kids on the beach

Calming Gorillaz songs
  • Busted and Blue [Humanz]
  • Amarillo [Plastic Beach or The Fall]
  • El Manana [Demon Days]
  • Stop The Dams [D-Sides]
  • On Melancholy Hill [Plastic Beach]
  • Ticker Tape [Humanz deluxe edition]
  • Revolving Doors [Plastic Beach or The Fall]
  • Tomorrow Comes Today [Gorillaz]
  • Empire Ants [Plastic Beach]
  • Kids With Guns Hot Chip Remix version [D-Sides]
  • Every Planet We Reach Is Dead [Demon Days]
  • Sound Check (Gravity) [Gorillaz]

Feel free to add more!

anonymous asked:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? JYRUS AT THE BEACH SCENES INCLUDE: Cyrus kvetching about the sand. Jonah happily using Cyrus's SPF 500 sunscreen b/c he knows Cyrus just wants to protect him. Jonah casually asking Cyrus to rub in sunscreen on his shoulders BUT HE KNOW WHAT HE DOING. Cyrus sitting under a big umbrella watching Jonah play frisbee with a couple of younger kids from nearby families. Jonah bringing WAY too many snacks. Boyfriends taking naps side by side. Making Buffy carry all their stuff.

I need all of this to happen.  You should be in the Andi Mack writers room!


!!!Spoilers!!! Steven bomb 6  promo 2 😮😮😮😮😮😮


Dear klance shippers, 

Do yourself a favor and read ‘Life’s a beach’ by @f-uckingweeaboo aka greengoblin1 on aoe.

It’s a good amount of fluff and it just makes you very happy inside. WhO WOULDN’T LIKE A RESORT AU voltron?? It’s probably up there with Dirty Laundry for me idk why. Heres some sketches from the story (sorry if it’s not accurate but idk how to draw a croc float ok)

read it here!!