kids on ted x

I’m Ted Mosby and exactly 45 days from now you and I are gonna meet and we’re gonna fall in love and we’re gonna get married and we’re gonna have two kids and we’re gonna love them and each other so much.
All that is 45 days away but I am here now, I guess, because I want this extra 45 days with you, I want each one of them. Look if I can’t have them I take the 45 seconds before your boyfriend shows up and punches me in the face because
I love you
I’m always gonna love you
until the end of my days and beyond.

1notagoodaccount1  asked:

What jobs do you think the next gen kids have? X

  • Ted: Arithmancy professor (later Head of Hufflepuff House)
  • Victoire: Wizarding historian
  • Dominique: Sets up an eating disorders hospice
  • Louis: WWW/models for a year/helps Lorcan with the aquarium
  • James: Auror
  • Albus: Healer
  • Lily: University lecturer in mathematics/wizarding potioneer
  • Rose: Dept. Magical Law Enforcement
  • Hugo: Transfiguration & Flying professor (eventually Head of Gryffindor House)
  • Molly: Chaser for the Montrose Magpies
  • Lucy: Writer
  • Fred: He owns a wizarding bakery that’s partnered with WWW, so all of his cakes do something exciting (his favourite cake explodes when you bite into it)
  • Roxanne: WWW
  • Scorpius: Auror
  • Lorcan: Creates a wizarding aquarium with his parents
  • Lysander: Dept. for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures