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so, i see a lot of posts about pre 2000’s chb culture. but. what about chb in the late 2000’s? give me my horrendous jean skirts with leggings underneath wearing Aphrodite campers. give me my hermes kids trying to sneak in their motorola razors. what about the chb kids sneaking into chirons room to check their myspace? or the actual stab wound due to a ripoff silly band deal. even better, the homemade athena kids ‘greek sillyband’ edition (which they sell at what about the apollo kids blaring “nobodys perfect” on their ipods? and the apollo cabin being SPLIT IN TWO about justin bieber and if he was good/his voice pitch? give me the lil demis pretending to be danny phantom, and screaming “im going ghost” before they ran at a training dummy. and the literal hoarding of japanese erasers. and bakugan (which, the hephaestus kids made real, terrifying ones to battle.) give me the jordan sparks “battlefield” request at the campfire. the smuggled in PS2, fully loaded with Spyro, sly copper, and gta vice city. give me the webkinz the younglings brought with them to cuddle, and the kids who wanted to be famous on youtube for 'scooter tricks’. the demeter kids and their scooby doo chia pets. just. just consider, late 2000’s chb.


Clean Cut American Kid - A Harringrove Fanmix

1. Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
2. Talking in Your Sleep - The Romantics
3. Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
4. Shout at the Devil - Motley Crue
5. Clean Cut American Kid - Ill Repute
6. Hammer to Fall - Queen
7. Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar
8. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
9. Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes
10. Stand Back - Stevie Nicks
11. Modern Love - David Bowie
12. What I Like About You - The Romantics
13. Just What I Needed - The Cars
14. Don’t You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
15. I Will Follow - U2
16. Hold Me - Fleetwood Mac
17. A Town Called Malice - The Jam
18. Jump - Van Halen
19. Close To Me - The Cure
20. The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
21. Round and Round - Ratt
22. This Town - The Go-Go’s
23. Heat of the Moment - Asia
24. I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner
25. I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
26. One In A Million - The Romantics

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Things That Are Kinda Canon but Not Really
  • Sasuke is blind af and secretly needs glasses
  • Itachi and Shisui were in love
  • Danzo ordered Itachi not to destroy anyone’s eyes when he took down the Uchiha clan so he could have them for his collection
  • White Zetsu cut Obito’s hair to look like his
  • The Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka clans’ main branch families are forbidden from interbreeding because that would mess up InoShikaCho
  • Itachi and Shisui were each other’s first kiss
  • Every single member of the Akatsuki had to delicately paint their finger nails to make sure they don’t get polish on the side and have to redo it
  • Sasuke and Sakura do each other’s hair
  • Naruto definitly rubbed it in Sasuke’s face when he got taller than him
  • Kakashi started wearing his mask because he was embarrassed about his mole but now it’s just habit
  • Tobirama gets his looks from his mama
  • Hashirama decided to learn medical ninjutsu because he was tired of seeing his fellow shinobi die on the battlefield and he just wanted to be able to do something about it
  • Obito probably wasn’t the first Uchiha kid Madara saved from the battlefield, he was probably just the first to survive
  • Madara was literally a genius, not just in battle strategy but also in science
  • Kabuto was the one who went shopping for the food and he probably cooked too
  • Naruto took his mother’s last name because she was the one who was still alive when Lord Third came and got him

listen I know posts like this are painfully cliché, but for your consideration: the Magnus Chase series filmed in a Parks and Rec/The Office style

- Every time someone doesn’t understand/refuses to use ASL, Hearth sends a long, withering stare into the camera

- That scene from the Office where Dwight sets the place on fire bc he was mad no one paid attention to his fire safety power point presentation??? Odin when he was still disguised as an einherjar

- Any time Anyone is being hard on themselves Magnus starts complimenting them like Leslie Knope compliments Ann

- Every time Magnus sends a sarcastic prayer to his father we cut to Frey just frowning in mild confusion

- Amir: “Samirah why did I get a letter from a norse god inviting me to your wedding???”


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- Any time Magnus says or does Anything, Alex either looks into the camera in exasperation or they cut to an aside of her ranting about how stupid he is

- The whole episode where Lil’ Sebastian escaped the petting zoo and got lost in the maze, but like, when Fenris Wolf escaped his chains

- Jack the sword is literally just Jean-Ralphio

- Magnus, wearily throwing himself down in a seat outside of Fadlan’s: “Give me all the falafel you have. Wait, wait- I’m worried what you just heard was ‘give me a lot of falafel’. What I said was 'give me all the falafel you have’. Do you understand?”

- Loki is essentially just both the Tammy’s and Jamm rolled into one

- Shots of Sam flying into danger and wielding an axe and just doing generic Valkyrie stuff and then they just pan over to Amir with wide eyes looking like he’s about to faint

- Every time someone curses, Jack lets out a “beeeeep” to censor it; Jack curses freely

-  *one of those weird and uncomfortable Inge and Hearth scenes happen*

    Blitzen: “The thing about Alfheim culture is…I don’t understand it.”

- Every time there’s a battle happening a weirdly non-battle song plays but the scene will occasionally splice to an aside of Jack just singing that song off-tune

- Every time Magnus forgets he’s supposed to be the healer of the group, the person who’s dying stares into the camera until it hits him

- Cut to scenes of Blitz and Hearth on one of their aside secret missions- “DONT be SUSPICIOUS, DONT BE S U S P I C I O U S~~~~” asl is worked into the dance moves

- Fredrick and Annabeth: 'Hey where the fuck is Magnus?’

  Randolph: “~~Technically he’s HOMELESSSSS~~~~”

- We still get all the ridiculous death scenes in Valhalla but all the warriors act like the Citizens of Pawnee even when they’re dying like they’re Awful.

  ex) Alex, holding a vase to one of the managers: “Yeah I made this in one of  your pottery classes??? It’s TERRIBLE!” *throws it so hard at them they loose an eye*

  ex) TJ, dying in his bed: “Yeah you know that water fountain with the 'do not drink the water’ sign? Halfborn dared me to drink from it and now I’m dying of a fatal infection. Sir, sir are you listening??? Sir I’m TALKING TO YOU! Are you aware that there’s waste in your water system???”

  ex) Mallory, twelve arrows sticking out of her and slowly bleeding to death: “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.” - Magnus: “You were yelling at a bunch of little kids on the battlefield.” - “Well they SUCKED!”

- Every time someone predicts Blitz or Hearth is gonna die the camera pans in on Magnus who groans into the camera

- “Thor has never had a real job…in his LIFE,”

- “Mallory, you’re like a Valkyrie without flight magic!” - “…So like a person?”

- Every time Loki invades Magnus’ dreams he talks as if he’s expecting a laugh track and Magnus just gets more and more confused

- Magnus: “I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my entire life.”

   Blitz and Hearth: “We know this, and we love you.”

- During the brief percabeth cameo in Ship of the Dead, every time Magnus or Alex stares into the camera or does an aside or something, Percy and Annabeth are like…what the fuck are you doing. What are you looking at. Who are you talking to. Why are the Norse like this???

- Hearth: *belittles or doubts himself*

  Magnus and Blitz: *signing aggressively* YOU HAVE A L L THE STRENGTHS

- Alex: “Someone will DIE…”

  Magnus: “…..of fun?”

- When Leslie lowkey kidnapped the gay penguins and took them to Iowa where it was legal??? Magnus with Thor’s goats

- Basically everyone who isn’t human is an Eagletonnian like that’s why they’re so fake nice about guest rights lol

- The cameras are really just Odin’s ravens

- Any time Magnus and Alex have a moment™ you can see Sam lurking in the background making excited eyebrows into the camera

- Any time they gotta talk about crafting or fashion Blitz is basically Tom Haverford you know I’m right

- When gods make ridiculous requests or give dumb orders and you get a shaky zoom in on the mains looking ready for the end

- Remember when Jerry lied about getting mugged bc he didn’t want to admit he got messed up trying to get a burrito?? Magnus after he tried and failed to fight that eagle that stole his falafel

- Blitz has absolutely said 'treat yo self’ at least once

- Loki, complaining about his eternal punishment: “I am the victim of a hate crime!”

  Magnus: “That’s…not what a hate crime is.”

  Loki: “WELL I HATED IT.”

- Mimir is basically Orin

- Alex: *exists*

  Magnus: “Whats a not gay way to ask him to go camping with me?”

- my laptop’s dying but I will not drop this I’ll be back later

Thoughts & Predictions: Chap 91

Ahh this chapter. I can’t even lie, after reading it all the way through; I absolutely love it. There is SO much to build off of here and so many directions Isayama could take this in but, knowing how this story is and seeing the subtle (not really) drops of foreshadowing in this chapter has me super excited. This makes for an interesting read because I’m 90% sure these fresh-faced kiddos are in for a very rude awakening when they see the reality of the world they live in.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother. 


This is one of my favorite questions asked in the series because it perfectly sums up a lot of the picture Isayama is trying to portray in this universe. Where do you draw the line between someone who still retains a glimmer of humanity, and a monster? 

  • Man-eating titans who were once human. 
  • Human’s who can shift into man-eating titans. 
  • Human’s who sacrifice their morals for the sake of victory. 
  • Humans who sacrifice their morals for the sake of power. 
  • Humans who sacrifice humans all to achieve a goal. 

Where in all of this does humanity as a whole fall? Now that we see the state of the world outside of the walls, I cannot help but to think back to this conversation between Eren and Pixis here from chapter 12:

Eren, our “jump-the-gun” protag, calls out all of humanity right there. He see’s a bigger picture and graps it. Not to its full extent just yet but, he’s close.

So, what now? It’s been four years since this scene. The titans have been exterminated, the secret of the walls has been revealed, and so has their true enemy; other humans. So, what will they do? Will they kill everyone who gets in their way or will they finally unite? And if they do… How will that happen? 

Keep in mind that I am not just referring to the walled Eldians here. I’m talking about the ones across the sea as well. 

Will the Eldian people as a whole unite together to take down Marley and finally gain true freedom? Or will they kill each other because they stand at opposite ends of the same goal? 

I think there are TWO reasons Isayama jumped over to this group on the mainland so suddenly. Reason number one being to reveal this big guy right here:

FINALLY WE SEE THE NINTH TITAN! The Jaws Titan. I have no idea what he can do but, I am still super excited that we FINALLY know what he looks like. Let’s all be real, he looks badass. Plus, his role is bound to be an important one.

I believe the second reason Isayama hopped over to the mainland was to make us see the struggle of the Eldian people across the sea just so we would ask ourselves this question: 

Who actually is the “true enemy”

Is it Marley because of how they treat the Eldian people? Is it the rest of the world for waging war against Marley? Is it the mainland Eldian people who fight for Marley? Is it the Eldians of Paradis Island who fight against them and are called demons? 

Truthfully, I don’t think there is a correct answer here even though I’m sure we can all agree that the Marlian government is now the biggest issue. Still though, the lack of balance in this situation makes it all the more difficult to decide which side is right and which one is wrong.

On one hand, we see Eren and his group questioning whether or not killing other people will actually free them. We’ve seen Eren struggle to kill Annie which in turn gave her an out. We see Eren keep an important truth to himself in order to protect Historia’s life. We see Armin struggle with accepting that he shot and killed someone. We see Jean struggle time and time again with killing throughtout the entire series. We see Jean, Sasha, and Connie cry when they think they’ve killed Reiner. But at the same time, we also see what happened to the people of Stohess. We see the lives Erwin sacrificed. The people Levi has tortured or killed. We see what happened with Bertoldt. Killing one to save another and so on. We have SEEN the struggle of those in the walls and how hard it has been to retain even a semblance of humanity in their hearts. 

Then we see these new kids in the middle of a body strung battlefield discussing who’s going to win the opportunity to eat one of their own people and become a warrior. We see them calm and collected on the front lines. We see kids who are more than willing to take human life and who see no qualms in death. These are kids who are outright cannon fodder and they are, for the most part, completely chill about it. These are kids who have obviously also struggled but, in an entirely different way. To them, humans are evil if they are different. They haven’t lived through the struggle of Titans roaming their lands. They have NO IDEA what their distant people have suffered, and they have been brainwashed to believe that people who share the same blood as them deserve that fate. 

They believe they are the better Eldians. That they are the good ones. 

The only remaining people left in this story who could tie such vastly different thinking poeple together and give them a common ground to stand on are Zeke, Reiner, and Annie. 

I don’t see it being Zeke tbh but, I truly believe that ONE of the original titan trio will need to survive in order to make this happen and to also tell their full story, and I (personally) think that person will end up being Annie. It is really hard for me to see Reiner making it back to Paradis Island for a number of reasons. The main one being that the Marlian government is already trying to basically Hunger Games his power off. Annie though, she is already on the island. Still in her crystal and most likely still alive. Hence why she is being guarded underground. Those in the walls still believe her to be a threat and if she is still alive, being in the crystal probably prolonged her life with the titan ability. 

She sympathized with those in the walls. She did not want to carry out the mission in full and that was made very clear quite a few chapters ago. If there is one person from the mainland who can shine light on the entire situation for both ends of the Eldian people as a whole; it will most likely be her. 

However, I am not ruling Reiner out juuuuuuuuust yet. He does have respect for some of those in the walls and if there is one person who can help him get back to the Island in order to escape the Marlian government. It’s Zeke. 

Not only does Zeke have his own reason to escape since they are also trying to tranfer his power to someone else; but he also has a reason to return to the island beyond saving his own life. 

Saving Eren’s (or so he believes). 

I doubt highly that Zeke would leave Reiner to be eaten considering he’d probably need Reiner’s help in escaping. Not to mention that Zeke has already saved Reiner once before. 

What would have been the point of this scene right here if Isayama just planned to have the both of them easily killed off?

Let me go ahead and throw this out there. I DO NOT SEE ZEKE DYING ANYTIME SOON. Not just because of the unfinished plot points shown above but, also because of this extremely important and unfinished plot point too:

There is no way Isayama will just leave this as unfinished business, which brings me back to the kiddos in the trench in chapter 91. 

It’s obvious that the Marley government cannot continue to opporate as it does. It’s also obvious that these kids have seen war and have faced cruelty. But, they don’t know what it’s like to face titans. They probably have no idea what it means to be a warrior because If they did, I doubt they’d be so eagery hashing it out in the middle of a battlefield to gain said abilites. Cutting your life down to 13 years all for the sake of commiting mass genocide for a government that hates you and your people regardless of which land you stand on.

I’m sure that at this point, Reiner, who has lived on both sides, has asked himself what exactly he fought for and has wondered which side was right. Especially when I look back and wonder if the Marlian government ever informed their warriors that they’d only have 13 years left to live after gaining their power. Was it worth it to Reiner? To fight and kill just to be fed off to someone else once he became too weak? 

Was Bertoldt’s death really so cruel when he would have had to face the exact same fate at the hand of the government he faught and killed for once he returned to the home he so desperately missed?   

This doesn’t look like the face of a man who would say “yes”…

Ignorant, hopeful kids that are fighting to become monster’s in order to gain freedom stand on one side of the sea, and newly grown adults that are struggling to remain hopeful and that are fighting to retain their humanity in order to gain freedom stand on the other side. 

So where do you find some middleground?

The only three that remain and can stand in the middle are Zeke, Reiner, and Annie (maybe Armin if he has Bertl’s memories). Humans that can turn into man-eating titans that have seen what it is like on both ends of the spectrum. Beings that are both human’s and monsters. Reiner and Annie have lived it while Zeke is still ignorant to life in the walls. However, I do no see Zeke dying as I stated before.

So, will one of the Marlian warriors help bring human’s of the same origin together to change the world they live in? Will they come together against the common enemy of the Marley government? Or will they be doomed and continue to repeat history and fight and kill each other due to ignorance and misplaced hate?  

I have no idea but, I am hopeful for the Eldian people as a whole. They all want to be free from the prisons that hold them. Whether it be the districts on the mainland, or the Walls on the island. They all just want to fly and the only way they’ll truly be able to achieve that is if they all unite. 

How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

By keeping your heart and mind open, even in the wages of war. If you want to fly like a bird, you have to be willing to see beyond the cage that holds you and share the sky with others who only wish to spread their wings just like you. 

Chapter 97 Thoughts

Isayama sure did manage to pack a lot of good stuff into 45 pages. It’s a welcoming balance of insightful character exploration and intriguing new plot points that set the stage for what’s sure to be a fateful event. Chapter 100 is in the near future. Big important number. I’m betting on it being a memorable one at the rate things are going.

Also, I never realized I needed Kenny Ackerman and Annie interacting until now. That was such a treat to see.

Meanwhile, Falco continues to establish himself as an incredibly loveable character. This makes me fear for his future.

He, Eren, and Reiner form a fascinating bundle of character parallels. They all fear or have feared failing as warriors/soldiers, believing they may die without accomplishing anything. Two out of three of those people have had their beliefs harshly challenged to a point that they were shaken to the core, and the resulting fallout is no pleasant experience to witness.

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Pairing: Park Woojin x Reader
Genre: badboy!Woojin (sorta)
Summary/Extra: sry for not updating consistently!

  • before i start lemme just say how much i love park woojin like omg
  • he’s my bias yall
  • so basically, badboy and fboy!Woojin scenarios brings me to tears
  • Anyway let us get on with it
  • So badboy!woojin would be the one kid sitting in the back of the classroom with his black hoodie and earbuds/headphones in/on his ears ALL THE TIME
  • He’s really really quiet and no one really knows what kind of person he is
  • He doesn’t have any friends since no one approaches him
  • He’s very intimidating

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Voltron in the PJO-verse

Lance- Okay so everyone says that he’s a kid of Aphrodite but I’m thinking Athena. He can think quickly on the battlefield and can be pretty damn smart sometimes.

Pidge- Hephaestus. We all know that Hephaestus said he’s no good with natural life forms and pidge isn’t great with other beings. Also she’s great with computers and mechanical shit.

Keith- Ares. This guy would 10/10 would be an Ares kid because he’s always fighting someone. Also the knife kink.

Hunk- Hephaestus, because damn that kid is a great mechanic. Also I like the idea of Pidge and Hunk as siblings like how awesome would that be? Nah but he’d be the best Hephaestus kid.

Shiro- Bellona. He has a great leadership qualities and is great for battle and shit but he’s definitely not an Ares or Athena child and Zeus doesn’t deserve him.

Coran- Hermes. I always feel like he’s going a hundred miles an hour and always seems get the message across. And I’m pretty sure he got up to some shit as a teenager.

Allura- If Aphrodite and Athena had a kid it’d be Allura. Like… Wow. She’d be able to use charm speak to the utmost advantage in war and she’s great at sitting down to talk strategy even without the charm speak. Whenever they need someone to go talk to the other side to work out stuff she’s there.

Matt- Apollo. Just… We haven’t gotten much from him but with the personality I’ve made up in my head, Apollo seems most likely. Also I want Pidge and Matt’s mom to be like “HA I FUCKED TWO GODS WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT ME BITCHES?”

meashu  asked:

That post mentioning Obito being the first kid Madara saved from the battlefield that survived fucks me up so bad but what fucks me up even MORE is the chance that he wasn't the first to /survive/, but the first to catch on that rejecting the ramblings of a deranged old man that may or may not decide if you get to live by your response is probably not the best idea.

YEP. Tbh I hadn’t ever really considered there being others but it makes a horrible kind of sense? I mean, Madara knew exactly what he was doing when he was grafting Mokuton cells onto Obito’s body, and when Orochimaru tried that it had a 1 in 60 survival rate. And Orochimaru probably had better equipment and better resources. Now that’s terrifying.

Ok, sharing a fun story from work since I’m always complaining:

This year, we had a kid-friendly battle reenactment. All elementary school-aged kids with wooden guns. They came wearing costumes. It was very violent and very adorable. 

I was tasked with helping out our group of tiny British soldiers (going over a Very Simplified Manual of Arms, how to march, etc) and part of that was talking about why are we fighting these Americans anyway? After discussing how angry they should be, the group spontaneously begins to chant “Kill the mili-tia! Kill the mili-tia!” I told them this was the proper spirit and all but they could not yell this at the other kids on the battlefield, as it was historically inaccurate (and rude). They might have had music, but probably they were just trying to stay silent. We did not have any fifes and drums so I told them to use their imagination.

One of the kids at the front of the line says “I’ll be your music then, follow me! Bum bum bum bum badUM”. 

Twenty children proceeded to march in perfect lockstep onto the battlefield singing the Imperial March.

Aphrodite kids

Some have charmspeak. Some can change their features just by thinking about it. They’re all super beautiful but none are dulled down to the goddesses look, they all have more of their mortal parents features. Their bathroom is so well organized like damn guys. They’re always coming up with ways to make beauty products useful on the battlefield

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Omg I just reader the robot mom thing.... That was heart wrenching. But now.... What if there was a 16/17 year old in the Overwatch program? And Zenyatta just looks at them and is like, 'I must care for this young one.' And basically becomes their robot mom on and off the battle field? Head canons for that? Please and thank you! ^w^

Ask and you shall recieve! (eventually)

This post is inspired by this one (Please note that I did not write the original, this is just inspired by it)

- When Zen joins Overwatch he makes sure he knows all the members, and whenever a new member joins he makes sure to introduce himself and get to know them a little (provided they’re willing to talk to the omnic)

- But he’s surprised when the newest recruit is so…. Young

- Fighting for what you believe in doesn’t have an age limit, but he’s not sure they’re even an adult (Zen you’re like, 20, you’re not much older than them)

- He’s decides to keep an extra eye on them, just in case. But, subtly

- They get along with Zen, and they tell him that they were living in Kings Row when Null Sector took over. They lost several friends in the conflict, both human and omnic

- Anyone who tries to hurt this kid on the battlefield is instantly hit with an Orb of Discord

- He’s honestly a super low-key mom friend. Genji is the only one who notices and he doesn’t say anything because he’s too busy laughing