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Disney Store Ditches Identifying Halloween Costumes By Gender
The Disney Store has taken a step to make sure that kids feel encouraged to choose from any of its Halloween costumes, regardless of their gender. In the past, Disney promoted its Halloween costumes by

“The Disney Store has taken a step to make sure that kids feel encouraged to choose from any of its Halloween costumes, regardless of their gender.

In the past, Disney promoted its Halloween costumes by identifying them as either girls’ costumes or boys’ costumes.

For Halloween this year, the company’s site is promoting costumes “for kids” and “for baby.” This means kids have all of the store’s options at their little fingertips, not just costumes traditionally deemed appropriate for their gender.”

Read the full piece here

Sensory friendly electric toothbrush

My dentist has recommended that I get an electric toothbrush for years, but just like many autistic people, electric toothbrushes get really overwhelming for me with the painful bristles and the buzz-y feeling in my gums. After talking to my dental hygienist about this, she recommended a newer brand of toothbrush, the Foreo Issa. I ended up getting the Mini version, and wow, I love it. 

This is what it looks like. The bristles, instead of the poke-y hard bristles of a regular toothbrush, are made of soft silicone, and I’ve actually started stimming by putting the head in my mouth and moving the bristles across my tongue. The  Mini version that I use is marketed towards kids, with a gentler vibration. I can even use it on my tongue, which is something I haven’t been able to do before, even with a manual toothbrush. Even though the Issa feels much gentler than a normal toothbrush, my teeth still feel clean and smooth.

The toothbrush also has several features that help me with executive dysfunction surrounding brushing my teeth. Every thirty seconds, the brush pulses once to signal that you should switch to a different part of your mouth (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right). After two minutes, it pulses three times to let you know that you’ve brushed your teeth for long enough. If you are like me and easily lose track of time, this helps to keep you on track and gives you a routine to make sure you brush every part of your mouth. 

The Mini version that I have also lights up with a smiley face after you’ve brushed your teeth for two minutes, which is fun. In addition, if you have not brushed your teeth in over twelve hours, it lights up with a sad face. I thought this would be discouraging to me, but instead, it gives me an incentive to brush my teeth twice a day. 

Finally, one charge lasts for over 200 uses. It will last for much longer than a regular electric toothbrush which gives you fewer chances to forget to charge it. The head only needs to be replaced once a year, too, which takes away yet another complicated task to remember. 

Unfortunately, this toothbrush is rather expensive. The regular one costs $199 and the Mini one costs $119. I had to save up for a while to purchase it, but I think that it’s something that I will be able to use for years and years, and it’s been so helpful to me that it’s worth the money if you’re able. It’s sold online as well as at Sephora stores and is supposedly available worldwide. I really recommend this toothbrush to anyone, but especially to anyone with sensory issues or executive dysfunction who has trouble with regular toothbrushes. 


Danger Days Commercial

An advertisement for Danger Days aired in Singapore.

Galaxy Garrison Headcanons

★ Pasta always tastes like cupcakes for some reason???

  • Lance loved it though.

★ Taco Tuesdays only happens monthly.

★ Science lab blows up monthly, but always gets repaired the next day.

★ Most of the “”””good”””” food is in the vending machines. Some kid started a black market for said good food, resulting in three day suspension.

  • That kid was Matt Holt.

★ The breakfast is made up of oatmeal and depression. Nothing else, nothing more.

★ 6 am Cardio classes are available @ the garrison.

  • Lance goes weekly, he thinks it’s great for him.

★ Everyone is convinced Iverson is a cryptid.

  • Shiro came up with it while he was a student and it just kinda spread.

★ There’s a 9 pm curfew, that everyone ignores

★ Shiro was scheduled to teach after he came back from the Kerberos Mission.

  • He never made it.

★ Hunk actually does sneak into the Garrison’s kitchens occasionally. He usually prepares something for himself and Lance.

  • He made something for Pidge, but couldn’t find her, so he ate it himself.

★ “Friday” by Rebbecca Black plays every Friday. It was Matt’s senior prank, so that everyone could suffer even after he’s gone.

★ Keith was convinced the Garrison was hiding Mothman in their basement.

★ Most of the students are convinced that Keith Kogane wasn’t ‘kicked out’ but killed by the Galaxy Garrison and that his dead spirit now resides in the building.

  • In the fourth bathroom stall on the second floor, whispers can be heard. Students believe it to be the unfinished spirit of Keith, but the Garrison debunked it by saying it’s ‘rats’

★ There was a betting pool on whether Shiro and Matt were dating. Keith put in 10$. No one ever found out the truth. In the end, the Garrison confiscated the money. [They needed to stop the black market of food]

  • People speculate that Keith was killed after trying to take back his 10$.
  • The ‘Keith is dead’ conspiracy was huge for awhile tbh
★ Shiro actually liked the cafeteria food.

★ Literally everyone in the Galaxy Garrison hated the uniforms, even the teachers. No one ever had the guts to speak up about it though, so it stayed the same.

★ The ‘No Electronics’ rule was broken so much, they just got rid of it

★ Scholarships were given to the best of the best.

  • Keith would’ve gotten one if he wasn’t a butt.

★ The phrase “Dammit, Lance.” basically became the “Thanks, Obama.” of the Garrison.

★ Everyone was really depressed for awhile after they heard about the failure of the Kerberos Mission.

  • It even started up Keith’s bad behavior because there was no one to hold this mullet head back.

★ For awhile, people thought Pidge was actually Matt’s ghost// reincarnation and constantly pestered her about it.

  • Pidge is 100% tired, give her a break.

★ There were cliques everywhere. You can’t escape them.

Taako getting his cooking show back after everything is over would be cool, but it makes sense that he might be a little hesitant to step right back into the game. There’s some trauma there to be worked through. But he does miss the spotlight, and has a pretty active cheer squad ready to egg him on (and help smooth over Glamour Springs, with the Voidfish if necessary) and he’s discovered he’s actually kind of likes teaching magic under the right conditions. 

Thus Teaching Time With Taako is born. It’s one part Bill Nye, one part Magic School Bus, one part eighties workout video, all magic. Technically it’s marketed for kids, but despite their best efforts they can’t get all the inappropriate jokes out and therefore it ends up with some weird demographics. Finding a channel willing to take it on is a job and half, especially since it gets filmed in Refuge on a shoestring budget. But it’s popular. People like watching it, because the antics of the boys read a lot like slapstick when put on camera and because it’s actually really informative. 

June and Angus switch out co-hosting as the kid viewpoint characters. Angus gets an in-show character called The Great Boy Detective, who is dedicated to unraveling the secrets of the universe. June is more focused on magical safety and how to keep from getting hurt by powerful artifacts and spells beyond your abilities. For theme naming purposes they are referred to as Ango and Juno on the show. Other former Bureau of Balance employees cameo frequently, especially for skits and segments like Are You There God(s), It’s Me Merle and Breaking Things ‘N Making Thing With Magnus And Killian. Ren is technically supposed to be behind the camera, but people keep pulling her in front of it for jokes. She ends up with a bit at the end of each episode where she warns people not to try any of this at home, please, please, please. Kravitz technically has a full time grownup job to do, but despite his best efforts he keeps ending up writing them catchy musical numbers. Hardcore fans swear you can catch a skeleton in a robe in the background of almost every episode. 

The outfits are terrible, the stunts are terrifying, and the demonstrations of magic are very inventive. At least once an episode they have to insert a loud noise or make a sharp cut in post to cover up a swear word that slipped in. Everyone thinks they’re all wacky characters, but they’re not, they’re really like that. A whole generation of young wizards grow up singing the theme song and trying very stupid, albeit creative, magical feats. Taako is very proud of the little boogers, even if he’s terrible with young fans in real life. 


I think loads of us are poorly right now.  I am.  My SO gave me his disgusting cold and I just…….anyway this is a sequel to sick!Bitty and Jack who is trying to avoid catching it.


Bitty sighs at Jack’s scowl, only his eyes and nose poking out from the heavy duvet.  He feels a little guilty, but only because he hates seeing Jack suffering.  It wasn’t his fault the kid at the market sneezed in his face and infected him with the cold–and both he and Jack had done everything to prevent Jack from coming down.

But it was a bad one.  Infecty and gross and contagious.  Jack made it through the string of away games, and came home with a red nose, sleepy eyes, and a huge frown.

“Oh dear,” Bitty had said as Jack shuffled past him–no hug–and disrobed in the bedroom.

He’d put on his old Habs t-shirt and gym shorts with paint stains which was a sure sign he was poorly.

Bitty quickly set off to make tea and soup.

Now, stood at the end of the bed, he squares his shoulders against Jack’s accusing glower.  “Now now, it’s not like I did it on purpose, sweetheart.”

Jack merely sniffs in response.

When its’ clear that’s all he’s getting, Bitty slides into the bed, props the tray across Jack’s thighs, and holds on to it as Jack eases himself up into a sitting position.

“This’ll help.  And it’s being hand delivered which is even better than tea by Roomba.”

At that, the corners of Jack’s mouth twitches.  “I’m never living that down, am I?”

“Maybe, if you outlive me.  But I’m younger’n you, mister, so…”

Jack stares, then laughs, which turns into a wheeze, which turns into a cough and his glower is back, but it’s a bit softer than before.  “I feel disgusting.”

“I know, baby,” Bitty says.  He nuzzles against Jack’s side as Jack starts with the soup, then onto the tea.  He only manages a third of each before the tray is shoved onto the bedside table, and he puts an arm round Bitty.

“I’m surprised you’re not paying me back for you know…avoiding you,” Jack says, and it’s obvious he’s trying to make it sound like a chirp, but he fails.  His sickness is making his insecurity flare up to the surface, and Bitty holds him tighter.

“Sweetpea, I know why you couldn’t cuddle me, and honestly I was fine.  Really.  I really am sorry you caught this.  It’s terrible.”

“I feel terrible,” Jack admits.  He holds on just a little tighter, like he thinks maybe Bitty will change his mind and deny him the cuddles he wants so badly.  Bitty doesn’t pull away.  He manoeuvres them under the covers, tucking them tight round Jack’s aching body, and kisses his temple.

“I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

Jack smiles.  The soup and tea warm him, and the meds he swallowed half an hour before are starting to work.  A fog settles over and his eyes close.  The last thing he’s aware of is Bitty’s soft breath against his neck, and firm arm round his middle.  He still feels gross, but he no longer feels alone.


TFW when you’re sad and remember Ageswap AU for Mob Psycho 100 bless

I have read and seen lots of awesomeeeeee things for this AU, but recently I read On The Other Side by @tofuandnuts​ so I credit that awesome fic/author as my muse/push Go read it please. Check out the Ageswap AU tag. Support everyone~Bless 

(The pics have captions)

Things I Want From Lady Layton @Level-5

- Katrielle being a badass female lead
- no characters being there just so can they be kidnapped
- please no animal death (looking at you Last Specter)
- Laytonmobile vroom vroom
- Katrielle interacting or just mentioning her siblings, Alfendi and Flora!!!
- Who the hell is Katrielle and Alfendi’s mother
- everyone teaming up to find Layton (including old characters and bad guys)
- Katrielle and co travelling to all of the old Layton locations
- Katrielle having her own personality and not just being a child female Layton
- I want to see characters from past games like, Clive, Bronev, Descole, Randall and Angela, the kids from the black market etc
- continuity for Layton Brothers/Mystery Room
- cameo from Alfendi and or Lucy

Professor Layton character guide
  • Professor Layton: tfw no gf meme with tophat
  • Luke Triton: Blue mah boy puzzle slave
  • Emmy Altava: Beautiful face wrecker feminist
  • Flora Reinhold: Apricotdog kidnapping disguise master
  • Clive Dove: Psychotic kneesock orphan
  • Claire Foley: Dead it's okay Hersh angel
  • Randall Ascot: Clichee friend possessed by a mask
  • Desmond Sycamore: Bread pudding pun master
  • Descole: Fabulous organ robo scientist
  • Crow: Poor fuck-the-adults-I-run-my-own-market kid
  • Don Paolo: Forever alone hipster mustache
  • Inspector Chelmey: Choleric Not-helping-at-all police guy
  • Barton: Not-helping-at-all police guy's slave
  • Bill Hawks: Criminal past politican
  • Inspector Grosky: Road runner's chest hair
  • Anthony Herzen: Awkwardly pronounced drug vampire
  • Loosha: Dinosaur ghost buster

I definitely don’t agree with everything she says, but I’ve never been so into an interview before.
The arguments are very well constructed, and honestly I’ve never seen any politician believing in what they said with Thatcher’s conviction. Look at her face, she’s doing science.
She’s constructing her entire point, taking time to answer every single questions he asks, and enjoying every instant of it, even when wronged.

That’s how politics should be.

  • Me: /Expresses love for my 9-year-old cousin's pajama top that features flamingo ballerinas and the phrase 'tutu cute'/
  • Cousin's Mom: We don't normally buy things with phrases about cuteness and whatnot for the girls, but this was on sale and it is really precious.
  • Me: And the pun. Puns are good.
  • Cousin's Mom: Puns are so good.