kids if someone volunteers for the job


I submitted on march 7 about working at an animal shelter and one of the employees being the worst.

Just wanted to add that the guy has been there 3 months longer than I have and is not improving.

I sound like a horror to work with because I constantly have to repeat myself over and over and over again.

Like I said, he’s not lazy but the animal world is not for him and I wish my supervisor would just cut him so that he could find a better fitting job.

When animals get stressed and scared they lash out and if they draw blood we have to put them on a 10 day quarantine, which means they can’t be adopted and get like 0 physical contact with people.
If it happens twice, they might have to be put down. That’s why we have time limits to having them in the tub, cage, or dryer.

He also cost the shelter a lot of money because the overtime pay for the three people on a shift. That money could be going back to the animals.
Just the other day we worked 14 hours straight with no lunch break. When he’s not working, we usually finish early.
If someone has to do the job of two people or constantly monitor the other person, we spend less time focusing on the animals.

And we absolutely do not intake aggressive animals. We have kids that volunteer. If someone tries to surrender an animal and they immediately try to kill us, we tell the person no.
He is constantly trying to work with animals and coax them out of their cage and then we have a terrified cat climbing up our walls.

It’s not mean to say that not everyone is suited for every job.

“My oldest son left last year for college, and my younger son is leaving this summer. My daughter is starting high school. I have only four more years with her before she goes off to college.
​I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom, and now my job is coming to an end.
When someone asks me what I do, I’m not sure what to say. The kids are older, so I’m not a stay-at-home mom. I spend a lot of time volunteering, but it sounds silly to say ‘I volunteer.’ I don’t know what my identity is or what it will be once the kids are gone.
​That’s probably why I got the pig. It’s a little bit of an empty nest syndrome. I need something to take care of. My younger son doesn’t like her. He hasn’t touched her, hasn’t petted her, and doesn’t want to be photographed with her. He hates her. It’s funny—I think he thinks I’m replacing him. He’s jealous of a pig.”

Portsmouth, RI

Butt I Didn’t Do It On Purpose (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: Can u do1 where Patrick touches y/n butt when they’re kissing on his bed and he totally freaks out because he doesn’t want her to think that he sees her as an object & well idk but can they be in highschool like 17 or something.

If someone had asked me last year, where I saw myself one year in the future, I never would have said here. I probably would have said studying in a library for the SATs, getting my first volunteer job, meeting friends for dinner, finally getting a car. No, I never would’ve guessed that I would be lying in Patrick Stump’s bed, visiting his house for the first time, as his girlfriend. A year ago, I didn’t even like Patrick, in fact he was just another face in the crowd, another kid in a class. But when we got a job at a record store together at the beginning of the year, something changed. Once I really knew him, I liked him almost immediately. Yet we were so awkward and nervous around each other, it took Patrick three months to ask me out, even though he claims he liked me from the very first day. Now, we’ve been together for almost a month, deeming the day to be the perfect time to meet his family and hang out at his house for the first time. Yeah, a year ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever be here, but now that I am, I gotta admit it’s a damn good view.

Patrick lays on the bed next to me, typing something rapidly into his phone. His hat is pushed off of his head from how he’s lying, and he scrunches his forehead in concentration. I smile as I study the deep color of his eyes, the way he adjust his glasses, and the scrunch of his nose as he types away. Even with the view, I eventually get bored.

“Patrick” I whisper, poking him in the cheek, “Pay attention to me”

Patrick looks at me with a smile, “Sorry I was just responding to a text” He says apologetically.

“Hey, that’s fine, I mean I could always just leave if you have better things to do….” I respond playfully, moving to the edge of the bed.

“No, no, no, come back” Patrick says with a half fake whine, pulling lightly on my wrist “I’m sorry, don’t leave”

WIth a quiet laugh I roll back towards him, ending up back in my original position, a couple inches away from his face.

“You know how we always promised we would never become one of those gross, corny couples that everyone hated being around?” I ask him

“Yea?” Patrick responds with a smile

“We’re becoming one of those couples” I say with a laugh.

“You’re probably right, but it’s okay, because I love people seeing us as a couple, especially  if it’s people complaining about how good we are together” Patrick says with a laugh, pushing his head up and catching my lips.

I respond immediately, lips melding with his in the easiest way. When his tongue lightly grazes my lips, silently asking for entrance, I eagerly open my mouth to him. I move my fingers through his hair, thinking that i’ll never get over the feeling of his soft hair running through my fingers. Patrick’s hands slowly trace down my back, fingers leaving goosebumps down my skin. I slide over so I’m sitting on his lap, and his hands continue their path. In the heat of the moment, Patrick’s hands slide straight over the waistline of my jeans and down to my butt. I make a noise, more out of surprise than any type of protest, but Patrick breaks the kiss immediately.

“Oh my god,” he says eyes widening, “I didn’t mean to do that”

He not so subtly slides me off of him quickly, and leaps up from the bed.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I really didn’t mean to do that!” He says, livid, as he looks at me from almost all the way across the room.

“Patrick what are you even talking about?” I ask, completely confused by whatever the heck is going on.

“ I just-, I just touched your butt, and I’m sorry it was an accident, I just-” He scrambles to explain

“Patrick” I say with a confused  laugh, still not understanding what the big deal is. I try to interrupt him, but he doesn’t even stop at the sound of my voice.

“I didn’t mean to but we were kissing, and you were on my lap and then my hands, they just-”

“Patrick!” I try again.

“I just don’t want you to think I’m trying anything with you, because I’m not I swear, I actually really do like you, and I’m definitely not one of the guys that would do that, so I don’t want you to think-”

“Patrick Martin Stumph!” I finally yell, successfully shutting down off this time,

“Yeah?” He asks, looking at me with a blushed, embarrassed look.

“It’s okay” I say with a laugh.

“What?” Patrick asks in surprise, stopping in the tracks of his nervous pacing.

“I said, it’s perfectly okay” I say again with a smile, gesturing him to come back to the bed.

He sit on the edge of the bed, still looking at me nervously, “Are you sure?”

“I’m definitely sure” I say with a laugh, holding up my right hand, as though I was giving an oath “I, (Y/N), hereby give you, Patrick, full butt touching rights, as long as it’s in private, of course, because otherwise that would be weird”

Patrick widens his eyes then laughs, looking a little relieved. “I’m sorry, I overreacted, I just didn’t want you to think that I was one of those guys that just objectified women and went out with them for that reason only, especially since we haven’t been dating for very long yet.”

“Don’t worry, It’s fine, I promise” I say, tugging him closer by grabbing his hand, “Plus I would never think of you like that, you’re one of the most kind and respectful guys I know, that’s why I like you so much”

Patrick grins as he resettles down next to me. “ Well I’m glad, because I like you for way more reasons than your butt” He adds with a blush and a nervous laugh, “ although it is a very nice butt.”

I laugh out loud at his expression.

“Alright, now that we’ve established that I have a nice butt, and you are allowed to touch it, can we continue from where we left off?” I ask, still laughing.

Patrick nods enthusiastically , “I think that would be very good, yes”

Our laughs fade as we move closer, and completely cut off as our mouths come together again.

as some of yall might know, i’m moving to boston in august. i’m moving there to help tutor and mentor kids who are falling behind (esp. due to intersecting issues like race, gender and poverty) in order to help them graduate. as someone who’s been living in poverty their entire life, this full-time volunteer opportunity is super important to me. 

i’ve been searching for the perfect apartment that fits within my minuscule budget while also taking advantage of public transport, and i’ve found one… unfortunately, in order to hold onto the apartment, i need a deposit. the deposit is 700, and i currently have less than half of that. i make about 450 every 2 weeks at my current job, and my family barely has enough money for groceries, so it’s hard for me to come up with that kind of money. 

i’m gonna beg for just a second….if anyone has some spare change, please, please consider throwing it my way. i know a lot of people are struggling, and if you consider what i’m asking to be less urgent than other people’s, that’s cool. my paypal is if you can’t help me out, please send me positive thoughts!!!! a reblog is worth a lot to me, too. thanks for reading this embarrassing post.