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6 ≡ riley matthews & auggie matthews (8.98%) 

“riley is my sister. i’m her only brother. and her only brother is telling you whatever happens, don’t hurt my sister.” 

even more trojans hcs!! because i love them!!

  • laila put fairy lights in the locker rooms
  • jeremy gets jean into playing pokemon sun, and jean picks rowlet as his starter.  it reminds him of jeremy - short and round and adorable
  • once, alvarez tried to ride on the back of laila’s bicycle from their dorm to the court for practice. they hit a pothole, and laila had to get a new bike
  • a picture of the broken bike is the very first thing jean ever posts on social media, and his post is immediately followed by a video via laila of jean laughing nonstop at the whole scene
  • when they have down time at airports, they’ll play things like red rover, red rover, or freeze tag.  they don’t talk about the time a freshman striker sprained his ankle in a game of red rover during a flight delay, except that they do, constantly
  • they’re also constantly all yelling out “the floor is lava!” it happens during practice, when they’re changing for games, in the cafeteria at school.  jean is arguably one of the Best at immediately finding a place to stand off the floor
  • alvarez has the wall next to her bed completely covered in photos and artwork and magazine clippings of things she likes. there’s a polaroid picture of her and laila on one of their first dates tacked up between a photo of jean giving jeremy a piggyback ride through LAX and a newspaper article about butterflies
  • laila has, on several occasions, been so tired she didn’t even realize she walked out of the dorm wearing shoes from two completely different pairs
  • jean hates the cream in oreos. he just. he can’t stand it.  he and jeremy will sit and split a package, with jean just eating the cookies and jeremy eating all the cream. it’s a wonderful arrangement
  • laila has such bad vision.  she can’t function without glasses or contacts
  • alvarez and jean very frequently go to get milkshakes in the middle of the night.  jean always gets peanut butter while alvarez is steadily working through every flavor milkshake on the menu.  her personal favorite is strawberry shortcake
  • they have team movie nights every other weekend.  freshmen bring pillows and blankets, sophomores bring drinks, juniors supply the snacks, and the seniors/fifth year students host it in one of their rooms.  they have to spend the full two weeks before each movie night to agree on what they’re going to watch
  • horror movies are banned after the time jeremy got scared, jumped, accidentally elbowed a junior goalkeeper, and knocked her tooth out
  • after jeremy gets him to watch chicago, jean listens to nothing but razzle dazzle for a solid week. they all still sometimes catch him humming it while he does homework
  • there are very few things alvarez loves more than s’mores
  • laila is an amazing artist and everyone on the team has art she’s made hanging in their rooms somewhere.  they’re all very personalized, and when jean joins the team, she just paints him the sun
  • it’s his most prized possession
  • i could literally write novels about them i love them

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Space Kid and Jasper bein rlly cute ;w;

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So! I hav finaly finished the Milo Murfy’s law serie and I loved it! I just, really love everyone (and I’m crushed ‘cause King Pistachio died… He was my favorite😡 😢 )

But what can you do… anyway, so! I’ve looked through the MML’s corner of tumblr and I found out that this golden gem of a meme (for milo at least) wasn’t there so… Now I’ve fixed that :)

Character Analysis: Velvet Crowe

I know I shouldn’t be adding more fuel to the whole Berseria discourse that’s been happening since it’s definitely been beaten to death like a dead horse. Yes, there is misogyny and sexism prevalent in the game. Yes, I agree that it’s quite irksome at times and it gets me annoyed at certain characters as well. 

But put all that bullshit in a blender, shit on it, and pour it into the sewer and put it aside, then honestly, in my own personal opinion, Berseria has one of the strongest and memorable cast I’ve seen in a Tales game in a pretty long time. Plus, I’ve been itchin’ to do Berseria character analysis’ for awhile now.

I don’t speak for everyone or anyone other than myself for this one but I want to start off with how much I love Velvet.

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My 8 yr old cousin loves my bee stickers / knows how much I love bees & so tonight at a family dinner he surprised me with this drawing he did for me & I am shook by how cute this is💛🐝🐝


Celebrating the goal vs. Sweden (28.03.17)