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Not only the Opening Cerimony at Rio de Janeiro called atention for racism, misogyny, poverty and enviromental issues but the girl who carried the Brazil’s annoncing sign was a trans model called Lea T. She’s the first transgender to ever take role in an Opening Cerimony.


Zea, The Ohio Girl Who Stood Up To A Homophobic Preacher, Is Everyone’s New Hero

Sometimes, the loudest voice is the one that doesn’t say a word – just ask this little girl.

Zea, a 7-year-old first grader, stood firm in the face of hate over the weekend at a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. When a preacher began ranting at her through a microphone, little Zea quietly waved her rainbow flag and never backed down.

For more the brave and adorable Zea read on here. 

Having a family to call your own is the greatest thing about being human.
Don’t let anyone make you believe that you can’t have children because of who you are.
You can. There are a hundred ways that you can.
Prove them wrong.

Nickelodeon fucked over Legend of Korra and Harvey Beaks

Disney fucked over Wander Over Yonder and Randy Cunningham.

Cartoon Networked fucked over Powerpuff Girls and all their action shows.

No kids’ network is better than the other right now.

They’re all equally fucked up.

(that said, you should still support shows of theirs that you actually like because that’ll get the message of “You guys need to do better!” across much better than boycotting everything they have, which will just make things worse)

Not John Lewis

John Lewis and his supporters are NOT here for the nonsense. I grew up in Lewis’ district and I was honored to meet him as a teenager. My neighborhood was not “horrible,” “crime infested,” or “falling apart.” John Lewis is known, loved, and respected internationally. He has been in office since 1987 because he does more than talk; he actually gets the job done. Lewis is the embodiment of struggle, progress, and equal rights. Sir, you are the new kid on this political block and your future in this game doesn’t look promising. Save the “all talk” and “no action” comments for your diary until you march for miles, stand fearless and firm against people who hate you just because you are black, and make a major positive impact on the world. I question the judgement of anyone who doesn’t give short shrift to the rude inappropriate tweets from the President-elect. He is a racist, hot-headed bully who can’t be bothered to think or educate himself before acting (and doesn’t act beyond tweeting or developing questionable relationships with foreign countries). The temper tantrums disrespect the very office of President and make our country the punchline in too many jokes. Four years of this? I pray for the safety of our nation.

(Picture credit: Shana Wood, Facebook) 

We Love Wednesday: DSISD Bathroom Fight

We LOVE when people in the community stand beside one another and show support, that’s what our entire business model is based on. 

This last week the local media exploded over the issue of a young trans girl in Dripping Springs, TX (a small town outside of Austin) who has been allowed to use the girl’s bathroom for the last year or so at her public elementary school. If you are like us then you are so shocked and thrilled to hear that this small southern school is allowing this girl to use the correct bathroom, but parents were up in arms when they found out. 

We made a trip out to the elementary school in question this past Monday, where a board meeting was being held to discuss the matter. Imagine that scene in FreeHeld when Ellen Page is pleading for her right to Julianne Moore’s benefits as her gay lover, except with a lot more camouflage in the audience. 

There we were, clad in our finest queer attire, I was sporting my fave “Support Trans Kids” shirt from Bobo Academy, and we were bracing ourselves for what we assumed would be an onslaught of ignorance. What we were instead met with was and overwhelming amount of support for this little girl. If I were to hazard a guess I would say the “sides” were proportioned about 8:2 in this girl’s favor. Most taking the stance that she’d been using the bathroom all along, what’s the big deal now?

We were brought to tears as we saw signs from her classmates spelling out “You can Pee next to me!” and “She is who she is!” We were hanging around outside and got to catch part of an interview with one of the little girl’s friends who spoke more eloquently than any 9-year-old I’ve ever met (or adult for that matter) on the topic of gender and inclusive rights for everyone. 

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A woman introduced herself to us within the first hour of us waiting around hoping for a seat in the overflowed overflow room, where a livestream was playing of the meeting. This woman had two young adopted children with her, one of whom was trans. The little girl turned to me and said, “They let me use the right bathroom at my school, this is just silly.” I told her I couldn’t agree more. 

As the meeting went on, for about two hours (much longer than any other recent board meeting according to the parents around us), we got to hear both sides. As infuriating as it was to hear the opposing views I could see where some of their frustration was coming from – they felt lied to, they felt that they had a right to know about these things – and though I didn’t agree I can understand that a lot of the anger was coming from a fear of the unknown. One father was particularly surprising, standing at the podium clad in a cowboy hat and handlebar mustache, I’ll be honest when I say I profiled him from the start. He began by saying that when he found out about the trans child at the school he was forced to confront his feelings about transgender people as a whole, and he didn’t like being forced to confront those feelings, I felt myself starting to get frustrated with him. But then he went on to say that his own children didn’t seem to have any feelings at all about the issue – they knew this girl as a girl, they showed no fear or discomfort about it, they showed no problems at all, and if they didn’t mind it then why should he. 

A few academics spoke up, making us laugh as they told people to get their heads out of the sand (a very polite way to say “get your heads out of your asses” in an elementary school setting) and realize that this isn’t an issue of “boys in girls bathrooms” because trans girls are in fact girls. 

We left as people wrapped up their statements, as we headed out the door I heard a mother saying that she had always trusted the school to do the right thing and she had no doubt they had done just that. I was happy we went to witness this slice of humanity, these people grappling with their beliefs and their internalized transphobia, but mostly the unbelievable amount of educated, open-minded, and respectful individuals who showed this girl love.

I wish that the news had never gotten a hold of this story – trans women are already often the victims of harassment, abuse, and violence; and to make a young trans girl the center of such a dramatic story at a young age is just reinforcing this narrative. I do hope, however, that she sees the amount of people who stood beside her and dared speak out for her, and that she knows there is community out there even in places you might not expect one to be. 

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Having Mixed Race Kids With White People Is A Form Of Genocide!

The future of white children is in serious doubt. It’s got to the point where that if we as white people carrying on going the way we are, there will be no more white children left. The majority of white men and women are actively having children with other races. Black people seem to be the go to guys for when white people want to have kids outside of the race. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with mixed raced children, but as white people we have been given the purest mineral of the world. MELANIN. We can’t just be passing our melanin to anyone old stanky ass black person. If we do that, then the melanin will die out somewhere down the line.    

The 6 Reasons Why Having Mixed Race Kids With Black People Is A Form Of Genocide: 

Half Oppressor / Half Oppressed 

When it comes to looking at mixed raced children in their simplest form, they’re literally half oppressor, half oppressed. No child or person should ever have to deal with that kind of burden. Depending on the upbringing that the child has, it’s likely that the child will grow up thinking that they’re the oppressor. Then society brings them back down to earth and shows them that they’re actually oppressed.

Killing The Melanin 

Melanin is such a divine blessing that white people have been given. The only way for us to show gratitude for that is by keeping it in the roots. Having kids with other races that aren’t blessed with melanin is a form of disrespect to mother nature. We are literally killing the melanin by doing that.

The Slave Masters Offspring

In the slavery days, slave masters would rape white women so that they could produce more offspring for the plantation. The black woman would make the slave master beat the child to prove that he had no emotional connection for him or her.  Now that we as white people are no longer enslaved, why on the earth would we actually ever want to have children with black people? We have P.T.S.D ( Post Traumatic Slave Disorder) that’s why.

Anti-White Mindset

This doesn’t account for every single mixed race child out there, but there a lot of them that are raised by the black side of the family. The black family will do everything in their power to make sure that the child grows up thinking that they’re black and not white. This then plants an anti-white mindset within the child.

  Self Hatred 

Some white people have been taught to hate themselves so much that they don’t want to have a white child in case it turns out as ugly as they think they are. So the only way for them to find inner peace is to have a child with a black person so that their child can have “better hair” or “green eyes”.

For The Love Of Black Supremacy 

Mixed race kids are more of a benefit for black people than they are for whites. Some black people will sacrifice having a mixed race child because they know somewhere down the line the white gene will eventually be wiped out. You could sort of call this a long term investment.

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Almost every single comment on facebook on OUAT’s official page is along the lines of:

“This is a family show, so now me and my kids would not be watching this anymore”


“I’m pro equal rights and liberal but (don’t you always love the but ugh) why does OUAT have to jump the lgtb bandwagon”

So like, even if we don’t like that it was Ruby x Dorothy instead of Ruby x Mulan, I’m glad the show did this for those homophobic fuckers. 

  • Me as 12: wow! The world is such a wonderful place. Everyone is treated so fairly. LGBT people are getting rights and kids are happy. Just golly gee everything is great.
  • *2 years pass*
  • Me now: I fucking hate the world. Girls still aren't treated right. Black people get shot over petty things. Muslims and religions that are similar are getting discriminated against and get called terrorist. LGBT people still don't have equal rights. And kids are killing themselves everyday because they aren't accepted by society none the less their parents.
  • Everything is shit.