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The “nah I’m just kidding but someone on this site would say this” meme is abusive and gaslights people who don’t have the resources to read posts all the way to the end.

It invalidates longer posts with meaningful messages. Plus Hiding tonal shifts can cause harm nah I’m just kidding but someone on this site would say this

some unlucky kiddos :’)

hey, i’ve seen a lot of fear mongering in the ace community, and i feel like i really need to say something about it (this is definitely more towards the kids on this site who are exposed to this sort of shit when they’re incredibly impressionable, but it’s still for everybody).

to all aces and those on the ace spectrum, please understand that you are NOT in any danger for your ace identity. while some people may question what your orientation is, i want you to understand that you’re not going to be attacked for it.

you are safe. you and your identity are safe. you have no reason to be afraid. i know tumblr may make it out to be that there are dangerous acephobes afoot, ready to make you live your life in fear and misery or some bullshit like that, but trust me when i say that there aren’t. nobody is going to attack you for being you and your identity.

please please understand that you shouldn’t have to be afraid of the world just because of who you are. nobody is going around attacking aces for being aces. the world isn’t pitted against you. nobody is out to get you, i promise.

just take a deep breath and remember that this is the internet. people tend to blow things completely out of proportion, and that’s harmful. situations need to be evaluated. there is no acephobia rampant in the streets, there aren’t ace people being beaten up/killed just for being ace. most of what happens is just because the society we live in tends to make it where relationships require sex, and people being denied it has ALWAYS been an issue, and not just an ace issue. your being ace isn’t going to single you out for violence of any sort.

you are safe. you are okay. i promise you this.

The Show: Goes as far as the network will allow to make it clear the episode is about bad ally’s forcing their way into a culture and acting like they’re experts on it.

The Fandom: