kids on the beach

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toasted coconut

toasted coconut: the beach or the pool? 

Funny story, I always saw ads and films of people swimming in the ocean and stuff and thought “Yeah okay cool” so when I actually went to the ocean I dunked my whole head under the water with no protective eye gear and let mE TELL YOU that is a salty, salty death.

Pool from now on.


!!!Spoilers!!! Steven bomb 6  promo 2 😮😮😮😮😮😮


Dear klance shippers, 

Do yourself a favor and read ‘Life’s a beach’ by @f-uckingweeaboo aka greengoblin1 on aoe.

It’s a good amount of fluff and it just makes you very happy inside. WhO WOULDN’T LIKE A RESORT AU voltron?? It’s probably up there with Dirty Laundry for me idk why. Heres some sketches from the story (sorry if it’s not accurate but idk how to draw a croc float ok)

read it here!!