kids if someone volunteers for the job

Tulips (M) Ch. 1

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader x Jeon Jungkook
Genre/ Rating: smut, mature (18+)
Word Count: 6.3k
***WARNING: mature themes, strip/bar/club!AU, mentions of cheating/infidelity, explicit content, slight alcoholism and a flirty Jungkook
Summary: Jung Hoseok is over you. He’s been over you. So when he sees you drinking up the bar with Jungkook, he has every intention of leaving it alone - until he doesn’t.

inspired by: Cheat Codes and Nickey Romero’s ‘Sober

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My life as a volunteer.

When I first moved to NYC, I was so defeated.  I spent all my little money incredibly fast and nobody would hire me.  I was crashing with a friend from boarding school until I found a job, but the thing they don’t tell you about moving to a big city with your college degree in tow is some degrees are good for landing a job immediately (even entry level is still a paycheck), some degrees are good for internships while you wait tables to pay the bills, and some degrees are only good for sending you back to school for your masters where hopefully you will also gain some kind of experience in your field.  There’s nothing you can do in your field with an anthropology degree or an economics degree unless you have already gained some magically elusive experience in that field already.  

I worked my way through college, but I worked retail because the schedule was flexible and it paid a lot (retail management is a really nice paycheck, especially in a lucrative chain).  You can’t get a retail management job in NYC unless you have “New York Experience” which I most certainly didn’t have coming up here from South Carolina.  I took a job as a cashier in a Bed Bath & Beyond with extremely high turnover because I would be promoted faster and catch some “New York Experience” as a manager.  Until I got that experience, I was trying to survive in NYC making $9 an hour at a part-time job.  When I did find an apartment, it was an overpriced, newly (but shoddily) renovated building way out in Bushwick where the first floor residents were selling crack all day.  I was pretty much living on Top Ramen and lunchmeat, begging for extra shifts at work, and trying to keep it together.

But I had a roof.  And I had a job.  And I was paying my bills.  And I could eat.  All around the city you see people every day who don’t have that, so I wanted to put it all back into perspective for my own sense of wholeness and to remind myself that I did have a lot to be thankful for regardless of my struggle.  So I went to volunteer at a homeless shelter.  

I don’t talk about volunteering a lot, but when I do, I’m never shy about what I feel is the selfish aspect of it.  The general feeling toward people who give up their time for strangers is that it’s a selfless act of extremely giving people who want to make the world a better place, and that’s true and warm and fuzzy and all that, but for me (and most of the volunteers I know) you do actually feel better.  It’s not just that you are helping another person, because I would hope that everyone feels a little bounce in their step if they made someone else’s day easier, but at a place like a homeless shelter, you’re also thankful that it’s not you who needs the help.  I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself living above a crack house and eating ramen every night, so I went to volunteer with homeless people to help make their lives easier.  While I was there, one of the administrators told me I might be interested in a battered women’s shelter organized by a Catholic church that was looking for more volunteers to help some of the women with job interview skills.

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Bitty’s Favorite Peach

Find it on Ao3

3.8K Words

Warnings for Brief mentions of anxiety and animal abuse. Don’t worry though it’s SUPER fluffy

Summary: Jack and Bitty get a house! But Bitty gets bored and lonely while Jack’s gone, so he volunteers at an animal shelter.

Bitty sat restlessly on the couch with the TV on watching the Bruins play the Habs. He had no real interest in the game, it was late November, still early in the season. 

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Help Wanted (01)

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Pairing: Foster dad!Jin x reader

Genre: Slight angst (?)

Rating: PG13

Warnings: This series deals with caring for foster children and as such there will be details of their backgrounds mentioned, which includes substance abuse, neglect, abandonment, abusive families and death. So if any of these things are triggering for you, please read with caution or feel free to give this a skip.

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Will signed up to be Santa’s elf for extra money and Nico is doing it because he lost a bet. But he ends up liking the job because he can stare at Will’s smile.

so this isn’t an exact match to ur request but i think its close enough that you’ll still like it

  • Will volunteers every year bc he loves seeing all the happy kids and it helps him get into the holiday spirit
  • Nico once told his friends that he would never ever do that job bc it looked awful and he hated screaming kids and didn’t like Christmas and someone would have to pay him a million dollars to do it. Or he would have to lose a bet, apparently. and so he had to volunteer
    • so he tried to hide in the back usually but eventually his boss finds him and forces him to work at the front of the line to direct the kids to Santa and hes gotta work alongside this tall happy blond guy who is too energetic for this
  • will always tries to start conversations with nico while they’re standing around but nicos never interested and sometimes he wont even look at will but then whenever will’s doing something else nico cant take his eyes off him,,,
    • hes just so pretty and so nice to the kids and even to all the parents and nico cant handle it ok ((and he really cant handle it when they’re standing in front of the line and one of the moms starts flirting with will right there in front of everybody))
  • at one point will leads one of the kids up to santa and tells the kid that their mom is gonna wait off to the side so they can talk to santa by themself and the next kid in line overhears and starts crying bc she doesnt want to talk to santa without her mom with her and she runs out of line and nico looks for will bc normally he handles these things but he’s busy so nico stops the girl and picks her up to bring her back to the line and explains to her what happens and how her mom’s gonna be real close by and he wipes her tears away and even carries her over to santa himself when the first kid is done
    • will is awed,,,,, this moody boy that looks like he’d rather be literally anywhere else,,, hes finally interacting with the kids and hes so sweet and cute and when nico comes back over to him he glares at will and crosses his arms and tells will to stop looking at him like that
  • so santa’s workshop finally closes at noon on christmas eve “so santa can get to the north pole” and so as will and nico are packing everything up to leave, nico’s like “so uh i guess this is goodbye??” bc wills being very quiet for once and its making nico kind of uncomfy?? but will’s like “unless you maybe wanna get a drink sometime?? like after christmas??” and hes really not expecting a response but nico agrees and they exchange numbers
    • ((they finally see each other in normal clothes for the first time ever and theyre both amazed at how attractive the other is like those elf costumes dont do anybody justice))

thanks for the suggestion!!! i’ve got one christmas list left and then i’ll be taking a break for a little while!!

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So I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would UT! , UF!, and US! Sans, and US! Papyrus react if they saw this happen to their s/o?

{ Omg! I could never have all your patience with kids… Ouch-! }


Do ya love kids so much, eh?, Sans looked in your direction while you were playing with all those children; he was not going to take part of this game. Sans was too old and he supposed they could get scared seeing him, he was still a skeleton, even if his appearance was not so creepy, he remained an unusual creature for humans. Maybe kid’s mind could accept more weird things than an adult could, children usually had more imagination and instinct. The truth was that: working as babysitter was not his speciality.

He knew kids could be very cute and sympathetic, just like his brother when he was a babybones, but kids could be also very… Murderous. It was better if he didn’t remember all those skeletons in the closet. Sans was unsure, he didn’t know if he appreciated kids or not… It depended, just like everything, from the single kid.

He was glad you had a passion and you might have a lot of patience for controlling everyone of them, because they got too much energy. They were like a bunch of deranged bees. Oh, they truly were! It seemed they have swallowed you up, making you disappeared into the oblivion. He was worried but he was still watching. It was hilarious someway, because you were still smiling like it was normal. They were just playing with you… Didn’t they?


No, this was a Hell on Earth for Sans.

Man cubs everywhere… How it could be possible? He was looking in every direction, seeing kids. Kids everywhere. They were screaming. They were jumping. They were walking. Running free. Some of them were even touching him. Sans had a blow, «Please! Get them off me!», he shouted horrified. They live. It was an invasion, «They’re coming outta the fucking walls!», then, he took a mental note: to buy some spray anti-brats, because they were just like insects for him.

Sans was not a kid’s lover… Haven’t you already understood?

You had to explain –with a lot of patience and calm-, you did it like a volunteer because you loved children so much, they were not evil. They were just a little animated and loud, nothing to be afraid of.  He said they were masked demons, not vigorous and neither innocent. They were playing with your little mind. He was too paranoid. Chara has traumatized him.

Then, when Sans saw you being swarm by them, he started panicking more than before. It was just another confirm of his theory.


He was checking all the children’s moves. Papyrus knew very well not every kids could be polite and sweet like his brother was. He had to control all of them for your protection.  He could not trust kids, he had problem to trust people he didn’t know –especially when they were little kids, ambiguous creatures. You could never understand what there was on their minds.

He gave to the kids a bunch of stink eye they were not going to forget. Papyrus has been traumatized by Frisk, too. His mind was gone. He was doing the same thing with all these poor children. They looked to the skeleton with terror. Yes, he has exaggerated. He crossed the line. Your colleagues thought he was a sort of creep or a bad guy. You sighed, taking Papyrus to have a little chat with him. He should have calm down! Now! If he wanted to stay. At the end, he understood he misbehaved, he has just remembered unpleased memories. He said sorry, ignoring the kids this time.

When the kids swarm you, he forced himself to look down, but it was difficult.

Papyrus decided to be more discreet than before while he was checking on you. Sly old fox.


Some of your volunteer friends took Sans as a child, too.

They said to him to follow the group and be ready for the naptime… Sans was confused. He was not a kid. He was here to help you with your job. Someone was squeezing his cheekbone. How did they dare? That was very rude. Oh, poor Sans. Help him! Then, you came, saying he was your boyfriend and he was not a kid, at all. Sans was still older than all those people were.

Every kid in the yard loved Sans so much, he became friend with all of them. You have never thought he could have this talent. Since he was an energetic skeleton, he never stopped, starting to run, to play, to jump with the kids, until they were all exhausted while Sans had a lot of energy. Actually, the kids have swarm him, not you. You have been the one to save him, but he laughed happily because it was their love. Then, the children took a huge naptime. 

It was a good idea bringing Sans with you. He had a lot of fun, too. Sans was waiting for the bis.

Butt I Didn’t Do It On Purpose (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: Can u do1 where Patrick touches y/n butt when they’re kissing on his bed and he totally freaks out because he doesn’t want her to think that he sees her as an object & well idk but can they be in highschool like 17 or something.

If someone had asked me last year, where I saw myself one year in the future, I never would have said here. I probably would have said studying in a library for the SATs, getting my first volunteer job, meeting friends for dinner, finally getting a car. No, I never would’ve guessed that I would be lying in Patrick Stump’s bed, visiting his house for the first time, as his girlfriend. A year ago, I didn’t even like Patrick, in fact he was just another face in the crowd, another kid in a class. But when we got a job at a record store together at the beginning of the year, something changed. Once I really knew him, I liked him almost immediately. Yet we were so awkward and nervous around each other, it took Patrick three months to ask me out, even though he claims he liked me from the very first day. Now, we’ve been together for almost a month, deeming the day to be the perfect time to meet his family and hang out at his house for the first time. Yeah, a year ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever be here, but now that I am, I gotta admit it’s a damn good view.

Patrick lays on the bed next to me, typing something rapidly into his phone. His hat is pushed off of his head from how he’s lying, and he scrunches his forehead in concentration. I smile as I study the deep color of his eyes, the way he adjust his glasses, and the scrunch of his nose as he types away. Even with the view, I eventually get bored.

“Patrick” I whisper, poking him in the cheek, “Pay attention to me”

Patrick looks at me with a smile, “Sorry I was just responding to a text” He says apologetically.

“Hey, that’s fine, I mean I could always just leave if you have better things to do….” I respond playfully, moving to the edge of the bed.

“No, no, no, come back” Patrick says with a half fake whine, pulling lightly on my wrist “I’m sorry, don’t leave”

WIth a quiet laugh I roll back towards him, ending up back in my original position, a couple inches away from his face.

“You know how we always promised we would never become one of those gross, corny couples that everyone hated being around?” I ask him

“Yea?” Patrick responds with a smile

“We’re becoming one of those couples” I say with a laugh.

“You’re probably right, but it’s okay, because I love people seeing us as a couple, especially  if it’s people complaining about how good we are together” Patrick says with a laugh, pushing his head up and catching my lips.

I respond immediately, lips melding with his in the easiest way. When his tongue lightly grazes my lips, silently asking for entrance, I eagerly open my mouth to him. I move my fingers through his hair, thinking that i’ll never get over the feeling of his soft hair running through my fingers. Patrick’s hands slowly trace down my back, fingers leaving goosebumps down my skin. I slide over so I’m sitting on his lap, and his hands continue their path. In the heat of the moment, Patrick’s hands slide straight over the waistline of my jeans and down to my butt. I make a noise, more out of surprise than any type of protest, but Patrick breaks the kiss immediately.

“Oh my god,” he says eyes widening, “I didn’t mean to do that”

He not so subtly slides me off of him quickly, and leaps up from the bed.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I really didn’t mean to do that!” He says, livid, as he looks at me from almost all the way across the room.

“Patrick what are you even talking about?” I ask, completely confused by whatever the heck is going on.

“ I just-, I just touched your butt, and I’m sorry it was an accident, I just-” He scrambles to explain

“Patrick” I say with a confused  laugh, still not understanding what the big deal is. I try to interrupt him, but he doesn’t even stop at the sound of my voice.

“I didn’t mean to but we were kissing, and you were on my lap and then my hands, they just-”

“Patrick!” I try again.

“I just don’t want you to think I’m trying anything with you, because I’m not I swear, I actually really do like you, and I’m definitely not one of the guys that would do that, so I don’t want you to think-”

“Patrick Martin Stumph!” I finally yell, successfully shutting down off this time,

“Yeah?” He asks, looking at me with a blushed, embarrassed look.

“It’s okay” I say with a laugh.

“What?” Patrick asks in surprise, stopping in the tracks of his nervous pacing.

“I said, it’s perfectly okay” I say again with a smile, gesturing him to come back to the bed.

He sit on the edge of the bed, still looking at me nervously, “Are you sure?”

“I’m definitely sure” I say with a laugh, holding up my right hand, as though I was giving an oath “I, (Y/N), hereby give you, Patrick, full butt touching rights, as long as it’s in private, of course, because otherwise that would be weird”

Patrick widens his eyes then laughs, looking a little relieved. “I’m sorry, I overreacted, I just didn’t want you to think that I was one of those guys that just objectified women and went out with them for that reason only, especially since we haven’t been dating for very long yet.”

“Don’t worry, It’s fine, I promise” I say, tugging him closer by grabbing his hand, “Plus I would never think of you like that, you’re one of the most kind and respectful guys I know, that’s why I like you so much”

Patrick grins as he resettles down next to me. “ Well I’m glad, because I like you for way more reasons than your butt” He adds with a blush and a nervous laugh, “ although it is a very nice butt.”

I laugh out loud at his expression.

“Alright, now that we’ve established that I have a nice butt, and you are allowed to touch it, can we continue from where we left off?” I ask, still laughing.

Patrick nods enthusiastically , “I think that would be very good, yes”

Our laughs fade as we move closer, and completely cut off as our mouths come together again.

“My oldest son left last year for college, and my younger son is leaving this summer. My daughter is starting high school. I have only four more years with her before she goes off to college.
​I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom, and now my job is coming to an end.
When someone asks me what I do, I’m not sure what to say. The kids are older, so I’m not a stay-at-home mom. I spend a lot of time volunteering, but it sounds silly to say ‘I volunteer.’ I don’t know what my identity is or what it will be once the kids are gone.
​That’s probably why I got the pig. It’s a little bit of an empty nest syndrome. I need something to take care of. My younger son doesn’t like her. He hasn’t touched her, hasn’t petted her, and doesn’t want to be photographed with her. He hates her. It’s funny—I think he thinks I’m replacing him. He’s jealous of a pig.”

Portsmouth, RI

as some of yall might know, i’m moving to boston in august. i’m moving there to help tutor and mentor kids who are falling behind (esp. due to intersecting issues like race, gender and poverty) in order to help them graduate. as someone who’s been living in poverty their entire life, this full-time volunteer opportunity is super important to me. 

i’ve been searching for the perfect apartment that fits within my minuscule budget while also taking advantage of public transport, and i’ve found one… unfortunately, in order to hold onto the apartment, i need a deposit. the deposit is 700, and i currently have less than half of that. i make about 450 every 2 weeks at my current job, and my family barely has enough money for groceries, so it’s hard for me to come up with that kind of money. 

i’m gonna beg for just a second….if anyone has some spare change, please, please consider throwing it my way. i know a lot of people are struggling, and if you consider what i’m asking to be less urgent than other people’s, that’s cool. my paypal is if you can’t help me out, please send me positive thoughts!!!! a reblog is worth a lot to me, too. thanks for reading this embarrassing post.