goes on a few dates with a few different girls now was it Holly or Jess that he was meant to meet up with tonight? Sirius Black is now fifteen and he is always there to watch on with amusement every time James asks Evans out because when is he going to give in? Sirius Black is now fifteen and he has detention with Peter after they get caught sabotaging the Slytherin’s potions. Sirius Black is now fifteen and he is Evans’ shoulder to cry on and even though he is starving and he was planning on heading down to the kitchens he knows what it is like not being excepted by your family. Lily Evans is not as annoying and prissy as he previously thought. Sirius Black is now fifteen and after he climbs off of the Hogwarts Express he pulls all of his friends into a tight hug.

Sirius Black is still fifteen and he teases Remus to no end when he spots the shiny badge on his robes. Sirius Black is still fifteen and we did it we fucking did it and now we can help Remus every full moon! Sirius Black is still fifteen and he and Evans sneak up to the Astronomy Tower with a bottle of firwhisky and he doesn’t like it as much as he says he does but it helps him forget so why not? Sirius Black is now sixteen and he sets fire to the Daily Prophet when he sees the list of names in the paper because he knows members of his family were probably responsible. Sirius Black is now sixteen and his favourite thing to do is watch Evans stress over O.W.L’s. Sirius Black is now sixteen and he lost his virginity in a broom closet to Marlene Mckinnon but do not tell anyone it is a secret they will both take to the grave. Sirius Black is now sixteen and he sees red when Snivellus says those words and he can’t help but feel guilty when he watches Evans run back to the schools hiding her tears. Sirius Black is now sixteen and he doesn’t know what he was thinking he just needs Moony to forgive him. Sirius Black is now sixteen and he thinks he has lost all of his friends until just before everyone boards the Hogwarts Express Remus tells him that he is forgiven and Sirius has never felt so relieved because everything is going to be okay again. Sirius Black is now sixteen and he kisses Lily Evans on the cheek and promises to write to her over the summer. Sirius Black is now sixteen and his breathing is heavy and his tears are streaming down his face when he knocks on the Potter’s door because has nowhere else to go. James doesn’t even say anything before pulling him into a hug. 

Sirius Black is still sixteen and he has the biggest grin on his face when he sits down in their usual compartment because Mrs Potter gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug before he boarded the Hogwarts Express and that is the first time he has ever been sent away to Hogwarts with anything but a cold stare. Sirius Black is still sixteen and he is very proud of Prongs for not asking out Evans in weeks and he can’t help but smirk because he knows Evans is missing it. Sirius Black is now seventeen and he falls asleep during Transfiguration after a full moon and McGonagall had to hide a smile when he jumped 10 feet in the air after Wormtail screamed down his ear to wake up. Sirius Black is still seventeen and Prongs you are a fabulous kisser where did you learn that technique?????? Sirius Black is now seventeen and feels sick to his stomach when he sees that the list in the paper has got longer and he knows that his brother will most likely be apart of that group soon and that makes him want to throw his lungs up. Sirius Black is now seventeen and he makes a bet with Mary that he can slide down the banister of on of the staircases without falling off. He loses. Sirius Black is now seventeen and he and James have a dance off on the table in The Great Hall and McGonagall is laughing so hard she forgets to give them detention. Sirius Blacks is now seventeen and he has to excuse himself at dinner to go and break down in his dormitory because so many witches and wizards were killed today and he can’t help but feel guilty. Sirius Black is now seventeen and holds his middle finger up to his mother when he sees her at Kings Cross after getting off of the Hogwarts Express and dramatically skips over to his new family.

Sirius Black is still seventeen and he laughs himself to tears when Prongs holds his Head Boy badge up to him. Sirius Black is still seventeen and he pretends to fake cry when James and Lily stand up in the Great Hall after Dumbledore announces that they are the new head students to the rest of the school. Sirius Black is still seventeen and him and the rest of the Marauders still carry on pranking as normal to distract everyone from the war going on outside of the castle gates. Maybe if they keep pranking things will go away. Sirius Black is now eighteen and Hogsmeade will never get old and as he looks around the table in the Three Broomsticks at all of his friends he grins so wide he feels like his face is going to fall off. Sirius Black is now eighteen and he knows what he wants to do after Hogwarts. He has known since he was sixteen. He is going to fight. Sirius Black is now eighteen and he gives Evans a knowing look and a not so discreet wink when he notices her and Prongs’ interlocked hands. Sirius Black is now eighteen and he throws up into the toilet for hours when he finds out his cousin was responsible for Dorcas’ parents deaths and he will never be able to look Dorcas in they eye ever again. Sirius Black is now eighteen and he cries into Dorcas’ shoulder as she tightly hugs him because she swears he should not feel guilty and he doesn’t want to feel guilty but he does and it eats him alive everyday. Sirius Black is now eighteen and he is a fresh graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and as he lies in the field with his family surrounding him he knows that everything is about to change. But he also knows that none of them were going down without a fight.

Ok can we talk about Michonne in this episode??!!

Can we talk about her impaling that kid without a second of hesitation as soon as she realized what he was about to do?!

That’s her family you’re trying to mess with, kid! It’s already over!

Can we talk about how absolutely desperate she was when Carl got shot?! And then when Rick went outside on his own?!

Michonne doesn’t get desperate, man! Michonne keeps her cool no matter what! Michonne is always fucking ready and able!

But when it comes to Rick, Carl and Judith, that’s something else entirely! Because Carl is hers, Judith is hers and Rick is hers!

Can we talk about the awesome dynamic that was created between those characters?!

Think back to when she first appeared at the prison, how suspicious they all were of each other, and to go from that to Rick basically asking her to be Carl’s mother, and to her being by Rick’s side no matter what, to her being pretty much the only person whose opinion he listens to!!!

I just… MICHONNE!!!!!

The headcanons where JK is a squib/ witch/ Rita Skeeter who published the Harry Potter story as fiction in the Muggle World really make me laugh, and since I’ve just been watching AVPS, can we take a moment to imagine how hysterical it would be for all the Next Gen kids?

Like they’ve all read the books and insist the whole family sign them just to embarrass them, they’ve got the films on DVD and relentlessly take the mick out of all the ways the characters and/ or their appearances are inaccurate.

But most importantly, they’ve watched the entire AVPM trilogy—in fact, by that point every student going into Hogwarts has?

The moment the whistle blows for the Hogwarts express every year they’re singing ‘Got to Get Back to Hogwarts’ at the top of their lungs to the point where it’s practically the school anthem. Every time Harry does something nice for his wife there’s a chorus of ‘Ooooohhhhhhh Harry Potter!’ from their children. 

The Wotter clan spending a lot of time at the Manor (because Scorbus) and no one can call Draco without them all dropping to the floor, rolling about a bit and ‘Did somebody say Draco Malfoy?’, and ditto for ‘Did somebody say Ron?’. Like they actually figured out a charm to make his entrance jingle play at the flick of a wand.

‘Hermione can’t draw’ is heard so regularly it drives everyone MAD, and every time Harry dares to complain about anything everyone starts up with ‘But despite all of my struggles, I’m still alive…’

The question ‘What do you want?’ is always responded to with ‘I WANT HERMIONE GRANGER and a rocket ship.’

Every time Arthur figure out a new device it’s ‘I think I got it!!’

Just the kids absolutely ripping shreds out of the whole family with Starkid references, and Neville getting called Professor Shlongbottom at least three times a day by students who are always mortified when they realise what they’ve said, but he thinks it’s funny as fuck.

People getting sorted and then demanding to see the scarf of sexual preference.

Just… yes. Yes please.

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((A memory that made them feel special ,huh? I’d think it’d be safe to say the day Max’s guardians adopted them for real~ So okay for a few months Talos was pushing Max to learn a dance with him and they went along with it not realizing he was teaching them a ceremonial dance of ‘acceptance’ which in his culture was used for adoptions of children or even older beings! So they finally arrived there and Talos asked Max to dance with him in front of the whole clan, while incredibly nervous about it they accepted and once they finished the whole clan started doing it too. Max was confused as heck but Talos and Makar finally told them what it meant and they couldn’t speak they were so excited and happy. They not only got acceptance into their guardians family but the ENTIRE clan, for a kid that came from absolutely nothing it made them feel like they meant something and that is definitely how Max felt.))

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Crowley, Meg, Sam Winchester :)

Thanks Pauline!

Crowley: what would you sell your soul for?
My family, for sure. Definitely my kids, no questions asked.

Meg: has your perspective on something ever fundamentally altered?
God, yes. I grew up in a conservative religion, one that I consider to be a cult. I bought into it for a long time. Eventually it clicked, I didn’t believe any of it. It was a huge perspective shift, changing my entire life.

Sam Winchester: do you believe in destiny or do you think people decide things for themselves? I don’t know if I necessarily believe in destiny, but I do believe in energy and the universe. Putting out positive energy will bring it back to you. Does that make sense? I don’t know. lol

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Code 26 (Gravity Falls Fanfic)

Sequel to Code 12

Hey, guys! Here is the sequel finally! This is twice as long as the first fic, just to warn you. And interestingly enough, this fic ended up being 26 pages. Weird coincidence. Anyway, enjoy!

Summary: Something supernatural and dangerous is about to go down at the Gravity Falls Truffle Festival and Pacifica isn’t about to trust her life to a couple of kids, no matter how much of an expert on the supernatural they claim to be. However, when Pacifica nearly loses something precious, she is forced to rethink her priorities.

Code 26

The Gravity Falls Truffle Festival was a popular event that almost the entire town attended.

So, obviously, Pacifica Northwest was there.

Her parents weren’t attending because they had a private event that day, but Pacifica was still expected to go in order to keep up appearances for her family. Pacifica was used events like this, but after years of attending, she was just sick of them. At least this one wasn’t about how great her lying, cheating ancestors were. She didn’t think she could stomach another one of those.   

It wasn’t just having bad people in her family tree that bugged her. Everyone was probably related to someone they wished they weren’t, but she was a Northwest. The town revered the Northwests as being the founding family of the town. They were practically celebrities in Gravity Falls. To Pacifica, the Northwest name was everything. Being a Northwest meant that she was better than everyone else, that she deserved attention and admiration, and that she could demand it if need be. After all, the townspeople wouldn’t be living here if it wasn’t for her family so they should show some respect.

Growing up, her family name was everything, but it was a fake. She was a fake. And the worst part? Her parents knew. They knew and they lied to her. They told her she had to be perfect because she was a Northwest, but what did that even mean anymore?

Her family was a disappointment, and yet despite all that, here she was at the Truffle Festival because she didn’t want to disappoint them…

“Pacifica? They have some games over there,” her friend Ashley said.  “Why don’t we find some cute boys to win some prizes for us?”

“Pacifica doesn’t want to do that, Ashley!” Pacifica’s other friend Tiffany cut in. “We did that last year! She wants to do something new!”

Pacifica rolled her eyes. She had grown bored with her friends years ago, but she couldn’t get rid of them. There weren’t that many rich kids living in Gravity Falls (not as rich as her, of course, but still rich), and if she kicked these girls to the curb there weren’t many people in town her parents would allow her to associate with.

About a week ago, after her first real fight with her parents, Pacifica had told Dipper that she paid her friends to care about her, and although that was an exaggeration, it was technically the truth. Pacifica didn’t exactly hand them hundred dollar bills to agree with her, but the Northwest family paid for Tiffany and Ashley’s stay at their yacht and their vacation homes. Plus, the notoriety Ashley and Tiffany’s family received from their affiliation with the Northwests wasn’t a bad bonus for them either.

Pacifica knew Tiffany and Ashley were pressured by their family to be friends with Pacifica as much as Pacifica was pressured by her family to be perfect.  

“Okay fine,” Ashley huffed. She turned to Pacifica. “Pacifica, what do you want to do?”

Out of the corner of her eye, Pacifica noticed a familiar shape running at top speed behind the vendor tents.

Pacifica’s heart lurched when she saw a certain journal in the figure’s hand. She wasn’t supposed to be seen acting friendly with anyone who wasn’t high-class, but ever since that night she slept over at the shack, she had been unwilling to make fun of the twins. So she did the easiest thing and avoided them.

However, Pacifica couldn’t ignore the male twin this time. The frantic look on his face and the journal in hand reminded her of when the two of them were running from the ghost in her mansion. Pacifica had no doubt in her mind: something was wrong. Something supernatural was about to happen, and most likely the only ones that knew about it were the twins.

What if it was something really bad? What if it was another category ten ghost haunting the festival? What if it was something worse? Was she in danger? Every cell in Pacifica’s body told her to leave them to it. They could handle it on their own, but something stronger than her common sense made her need to find out exactly what they were up against.

And although she did not want to get involved in another weird supernatural thing, she just couldn’t let this go.

“Pacifica?” Ashley asked again.

“Ashley, go get me a soda,” Pacifica demanded suddenly.

“Wait, what-”

“And Tiffany, go find me something to eat.” Pacifica shoved a few twenties at them that she didn’t expect to get back. “Anything that isn’t completely dripping in grease.”

“Sure…” Tiffany agreed uncertainty, glancing at Ashley. “We’ll be right back.”

Pacifica waited until the girls were out of her sight and then ran off in the direction she had seen Dipper disappear to.

Pacifica didn’t have to go far. She found herself wandering behind a collection of vendor tents and booths when she spotted the two twins.“

“Dipper! There you are! Have you tried these mocha raspberry truffles yet?” Mabel asked him as her brother approached with a panicked look on his face. Mabel seemed to notice his expression and her smile wavered. “What’s wrong? Did you figure out where they will hatch?”

“Mabel,” Dipper said, and Pacifica didn’t like how his voice quivered slightly. “It’s a code 26.”

Mabel’s eyes widened in fear. “Here? They’re going to hatch here? Right now?”

Dipper nodded solemnly.

“But we’ve never done a code 26 with this many people before! How are we going to do it?”

Dipper hugged the journal closer to his chest. “I don’t know. I wish I had figured it out sooner. But if we don’t do something now… well, you know what’s going to happen. People are going to get really hurt, Mabel.”

Pacifica couldn’t take it anymore.

She walked out from behind a vendor’s tent and placed her hands on her hips.

“What’s a code 26?” she asked.

Both twins jumped at the sound of her voice and whirled around to face her.

“Pacifica?” they asked at the same time.

Pacifica rolled her eyes. “I said, what is code 26?”

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I’m pretty sure in my canon the “all the Electric leaders are related” theory was a thing. Spark, Elesa and I were cousins, one of us was Lt Surge’s kid but I have no idea which one of us it was, Wattson was our grandpa/great-uncle, and Clemont and Bonnie (maybe Sophocles too??) were also related to us in some way. Most serious trainers wouldn’t use a competitively weak type like Electric unless it was dual-typed with something more robust, and even then only if they really liked a particular species or if they had no reasonable alternatives. That left my family as pretty much the only people who would dare to specialise in Electric-types. Of course, not everyone in the entire extended family was even a trainer, and those that were didn’t always specialise in a type. It was just a thing that happened in our family sometimes; one of us would suddenly discover a connection with Electric-types and decide to learn more about them.

Notes: Making it romanced companions only, if the asker wants me to change this I don’t mind adding platonic options. Uncle Carver is cute. 


Sebastian Vael: He’d be shocked, and a bit hesitant. Not out of being asked, but because he could get the chance to be a father, to have a family of his own ever again. Because of his faith he had entirely shut down the idea, and now? It was possible. He could have a family again, this time with someone who would not send him away. Him, Hawke and their child. His child. His own, little perfect piece in the world. He’d be more than happy too readily accept, eyes a bit misty as he embraced Hawke. And he, of course, would dote on the kid, maybe even more than he dotes on Hawke. Maybe a tad over protective, too scared of loosing something so precious again. But now he had Hawke by his side, a strong and beautiful person, and he himself had grown over the years. He’d be able to protect his family this time, no matter what.

Anders: How he would feel? Scared. Very scared. He barely thought he was capable of being with Hawke, and now a child? It was impossible. It wasn’t going to work. He knew it wasn’t going to work. But when he would gaze at Hawkes face he knew he would be willing to do anything for this person, this wonderful being who was offering him something he thought he’d never have again. A family. And upon seeing the child? Well, he wouldn’t be able to refuse. He’d demand the child’s middle name be Sir Pouncelot, though, no ifs ands or buts.

Fenris: Fenris would refuse, at first. He was in no position to be raising a child, and as much as he loved Hawke, he would not put himself and the child in that position. He does not do this out of malice, but out of fear. How could he take care of a child? He could barely stand being with Hawke for even a night, emotions and thoughts too strong. Hawke was patient, loving and kind, and waited. But he could not expect the same from a child. A child needed constant care, love and a patient hand. He knows he wouldn’t be able to do that. But, after long thought, he would come back and say he’d want to try. Desperately. The lyrium in his skin robbed him of being able to have a child on his own, so this was a chance to reclaim something Danarias took from him. 

Merril: Her eyes would widen and her jaw would drop and she’d cry. Sob, even. She would be so happy, so touched that Hawke would want to have this with her. Why wouldn’t she be happy? She was already so blessed, kicked out of her clan only to find Hawke, a blood mage but accepted by (most) of her friends and comrades, a place to call home, and now a child? It would divide up her attention to her own research, but she would not mind at all. Sometimes, under her breath, she would whisper something about ‘Clan Hawke’ and a glow would fill her eyes, a small smile on her lips. She didn’t have to feel like she was abandoned, for she had found something better.

Isabela: She prided herself on being able to hide the way she truly felt, cover it up with jokes and a wink or the sway of her hips. It was all too easy, after all. But this? Well, this would be her undoing. Her shoulders would tense, her eyes going wide and the ‘No’ would be out of her lips faster than you could blink. She would avoid Hawke, like the plague. This? This was much more serious than just her not wanting to be in love. This was different. She would be scared. Almost to the point of attempting to run away again. Her, a mother? A laughable notion. And a terrifying one. Echoing memories of her own mother would be there, taunting her and painful. She would not be the person to do that a child, consciously or unconsciously. Children were fragile, their psyche even more so. She’d make it clear to Hawke that she would not be responsible for another life. But ultimately, she would not run away. She loved Hawke, after all. And eventually, if she ever got over her fear, she would be open to it. But for now? No.

Bonus: Adding Aveline for @mistermakefun because he’s a aveline loving hoe. This is Pre-Donnic btw.

Aveline: She would drop her sword and go into a coughing fit. A child? Hawke wanted a child? And they wanted to have it with her of all people? It was irresponsible, first and foremost. And stupid. Very stupid. With their lifestyle, raising a child would not be good for either of them. Too many things could go wrong, so many things could happen and Hawke was willing to risk it? Hawke already lost family, and so had she, and she would not put them both up to risk something so precious. She’d be against it, but when she saw the child she would melt. And she would fall in love all over again. She’s not crying, your crying. Punk.


“For the past five years now I’ve been part of something so special I don’t think any of us really understand, something that can mean the world to people and put a smile on the face of our fans even in the darkest times. To a lot of people it’s just a bunch of silly kids in a band but to the people involved it means so much more.”

Can we please take one moment to realize that l i t e r a l l y since day 1 Liam’s been what’s kept this entire family together. This happened on live show 1 can you understand. Almost 5 years ago. And he’s still the same. He is the glue holding 1D and the entire fandom together. He is so important and as I’ve said a million times he’s not given enough credit. We’d be sooo fucked if he ever left. We should be talking all the time about how indispensable he is. I love Liam. I love Liam so much.