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1notagoodaccount1  asked:

What jobs do you think the next gen kids have? X

  • Ted: Arithmancy professor (later Head of Hufflepuff House)
  • Victoire: Wizarding historian
  • Dominique: Sets up an eating disorders hospice
  • Louis: WWW/models for a year/helps Lorcan with the aquarium
  • James: Auror
  • Albus: Healer
  • Lily: University lecturer in mathematics/wizarding potioneer
  • Rose: Dept. Magical Law Enforcement
  • Hugo: Transfiguration & Flying professor (eventually Head of Gryffindor House)
  • Molly: Chaser for the Montrose Magpies
  • Lucy: Writer
  • Fred: He owns a wizarding bakery that’s partnered with WWW, so all of his cakes do something exciting (his favourite cake explodes when you bite into it)
  • Roxanne: WWW
  • Scorpius: Auror
  • Lorcan: Creates a wizarding aquarium with his parents
  • Lysander: Dept. for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures