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A realistic look at how Undertale would have worked out. 
“I’m a member of the royal guard. I have been ordered by my king, KING ASGORE DREE-……..Uh you are a little short for a human… what wait theres another one of you little humans?  I almost stepped on you, whoa wait what are you doing back there? Is that a toy knife? where are your parents?  hey! stop that, stop trying to ride my tail, I am here to take your souls!…. you know what, Im just gonna retire, my son is almost old enough to take up this position. these humans just arent scared anymore.”

tbh all the white anarchists I’ve known irl have this weird revolutionary violence fetish… like they v casually talk about sabotage and blowing shit up and rioting like they have experience or any kinda accountability but they don’t

also, they bring up krondstadt and historical suppression of anarchists like they were personally victimized. they act this rlly bizarre theatre of privileged white kids LARPing oppression like it’s applicable or relevant to their lives at all

the white anarchists I’ve known irl are hella reluctant to educate even open-minded ppl about their complex far left politics despite flaunting them constantly like a giant inside joke

they exaggerate how involved they are in The Struggle when I KNOW they got like 3/5ths of a black friend and attended one (1) rally w police presence…like comrade get over yourself lmao

“Daisy’s been craving apple juice about every single second of the day, and it’s gotten to the point I have to start keeping like, eight separate jugs of this stuff in the pantry and tons of juice boxes on hand. She’s become very adamant about it, so much so that she’ll literally start crying if she can’t get to it. I’m concerned with the amount of sugar she’s ingesting, but I can’t seem to ween her off of them without causing too much of a scene while we’re in public. I think she needs a kid-tervention.”

School Undertale AU

Here is what nobody asked for

Toriel: principle and teacher (how she does it nobody knows)
Asgore: gardener
Undyne: gym teacher #1, runs all of the sports teams
Alphys: science lab + computer lab + nurse
Sans: PTA Sans
Papyrus: lunch lady + mascot
Mettaton: gives outrageous amounts of money to school and is allowed to basically loiter around the campus because of this

All of the ruins monsters are students. Including dummy. (Froggit, whimsum, loox, migosp, moldsmal, vegetoid)

Napstablook is the music teacher who mainly has their students help em make spoopy remixes.

Dogamy and Dogaressa: sex ed part-timers

Doggo lives across the street and kids love the pranking oppurtunities.

Aaron: gym teacher #2

Shyren: chorus teacher

Temmie: substitue teacher. The tems all flood into classrooms without teachers and begin teaching together.

Woshua: janitor

Moldbygg: guidance counselor #1

PTA Mad Dummy

Tem Shop Tem runs school store, where it is completely possible for born entrepreneurs to make a profit

Muffet: her bake sale runs forever. No one knows when it started, nor when it will end. It just…is.

Final Froggit: art teacher

Whimsalot: pending

Knight Knight: nap time coordinator

Astigmatism: guidance counselor #2

Madjick: there is a class every day where the kids basically larp. this is their jam.

Ice-e pup: all of the textbooks, literally all of them, are ice-e pup brand.

Grillby: runs the diner nearby where some kids eat lunch

Nice cream guy: drops by every few days (its a time of joy for everyone)

Burgerpants: substitute teacher

Rocks in snowdin village: class friends (pets is a demeaning term)

I just realized Toriel is the only normal teacher, and am perfectly okay with this.

FRISK: frisk
ASRIEL: not flowey

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Ike, Ruby so you like The Stick of Truth?

IKE: Kyle talks a lot about it. It’s a favorite among their batch.
IKE: With our batch, it’s either you like it or you don’t. A lot of the Asian kids aren’t too fond of it, but they’re okay with it as long as you don’t rub it in your face like the Vamp kids did with Twilight.
RUBY: The older kids are doing a LARP based around it, aren’t they?

IKE: My ‘ship’ is apparently stationed at the playground and they get to fight my pirate lackeys. And Firkle’s some sort of Viking. I dunno.
IKE: He’s part of the Goths’ ensemble though, and they ‘ally’ themselves with whichever kingdom assists them.

IKE: Younger sis- sorry, younger brother of the beautiful Princess Kenny, who will be played by, obviously, Kenny the cat.
IKE: Prince Karen is the kindest prince in all the land, wielding the rapier of legend, Queenlasanne. She’s supposed to be co-rulers with Tweek? I forgot how much they changed the storyline for the LARP.
RUBY: Tweek didn’t want to be the Wizard King, so he made the barbarian the king. Barbarian King Tweke, the Incorruptible.
IKE: Oh yeah, right. It’s really funny how the barbarian’s name in the book is Tweke; it’s like it was a role made for Tweek.
IKE: … Do you have a role, Ruby?

IKE: Rose Hood?
RUBY: Feldspar’s sister. Marshwalker knows her.
IKE: Oh, yeah, I remember her! The younger sibling of Feldspar, she lived with the wolves that raised Stan’s familiar, Sparky, because people were out to get Feldspar, and he didn’t want her to get hurt.
IKE: Marshwalker, owing Feldspar a favor, secretly led him to the wolves, and they raised Rose while Feldspar did all sorts of shit, trying to throw them off Rose’s trail.
RUBY: Rose decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps when she grew up… and became Rose Hood, the Wild One. A rogue with the heart of a wolf.
IKE: She’s so cool, how could I have forgotten about her character?
IKE: Wait, Feldspar is gonna be played by Craig the cat. So they’re gonna pretend he isn’t a cat for the LARP so you have a brother?
RUBY: … Most likely.

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1) Do the parents teach their kids how to strife and defend themselves? (Maybe martial-arts perhaps?) 2) Is Dirk like the awkward yet always there uncle to Anshu? because that would be amazing and pure as heck 3) I can see the troll parents telling cool stories of their ancestors bravery to their kids as bedtime stories? Confirm or deny?? 4) Vriska swoops in and teaches the kids how to larp and even gets Terezi to join in for old times sake and Jamie is just like "whaaat, she's participating?"

the only parent that actually had strife practice when he was a kid is dave and dave categorically refuses to do any actual physical strife with anshu, even if its just harmless practice. none of the other parents even think of that stuff because why would kids need to learn fighting in a world where sburb isnt a thing anymore?

dirk is the kind of awkward uncle that shows up once in while, often unnexpectedly. hes a great uncle/grandpa(?) to anshu, alka and jody.

terezi definitely talks about her ancestor and makes her achievements look even greater than they actually are. kanaya and karkat dont talk much about theirs though.

and also im sorry to inform you that vriska is fucking dead. terezi does keep larping tho. shes a nerd no matter what

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38. destiel. =]

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” (x)

Be careful when you’re LARPing, kids! 

It’s probably one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. 

Dean blinks up at the hot stranger who stares back down at him, and he’s pretty sure the embarrassing-ness of this situation just geared up by a hundred. Times infinity. Times infinity infinity–

“Are you alright?” the hot stranger asks with a slight frown resting between his brows, and Dean takes that exact moment to realize that his head is resting on hot stranger’s lap. 

“Um.” Someone in the distance is yelling to hold, and Dean gets off of the guy’s lap, his face blazing. The guy’s gaze follows after him, curiously watching Dean as he tries to hide how mortified he feels right now. “Fine. Thanks.”

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Babysitting a 6 and 7 year old has really made me realize the importance of LARP rules and the general rules of improvisation.
  • 6 year old: I throw a fire spell at you!
  • 7 year old: Well actually I'm wearing fireproof armor so it doesn't hurt me.
  • 6 year old: Actually my fire spell is the most powerful spell on the planet so it does hurt you.
  • 7 year old: Actually my armor can protect against anything in the universe so it doesn't hurt me.
  • Me: Oh my god.