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Know your Character: Car

It helps to know everything possible about your Character. Everyone’s car is different, but it says a lot about a person without “telling” the audience.

  • What kind of car is it- make, model, year, color, condition
  • How messy is it- always messy, never messy, only in the back seats, only in the front seats, do they have a trash bag and never use it
  • Do they have preparations- a spare, tools, blankets, pillow, clothes, extra sunglasses, extra chargers, maps
  • What mementos have passengers left behind- grandma’s blanket when it was her car, a lucky penny, a kid’s meal toy, a tie left behind from a date
  • How often do they have passengers
  • What are the “house rules”- no fast food, riders pay for gas, driver picks the music

Just some things to think about to describe your Character (main or secondary) by showing the reader instead of telling them.

tobiseh  asked:

I hate when customers ask if they can have a kid's meal toy for free. The answer is always "No, you need to buy the toy." It's even worse when they tell their kid "The mean lady won't give you a toy." Yeah, I don't want to lose my job over a toy. 😑

you: clear piss, third eye opened, relaxing on a vintage 1960′s leather recliner with a glass of wine

me: yellow piss, calcified pineal gland, rolling around in a massive pile of burger king kid’s meal toys from 2005

“The Videogame Guardians”

Hungry Jacks a.k.a Burger King, finally (a while back now) have something decent to accompany a Kids Meal. I’m glad I scored all 5 Nintendo characters. They now sit on a shelf protecting my backlog of games. The only thing they fear are the hands of Sofia and Leo. They're so drawn to them. =3

“My betta fish passed away last month, and it’s always hard on me when that happens because I get so attached. I recently dug out all the Finding Nemo toys I’ve saved from when I was a kid (Happy Meal toys and whatnot) and I plan to decorate my late fish’s bowl with them so I don’t have to wake up every morning, see an empty fishbowl and feel sad over and over again. Finding Nemo has always been one of my very favorite Pixar films and it has/continues to help me thru rough spots.”

Daily EXO

At a Fast Food Restaurant

BAEKHYUN: Ya 4 hamburgers

CHANYEOL: That’s not gonna feed all of us

BAEKHYUN: All of us? This is for me

XIUMIN: I just want a chicken wrap

CHEN: You gotta keep your body in shape babe

XIUMIN: Ya i know

LAY: Wait are you guys together?

SUHO: Yes lay

LAY: What about luhan?


CHEN: He left this man for that baby maknae, his lost

LAY: Right….

LUHAN: I’m so happy we’re together

SEHUN: I know me too

LUHAN: Xiumin looks so happy with chen, but i’m happier

SEHUN: Lets not talk about xiumin

KRIS: What should i get?

KAI: I’m getting chicken

KRIS: Nah that’s not my style

D.O: Can i have a kids meal with a penguin toy?

TAO: What’s with you and penguins?

D.O: What’s with you and pandas?

SUHO: Kids i have food!!!

EXO: *no answer*

SUHO: Alright more for me then