kids images

So I watched the video and…

Holy shit. I got five seconds in and closed my browser tab. For one thing I’m at work, but that was just… embarrassing. Cringeworthy.

I had no ill feelings toward Will prior (and I honestly didn’t really pay attention to Janelle) but overall I think it’s BTF’s right to not want to associate with based on public image, just as it’s their right to be tacky like that in class.

And yes, as someone who takes pro-level classes, if I were in that class I’d feel hella uncomfortable. I’d understand that it’s their class and they could do what they want, but I certainly wouldn’t make the choice to go back.

And while dancing like that in class doesn’t mean that they’re going to teach like that at a convention, conventions hire teachers based on their public portfolio and public image. Kids can access and see this, and this can be intimidating, frightening or uncomfortable for them. And for parents. Like, say myself and my director were going to a BTF competition and we knew what teachers were doing workshops, we’d normally tell our parents, “You should check out their content online!” What are you supposed to tell them when it’s, well, that?

The whole “This is my personal Instagram” is not the best defense. If you get that blue checkmark, you clearly consider yourself a public figure. You’re hired based on your reel and the image you put out, so you can/should be dismissed based on your reel and the image you put out.

Now, off to Clorox my eyes!

PS, anons and @lovealldancers, thank you for bringing this yuckiness to my attention!

consider this: rival captains who would happily put the other in the grave but hey turns out they make a good team and they kind of really want to kiss each other lol whups