kids movie posters

I’m on board with this #NotMyRodrick, but what about #NotMyGreg ?

Boi no joke when I first saw the first movie as a 5th grader, Zachary Gordon was the closest thing I ever had to a celeb crush XD

I knew Greg was gonna be recast because of the specific age range, but Jason Drucker?

Anyways, this is the movie poster I made for the tpth challenge. It was v fun to make even though the sepia effect didn’t quite turn out like I had imagined. I think maybe I needed to do a desaturation layer…?
Point is: fun contest, pretty picture, vegebul. <3 ^_^ 
I’ll be here all week lol

Character Tag Lines

Nate: Let’s go break the law. Just one more time.

Sophie: Ex! Why does nobody ever say ‘ex’?

Hardison: It’s because I’m Jewish, isn’t it?

Eliot: It’s very distinctive.

Parker: I thought everyone could do that.