kids gadgets

eene-fangirl  asked:

Which invention of Edd's is your favorite? Where do you think he got his inventing charisma from?

I think, similar to how Ed has his model-kit-building hobby we hardly see, Edd’s just always had assembling/disassembling projects since he was a kid, and occasionally gadgets would be invented.  If he picked up the interest from one specific parent, I would guess Father?

I don’t think I have a consistent favorite invention, or else I’ll be very disappointed in myself when I remember it…  I have trouble keeping track of which scams have actual inventions and which scams just have props.  But three things popped into my mind as really impressing me:

I love the whole “morning routine” sequence in ‘Out With the Old, In With the Ed’, but to narrow it down, I’m very impressed with this tinker-toy elevator he’s built by completely destroying his family’s staircase. It really drives home the point that Edd is the most prepared human being on Earth and yet it raises so many questions… Do Mother and Father use the shortcut as well or has Edd weighted these cover-up rugs to safely hold two adults?

And Edd’s makeshift vehicles are my other two picks, I’m always excited when Edd gets to have fun and participate in a chase: