kids knits

One of the new professors at my school started a knitting club and will teach anyone who wants to learn but right now I’m the only other person in this entire school who knows how to knit. 

So now I have all these baby knitters wandering up to me in the hallways and between class and in the lab, wanting me to check their stitches and tension and wanting reassurance. 

Which is adorable but maybe not when I am literally holding a human heart in my hand? 

Act 4: Trolls as Manifestations

Homestuck gains complexity through iterations, in plot, setting, and character. As the tutorial character, John’s actions are straightforward and relatively easy to follow, which sets the stage for grander installments. John’s plain house and Dad are followed by the increasingly complex circumstances of his friends. John’s ability to combine items across captchalogue cards (1917) is a primer for combining items via alchemy. If a rule is introduced through John, subsequent iterations of the rule will be more grandiose.

So, an observation: John is afraid of heights. When John slips on a staircase, he flips out (2460). When he nearly launches himself into the abyss with the Pogo Hammer, he has to take a nap before he has calmed down enough to continue (2537). Immediately following both moments of vertigo, massive ogres begin to climb toward John’s house (2461, 2542). The eventual fight with the ogres begins after John looks over the roof of his house, into the abyss (2562-3).

All of this suggests that Sburb is reacting to John’s emotional state (fear) to produce in-game content. This is further suggested by a peek we get at some of Sburb’s internal processes (3419):

Here, we have reference to terminology associated with Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. The terms suggest that Sburb interacts with the ideas in the kids’ subconscious minds (archetypes) and brings symbolic representations of these ideas into conscious reality (manifests the ideas). Like, pipes are Johns’s dad symbol (1974), so LOWAS is covered in pipes as a subconscious reminder of his dad. Or, Dave is surrounded by dangerous sharp objects in his apartment, so LOHAC is full of grinding metal gears to subtly (?) remind him of his awful, awful home.

Even before we reach the kids’ planets though, John’s encounter with the ogres asserts Sburb’s dream-like nature. The “hyper flexible mythology” of Sburb  is essentially the same as Freudian dream logic – Sburb caused John’s latent fear of heights to manifest as real, punchable monsters.

But if you look through Homestuck for things that materialize due to emotional events, it doesn’t stop with imps and monsters. It also includes the trolls.

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NCT 127 as Grandpas
  • Taeil: is sometimes too awkward to talk to his grandkids. only shows up during the holidays. buys his grandkids all the expensive shit
  • Johnny: techie grandpa. owns the latest model of smartphone. is able to understand his grandkids' generation's humor
  • Taeyong: is taking care of his grandchildren 90% of the time. also nags them. cooks for them, picks them up from school, goes shopping with them, etc
  • Yuta: has a sharp tongue. is still greasy towards grandma. always asks for a kiss from his grandchildren. often talks to them about life. educates them about the society. would also tell them sexually inappropriate jokes
  • Doyoung: always nagging his children on how they should take care of his grandkids. adores his grandkids sm his house is full of their photos in big frames. his house is getting cramped up because he likes to hoard all the unnecessary stuff. doesn't like going on trips
  • Jaehyun: his bones are strong despite his age. lets his grandkids ride on his back. likes to throw them upwards and then catch them smth like that. likes planning for outdoor trips
  • Winwin: looks young for his age. rih af grandpa. wears fancy clothes. likes going on fancy vacations with grandma together with their grandkids. spoils them
  • Mark: grandpa who is always active in church. always volunteering in diff kinds of events. makes his grandkids do the same. would sit on the porch during afternoons with grandma while she's knitting. kids in the neighborhood find him v cool
  • Haechan: brags about himself in a way which his grandkids find funny. roasts them 24/7 but will fite anyone who tries to bully them. they are always sleeping over at his house bc "it's fun at grandpa's". is always having a sass battle w/ grandma

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The ways of your fic intimidate me as a newbie fic writer. Like I know it was an effort, but you make it seem effortless?

Well, let’s look at this logistically.

I am 35 years old. I have been writing things, very off-and-on, since I was five. I wrote a little bit of fanfic during high school and college, but I only really started writing and posting fic when I was about 28.

So let’s put the beginning of my “fic writing career” at age 28, and use AO3 to look at my wordcount (which isn’t accurate, since a lot of my stuff is co-written - then again, a lot of my stuff isn’t on AO3, so we’ll say that it evens out). According to those statistics, I’ve written about 720,000 words, or about 90,000 words a year. Now of course it was never that even - the past eight years have seen a huuuuuge fluctuation in output, for various and sundry reasons; there are years I wrote about 20K and ones I wrote 150K. But still, a little under 100K per year. Now, this discounts the fact that I write on average about twice what I post – deleted scenes, rewritten scenes, stories that never quite get off the ground (and I had a LOT of those when I was first starting to write; my started-to-finished ration was probably about 10-to-one). So I’m going to be really generous with myself and say that the actual number of words I’ve written, at least in terms of fic, is closer to 1.4 million.

This also doesn’t include the non-fic stuff that I’ve written, or have tried to write, over those past eight years. I moved to LA in 2011 with the absolutely bonkers intention of becoming a Super Successful Screenwriter; this never really happened, because it turns out I am terrible at being in Hollywood and networking and all of that nonsense. But I wrote any number of screenplays and synopses and treatments trying to bust into that world. Plus, I have written a few original pieces over the years (none have been finished, because I’m a fundamentally lazy asshole). So put all of that together and I am going to GUESS that it’s going to be about 600K. Mostly because that means that I can comfortably guesstimate that I’ve written about 2 million words over the past eight years.

I can write about 1K in an hour, give or take, although in reality it takes me much longer to complete 1K, in terms of rewriting, editing, polishing, all that. So let’s say 1K of writing takes me two hours. That means that over the past eight years, I have spent (and someone please check my math, otherwise this will be embarrassing) 4,000 hours writing fiction.

That’s a lot of time – more importantly, that’s a lot of really crappy writing that I had to get through in order to get better. That part of it really cannot be emphasized enough – I would say that you see the best 10% of what I write; the rest gets trashed or changed, and deservedly so. You also usually only see stuff that’s been read over by someone who’s a better writer than I am, which means again, someone else is going through and improving what’s there. So there’s a combination of time and effort already devoted to doing it, junking the stuff that doesn’t pass my own standards, and changing or improving stuff that doesn’t pass the standards of people whose judgement I trust.

I’ve learned to write well because of these three things, and while sometimes it is effortless, making it seem effortless is also part of what makes fic – or fiction – such a challenge to write. I don’t think there’s a single thing that I’ve done that you can’t do; you just have to be willing to spend a lot of time and energy, you have to be brutal about your own work, and you have to be willing to listen to people whose opinion you respect. Do those three things, and do them consistently, and you too can have newbie writers telling you that you intimidate them.

New in Town Pt. 1 (Connor Murphy x Reader)

A/N: This us gonna be a series. It’s going to have all the DEH characters, but the like relationship part will be focused on Connor and the reader. Also, an apology if Connor is OOC, this is my first time writing him. Oh aaaaand I got the title from John Mulaney and I’m done rambling. Thank you for reading!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Make friends, it will be fun. New town, new school, new people. It’s a great opportunity.

Your mom’s words echoed through your head as you walked into the highschool of your new town. What a lovely way to spend your senior year, in a new town halfway across the country from your old home. But hey, you were an optimistic person, so maybe you should listen to your mom. Maybe one friend will change how the rest of the year will turn out. Maybe you can change someone’s year and tell your children one day that you helped someone for the better. Or maybe you were just being too ambitious.

Plus, how would you find people with interests like yours? You weren’t exactly hip with the kids, as your mom put it. Weird trivia and pieces of information were your forte. You were a knowledge sponge, but not like academic. You could tell someone how many types of lettuce there are, how many countries in Africa, how big each of the great lakes were. Weird stuff that meant almost nothing to anyone else, but everything to you. You were lucky enough to find a small group of friends who dealt with your random facts and actually listened when you would go on a tangent. How would you find that here? You had to find that group of weirdos where everyone in that group was just a little gay, some way more than others.

You decided on one person, you would approach one person as yourself and if that was a complete fail, you would try to fit in. But the real question was who, who would you subject to the torture of knowing the real you? Maybe that girl with the guitar case, oh wait, she’s in the band at school. Aren’t band kids like a close knit group? No doubt she would tell her friends about the weirdo she met before school started. Maybe the kid with the cast and the blue striped polo? He looked like he was an easy person to talk to, but just then some dude with glasses started talking to him and the poor kid looked like he was about to explode. Maybe your personality was a bit too much for him, and he wasn’t alone anymore. You had to talk to someone who was alone, didn’t need to embarrass yourself in front of two people, now did ya?

As your eyes scanned over the crowd, like Terminator, they landed on some kid walking out of the school building. Why would he be walking out of the school 5 minutes before the bell? Maybe you should go and find out? So, that’s what you did. You fast walked to the person as he turned the corner to the side of the school. When you got there, they were smoking a cigarette, that has to not be allowed. But the calmness of him made you assume he really didn’t care. Now that you were closer to him, you could actually get a look at him. He had fair skin and fluffy looking brown hair. Oh, and his nails were painted black. Nail polish! That can be your opening topic, ask him about what nail polish he uses! It’s genius!

So, you took a deep breath and walked over to him. He didn’t seem to notice your presence, so you decided to clear your throat. He flinched and looked at you with a slightly angry face, but you thought nothing of it. Maybe he just had RBF or something. After a few beats of silence, that’s when you went in with your question, “What kind of nail polish are you wearing?”. He didn’t respond, just kinda stared at you.

Realizing you weren’t going to get an answer, you pressed on, “Is it Wet N’ Wild’s Black Creme? It’s cheap and you don’t seem like the kind of person to spend a lot of money on nail polish. Not to say that you look cheap, it’s just… well, maybe you don’t mind splurging on nail polish. So maybe it’s like OPI’s Black Onyx, but that’s still only like 5 dollars, or maybe it’s 8. I guess it depends on where you go, tax and if you have coupons. Do they make you pay more in each state? I’ve never done that, but I also don’t travel a lot. I have a big family so it’s hard for all of us to go somewhere enjoyable-”

“Do you know how to shut the hell up?”, he interrupted you.

Oh crap, you screwed it up. Maybe you should try to fix it, how do you fix it? Don’t say anything yet, you gotta think this over. Be precise with your words and you’ll be fine, “My brother says I don’t know how to, he might be right. Judging by this conversation, he is right. My mom says not to listen to everything he says because he isn’t really a good person, but he’s alright by me. And-”

He cut you off again, “Look, I’m trying to smoke here and you’re fucking it up for me.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.”, you stuttered out, “I’m just new and stuff and I wanted to talk to someone and you seemed nice and I guess it was my fault to assume and I’m sorry.”

“Oh, you’re new? Couldn’t tell,“, his voice was laced with sarcasm, “Word of advice kid, if you want friends at this school, stay away from me. I’m a freak and the moment someone sees you talking to me, they’ll dispel you.”

You huffed, he didn’t seem bad, he was just annoyed with you. Not like that’s anything new. But an idea popped into your head. You placed your backpack on the ground and rustled through it, looking for a blank piece of paper and a pen, or any writing utensil.Once you had found it, you then tried to find a place to write. You chose to write on the dark brick wall, which caused your writing to come out sloppy. You read over it to make sure the boy could read it. You were satisfied with it, so you gave it to him. He reluctantly skimmed the paper before crumbling it and speed walking away.

What was it? You didn’t put anything rude in the note, right? All it said was that by writing on the note you weren’t technically talking to him and that you wanted to know his name. Guess he wasn’t one for loopholes, oh well. You can’t win them all, or in your case can’t get everyone to like you. Guess the universe didn’t want you and that kid to be friends. You sighed as you made your way to your first class of the day, psychics. Not your favorite, but you can’t control what classes you take. Your mom controls all of that. Not that she’s controlling or anything, you’re just so indecisive that you wouldn’t get the forms done until the next school year.

Anyways, you made your way to your classroom, silently hoping to see that boy again. As fate would have it, you and that boy had the same first period. He had an empty seat next to him, but you still wanted to play it casual, not that you could be casual anymore. You kinda ruined that chance when you rambled about nail polish to him. Oh well, you still decided to sit in a chair close to his but far enough away to make it seem like you didn’t care he was sitting behind you. He still didn’t notice your presence, that carelessness will get him hurt one day. Like he’ll fall down of something, not get hit by a bus.

The bell blared, signifying that the first class was going to start. Your teacher, who had on a smile ear to ear, walked to the front of the class and told everyone to get in their seats. Then the dreaded thing happened, “We are blessed enough to have a new student in our midst. Y/N Y/L/N, would you please stand up for the class.”

Well, who were you to say no to this lovely lady who wanted you to stand up in a room of judgemental teenagers! But, you knew you had no choice, so you did as she requested. You slowly rose from your seating position as all heads turned to you, oh great.

“Ms. Y/L/N, would you like to introduce yourself to the class?”, she asked, but again it was another demand.

You mulled over what you were going to say for a moment, until your mouth started to pour out words again, “My name is Y/N, but all of you already know that. I moved here, but you all know that anyway. There’’s nothing extraordinary to say, I have a large family. We aren’t like the size of the Duggars but there’s a lot of us. My mom says she loves all of us but sometimes I think she doesn’t like the oldest of my family. She loves the younger children, but that’s common for families. I understand it though, I like my younger siblings more than my… older… ones.”, you trailed on until you noticed that some girls were snickering at you. Your face burned bright red as you slowly sat back down.

The teacher smiled just as brightly as before, “Welcome to our school, Ms. Y/L/N.”

The rest of the class period went by in a daze. You still felt the embarrassment of before surrounding you. You met one person and scared them off and managed to be laughed at all in 20 minutes. Wow, this school year is going to be great.

how bout kash/keyleth tho

kash thinks she’s a bit much at first, but she’s beautiful, and she grows on him. “is she always like this?” becomes less disgruntled as time goes on and more becomes hopeful; he could always use a little more light in this dark, awful world he’s in

keyleth’s path takes her on a similar one to kash’s; it’s nice to have company on the way. she teaches him about nature and the ashari, and kash is a fast and willing learner. her enthusiasm and love for it warms him and a rare smile creeps onto his face watching her, every damn time

with the help of percy, keyleth druid-crafts the wooden shaft of his spear. percy carves the patterns she requests into it, and keyleth grows small vines and flowers over it, and it’s still usable, it’s just more pretty– and once while kash would’ve scoffed at it, he feels his chest swell; no one’s given him something so beautiful before

they’re both calm enough for eachother. there’s no drama, no constant need for adventure; there’s keyleth’s aramente and vesh. once it’s over with, they can settle down, kashaw becoming a healer for the air ashari they join in with, keyleth trying to be the best headmaster she can be. they support eachother, lift one another up; it’s an easy, kind life, and they’d prefer nothing less


A/N: Heyyyyy, guyssssss. I’m so sorry for not updating for so long T_T School has been hectic with exams and I have soooo many things to do this August but I hope I can still find the time to post something every once in a while (like right now!). I want to say thank you to my followers and my new mutual (yay!!!) for all the support. Also, what’s this?? Another Seatmate!AU?? That as the story goes becomes less and less of a Seatmate!AU?? How about the Super!AU lmao I’m so sorry guys. (Also, this is more fluff that the usual so prepare yourself.)

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  • Can u imagine Jihoon as a class president?
  • Because I can
  • He’s really diligent in his studies
  • Which was one of the reasons why he was elected as class president in the first place
  • Is a very disciplined and strict person
  • And has one of the best work ethics in class
  • The type of student who stayed late at school until he finished his work then play at home
  • Doesn’t let people cheat from his paper lol
  • Don’t cheat, kids
  • The teachers love him bc he does all the scoldings in class for them
  • Fine, it’s more of an evil side-eye rather than a scolding but it’s super scary ok
  • Doesn’t let people get away with skipping the after school duty of cleaning the classroom
  • “Do you wanna die or do you wanna clean the classroom?”
  • ^high low key threat by Jihoon himself^
  • Doesn’t take people’s s***
  • Will send you a look that cuts right through you if you mention anything about his height
  • He once had to be restrained when one of the freshmen did and Jihoon almost pushed the kid off the balcony on the 3rd floor
  • But really, he’s a good person and while people respect him, they generally are scared of him lol
  • That’s why he mostly kept to himself and his small group of close-knit friends
  • This kid likes to spend his break in the music room, composing and playing music
  • People don’t really know about his passion for music and that’s how he preferred it to be
  • One of the reasons was bc his parents never really approved of his dream to become a musician
  • If they ever found out, Jihoon’s afraid that he will never be able to play music anymore
  • So he decided to keep it a secret from everyone
  • Anyways
  • So you know how there has to be the good cop to the bad cop?
  • Well in class, you’re the good cop a.k.a the vice president
  • And quite the contrary to Jihoon, people think you’re really nice and really  friendly 
  • Unlike someone
  • They often wonder how you deal with Jihoon’s grumpiness tbh
  • Everyone also complain over the fact that Jihoon only seemed to be nice to you
  • But you’re like “Pshhh, what do you mean, guys, he’s not!”
  • But everybody knows they’re right
  • Jihoon does has a soft spot for you
  • You’re just too oblivious
  • There was this one time when he let you copy his homework bc you had forgotten that you even had one at the beginning
  • And you can literally see the look of betrayal everybody sent him bc Lee Jihoon does not let anybody touch his homework
  • Ever
  • Until now that is
  • Everybody went Oooooooh 
  • Because what’s this???
  • Does the President likes the Vice President?? Bc interesting.
  • Jihoon knows he’s screwed if you find out
  • So he’s always ready with a guitar to whip out at any moment if any of y’all dare to speak of this to you
  • So he acted as if he’s annoyed and all but it’s mostly an act
  • Tbh he thinks you’re really cute and nice and everything he’s not
  • But he’s pretty hesitant about confessing
  • Bc how can someone with a heart as big as moon and a smile brighter than the sun ever like someone like him?
  • So he settled with being the best person he can be to you, be it a good class president, seatmate, friend
  • Honestly he just try to be the best person he can be for you and kinda wish you would eventually notice him one day
  • Spoiler: you will
  • A N Y W H O
  • Sometimes you wonder why you never see him in the cafeteria 
  • One day you’re on your way to the cafeteria for lunch and you happen to pass the music room when you heard one of the most beautiful pieces you’ve ever heard??
  • And you wondered who it was so you went to check
  • And imagine your surprise when you found out that it was Jihoon
  • And imagine his surprise when he saw you
  • You’re both were kinda speechless as you looked at each other
  • You because you really did not expect Grumps Jihoon to be able to play a piano so elegantly like that
  • Him because oh my god, should he gO?
  • It was really awkward and embarrassing for you to be alone together like that in the music room despite you being seatmates in class
  • And it felt like you stumbled upon something you weren’t meant to see
  • But you’re really curious and really enchanted so you’re like
  • “Can I…hear you play??”
  • And Jihoon wanted to reject your request bc he’s so embarrassed and shy and you’re looking at him like that but he’s also like Y/N wants to hear me play!!! This is my chance!!!
  • So he tried to play it cool and he was like “Sure” and scooted a bit on the bench so you can sit next to him real smooth Jihoon
  • You’re kind of blushing bc you’re sitting so close to each other
  • Jihoon started to play the piano and it’s just entrancing and beautiful and you wonder how someone would hide something that’s so amazing
  • The song ended and you remembered something you saw on the school bulletin board and you’re like “Why don’t you go for the upcoming piano competiton!!”
  • Jihoon saw the look in your eyes when you said it and they were full of hope and he almost said no
  • Bc he saw it, but he knew he couldn’t because his parents wouldn’t support his passion
  • “Y/N.. I can’t.. My parents..” he started
  • “Jihoon, your parents might be wrong. If you do something with enough passion, I know you can make it. I know you will. You always do.”
  • And you said it with so much conviction that you believing in him made him believe himself, too
  • Also you’re looking at him like that and he couldn’t say no
  • And just like that, Jihoon finally agreed to take his passion one step further
  • It was from then on that you started accompanying him when he’s practising in the music room during lunch 
  • You started bringing him food on some days after you noticed that you’ve never saw him eat
  • At first, he would reject the lunchbox that you made him bc he felt so bad for burdening you
  • But then he saw the disappointment in your eyes when he did and he’d be damned if he ever make you feel sad so he’s like fine
  • And nothing makes you happier than when you see him literally devoured the food you made especially for him
  • lmao tbh he was hungrier than he let on
  • It also makes you happy, too, when he started opening up to you as you both grew closer
  • Sometimes you both would play around and sing along to any song he plays on the piano
  • And you know that feeling when you can just feel how happy you both are in each other’s company? Yeah, you feel that with him
  • It feels different with him; just the two of you in each other’s company, away from the prying world
  • It’s like a little secret you both have
  • Your friends started to notice your disappearance and were asking where you’ve been gone to during lunch
  • But you know you’d promised Jihoon not to tell anyone 
  • So you’re like lmaoo where I’ve been?? hahah *sweats nervously*
  • But at that moment Jihoon was passing and your eyes met and you couldn’t help but smile a bit and send him a small wave and your friends went OH MY GODDDD LEE JIHOON?! OUT OF ALL PEOPLE???
  • “What?? I don’t have a crush on him!”
  • Yeah you do, you just don’t realize
  • “Really?? Bc it seems to us that he does.”
  • “Don’t you notice how he acts around you?” 
  • And suddenly it made sense
  • The way he acts around you, how he’s so sweet yet nervous around you
  • You finally get it
  • And what a realization it was bc you might have a crush on him too????
  • Just thinking about it gave you the butterflies lol
  • You find the fact that he might only be soft only for you is kinda hot??
  • oh wow what a tsundere
  • So you start to skim the surface and test the waters, y’know
  • You start making him even nicer lunch boxes with heart shapes made of seaweed aaaa
  • And leaving him chocolates and other snacks under his desk bc you’re aware of how he loves to snack while composing
  • Going on convenience store errands for him when he craves for food/drinks when he’s staying longer at school
  • Honestly you’ve become kind of a helper to him now but you don’t mind bc he doesn’t really have anyone but you
  • And he’s aware of your own business and life but the fact that you’re so willing to accompany him makes him fall for you appreciate what you do even more
  • Time seems to pass a lot faster now since you started hanging out with Jihoon and before you know it, it’s the day of the recital
  • You went a little earlier bc you wanted to surprise Jihoon with flowers bc why not
  • And he’s like lmao why are you giving me flowers?
  • “Why shouldn’t I? It’s given since it’s your first piano recital!”
  • He couldn’t help but blush bc wow what did he ever do to deserve such an amazing person
  • It’s obvious that the guy is nervous as heck so you squeezed his shoulder a bit as a reassurance
  • “You’re gonna do fine! I only worry about the others because they don’t know they’re gonna get wrecked.”
  • Have he ever told you how much your support meant to him? 
  • Bc once again, the sheer faith you have in him made him believe he could do anything
  • “My parents are here, Y/N..”
  • “Good! Because now they’ll realize what they’ve been missing out on!”
  • “Y/N..” he said in half-amusement, the corner of his lips turning up
  • “If not, I’m gonna give ‘em a piece of my mind!”
  • ‘Ok that’s cute’ he absentmindedly thought
  • “But they’re my parents!” he exclaimed
  • “And you can do it.”
  • And on a spur of the moment decision, you’re like
  • “This is for good luck.”
  • And you leaned forward and landed a peck on Jihoon’s cheek before scurrying away
  • Screaming if I may add
  • To say Jihoon was shocked was an understatement
  • Bc did you just…kiss him?????
  • What have he ever done in his past life to deserve such a treat? omg nat
  • Honestly it was a bad decision in your part bc now he’s even more nervous that he’s gonna flop bc all he can think now is you
  • But of course, it’s the Great Lee Jihoon we’re talking about
  • This guy will ace anything you throw at him
  • And he played the piano with so much emotion and passion
  • thinking about you ssSHHH
  • Although it’s his first recital, he totally wrecked it
  • And it just makes you proud seeing him getting the love and recognition that he deserves up on that stage and your heart just swelled with pride bc he deserved it so much
  • And when the recital was finally over, you went to find him
  • And you found him, talking to his parents
  • At first you were a little worried
  • But you watched as his parents gave Jihoon a smile, his father patted him on his shoulder and Jihoon smiling and bowing and looking perfectly happy and grateful and you thought everything’s gonna be fine
  • When you see him finally walking away from his parents, you set your way towards him
  • He did the same and while you did expect the hug from how he threw open his arms as you both met in the middle, you definitely did not see the kiss coming
  • And the only thing you could think of as his lips descended on yours was wow he’s getting bOLD
  • And boi is he passionate
  • And you’re aware of the people watching you two and hoped his parents aren’t watching omg
  • But with Jihoon’s soft lips on yours, you couldn’t care less
  • At that moment you want to let the world knows
  • You both were breathless when you finally broke it off and he’s like wOW
  • And you’re like, yeah wow is right
  • You still have your hands clasped on his neck, his arms on your waist as you stare into each other’s eyes
  • “You ok??” you ask, breathless
  • He grinned,”More than ok. Everything finally fell into place, all thanks to you.”
  • You blushed,”It’s all you, Jihoon. It’s all you.”
  • And he flashed you one of those radiant grins, his eyes crinkling around the edges, his dimples showing and you can feel you heart melts
  • And to him, everything’s perfect, bc you’re here, and whenever you’re beside him, he knows everything will be alright
  • “So what’s next?” you finally ask
  • “Next..I’m going to pursue another dream of mine.”
  • “And what’s that?”
  • And his dark eyes bored into yours and he smiled
  • “You.”
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Shoutout to all the people with a bunch of talents, but isn’t the Beethoven of any of them. To the people who love to to what they do but don’t make it their lives.

To the kids in band that don’t play huge concerts, or march, or practice every day.

To the kids who can knit scarves but not sweaters, or only know one pattern.

To the kids who love to draw or paint but can’t draw realistic people, or cars, or can’t shade or draw backgrounds

To the kids who can sew but can’t make a prom dress, or complicated stuffed animals, or embroider masterpieces

To the kids who don’t dedicate their lives to writing with deadlines and 50k stories

To the kids who sing but don’t take lessons or preform in bands or concert halls

To everyone who loves their talents, but don’t master them

Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll

Imagine based on the song Sex Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll by Saliva requested by @dmagicreality

This ended up kinda angsty and fluffy which makes no sense if you’ve heard the song but that’s where my writing took me. Everything else I tried was just not working and that’s what I could manage with writers block. sorry not sorry for always ending my imagines with a cliff-hanger

btw I found out I suck at song imagines

Happy x Reader

Warnings:: drug use, swearing, sex mention

italic: Happy’s pov

bold: song lyrics mention/relation

Happy left to Charming three weeks ago, I didn’t really expect him to ever come back to Tacoma. Even when he went Nomad I lost hope that I’d seen him as often as I wanted to. We’d been friends with benefits, if I could call it that – we slept together, barely talked, Happy being as silent as he was didn’t help much either. I did most of the talking to be honest. He surprised me sometimes though: he bought me a present for my birthday and I hadn’t even told him when was my birthday, so that meant he went through the trouble of finding out himself. He also cracked a joke from time to time without breaking that stony façade of his.

I missed him, more than I cared to admit. A few years back I had the fame of being a bubblegum bitch for spitting out guys like they were bubblegum after I had enough of them. I wasn’t like that anymore but the fame stuck and I couldn’t put it behind me.

Before Happy left to California, he started to spend more time at my place. He used to sneak out in the middle of the night and I would wake up with one side of the bed empty and cold, but on the week before he left he came by every night and I woke up with him, sleeping right next to me. I didn’t tease him about it, but I really wanted to, especially when he snuggled closer to me.

It was the third Saturday since he left and I was home alone, blasting a rock ‘n roll song through my entire apartment as I smoked a blunt. My hair was up in bun and I had on sweatpants and a white bra, bare feet as I danced around. My weekends were boring now that Happy wasn’t here, so I needed something to distract me.

The song ended, giving enough of a pause so I could listen to my doorbell ringing incessantly. I frowned, putting down my blunt and planting my feet on the ground. It was late, almost 9pm. I didn’t get visitors – not ever. It was probably a neighbor coming to complain about the loud music. The next song started and I pressed the pause button on the stereo.

The doorbell kept ringing.

“In a minute!” I yelled as I searched around my living room for a shirt.

Whoever was on the other side of the door was not having it and kept pressing the doorbell. I finally found a white tank top between my couch cushions and pulled it on as I made my way to the door.

“I said in a minute, bitch!” I said as I swung the front door open. “Oh.”

Happy pressed the doorbell one more time and then dropped his hand to the side of his body. He looked the absolute same since I last saw him, even had the same white t-shirt beneath his kutte, the chain hanging low on his pants. I stared at him, waiting for him to say something.

Having her eyes on him was almost a relief. He loved the way she looked at him. There was never any fear on her eyes since the moment they met and she had heard things about him. She had heard his brothers in the Tacoma charter calling him the Tacoma Killer more than once and yet she never asked. He figured she was too scared to ask but as time came by he realized that maybe she didn’t care, or maybe she didn’t ask because she wanted him to simply tell her. He liked to think it was that.

She didn’t care about his reputation and he didn’t care about hers.

She talked a lot and he was hoping that that would help him, maybe she would talk enough to empty his mind out of worry. The club was his everything but he couldn’t deny that sometimes it wore him out. The life was tough - it was shooting straight through the night and breaking down doors to get whatever the club needed. Rarely ever it was ordinary and that was what he wanted from time to time. He needed a break from bringing pain. But he didn’t know what to do. Only thing he knew was that he just needed her, she would make it better, somehow.

He rode his bike all the way from Charming straight to Tacoma just to see her, hear her voice. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t crave her touch as well.

Feel like I’m going insane without you, girl,” he admitted, his voice very low on his throat.

Her brows shot up, her pretty lips parting while she stared at him. He immediately regretted saying it when he watched her reaction but then he saw the glint in her eyes when she pulled her blank expression back together. She couldn’t conceal the feeling in her eyes, not like he could, and she was looking at him the exact same way she looked at him when he wished her a happy birthday and gave her a present. She seemed absolutely delighted.

His gruff voice made my skin tingle in the most unexpected way. It was like my whole body missed him, right down to my soul. And as much as I wanted to jump in his arms I restrained myself. He could’ve just said that. Maybe he was high. It wouldn’t be the first time he came knocking on my door while high.

“You need to tell me if you’re for real, Hap, I can’t be sure with you looking at me like that.” I said, watching him closely so I wouldn’t miss anything.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” he knitted his brows together.

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You never look like you’re kidding, baby,” the pet name escaped my mouth and I pressed my lips together, hoping that wouldn’t make Happy frown or grimace at the name.

“I’m not kidding, little girl. I need you.” For the first time in forever I saw Happy’s face shift, leaving that emotionless expression behind and truly allowing emotion to show through.

“What does that mean exactly?” I asked, my heart hammering inside my chest.

I needed him too, but not for a night stand. I found that I needed to be with him and I couldn’t stand it if he said he just wanted my body. The past three weeks had been the loneliest weeks of my life. I hadn’t realized how fast my days went by when Happy was near – after he left, life was slow, uneventful. Before he left, I knew that I would find him on my living room watching cartoons when I got home and when he wasn’t there I knew that he would appear in the middle of the night and wake me up to have sex. Afterwards I’d tell him about my day and he’d nod, never saying much when I asked him about his day, then I’d sleep with my head on his chest.

“Come back to Charming with me,” he finally said, putting my fear to rest. “I can’t live there without you.”

I smiled broadly, curling my fingers and toes so I wouldn’t launch myself over him.

“Are we going right now? Because I need to get my shit together… Might need some help with that, actually.”

Suddenly Happy’s hands were on me, gathering me up against his chest and pulling me off the ground. My feet swung in the air while I laughed, meeting his dark eyes. I realized, more than a little startled, that Happy was grinning – I’d never seen his lips do more than a twitch before and now I was seeing teeth and joy in the face of a man that was known as extremely dangerous around Tacoma.

“Whatever help you need, girl,” he said, walking inside my apartment with me glued to him. He kicked the door once we were in and the door closed with a slam. “But only after I get your hands on me.”

Peter [Hogan] doesn’t like it when I’m too literal because the magic of the book is you never know whether Neverland is a real place or if it’s Wendy’s mind. But it does say, Barrie’s quite clear, if you could stay awake while you’re asleep, you’d find your mother tidying up your mind, much like she tidies up drawers. She takes all the pretty thoughts and puts them in the top and she takes all the evil dark ones and hides them in the box so you can’t find them in the morning. And the Neverlands are a place inside children’s minds, which have not just pirates and adventures, but first days at school and nasty tasting medicine and math sums, and it’s kind of this strange, surreal land. So my interpretation is, Wendy is placed in this horrible position where she’s told she has to grow up. And growing up in those days meant marriage and kids and knitting. There was no kind of, hanging around with an iPod, dancing in the mall. So, she goes to this place, maybe in her imagination, maybe not. In order to help her work this out, there’s someone there who’s never going to grow up, who represents staying childish for the rest of her life, and someone who represents the very worst and the very best things about growing up. So there’s this repulsive creature, [who] she’s strangely attracted to, who looks a little bit like her dad, oddly enough. Because who do little girls think about when they think about being married? They think about being married to their dad
—  Jason Isaacs’ theories when asked why Mr. Darling and Captain Hook are always played by the same actor. (IGN, Jeff Otto, 23 Dec 2003)

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