kids headbanging

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I have a four year old daughter who's scared of storms, and I tried to make her feel better by saying that thunder was just Cliff playing bass. It turned into a history lesson. My husband was a little impressed by our girl bonding being jumping around to For Whom The Bell Tolls. Just thought you'd enjoy the story.

OMG parenting goals right here folks, that is adorable! 💕💕

(Not in a specific order)
Those are my favourite women in music, in life.

1)Tay jardine from WATIC
2)Ariel Bloomer ftom icon For Hire
3)Hayley Williams from Paramore
4)Jenna Mcdougall from tonight Alive

current mood: that vine of the kid aggresively headbanging to how you remind me by nickleback while holding a handmade flamethrower on his front porch