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whenever Viktor gets too annoying for Yurio to tolerate the blond kid yells “CHIHOKO IS BETTER THAN YOU” and Viktor will let out a hurt gasp and start crying bc it takes him a while to remember that n o, Chihoko is NOT an e-lover of Yuuri’s, but a fucking fish statue

Yuuri has to reassure Viktor and remind him that no one in the world is better than him, and by Yuuri’s request Beka will take Yurio out on a walk to cool down

louis’s jho performances keep getting better and better but nothing will ever kill me as much as the first one, when that boy got up on stage, still raw with emotion and poured his heart and soul into that performance. he got up there, he truly looked like he would rather be anywhere else. my baby looked like a kid up there, like he wanted to crawl under the covers and just ignore the world. but he didn’t. he did it. and every time i think about the strength, and courage it took to get up on stage it just blows me away!! he blows me away. i am so proud of him and who he is. and not even 24hrs ago he got up on stage to a crowd 160k and rocked it and he hasn’t given up and im ??? i don’t make it a habit of calling people strong because it’s not all that flattering when u feel everything but, but im just so amazed by him and i love him so much. all the stars in the sky are are his he deserves them

Being Stiles Stilinski’s Sister and Dating Derek Hale, Would Include:

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Anonymous said:Being Stiles Stilinkski’s sister and dating Derek or Cora Hale would include? Whichever you prefer :D

A/N: I’ve decided to do both of them, because I love the Hales to pieces and I’m also Cora Hale trash. Well, lovely, thanks for your request and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with!

- Stiles trying to act like a tough guy and tell Derek off, but we all know he’ll cower away, because it’s Derek!

- “Don’t even think about hurting her, or else…” Stiles trails off.

- “Not that I’m planning on it, but or else what?” Derek folds his arms over his chest.

- “Or else…

- “Yes, you said that already. Now please explain what comes after the or else.” Derek exclaims.

- “Or else.” 

- Whenever Stiles see’s you and Derek kissing he clears his throat, to which, Derek gives him the ‘really?’ look.

- Splitting Derek and Stiles up when Derek nearly punches your brother.

- Stiles acting the tough guy and screeching like a ten year old girl and jumping into your arms bridal style when Derek takes a step towards him.

- Derek always bothering Stiles.

- “Derek?!

- Stiles getting Scott to listen to what Derek whispers in your ear.

- “Uh, Stiles? You don’t wanna know…” Scott stammers out.

- “Yes, yes I do.” Stiles snaps.

- “He says he’s going to…” and with that Scott says ever naughty thing Derek was going to do to you that night.

- “Yeah, you’re right. I definitely didn’t want to know that.

- “I told you…

- Derek being really overly sexual in front of your brother.

- Awkward dinner’s with the family and Derek.

- “Dad? Do you have your gun on you?” Stiles asks, squinted eyes and all at Derek.

- “Yeah, but you’re not going near it, not even with twenty meter pole.” your dad comments.

- “What are you intentions with my sister? What? Are you planning on having werewolf puppies any time soon? You better put a ring on her finger before you get to that stage. Actually, never have kids! If they turn out sarcastic and cynical like Mr. Sourwolf, over there, there’s no hope for this world.” Stiles would spit.

- “Stiles?!” you and your dad snap out red faced and in unison. “Jeez! We’re at a family dinner, in public! Can’t you ever shut your trap?!” your dad snaps. “And, you two better not be planning on having babies or anything…

- “DAD?!

- Derek teasing you for all of the intensely embarrassing things that Stiles shares with him to try to break you two up.

- “So… Stiles told me something interesting about you…” Derek trails off, a simper stretched across his complexion.

- “What did that little shit say to you?! I’ll kill him!

- “I wouldn’t object to that,“ Derek grins. “Though, what Stiles and I talk about, remains a secret.

- Stiles trying to get you to break up with Derek.

- “Can’t you just stop loving him and kick him to the curb already? He’s practically related to sociopath’s and psychopath’s.

- “Yeah, and I’m related to the world’s biggest psychopath…” you grumble.

- Awkward as hell pack meetings.


- “Seriously, can you? The sarcastic stick figure is going to explode and I’d rather not have to scrape brain from my Italian table.” Peter would interject.

- Stiles and Derek almost “teaming up” when Peter talks to you.

- “Don’t talk to her?!” they’d bark on unison.

- Peter’s hands would fly up. “And I’d thought I’d seen it all in my life. Apparently not. Apparently I missed the 147 pound ball of sarcasm and the brooding Big Bad Wolf teaming up together.” Peter would snap sarcastically.

- “Shut up! We aren’t teaming up!” they’d snap in unison before glaring at each other.

- Stiles and Derek giving each other the stink eye.

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Journey To The Past (AJ Styles x Reader)

Context: The children didn’t want him to go back on the road, but the fact of the matter is whether AJ will even come home.

**A/N: ** The song choice for this is “Journey to the Past” by Aaliyah. (Hey look another throwback song!) I was on a music binge and this was a song from the movie, Anastasia. I didn’t think I’d write a sequel but I really don’t like cliffhangers.

**S/B: ** I was staring at my computer screen for an hour trying to figure out how I was going to end this and I really hope nobody thinks it’s trash.

Read Part 1: Light In The Hallway (very significant to this part!!!)

**Warnings: ** angst; sadness; plot twists

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“Heart, don’t fail me now!

Courage, don’t desert me!

Don’t turn back now that we’re here

People always say

Life is full of choices

No one ever mentions fear!

Or how a road can seem so long

How the world can seem so vast…..”

(AJ’s POV)

    I hung up the phone after everyone’s last good night. Words couldn’t describe how happy I was to see you and hear everyone’s voice. I pulled up your contact in my phone: a grinning picture of your face. In actuality, my entire phone was filled with pictures of the family: ones of James, a batch of Elizabeth, dozens of photographs of you. My world, my motivation. I love you more than you can imagine.

   {Text to you}: I love you so much. The three of you are my world. Remember that. I might be a continent away but I can’t wait to have all of you in my arms again.

     I made my way out the showers and locker room: my jeans hung lowly on my waist, t-shirt fitting snugly on my chest and collected my bags for the ride home. I headed out into the hallways, down the corridors to the exit of the arena and smiled to myself. Friday afternoon, I thought. I can handle forty eight hours. It will be okay. I’ll make it back to them in time.

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pokemon XYZ

So after one of the worst series in pokemon history , I was about done with pokemon I was tired of pokemon and its crap . but then the kalos region came to be and I had my doubts I thought it was going to be bad really bad .
Then my brother proved me wrong he told me ash is actully strong and smart in this one and he actlluy acts like a good trainer . so I got into it and loved every second of it .
So we see ash in this one as a smart trainer you can tell he wanted to become stronger and he used all his past experiences to become strong te one thing that got me into the show was him jumping off the building to save his pokemon .
Ash showed a lot of respect for his pokemon and the bond between them grew , I think he has more respect more honor for his pokemon then I have ever seen . ash even stated that this team was his strongest and I believed it .
Ash pokemon were so awesome each and every pokemon had there own personality and I love the bond between hawlocha and noivern . it was like big brother protecting his little brother or father protecting his son.
Ash was a strong trainer and he trained some strong pokemon , the one thing I wish he could of done was keep them with him .
So I stated that I loved infernape story better then graninja and I was wrong so wrong the ash graninaj bond made the show even awesome , ash loved his pokemon so much and graninja loved him enough to unless a power that hasn’t been seen in a thousand years .
There bond was so long that they broke through the mega energy ray that was cast upon them. These to where so strong they took on the champion and almost won they made it to the finals , this bond was made for ash to go up against mega pokemon and to save kalos .
The fact the froakie wanted to be strong and powerfull and saw that ash is the one that can breing that power out and you can see them training hard to become one with each other .

Now im gonna get into all his friends
So for me bonnie took the show and ran with it . at first I thought she was going to be that little annoying sister type but I was wrong , she was so cute and charming that she grew on me . the cutest moment about her was when she was a ninja .
She just enjoyed being on an adventure and she added more story and growth then most of the pokegirls . she was that little sister who cared for her brother she tried to get him a girlfriend , witch was funny .
This girl cared so much for pokemon that she ran up to a giant enraged zygrade and save it . that part choked me up . her friend was attacking her and she just sat there cryed and sang her song for squishy .
She didn’t care that she could get hurt , she wanted to protect her friend and that moment showed so much growth and power that she calmed a legendary pokemon and inches from attacking her .
One thing I loved was that everyone protected bonnie she was the little sister that everyone people and pokemon had to protect and you saw it a lot in the show . bonnie was one of the best pokegirls she did more for the team then some so called dragon trainer and so called water master .
Bonnie will always be in my heart as the little kid who cared about people and pokemon and it showed brushing there far to calming your best friend before it could hurt her .
Clemont was such a relieve , he was funny and smart and he loved his sister and his friends . he fought so hard to become strong and meeting ash made him a better pokemon trainer and gym leader . clemont was the nerdy kid who was kicked out of his gym
Then he needed help taking it back , in the beginning he had to ask ash for help . sooner or latter he became such a strong trainer . he proved his self when he went up against ash in his gym battle , they put there heart and soul into this battle
Ash pushed clemont to become the man we saw today . durning the team flair arc he went into his gym alone him and his pokemon fought to take back the gym he created and doing so he had to let clembot go to save the city to save kalos he had to destory a dear friend .
That showed some growth , he wewnt from the kid who was kicked out of his own to taking his gym back from team flair .
Clemont was and now will always be my favorite , he passed brock up brock showed some growth but clemont showed so much growth he became my favorite pokeboy other then ash .
So everyone hates on her for following ash saying she stalked him , but other pokegirls followed ash . misty followed him because of a stupid bike , may and dawn also for a bike . irirs , just straight up followed my boy for no reason .
So serena yes wanted to find the boy who helped him out for so long but she did what every other pokegirl did but the thing is serena was about to leave them behind when ash invited her along , the other girls just followed but serena was asked .
Serena was that girl I didn’t know about but I loved her she went on her journey so she didn’t want to become a ryhorn racer and in doing so she found her calling , yes it took her a while and everyone hated her for that .
But out of all of us who still is looking for her calling . so yes it took a while for her to find her answer and when she did she killed it . the bond she showed for her pokemon was one of the best they had ruff times and good time and she showed the most growth out of all pokegirls .
She changed from the girl crying on a dock to the girl flying in a helicopter fighting a giant monster . she was one of the most developed pokegirl , I love how they changed her style up something they never done before .
I loved how she was with her pokemon both eevee and fennekin evolved because of the love and trust she showed to her pokemon , serena will always be in my heart as one of the most developed and best pokegirl .
They love she showed for her friends and her pokemon melted my heart it made me want to get on tumblr and write about her .
So as I was watching pokemon XY{Z} I noticed something . that the growth of this show showed the growth of us as pokemon fans .
Season one of xy they bring back the original song , we were kids when that came out so bring it back made us fall in love with the show . but season one was us as kids , it shows ash as a kid with a bunch of pokemon who were only in stage one .
Then season 2 came along and everyone started growing up they were in the middle stage through out the season or half of it . this season showed us as teens trying to figure out life it was a hard road and soon enough we will find our way .
Season 3 was us as adults we were adults fighting against the evil in the world and trying to make it a better place , all of ash pokemon were all grown up showing the growtth of the tv show and us as pokemon fans .
So im not an artist but I can say when something looks good and bad and the whole XY{Z} series was so awesome , the way the artist made everything click , the way they made the sun drop and they way they made the sun rise .
From running down a path to fighting in the gym , they put so much effort into this show and we saw it . they put the best art work into the pokemon battle and doing so made every battle even the little ones seem a lot better .
The way the light hit the trees and made everything glowed , everything and I mean everything was beautiful . this art style was the best and will always be the best , no other show not even sun and moon can come close to this art style , im so happy that the 20th movie is back with the XYZ art style
You can say what you want sun and moon has the best art maybe that your thought but they onl changed the art to go against yoki watch . pokemon will always be in my heart but once you start changing something good makes me sad .
All in all they put half there budget into this art style making everything about XYZ beautiful .
I loved everything about the performance , in my opinion it was way better then the contest that they used to have. With contest it seemed like they dragged them out and made like four episodes to just get down to one person wining .
I got bored fast with that and with performances I never got bored it was short and sweat with awesome graphic’s , they went from dancing to cooking to making costumes , they did pretty much everything besides battling .
Serena showed us that these things were so awesome , she dance she smiled and she cried she made these performance seem real . I watched every performance and wasn’t bored once .
Well there’s only a few things that I hated . one was ash giving away his pokemon . yes they were protecting others but come on man .
The other was ash should of won the league he was so strong and powerful they had to write alain in to beat him because they never want ash to win. They could of done the team flair arch with ash being the winner but of course the writers does not want ash to win because it may end the show .
Serena not finding out what she wanted to do . yes I loved and hated this , it took her so long to find what she wanted to do but but when she did she killed it .
This was the best arch in the history of bad guys , they wanted to destroy the world and make it a better world and the fact that the gym leaders and champions came out to fight agaisnt the stone monster .
It was my biggest dream to see the gym leaders come and when they did they rocked it the team flair arch was worth they wait and I was happy to watch every minute of it even team rocket steped in to help with the battle .
Everything was about this arch was fantastic . trapping ash on the roof to battling it out and stopping a stone monster that wanted to destroy the world .
There was a part at the end were ash battle clemont and they rocked the airport I swear the battle was so fast and fluid . the art style of this last battle was amazing then the end were as was flying away and it was showing everythign from the beginning to the end .
It showed the growth of each person and I loved it all xyz will always being my heart as one of the best series , ill be amazed if they make something as good as this series

So the reason I got into tumblr was this right here ash and serena . as I watched through the show I saw ash notice serena , I feel he had feeling for her but he expressed it in the only way he new how jumping in front of her to protect her .
Looking at her for confidence in a gym battle and watching her and supporting her during her performance . the thing that is ash always supported everyone during a contest but when it came to serena he supported her no matter what .
Then the snow ball to the face was one of my all time favorite . it showed them fighting for the first time , it showed how much serena cared about as and the fact that ash said I shouldn’t of left you made my heart melt .
Serena brought back ash from the depths and he became the ash we all know and love . then there was the kiss that rocked everyone and made amourshipping canon . you can see it on ashs face , everything slowed down for ash .
Then when they kiss you see ash moving a little showing that he moved in or to get a better foot hold, then when she was leavening everyone’s face was priceless , then ash showed that he liked it . he eyes were glossy he loved the kiss and it was now clear that he had true feelings for this girl everything he did to protect her everything she did to help him came clear to him on that day
XYZ will always be in my heart as the best of the best and the fact that people just through it away for the next big thing kills me . everyone just jumped to the next thing and forgot how awesome XYZ was and is . everything about this show was awesome . it made me laugh it made me tear up and it made my heart race . all in all this show this message this opinion will shed some light on how awesome this show was and how everyone should give it a chance again

Ps . Ash clemont bonnie and serena They all started put as strangers and when the show ended they were a family and no other series made me feel this way . These guys are a family and these guys will with me and us for ever .

I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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I just want to say something!! Our whole fandom is so fucking annoying!!

I sit back usually and stay out of the drama because I want to be a blog that not only everyone likes but also just to enjoy my time on tumblr.

I want to celebrate all the Girls’ accomplishments because what they are doing is amazing!! We aren’t reblogging gif sets of competition dances anymore, we are reblogging gif sets and pictures of the girls dancing on SYTYCD, being in movies and magazines and off Broadway shows! These kids are growing far beyond the show of dance moms and the competitive dance world. They are growing and blossoming into beautiful young stars and talented kind young women. They are basically becoming better than their moms :) and for that I’m so proud! I’m honored to be in their fandoms and to celebrate every thing these girls do right. Because they do a lot right!

So why aren’t we celebrating these kids? Why can’t we say Maddie is killing it right now with her magazines and being on So you think? Why can’t we say Chloe has grown so much and I can’t wait to see her improvement from center stage to cowgirls story? Why can’t we say Mackenzie is doing great with her Ralph Lauren photo shoots and I’m wishing her all the best? Why can’t we say I’m so happy Nia is in NYC living her dream and absolutely slaying on an off Broadway stage? Why can’t we say Kendall’s recent photo shoots are absolutely gorgeous and I’m happy for what’s in store? Why can’t we say I’m proud of Jojo for working with Claire’s, a huge well known store in America? Why can’t we say Kalani’s commercial modeling game is strong lately and I can’t wait to see her slay at TDA? Why can’t we say Brynn is killing her modeling lately as well (I don’t know the exact agency she does it for) and she’s adorable and kills Abby’s horrible DM choreo? Why can’t we say Brooke and Paige look so happy recently, especially because Brooke just graduated and Paige has a new boyfriend, so we are so happy for them?


BC NO!! Almost everyone in this fandom is a fucking hypocrite including myself. I’ve been one too. I’m not perfect by any means but I know for a fact that I would defend all the girls and that I don’t talk bad about any of them.

Bc it’s so not worth it and it’s so rude! Why the fuck are you critiquing teenage girls when they’re more successful than you and they’re having the time of their lives?


Let them live and be kids and love their lives especially as kids. They don’t have forever to do this so be good supportive fans plz

Or ignore them and just be civil

You don’t have to love Brynn or Mackenzie that’s cool

But please don’t talk about them badly just ignore any mentions of them if you don’t like them

ignore the stupid people In the fandom too. Answering rude or inappropriate asks or calling attention by screenshotting someone else’s blog is so immature and is just giving attention to the stupidity. Ignore it, block it and move on

If you want to defend one of the girls that’s fine but be civil and use straight facts. AND DONT PUT ANOTHER GIRL DOWN TO DEFEND YOUR FAVE

EVERYONE DOES THIS^^ Maddie and Chloe stans alike

PS I HATE the whole Maddie stans Chloe stans thing why are we calling each other those things and categorizing each other? It’s so obnoxious and makes me uncomfortable. I’m sure it makes others uncomfortable too. It made me feel guilty to follow other blogs Bc someone might hate me for it. But I got over it and now I reblog from whoever the hell I want to. So please can we stop doing this to each other? I’m not saying lets meet up and go out for ice cream Bc that’s definitely not going to happen. We don’t even have to be friends. Let’s be civil though and try to appreciate all the girls for what they do.

Let the girls and our happiness for all of them bring us together as a fandom. We can do it I know!!

Anyway rant over :)

-dancegirlsnotmoms 💜


018 Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

Oh, Azolan if you were my devoted valet, I too would let you polish things and pick locks with your hair pins and give you all the hats and wigs and gold buttons and green robes with giant flowers and birds that you could possible want.  And I would spend a significant part of my time throwing things at you for you to catch.  (Lady’s maids be damned though, I would keep you all to myself.)  Your boss, Valmont, isn’t a very nice guy, but as with almost everything else in his life, he has impeccably perfect taste in his manservant.

This is a proper big budget-big name-big costume extravaganza.  Luckily for us, even though the plot is pretty much entirely to do with the aristocrats, Peter’s part is actually pretty big and he gets to have lots and lots and even more lots of fun dressing up (because as we know from A Portrait of Scotland, velvet breeches do things to/for him)  

and also being in a state of undress, which is just as good, if not better. 

In a perfect world, the leads from the stage version (the red hot combo of Alan Rickman and Lindsay Duncan and Juliet Stevenson, oh my!) would have reprised their roles, but for a Hollywood redo, I think this comes out quite well in the actors and acting department.  Keanu Reeves  — no, I’m not kidding — is very much the weakest acting link, but it helps that his character is supposed to be easy on the eyes but empty of the head which I’m sure made things a lot easier for him. 

Somebody’s Watching, Again (Part 2)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

The week went by painfully slow. The team had not gotten a single case and everyone was going stir crazy. Of course, getting a case isn’t good- it means there’s a killer out there. But it’s their job. Dare they say they want it to be exciting?

Spencer went by the coffee shop every morning like usual, except this time he made a point to look for Esme. But of course, she never showed. Spencer figured it was just his luck. He should have gotten her number while he had the chance. It would have made him late, but if he explained why, the team would have understood. Hell, they’d even cheer for him.

“Tonight, me and Garcia are going to see the sexiest woman in D.C.,” Spencer heard Morgan bragging to their team members at his desk. “Anastasia Devine!” he pulled out the tickets for everyone to marvel at.

“Who?” Spencer made the mistake of asking.

“Come on kid, you’ve never heard of Anastasia Devine?” Morgan sighed.

“Do I look like I would know someone like that?” Spencer answered smartly, earning him a smack on the head from Morgan.

“She’s only the best live entertainer in the entire D.C. area. Maybe even the state of Virginia. Maybe even the entire East Coast!” Garcia gushed with excitement.

This is Anastasia Devine,” Morgan held out his phone to Spencer to show him a picture of the singer.

She was exactly what her name suggested. Dressed in red lingerie and black thigh high boots, posing in a sexual manner. Her hair was long, big, and dark red, almost like blood. Her makeup was heavy and her body was tiny.

“Her eyes look sad,” Spencer finally said.

“Oh, come on, that’s what you notice? No wonder you haven’t had a girlfriend in a while,” Morgan said, taking his phone back and going to his desk, Garcia following.

Spencer knew Morgan didn’t mean anything malicious or insulting by the comment about him not having had a girlfriend in a while, but it still stung a bit. Like he’s always said, Spencer doesn’t notice the physical stuff right away usually. Unlike Morgan who, although he has a heart of gold underneath his player attitude, takes notice in anything and everything physical.

Spencer assumed he would hear nothing more of this Anastasia singer until later that day, when just before he was about to go home, Morgan stopped by his desk and placed his hip on it the way he does.

“What’s up?” Spencer asked.

“Garcia can’t make it to the show, you’re coming instead,” Morgan practically ordered.

“Do I have a say in this?” Spencer asked, almost in a joking manner.

“No. I think an atmosphere like the one at this show will help you get some girls. Get out of your shell. Stop watching Dr. Shoe or whatever it is.”

“It’s Dr. Who.”

“WHO cares,” Morgan ruffled Spencer’s hair and told him to meet him outside in fifteen minutes.

Out of curiosity, Spencer logged onto his computer, which rarely happened, and googled this Anastasia Devine. She was born and raised in D.C. and started her career at the age of eighteen. Spencer clicked on an article he found about her.

“With a voice like Christina and an image like Madonna, local sensation Anastasia Devine is a force to be reckoned with. More than just her sexy lingerie, thigh high boots and signature blood red hair, the talented entertainer is at the top of her career. So it begs the question- why hasn’t she made the big move to L.A. and gone national? Not that we’re complaining! With her gleaming stage presence and four-octave vocal range, Anastasia Devine is D.C. entertainment’s best kept secret!”

The article was accompanied with photos, all showing Anastasia exactly as described. Spencer once again took notice of her eyes-something about them was familiar to him. Just like in the other photo, they looked sad. He got the sense she probably felt trapped in this image. Maybe it’s his profiler brain or maybe he really doesn’t know anything about girls.

The time came to meet up with Morgan and once at the venue, Spencer felt uncomfortable. He’s been in plenty of uncomfortable places before because of work- bars, clubs, strip joints, even a street chock full of prostitutes who wouldn’t stop hitting on him. But it never gets easier for some reason. There was a type of fog or mist in the air that made him want to choke. He could smell a thousand liters worth of AXE body spray. This venue was known to be a classier one than your usual club, but it didn’t ease Spencer’s nerves at all. He already decided in his mind that he wouldn’t try to talk to anyone. He would just enjoy the show and go home to his books like always. Spencer hated that he had trouble doing the most simplest things like picking up a girl, but it’s who he is. 

He assumed Morgan would want to sit at the bar, but when Spencer made his way over there, he felt a strong arm tug his shirt and pull him back.

“Slow down there, Pretty Boy. We’re not going to the bar. This is Anastasia Devine. We’re getting front row.”

Spencer internally sighed and reminded himself to make up a better excuse the next time Morgan wants to drag him somewhere. When they got to the front row, which was just a space in front of the stage that didn’t have any dinner tables, the lights went low. The show was about to start.

“Get ready to have your world rocked, kid,” Morgan clapped excitedly.

“You know I only listen to classical,” Spencer replied to him, staring up at the stage, which had nothing but a microphone and a stool on it surrounded by fancy lights and more fog, and a grand piano.

“This is gonna change that. She’s got a voice for everyone!” Morgan cheesed.

Suddenly, everyone in the venue cheered, and Spencer knew that meant she had come out. There she was, ten feet in front of him. She humbly waved to the crowd as she walked to the microphone. Spencer assumed she was going to say a few words, but instead, music started and she began to sing. 

Besides her physical appearance, Spencer figured out why Morgan and every guy in town seems to love this woman so much. She sings r&b sex music. 

Spencer did have to give props to her-her voice was amazing. She hit notes that Spencer thought only dogs could hear. He knew music in theory, but never learned how to play properly. But her transitions were smooth, her voice never faltered. He understood why she was known as a D.C. sensation.

All of it- the glitz, the glamour, the sex appeal- was just a mask and Spencer could tell straight away. Morgan probably could too if the other part of his brain wasn’t involved. Beneath the lace body suit and thigh highs was someone who was just plain sad. It was easy enough to tell just by looking at her face. Some people would call it composure or stage presence. He was sure this is what she disguised it as.

Spencer wasn’t sure why he put so much thought into someone he didn’t even know. It’s not like this is one of their UnSubs. The pale-skinned songstress attracted him, and he knew it wasn’t because of her lingerie.

A couple songs in, Anastasia decided to finally speak.

“Hello. How are ya’ll doing tonight?” she said softly, smiling at the crowd, which reciprocated with cheering. “In case you didn’t know, I’m Anastasia Devine.”

Everyone cheered again. Spencer studied her face once more. She was covered in makeup, but something about her features seemed so familiar to him, as if he’d been thinking about them all week.

The shy yet seductive temptress continued her set with another song, but was interrupted by a series of gun shots firing across the venue.

Requested: all your spn sister con imagines are so so so so so good. i didn’t know i loved reading that stuff so much! do you think you could write more??maybe she’s younger (like 17/18) and she’s starting to date someone and j2 are being protective and the audience is asking questions and they’re talking about him? you’re such a good writer, btw! :)

Requested: heyy can you please do another fic with the convention type thing and being the one who plays their sis? I loved that :)

You were sitting in the middle of your two best friends and big brothers, Jared and Jensen. Laughing with the audience, making side jokes at one another, and feeling like you’ve actually made something out of your life is why you love coming to conventions. Your fans were one of the best in the world, cheering you and the show on through its ups and it’s down. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

You took a break, letting Misha and Mark take their spots on stage. There is a break room behind the velvet blue curtain, where you and your team could sit back and grab a cup of coffee.

Jared and Gen say close to each other on the couch with a kid on each lap. Jensen was chilling next to you, talking to his own wife on the phone. You, however, kept checking your messages to see if your boyfriend of two months had tried contacting you. However, his number didn’t pop up.

Jared and Jensen try not to show their distaste of your new boyfriend. But you know your brothers too well. They only try to look out for you, so you don’t take their opinion too harshly. At first, you thought they were completely wrong about Andrew but now you were beginning to second guess yourself.

“Guys, you’re on!” The convention manager pops his head through the door with his big headset around his head.

You guys hit the stage. When you emerged from the curtain, the audience cheered at your presence. You smile and wave, taking your seat next to Jared, who sat in the middle of you and Jensen.

“Hello,” you say into your microphone, “Thank you all for coming out today. You guys are incredible.” You fix the mic stand and wave.

You have small talk with your fans, talking about the set, crew, and personal life. In fact, just wanted you wanted to not talk about, came up in conversation.

“Y/N, did you see the new People Magazine Article? Is it true?” one of the fans was able to get a microphone from a crew member and ask her question.

You look over at Jared whose giving you a questioning look. “No, I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  

The fan holds up a magazine. Jensen gets up from his chair and jogs over to take the magazine. He says thank you and walks back over to the stage.  

You take the magazine from him and flip to the page that says Andrew was caught cheating on you. You didn’t think he would do something like this. He was a nice guy and magazines lie, right? Unfortunately it’s gotten to the point where a cheating scandal wouldn’t surprise you.

You shut the magazine and force a grin on your face. “You can’t believe everything you see in here.” But you did. You looked down at this magazine, and something in you told you that this writer was telling the truth.

Out of the corner of your eye, you said J2 glance at each other. You feel the tears rising in your eyes. You have to stand up and excuse yourself. You didn’t blame the fan that brought the attention to your relationship. You blamed Andrew and his filthy lies that humiliated you in front of your friends and fans.

“I’m so so–”

“No, it’s okay,” Jensen waves his hand at the embarrassed fan. He, as well, could also see that she meant no harm. Jensen looks back at the magazine and bites his lip. He looks over to Jared for help. He didn’t know what to say, but someone needs to fill the silence.

“I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking here,” Jared says. “I think we all sensed this coming, so when it finally hits, it’s like…‘is this actually happening?’”

“Piece of shit,” Jared heard Jensen mumble.

“Uh–” Jared had to change the topic, get the attention off his little sister so to not humiliate her anymore. “Y/N is so strong. The strongest person I know. If anyone is going to get through this, it’s gonna be her. And she has us by her side.”

“And we’re the best people to be with during breakups,” Jensen tries to make light of this situation. “I mean last time we had to deal with a heartbroken Y/N, we ate four tubs of ice cream, watched 21 JumpStreet and went ding dong ditching Misha for two hours. So who knows? Maybe tonight will be a great night.”

“Andrew has no idea what he’s missing. And if he ever tries to find out and come back, we’ll beat the shit out of him.”

“We don’t fuck around when it comes to Y/N.”

“Did you ever like Andrew?” Another fan calls out.

“Y/N…she’s only 18 years old. She’s living far from her family just to do this job. So far Jensen and I have always been particular about who she dates because we don’t want to see her get hurt,” Jared explains. 

“So the answer is no,” Jensen puts it out there. “He didnt even make it to the fourth week mark.”

Jared cringes but nods. It was so weird how close he felt to the fans that he and Jensen could just talk out loud like that. They knew they could get in a lot of trouble for it, but it felt natural.

Misha walks out from behind the curtain. The crowd cheers at his appearance once again. He waves and speaks privately to Jared and Jensen, “She just got off the phone with Andrew. It didnt sound too good. I’ll take over if you want to go check on her real quick.”

Jensen slaps Misha’s back. The boys get up and explains to the crowd that they will be back.

Behind the curtains, you were crying in your hands, sitting on the couch you were at before. You were taken by surprise when you felt two pairs of arms wrap around you. Jensen and Jared hugged you tight. And you let them. You didnt need any more boys in your life when you have these two.

A/N: Sorry if this sucked. Send me more request though! I’ve been busy working on my Winchester sisfic too! Check it out on my username is madds098 

alessiasmusic: I’m never good at thank you’s, but I have to try my best to let these four dudes, the entire crew, and every single person reading this know how grateful I am to have been apart of this beautiful tour. the best band in the whole world let me share their stage and play my songs in places I had never imagined I would be. thank u endlessly to the band, the entire CP team, and of course my band and crew for making this tour one of the most memorable things I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t have asked for better people to share this with. I ALSO GOT TO WITNESS THESE STARS KILL IT EVERY SINGLE NIGHT AND IT WAS MAGICAL. (get ready for the worst pun ever:) I’m very much a kid with a head full of dreams and I’ve lived a huge one because of u @coldplay. thank u from the bottom of my heart. 💙

LiveFreeFriday | It’s Courtney Act.

A stage performer taking the world by storm, glamorous drag queen, Courtney Act, is a self-described pansexual, vegan, environmentalist, and hippie child. “I look like a girl but think like a man, so I’m kind of the ideal woman” she jokes.”Just kidding, just kidding.” Her idea of a good time is camping out at music festivals and singing in the shower.

Putting herself out there has meant developing a thick skin, and Courtney knows using tobacco won’t make her feel better. She explains that acknowledging how you feel and can make you feel like you want a cigarette but that people need to remind themselves why they’re not smoking in the first place.

For Courtney, living without tobacco is as much a part of community health as personal health, and she ties living tobacco-free to progress the LGBT community has made. “We’ve come so far, especially in the last couple of years,” she says, “and then we’re smoking cigarettes at a higher rate than everybody else. Kind of like two steps forward, one step back. I think it just makes sense to be tobacco-free.”

What’s your LiveFreeFriday story?

hey. i have bad sensory issues with brushing teeth. i haven’t brushed them really in most of my 25 years. i’ve never found anything that would make it remotely bearable and i could do. recently i tried brushing them again after years of not because they are in bad shape. 

i found out that if i brush my teeth in the shower it’s very helpful. bc the shower calms me down with cool/hot/cold water running on me like rain.

also i got crest kids stages bubble gum flavored toothpaste bc even most kids toothpaste is to strong for me and makes me start getting sick or reallly nauseous. this is much milder tasting even the bubble gum taste isn’t overpowering which i was worried about because sometimes actual traditionally flavored bubble gum is gross tasting to me and to strong and makes me queezy. i still felt a little nauseous after but it was a world of difference.

my dentist said that kids toothpaste was still effective and significantly better then nothing and this one even though it’s “made for” younger kids is still good. and much better then nothing at all.

thought i’d share bc this has been a huge issue for me and caused a lot of both physical tooth and emotional pain so if someone else can avoid it i’d be happy.tldr:

1. brushing teeth in the shower can help

2. crest kids stages bubble gum princess toothpaste is mild even for kids toothpaste and bubblegum

this is the toothpaste i use that’s really mild even for kids. and even for bubblegum flavor that i mentioned. using this while taking a shower is the only way i can handle it enough to brush my teeth at all.


fur on fire: modern starks rickon

always was a wild one, little rickon. yeah, despite the rumours that the greyjoy kid bumped baby stark off when he staged the coup that cost robb stark his father’s company, rickon’s alive and kicking, slinking under the radar for now but bound to cause trouble sooner or later. you’d all best hope he doesn’t find his sister arya before he explodes back into the world of the living - one stark kid on a revenge mission is bad enough, but double that and you’ve got limitless potential for chaos. they’ve got the taste of blood and nothing left to lose, those wolves. maybe you’d better start running.

(part one of death at your elbow, a modern au asoiaf series)

Say what you will about Shadow the Hedgehog’s B-movie plot, but yesterday while playing Air Fleet’s Hero mission I experienced a legitimate case of fridge horror due to one throwaway line by Tails.

Air Fleet has several sections where you must go outside via rail grinding or platforming. If you have Tails as your partner when you first go outside, the sight of the sunset will prompt him to say: “I guess I used to take sunsets for granted. I’m afraid of nightfall tonight.”

He doesn’t say anything else about it, but it becomes doubly creepy when you realize that in that same section, Doom’s Eye will say this is the last time the humans will ever see the sun. Implying that Tails’ intuition is warning him that he’d better take it all in.

Triply creepy? This stage is on almost the irredeemably Dark path. Tails has all the reason in the world to be afraid, and it just unsettles you deeply to realize that the kid who helped stop two catastrophes before is now really scared.

6 years have passed from that Nate’s letter announcing that he was found with two of his friends, Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff to do some music, since ’ fun. ’ just meant ’ fun ’.
In these 6 years things will have happened, and many would say. The location of concerts rose from garage with friends and relatives, to theatres, huge open spaces, until even the White House. Yeah, I remember that July 4, that although we are Americans, we were involved in their festivities thanks to engaging our band was celebrating the most important Festival to the United States, under President’s House? And all of us Italians were awake, at night, only to see a step forward of our band, that increasing performances makes us proud.
And despite having graced stages definitely important, just think of the Grammys, and working with extraordinary musicians, including the great Queen, boys are left behind-and will remain-forever boys. Guys that are always those three guys from 6 years ago, who make music for the pleasure of it, because it’s what they love, that climb on stage and having fun, making entertaining millions of people.
6 years have passed, and the kids have made many of their dreams, but remain with our feet on the ground, to show how difficult it is, but at the same time, conquer their own destinations.
Gave us unforgettable emotions, during these 6 years, touring the world or sitting in the studio cdi registration, teaching us values that you can hardly learn about books, and maybe even a bit by changing us as people, making us better.
But music is not the only thing they have done in 6 years, because all three have to be done to give voice to those people who today are in trouble, through associations and projects. They founded the Ally, have become Ambassadors for the freedom and equality of the United Nations, and this is one reason that makes me even more proud of them because they fight for those who cannot do so, and teach us to fight for what we believe is important.
In short, 6 years ago started a band that is not just a band to us, it is much more. Are three guys who make music because that’s what they love to do, that fight, they teach, and that, despite being a few miles from us, they entertain millions of people around the world, giving them a smile or a tear.

The Church of Scientology Had Their Own Teen Pop Band (and They Were Amazing)

For 20 years, the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California, had its own all-singing, all-dancing children’s pop group called Kids on Stage for a Better World.

The group existed with a revolving cast of members from 1992 to 2012. Obviously their videos are quite old now, and I’m not their target demographic, so it’s difficult for me to judge whether or not they were on-trend at the time—but like all things created by a religion and aimed at young people, they appear to be almost overwhelmingly uncool. 

The group’s matching outfits, choreographed dance routines, and wholesome rap breakdowns seem to be the work of adults trying to emulate inoffensive, family-friendly (i.e., boring) kids’ stuff like High School Musical and the Mickey Mouse Club.

About 90 percent of the group’s lyrics relate to how they are (A) young and (B) going to be the leaders of the future. The remaining 10 percent is made up of references to Scientology. The band also filmed a couple of episodes of a series based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. 

Click here for some of my favorite Kids on Stage for a Better World cuts. Think of it as a greatest-hits collection.

These “progressives” who value their pet schemes for getting free goodies from the state over things like Anti-Imperialism, Peace, Civil Liberties, etc make me sicker than any group in all of American Politics

“Millions of lives ruined by the drug war? Continual bombing of innocent people across the world? Destruction of Due Process? Mass Surveillance of the population? Mass incarceration for non-violent offenses? Yeah, yeah, whatever, just give me my ‘free’ college I don’t care about none of that shit. Fuck those people. They aren’t even me.”

We hear a lot about this caricature of the evil and selfish libertarians/conservatives/republicans/ etc who are supposed to be the epitome of greed and gluttony because they have different opinions about how to best decrease poverty, and we hear this straw man usually from these same people who are all to willing to throw the actual lives of millions straight into the garbage, and for what? 

For some ‘free’ goodies to make their (already fabulously wealthy by world and historical standards) lives a little easier and more comfortable.

Say what you will about conservatives (lord knows I’ve said enough terrible things about them) but they genuinely believe that bombing some third world country or jailing people for smoking pot or indefinitely detaining people without charges or mass spying etc are good things. They honestly believe that these things are necessary and will make the world a better place. 

Most of these types of progressives I’m talking about will freely admit that they think all these policies are evil and horrible. And yet, when push comes to shove, if some left wing phony populist gets up on a stage and talks about taxing the “1%” to further subsidize middle class kids’ college, they’re willing to forget all about these other issues, just to get that ‘free’ shit.

Who is worse? The person who sanctions evil because they mistakenly believe it to be good? Or the person who sanctions evil, knowing full well that it is evil, because by sanctioning it they believe that they can get a few pieces of silver for themselves?

If that’s not greed I don’t know what is.

anonymous asked:

if you don't care about kanye as a person much you should watch some of his interviews. he's the reason many people believe in themselves.

I have that’s why I don’t. I used to love him. I think he is fraud.
He doesn’t mean what he says, he’s a greedy pig.
Hypnotizing young kids to look up to him.
If he’s so pro-black why does he only date white skinned women?
If he’s all about helping people who don’t have money, why are his shoes 1500 dollars!
If he respects women so much, why did he dawg so hard on Amber,when kim is no better?
He’s just trying to make a cult with all this yeezus bullshit trying to change the world blah blah blah he’s phony and a douche bag!
“Beyoncé is inspired by Kim” who even says that? Fucking disgusting! Funny he went on stage and interrupted Taylor’s speech because of Beyoncé and then says she’s inspired by Kim? Who has 20 Grammys and who has none?
He didn’t even listen to beck and still talked bad about him winning album of the year!? Like gross he’s so arrogant! You’re better off liking Justin Bieber then him !!! He thinks he’s better then everyone !!why do you think kid cudi doesn’t even fuck with him anymore? Read what cudi said about creepers how he didn’t even want that with him? And kid cudi is the realist mother fucking famous rapper! You guys all buy into what these celebrities say and preach, but a lot of it is bullshit! You have to be logical! Like a man with so much money and power if he wanted to make a difference he could?
Look at Angelina Jolie…. All the work she does in the Middle East and is lowkey about it….
That’s making a change!
Not having an over priced clothing brand, and buying new cars and clothes for the paparazzi.
Marrying a Kardashian to be more famous. He’s fraud

anonymous asked:

Do you think that having complex choreography vs. simple choreography makes a difference in competition? If so do you think it's worth possibly losing some technique to add more complex/trick filled steps?

i’d rather see a kid do easier steps with flawless technique than watch a sloppy kid run around the floor doing tricks they can’t handle with straight feet and bad posture. so many people mistake “harder” as “better” and they couldn’t be more wrong. the first time i qualified for worlds i did open prizewinner/pc steps as an open champ and even did some of the same steps on the world stage and recalled. the next two years our workshop teacher bombarded me with super complex steps because i was a “world qualifier” which yes, i could handle them but i was still working on trying to fix issues from my old school and i didn’t recall the next two years at worlds. when we chose to not use that workshop teacher in 2014, i got to create my own steps and i pulled back a ton doing simple yet effective choreography and became a medal holder than year. i’m such a firm believer in making steps to suit a dancer, not their level.