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Gemini & Cancer
  • Cancer, angry with Gemini: Why did you make me come here while its raining just to tell me you were kidding about having an emergency?!
  • Cancer: Did you know how worried I was?
  • Gemini, stares blankly at her while eating some gummy bears: Yeah, but at least I know you care
  • Cancer, glaring holes into the side of his head:
  • Gemini, smiles at her: Wants some?

I got the fucking shit scared out of me in my ecology lecture bc an amber alert went off on like 15 different phones including mine simultaneously at full blast and it was loud as hell

“back when new york didn’t have much, the kids had to figure out what to do with themselves. this was before video games, before the black hole we call the world wide web emerged. the kids who ran through the cool fire hydrant blasts that sprayed temporary relief in the tar-boiling summers were adventurers, explorers, archeologist, picassos, and, to a certain extent—ahem, cough cough—vandals. what do bored big-city kids do when they’re looking for swashbuckling adventures inside a concrete jungle? they write their names inside subway trains and, eventually, on the exteriors of said trains.”

from henry chalafant & sacha jenkins’ “training days: the subways artists then and now”, 2014

Just One Word 03/16/2017: DRAGONS - Farmer Giles is filled with philological hilarity, while The Hobbit never appealed to me. Sir Nobonk lurked forgotten on a shelf, reminder of long ago days and reading to the Kid, re-emerging recently when I gave away many bags of books. Somehow I kept it. It’s as far off the wall as you might imagine.

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A/N: This was an anon request where the reader is called away from a fancy event for a case, so she walks onto the jet in a tight, silky dress and the team, particularly Rossi, can’t keep his eyes off her. @coveofmemories


“This better be the biggest emergency in the entire world,” you screamed out as you walked onto the plane. You had been at a charity event for a friend. It had been your first day off in weeks and you had planned on having a couple of drinks tonight. Just as you’d ordered your first mojito, you’d gotten an emergency text from Hotch, saying they needed you on the jet ASAP.

Before you walked onto the plane, you heard Hotch and Rossi say sorry. They wished they didn’t have to, but it truly was an emergency. Two kids had been abducted from their beds in an area that was currently being investigated for harboring a child sex ring. You needed to get there basically yesterday if you wanted any hope of finding them before they disappeared into oblivion. 

As you finally walked onto the plane, doing your best to not trip in your super high, high-heels, all eyes turned to you. The charity event you had been attending was black tie, so you were wearing a tight-fitting, asymmetrical red silk dress. The ruching at your waist made the perfect hourglass figure and the skin-tight fabric left even less to the imagination in terms of the shape of your body. You were proud of yourself and you never had the chance to show off (your job required comfortable clothes), so whenever you had an event like this, you immediately took the opportunity to do something daring.

After a few moments, everyone’s mouths closed. “Yea, I know I look good. Thankfully I have my go-bag on the plane, because otherwise I’d be living in this thing the entire case and that could get uncomfortable quickly.”

Everyone had gone back to what they were doing or saying, except Rossi. Rossi’s mouth had dropped to the ground the moment you’d stepped on the plane and at this point it would take one of those cartoons where you had to pull a tab on the person’s mouth to get him to close it. You’d joined the BAU five years earlier, falling in the middle of the team in terms of age. Rossi, Aaron and Emily were older than you, but Penelope, JJ and Spencer were younger. Rossi was 20 years your senior, but you had always had a thing for him. There was something about his swagger and confidence that drew you to him. 

For years, you’d been hoping he would make a move, but he never had, undoubtedly because he thought the age difference between you was too much. To you though, it was just a number. As long as you were compatible with someone, it didn’t really matter how old you both were.

You decided to push the boundaries with Rossi a little. Even though he and Hotch were technically your superiors, you and David had always had more of a friendly, flirty relationship, rather than a boss and employee one. After the plane had taken off, Rossi had barely composed himself, so you pulled out your phone and started to text him.

Do you like how I like in my dress, David? ;)

You sent the text and proceeded to stare out the window, waiting for a response. A minute later, your phone buzzed. Unlocking it, you saw a very short reply.

Yes. Very, very much so.

Okay, so he hadn’t outright told you that this might be inappropriate. You pushed a little further.

What specifically do you like about my dress?

Again, less than a minute later he returned your message.

The body in it. I don’t know if I’ve ever said it, but you’re absolutely beautiful Y/N. And it just so happens that the woman in the dress happens to be not only beautiful, but intelligent and kind. You are without a doubt the whole package and whoever ends up with you will be the luckiest man in the world.

You recrossed your legs, doing the best you could to control your facial expressions. But you wanted to simultaneously smile and cry. He wanted you: smile. But he didn’t think he could have you: cry.

I agree. Whoever ends up with me will be very lucky ;) What makes you think that couldn’t be you?

As Hotch passed the both of you, he nodded at Dave ever so slightly. He knew. Of course he knew. Hopefully it wouldn’t be an issue.

Why would you want me, Y/N? I’m old. You’re in the prime of your life.

Why did so many people take so much stock in age?

You’re David Rossi. You’re one of the most amazing, sweetest and sexiest men I’ve ever known. If you want me, I’m yours. Age means nothing to me.

You paused a moment before sending, wondering if this was too forward of you. But being on the phone made it slightly less forward, so you pressed send.  Within seconds, he’d sent back his answer, finally looking up to make eye contact.

I want you.

You returned your reply quickly.

Good. Because I want you too. I always have. Once the case is done for the night, should I maybe stop by your hotel room?

Did he really want you?

Yes. Please.


After the case had ended for the night, the profile given out to the local police force, the team decided to return to the hotel for the night. Once everyone had made their way into their own rooms, you peaked out, double-checking before making your way down to David’s room, wearing the least sexy outfit possible: a baggy tank top and sweatpants. Aaron might have known how you felt about each other, but if it was going to go anywhere, you wanted to not do it under the watchful eyes of your friends.

As you knocked on the door, you looked down at your pajamas, wondering if you should’ve tried to put in more effort. When David opened up, he stopped in his tracks. “It really doesn’t matter what you wear,” he said disbelievingly, “You really do always look beautiful.”

You walked into his room, allowing him to gather you to him before closing the door and gently pushing you up against the wall. The tension between your bodies was palpable and you hovered near each other’s lips for a few moments, before pulling his head to yours in a steamy, passionate and long overdue kiss.

Voltron Drabble 2:

 Kid AU: Emergency Care:

When Lance ran up to Shiro crying and tugging at his shirt for attention, Shiro sprang into action. Unpacking his backpack for the group’s trip to the park, he pulled out a pack of tissues. When Lance’s sobbing subsided, he wiped his runny nose on Shiro’s sleeve. With a sigh shiro patted his back and rubbed soothing circles till Lance pulled away and began to talk.

“Shiro… I need help”. Lance still sniffled, but began to hug the stuffed lion he had named Blue.

“Bud, what happened? Are you hurt do I need to-“

“It’s Blue! She’s got torn. I… I need someone to fix her,” and then Lance handed Shiro the Blue Lion, practically shoving it into his hands.

Shiro stared at Lance until he sighed and began to inspect the lion. At first glance it was fine, the stitching still intact. When he lifted a leg, he saw the tear, and the white fuzz peeking out of the cut.

“Okay Lance, I’ll fix her up when we get home”.

“Thanks Shiro,” and with that Lance wiped his eyes with his sleeve and ran off to Keith, who was swinging. Shiro watched as Lance almost ran straight into Keith, starting a heated yelling match as Lance moved to get on the swing next by.

When they got home Keith was arguing with Lance over his light up sneakers, but Shiro didn’t pay much mind to the conversation. Instead heading towards the spare room. When he finally got there he plugged in the sewing machine that was Allura’s, pulled Blue out of his pack and began to stitch her up.

30 minutes later and Blue was as good as new.

When he gave Lance Blue back he was beaming at Shiro, grinning like a fool.

things that happened in my driver’s ed class
the following things were written over the course of three weeks of classroom instruction…
  • So there’s a kid in the front row who drinks orange juice from a gallon jug. Like straight from it. Constantly.
  • The one student in the back who congratulates and applauds or boos everyone who answers the teacher depending on how they did. Everyone.
  • Teacher: “Over 200 cars piled up on i-94 last year, people were killed, and over 100 tickets were issued.” Student: “Well, that sucks.”
  • Question on a test asks when one should use the horn. The correct answer is to alert drivers to your position in an emergency. One kid in the back chose ‘only to communicate with your friends" which was an incorrect answer. The horn is now permanently associated with him.
  • The same kid asked what would happen if he used the horn to communicate with friends on the driving range after that. Teacher: “you won’t get your pink slip” (its like a learners). student //begins strategizing// kid next to him: !!!?? IS IT RLY WORTH IT KAREM
  • The one kid in the front dedicated to congratulating the kid who congratulates everyone else
  • Road rage: the thing the class was most pumped to learn about. The lesson included “quiet road rage”, “verbal road rage” and “epic road rage”. guess which one got the biggest round of applause.
  • Comment after the road rage film: “they didn’t even talk about the birdie”
  • The kid who yells “UNACCEPTABLE!!” when we mention something illegal/rude
  • Statement from teacher after a DVD: “Well hey, I never said the acting was good.”
  • It’s understood the one student in the back never does his homework. He still gets everything right in class. We don’t know how. We don’t ask.
  • The one serious, studious kid who always sits in the same row as the rowdy and jokester filled bunch. Kudos to that kid. He’s been through a lot.
  • Student: *throws empty pringles can at a friend who is nearer the trashcan* Can: *bounces off the ceiling and clangs loudly to the floor* Student (to friend) (yelling): I TOLD YOU TO CATCH IT IF IT FELL
  • The most tragic thing uttered in class (from the kid in the front row) “DANG IT I forgot my orange juice”
  • The student who sits next to me’s story of how his cousin drove through a roundabout. by through, I mean over. The middle bit. Doing like 65.
  • A kid who literally broke his chair. In half. I have no idea how it happened and I don’t want to.
  • The things we watch in class were all made about 1994. This is very obvious and sometimes very painful.
  • The 25-minute video during which all of the people in it stared obviously at a teleprompter far away from the actual camera. The entire. Time.
  • A 30-minute 'movie’ is starting. It begins with a typing text effect. Student: “Is it gonna do this for the whole movie?”
  • Student to teacher: “So how often do you have to change the blinker fluid?”
Children’s play


A/N: There is not a most perfect gif in the entire universe than this one. Someone give this man a baby already!!

Ok, this was fun, I hope I did it well, anon, tell me what you think.  I changed the end as you can see,but I guess I kept the essence of your request.

Ps. I don’t know anything about kids, but they still like Frozen, right? I don’t know, please forgive me.

Request: Reader is put in charge of Clints kids due to an emergency. She’s always been terrible w/ kids. She just doesnt know how to handle them. Everythings a mess & baby Nathan is crying his lungs out. She’s frustrated but Cap comes to the rescue and he’s really good with kids. Reader has a crush on him and the kids try to set them up. In the end reader finds Steve asleep w/ the kids huddle around him and the baby asleep on his chest

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“Ok, but what if someone gets poisoned?”

Clint’s face was a mixture between horror, disbelief and concern, all in one.

“Why would they end up poisoned?” The archer asked returning his attention to his arrows, placing them carefully in the quiver.

“I wasn’t talking about them, Clint” You continued “What if they put something in my drink?”

“I don’t know what kind of monsters you think my kids are” Clint laughed “But you can be sure they won’t kill you… I haven’t trained them in that yet” Barton smirked, walking inside the quinjet where Natasha was already starting the engines. “Just, make them watch a movie or something, they should be fine until I get back” was the last thing Clint said before the door closed.

“The building will be on fire when we return” Natasha mocked

Clint gulped and nodded “Laura’s going to kill me”

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