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Conflicting Love

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Genre: romance/Fluff/Angst/Semi smut (maybe ?)
Pairing: Jungkook& Unknown 
Length:  754 words
Summary: Your friend Jimin is a new intern at your workplace and your boyfriend Jungkook ,who happens to be a superior, isn’t pleased at the sight of you and Jimin together.

You stared at him and he stared back at you. You knew something was wrong with the way his piercing eyes were glued onto you. He had this way of staring you up and down as if it was something natural. Jungkook never had any shame to express how he felt and this time his blood was boiling with anger at the sight of you and the new intern Park Jimin. Watching you from afar was only adding fuel to the fire.

“Are you sure this is alright?” Jimin stuttered as he watched jungkook’s orbs darkening at the sight of jimin whispering onto your ears

“Are you scared of my boyfriend, jimin?” you chuckled in response “He doesn’t bite! I promise”

“No, he doesn’t bite but he probably has a plan to murder me” Jimin bit on his bottom lip

“Relax” you rub your friend’s arm in reassurance

“No, how can I relax when Jeon Jungkook is staring at me”

“What?” you raised a suspicious brow “Do you like him or something?”

“E-Excuse you!!!! I do NOT LIKE HIM! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!”

“Oh lord” you sighed before tapping his arm “You’re the third one”


“The third friend who falls for him” you rolled your eyes

“Pardon?” jimin stepped back

“Get in line buddy, Jungkook is quite popular” you comment “I, myself can’t even believe he’s my man”

“I don’t like him!” jimin protests “I’m about to shit my pants because he keeps on staring at me with knives in his eyes!”

“Jungkook does kill people though” you nod


“He’s amazing at seduction that’s what I meant “you add before whispering in his ear “One smirk and he gets what he wants”

“Just exactly…” Jimin runs his tongue across his bottom lip in frustration” why are you so cool about this?! He could be a player! Why are you dating him?”

“I got used to it” you cross your arms on your chest “Jungkook is not a player if that’s what you want to know. He may get what he wants, but once he’s stuck onto something, he never leaves it.”

“Are you sure this is a healthy relationship?” Jimin rubs his temples in frustration

“Oh no jimin, you don’t understand” you shook your head “there’s nothing healthier than a relationship with jungkook”


“This kid forces me to eat vegetables everyday” you growl “Can I just squish his face” you express discontentment

“Am I allowed to puke now?” Jimin cringed

“You do like Jungkook” you nod

“I do not!”

“Oh look! Jungkook is coming over here!” you comment

“F*ck” Jimin pulls your arm and hides behind you

“Why are you hiding? Does he makes you nervous?” you smirk

“Stop speculating shit like that! And why did you lie! I almost shat my pants you son of a @#$E@#$@$”

“I’m a female” you stare at him

“And I’m a mochi! So what?! You’re still being unfair to me!”

“Jimin…” you turn around to face him “It’s okay to fanboy over my boyfriend”

“I am NOT FANBOYING” jimin scowled

“Who’s not fanboying?” Jungkook’s voice made every nerve in jimin’s body freeze

“I-I-I… Good morning sir” jimin bows

“Is he the new intern we hired ?” Jungkook stared at you

“Yes” you smiled “He’s very cute isn’t he?” you poked jimin

“You better shut the front door before I—“jimin glared at you “I mean… yes sir…” Jimin bowed to jungkook

Jungkook stopped on his tracks to analyze each and every feature of the new worker. From his clothing style, to his hair to the way his eyes crinkled every time he made that dumb smile. One thing that caught jungkook’s attention was…

“Very small…” Jungkook smirked

“S-Small?” Jimin stuttered

“Jungkook” you furrowed your brows “Don’t be so rude”

“Not rude. I was just stating facts” he responded staring at jimin “ I believe you might want to make your presence as small as you are if you want to keep on being an intern here , Park Jimin-ssi”

“Jungkook” you pinch his arm “I-I’m sorry jimin-ah, he can be a bit cranky in the mornings”

“No… It’s all good” Jimin stuttered “I’ll just go do my work” he stammered before leaving both of you in a staring contest

Jungkook wasn’t being his usual self and the way his dark orbs locked onto yours, gave off a completely different feeling than the normal Guy you were used to. What was wrong with him?

To be continued…


I wrote this on impulse lol and I wanted it to be more dramatic than that but I ended up writing fluff/crack.Request for a part 2 if you want more :) <3 This is just a drabble I wrote for fun, so I hope you had fun reading it as well <333

Domestic Jaebum

request: hoe write jb fluff luv u
note: this is my favorite topic ever
— Confessing that he likes you
- Jaebum would have this huge ordeal planned out
- Like, confessing at the top of the ferris wheel at night
- Or on the beach during the sunset
- He’d actually just blurt it out while you’re eating or something
- “Y/N, how was your day?”
- “Oh, well, my boss was kind of a jacka-”
- “I really like you.”
- When he says it, though, his head will be slightly cocked to the side
- And he’ll have this goofy smile *gif*
- But if you'e uncomfortable with it, he’ll back off immediately
- JB’s really understanding about everything
- If you do like him back…
— Boyfriend Jaebum
- First of all,,,,
- So many forehead kisses
- Do something cute? Forehead kiss.
- Sad? Forehead kiss.
- Watching a movie? Forehead kiss.
- Long day of rehearsal? Forehead kiss.
- He’s definitely into skinship
- Holding your hand
- Arm around your waist
- Constantly touching your thigh
- Always wants to show his appreciation towards you
- Taking you out for ice cream because you went to his concert
- Taking you to that movie you’ve been dying to see because you stayed with him at rehearsals last night
- A whole lot of quick pecks throughout the day
- Sometimes not so quick ones because he “can’t help himself”
- He likes to show you a different side of him
- Jaebum is so supportive of everything you do
- He’s so damn proud of you
- The boys are always texting you telling you that Jaebum is annoying
- Likes to copy you until your cheeks turn pink
- Takes you on cheesy dates
- Does aegyo to make you smile
- When y'all go to the carnival, he gets you the teddy bear you want with no problem
- So he gets you a second one
- After a long day of rehearsal, he comes home and flops onto the bed and groans for 7 years straight
- Asks you to shower with him
- Squishes your faces and kisses you because you’re “just too cute”
- His weakspot is when you ask him to teach you more about his culture
- Offers to cook for you constantly
- He’s hesitant to introduce you to his family because he doesn’t want you to think he’s rushing it
- When you ask if you can meet his family though, he almost breaks down
- Is absolutely overjoyed when he sees you getting along with his parents
- It’s then, when he sees you learning how to make gimbop from his mother, that he realizes he wants to marry you
- Jaebum will plan out this huge ordeal at one of his concerts
- During certain songs, he’ll shoot a smirk in your direction
- Or wink directly at you
- He sings all the mushy gushy parts straight at you
- Right before the concert ends, he asks you to step on stage
- At this point you know because
- Yugyeom, Bambam, and Mark are giggling like school girls
- Jinyoung is wiggling his eyebrows at the crowd
- And Youngjae is consoling a blubbering Jackson
- seriously someone get this kid a tissue
- or eight
- He gives you this long spiel about how much he adores you and how he can’t imagine life without you or that amazing pasta you make for special occasions
- You don’t remember a lot of it though because you’re snotting like crazy
- Of course you say yes
- He spins you around in a circle
- Before turning towards the audience with the goofiest smile on his face
— Husband Jaebum
- Let’s take a moment to talk about the honeymoon
- You two don’t have a honeymoon for a while because he’s doing tours and there’s a new album and dances are exhausting but he has to learn them and it just doesn’t work
- But F I N A L L Y
- Y'all go on a honeymoon
- Jaebum would make sure that the first day you two had nothing planned
- Because there’s no way you’re going to be able to walk anywhere after he’s done with you
- He takes so many pictures of you
- He’ll hate the idea of couple tees
- Matching anklets though? Sign him up.
- He’ll cry when you two head home from your honeymoon but he’ll cherish those memories like no other
- Whenever you two fight or even slightly bicker, you both try really hard to make it up to each other
- Eating dinner together and going to bed are so so important to him
- Whenever he has to have rehearsal late, he’ll ask you to come eat with him
- This usually ends up with you two curling up against each other on the rehearsal room floor and falling asleep
- Sometimes though he’ll rehearse to late and he’ll come home to find his dinner in the microwave with a sweet post-it note
- When he finds you asleep in his hoodie, sprawled over the bed, he smile and brush the hair out of your face
- But he’ll feel bad
- So he makes you breakfast
- When you throw up his breakfast later on though, he’ll be really concerned that he didn’t cook something properly and he gave you food poisioning
- He’ll probably tear up because he’s really worried that he’s the reason your head is stuck in a toliet
- But he’ll sob when you tell him it’s most likely just morning sickness
- “What do you mean, morning sickness?”
- “Jaebum… I’m pregnant.”
- “You mean… There’s a baby in your stomach? OUR baby?”
— Dad Jaebum
- One of those guys that worries about everything for the entire duration of the pregnancy
- But when the baby is delivered safe and sound, he’s overjoyed
- Let me tell you though
- Jaebum is 289% an aggressive baseball dad
- Throws his ballcap on the ground
- Hands on his hips
- Angrily spitting out sunflower seeds
- But when you slip your hands into his, he relaxes and reminds himself that it’s just a game
- He’ll defend his kids against everything though
- Likes to pack their lunches for them
- Never cuts the crust off of his kids’ PB&J sandwiches
- Daily trips to the playground
- Cries the first time they say they don’t want to go
- Family night is a ritual
- If one of his children disrespects your cooking, he blows his cap
- “Your mother spent all day trying to cook this delicious food for you while you got to go play. How about you stay and cook and she’ll play with us instead? Doesn’t sound fun, huh? Go apologize to her mother and thank her for this lovely dinner.”
- Can’t stand it when his kids don’t eat their vegetables
- He makes them drink tea before bed
- Reads them a bed time story every night
- Jaebum overall would be an amazing boyfriend, husband, and father.
- He’ll doubt himself along the way but he knows he has your endless love and support, so he keeps going.
- pls take care of him & feed him well

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Boys, it’s time to suit up! 

Absolutely no one should be surprised that I took one look at the lineup of characters and picked the tallest, buffest guy. I have such a problem. But I feel Shiro on a spitual level because I’m the friend who’s like, “ok no, how about we don’t drive to Tijuana at 1am to get drunk because none of us have passports on us and half of you are 18 and you’re going to get stabbed, and you know what’s more fun than getting stabbed in Tijuana? Drinking this bottle of water, not hitting each other, and taking a nap instead.” And his main power is bitch slapping aliens with his glowing bright pink hand. I love him and his ridiculous shoulder to waist ratio. I can’t believe his winged eyeliner is canonical.

Now on to building some Paladin armor! 


Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

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K_ _ _ _ _ _y’s submission

This will seem all over the place but I swear there’s a connection lol.

I was just browsing on my blog and this gif set came up of G (I won’t write her full name because I don’t want this to pop up in the tags and cause drama for you) giving an interview during Paleyfest 2011(1). Her answer was a little odd for me because of the way she phrased it. She said that she loved going back to set and it was fun to the episode(2) because it was poking fun at Hollywood(3). She goes on to say ‘our lives are amazing we have millions of dollars’ and started laughing. Just seemed a little odd to throw in that your lives are amazing. Shouldn’t it be amazing? Not because your celebrities but because you literally just married the ‘love’ of your life the previous year? Later on J does an interview and explains that G was incredibly apprehensive to be back on the show and he really had to see it to her. The interviewer say this to G (what J said) and G get’s all flustered and looks honest to God mad! G immediately backtracks what J said and gives a line of garbage (basically saying the fans were protective of Ruby, she went it a different way, she doesn’t take criticism well at all etc.) and the night goes on. Also, fun fact, she said she took a year off because she got married (why take a year off?) and how she was auditing and was hopeful to book something soon. Later that year she gets pregnant the first time and J praises her for putting her career on the back burner for T. Seriously, J?(4)

Now let’s take a look at her Instagram, shall we? Everything seems to pretty damn amazing and damn near perfect. The kids eat their vegetables without a fuss, they have chickens that eat organic worms (she took a pic on her twitter of that), she uses all organic face products, she loves home birthing, she can mediate with her kids, they let T explore the world around him (nail polish, dolls or whatever. I swear I have no problem with this!(5) I actually applaud them on that end), the flowers and loving the outdoors. That’s not a lifestyle Instagram. That’s a celebrity bragging about her amazing life and showcasing how much better she is than everyone else.

Just seems a little funny how she enjoyed working on that episode because it made it seem like they lived wonderfully amazing lives but now she has an entire Instagram dedicated to showing off that amazing/perfect life.(6)

Gotta get your story straight, G.(7)

Yay I got my first submission! I love submissions! With y’alls’ help I can be lazy (writing long post is hard!) & spend more time reading wincest smuts haha jk-

Here’s my little side notes (according to the numbers I added above) :

  1. Watch interview HERE
  2. Meaning 6.15
  3. Poking fun at Hollywood? More like poking fun at her husband’s gayness with his co-star! ;) 2.18 is a better episode with HW jokes imo
  4. Their answers just don’t match anyway. Like always. That’s why I think G doesn’t do cons a lot, a high possibility to fuck things up. Also she has a trait in explaining everything with her social awkwardness
  5. I agree
  6. They indeed have millions of dollars aren’t they? What she selling on her IG isn’t something we “normal” people can do. With 3 children I sure can’t mix vege smoothies elegantly without destroying my kitchen. T&S are sweet kids but kids are energetic. And arranging flowers isn’t that easy like how she poses to cut some stems in her clean sweater lol
  7. More like get bearding stories straight. Oh no, please don’t. lol

Thanks K_ _ _ _ _ _y! You know my blog is anon protective so I half hided your name. Next time you tell me it’s ok to share or not! Looking forward to your next submission! What you’ve found is interesting ;)

anonymous asked:

can i ask why u don't like her? i don't either but i wondered why u don't

I don’t like her for a lot of reasons but my biggest annoyance with her is the fact that she’s made to be this perfect person with no flaws and she feeds into it. Have you seen her instagram? It’s basically a photographers wet dream.You want to share photos of your kids, your bees, your flowers and whatever else go for it. But do not treat your children like props and please stop being fake. If you take a look at her twitter and her instagram can you find me one single photo that shows some sort of flaw? The kids are always smiling, they’re always poised and they never even have a stain on their shirt. They’re kids and you’re telling me they don’t get dirty? Here are some of my other reasons for disliking her…


Her twitter is usually pretty tame. She doesn’t post anything that could spark any sort of controversy, she rarely interacts with the fans and she knows when to tweet. By that she knows when Jared is getting attention and she’s just gotta bring it right back to her. Here are some examples x x x x  of her being judgmental or bringing the attention right back to her. Is smoking good? No. Is it good to do it around a child? No. But it’s not your place to judge that person! Who gives a shit how someone lives their life? Jared seemed to be having a great time at SDCC and she just had to point out that it was trending and that she missed him. You’ve never tweeted about SDCC before but now all of a sudden you’ve just gotta point out that it’s trending? Here’s a link to the article she mentioned in the one tweet. Are all Italians in the mob? No. Do all Russians like vodka? No. So please don’t paint all sorority girls with the same brush.


She’s been known to be inconsistent with her story but I like to call it her being a liar. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? To start the wedding photos, engagement photos and rehearsal dinner photos were all stolen. That’s a little odd because that was a shit ton of photos to be stolen and who could possibly access that many photos without someone alerting Gen or Jared? But wait! A couple years back she approaches the ladies of DLG and tells them how the photos were released with her permission and she chose which photos the photographer could put in her online portfolio. Did she tell the fandom as to stop people from thinking they were stolen? Nope. Set’s up a charity that supports equality but spends 90% of her time with a family that hates same sex marriage. She’s all for girl power but never about this before she had a girl. Now she’s so proud to be a female! It’s like having a girl is what truly made her a mom. Paleyfest rolls around (oh my God, those pictures of Jared kissing her are so bad!) and she tells the interviewer how it’s pilot season and she’s trying hard to book something. Couple months later and she’s pregnant with Tom. Oddly enough Jared told the fandom he wanted to wait to start a family because he wanted to be able to be home with the kids. Later down the road Jared says Gen wants to act but she’s busy with Tom and he’s lucky she’s putting her career on hold like that. Guess what happens? She gets pregnant again! She does a podcast and tells them how she’s just auditioned for the part in a TV show and wanted the fans to tweet said TV show about her getting the part. Then we find out she’s pregnant again! Anyone else seeing a pattern? She tells the DLG ladies that she doesn’t want to do cons, they just aren’t her thing and she doesn’t want to take away from Jared. Really???? Judging by JibCon and Asylum she LOVES being on the stage. She’s an attention seeking bitch. And please, she did not get high. That train story has gotten so fucked up that she actually tells a different variation of it to sound cool and give herself a bigger part in it than she originally had. The reason why she’s never had her own panel is because creation had gotten sick of asking her and her saying no. She’ll dress the boys and dogs up in Seahawks gear because that’s her team but when she goes to a game with Jared she wears HIS team. Logical.

Her Instagram fail:

This one should be obvious but I’ll explain why I cannot stand this woman’s attempt at a lifestyle blog. For one she’s making it seem like all these photos are completely candid and weren’t taken by an actual photographer. She’s using her kids, Jared and the fandom for her own personal gain and I find that to be disgusting. All the photos have the perfect caption and show off just the right thing to get the most amount of likes. She knows damn well the pictures with the kids will get the most likes so she posts them when she’s feeling needy and wants attention.She talks about how a “mylkshake” gets the kids to eat their veggies but doesn’t give them a sugar rush. But just last week she gives the kids ice cream and tells us how the sugar rush is real. I’m all for giving kids sugar but also giving them healthy food as well. She acts like she’s the only parent that does these things. My other favorite post of hers is when she talks about missing me time. At that point she attended her brothers wedding, went to a fashion show with her bestie, went to the zoo, had a couple workout dates with the bestie and also went to the beach with her trainer, bestie, besties beard and a disgusting homophobic pic. Not a lot of moms can do all these things and then have the audacity to complain about not having me time. Tells people how it can take a village to gets kids to eat properly. What in the actual fuck? People need to spend 600$ on a blender for kids to eat their vegetables? Why in the hell are you letting your kids dictate what they eat? Keep putting their vegetables in a blender and covering the taste with fruit and they’ll never eat them. Her friend Nicole owns her own baby food company and Gen just loves this! But Nicole often says not to mix fruits and vegetables so kids can learn to eat right without sugar being present. Here she agrees with a fan on how to avoid picky eaters but with her instagram all she’s doing is insinuating that her boys are difficult eaters. The kids rule that house while dads are in Vancouver. So, yeah. Her instagram is not a lifestyle blog for the average person. It’s a platform for her to show off her perfect life, perfect family and how much better she is than everyone else.


She doesn’t support Jared unless it’s to tweet that she’s proud of him. She didn’t even wear an AKF shirt! She admits that she didn’t do anything to prepare for the role of Ruby even though almost every single actor that comes on that show to be 2.0 or something says how they study the other person. All she did was take a character and ruin her and then complain when people had a problem with her rendition of the acting. It’s over the top or nothing with this girl. She can never just share a simple picture. She’s gotta have the perfect caption and she likes to try and fool people. Posts a picture of Jared and the baby making it sound like she just took the picture moments before hand. When actually it was taken the day they celebrating JJ. I absolutely hate how she spends JARED’S money on complete garbage. This bracelet cost almost 900$ and looks like a child could have made it. Yes, she does come from money but I seriously doubt that her parents are still giving her money to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. I believe she had a trust fund from her grandparents but I doubt that’s still there especially with he way she likes to spend money.

The fandom treats her like she’s made of glass and she’s right there with them because she loves the attention.Being made the victim is right up her alley.

anonymous asked:

Ok my sads are gone for now. But also! Noct lives and they have a kid, and basically the only thing the kid will eat is vegetables. And Noct feels so betrayed. Cause now he has to eat his own vegetables, otherwise his kid will get sad that he doesn't like their favorite foods.

LOL! Can you imagine in the kid turned out to be a vegetarian, and Noctis’ s/o starts making changes to the entire family’s diet to help them out? bwahahhaha

Kourtney’s submission

I love the latest meditating picture(1) she shared, the caption was perfect as well. I’m all for promoting what you love and whatnot but she comes off as a phony, ya know? I don’t care if celebrities share their gym experiences or like when Le@ Michele shares 900 green juice photos (gross!) because it’s just them sharing what they love. But with G it always seems like she’s sharing the picture to show off how much better she is than anyone else but in a subtle way. I’m always thankful, meditating keeps me sane, I use a 600$ blender because it gets my kids to eat their vegetables. It’s never just a simple “I mediate because I like too” or “We put vegetables in smoothies so the kids will actually eat right”. There’s always some underlining meaning to her captions and it’s mind boggling that people can’t see that. Or they see it and they’re choosing to ignore it for the sake of a peaceful Tumblr experience.(2)

Her need to share Girl Power and Girls Run The World is getting old. I’m all for unity and bringing each other up rather than tearing each other down but she’s going about it the wrong way. Your daughter needs to know the sky is the limit and she shouldn’t be held back just because she’s female but she doesn’t need to know that she’s better than another person because she’s female. Her two boys don’t need to grow up thinking they need to step aside so there sister can shine and she doesn’t need to grow up thinking they should step aside for her because she’s female. G is teaching her that she’s entitled all because she was born with a vagina. Again, I’m all for being a feminist and teaching girls AND boys that we’re all equal but I’m not about to get behind someone that wants her daughter to feel better than her own siblings just because she’s a girl. It’s wrong.(3)

Not even going to lie but when I saw the picture she shared of her and T with the caption “This was snapped right before a 🐝 headed right in our direction…. 🙃 thanks to ___ and ___ we have an apiary. Who wants some P@dalecki honey? 🍯” (4) my knee jerk response was to roll my eyes. I’m all for doing our part to bring back the bees but getting an apiary in your backyard seems a tad extreme. I just imagine these kids going to school and being asked what they did over the weekend and them talking about the pictures being taken.(5) Kids don’t have a filter so I can’t imagine what T has to tell his teacher after a weekend at home or whatever. The funniest part of the photos is that she couldn’t even be bothered to change her top or anything. It’s obvious that certain pictures were taken on the same day and others on another.(6) But generally speaking they were taken all around the same time because the bump is pretty much the same size. I will say that with T she gained weight throughout her body. She wasn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination! But her cheeks were fuller, she looked a little more tired and honestly pulled off the being pregnant look better with him than she did with the other two.(7) If you look at the pictures of her doing yoga you can see the outline of the photographer being reflected in the window. And then if you look at the picture of them in bed with S being held over her head you can again see the photographers shadow!(8) We all knew the photos were done by a professional but that just made my a little nauseous because it just seems so wrong to put your kids in their pajamas and create a wonderful family moment like that just for a blog or whatever. Jessica @lba owns her own company, has a website and an Instagram for said company but never once has she used her kids to promote her things. Yeah over Halloween she did her daughters makeup using her product but that was it. Promote your project and perfect life all you want but why add your kids in it like they’re props? It’s just wrong.(9)

Speaking of websites, I’m not sure if you know this but G actually had a website before!(10) It was a fan dedicated website that this one girl ran and G approached her about it. They met up a few times and the girl made sure that all content on the website was completely true and even got G to do a Q and A video. G ended up co-running the website with her until it was taken down because the girl just didn’t want to run it anymore and I’m assuming G realized how odd it would be for her to run her own fan dedicated website. But yeah one day the girl asked G if she could do a meetup and maybe meets some fans, G agreed and they went to lunch. Wanna know who made a surprise visit during lunch? J did!(11) It was such a surprise too, I mean it’s not like G asked him to come or anything. Yeah, I don’t believe that either. That’s why I was surprised that she was creating another website because I didn’t think she had enough of a life outside of J to actually have one just as her own. That sounds really harsh and I apologize for that but if you look at her life she has nothing that’s just her own. It always comes back to J.(12) I did see her new website before it became password protected and I truly hope people take what she posts with a grain of salt. There were sections for parenting, recipes, fashion, lifestyle and a couple others. I’m all for giving advice but I don’t want a first time mom going into her blog and taking everything she says for fact. She talks a lot about things (home birthing, organic living) like she’s an expert and that’s not good.(13) G does have people that look to her for advice and take her word as gospel so I hope she keeps that in mind and puts somewhere in her blog how she’s not an expert on these topics.

I forgot last post but I wanted to say I agree whole heartedly about J and D sharing photos of the kids lately! What is up with that? J actually told the paparazzi in Vancouver he did not want little J photographed.(14) They could photos of him and D all they wanted but his daughter was off limits. They very rarely shared pictures of her and when they did it always came from them, not a family member or friend because they didn’t want it to be stolen. Fine, I get it, you want her to be shielded from the media and the crazy side of the fandom. But now it’s like here’s a picture of the twins, here’s a picture of J, here’s a picture of us being happy together, here’s a video where you can actually hear little J’s voice. Which, again, wouldn’t be weird had they not been so protective of her. That situation has honestly thrown me for a loop and I can’t think of a reason for the sudden love of sharing pictures of their kids.(15)

I’ll tell you about my theory as to why she remained silent on the A_F campaign in another submission so you don’t have to read an essay because I didn’t realize how long this was until I started writing this! Hahaha, sorry!

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Yo Kourtney, happy to see you again! Sorry for the wait, I should’ve post this earlier. Always with something bumped in when I was going through your “essay” ;) And I don’t quite follow G so it took me some time to run through her things *ouch*

Here’s my little side notes (according to the numbers I added above) :

  1. Yoga class?
  2. Peaceful internet platform behaviour. I agree with “phony” but it’s like a basic foundation for business accounts, so I won’t be easily brainwashed by… WAIT. THIS IS THE POINT. I don’t care how fake her IG is because I never consider myself looking at a real life journal wtf! Holy shit! How should I tell her fans about this, Kourtney?! My mixed feelings all the time is explainable? Her business heavy IG with heavy charity promoting? Is she taking my money or is she helping me to donate my money? How about Jay’s part? Why is he there?
  3. I’ve talked about this with my professor IRL on ppl’s misunderstanding and media’s misleading portraying to feminism. Tricky topic.
  4. Cute muffin T is scared of bees aww
  5. Only when kids involved I’m a little mad
  6. Stocked photoshoots I’ve no problem with that *proud*
  7. Asking for science, any mamas out there gained weight with some babies and none with others?
  8. Wait! Some fans say the photos are taken by Jay! ;)
  9. Imagine if these was done by non-celebrities. Normalizing everything is THE TREND in 21st century, sadly
  10. I know! Now we have a similar /dress-like-g______/ *insert eyeroll here*
  11. Oh wow this is new to me omg
  12. Who would pay attention to her if she’s not his “wife” honestly sorry
  13. Life-related reminder alert. Although I’m not a mom, I can sense how ridiculous her advices are
  15. Can someone write a meta for this? jk lol

Thanks for this informative submission again, sweetie! It’s really long, I survived lol. Please don’t hold back to talk why she isn’t supportive in A/_/F, and please don’t hold back to write it long! You become an important role here you know? I can’t make quality posts on my own! Have a nice day and hope to see you soon, XXOO

Clint Barton being a dad, though. Clint coming home between SHIELD missions and immediately taking over diaper duty because Laura deserves a break, she did it the entire time he was gone.

Clint knowing all about My Little Pony because he watches it with his kids. Clint needing to bite his tongue when someone at SHIELD tries to make a MLP joke because HER NAME IS APPLEJACK AND YOU GOT THE ACCENT ALL WRONG YOU LOSER.

Clint cutting grilled cheese sandwiches into tiny triangles because duh dad, they taste better this way.

The kids know that if they ask, Dad will build them LITERALLY ANYTHING. But he will always check with mom first which is why they don’t have a pumpkin cannon for their treehouse yet.

Clint going to every single school event, sports game or lesson while he’s at home.

Clint has years of experience with carpooling, which made flying the Avengers around in the quinjet a piece of cake. (He never has to scold anyone for getting gum in their hair. Not that that hasn’t happened, but they’re grownups and they can just deal with that themselves.)

Clint singing the kids to sleep. Clint telling bedtime stories that are really ‘have I told you about the time Iron Man tried to put rollerskates on his suit?’

Clint being annoyed because Natasha is way better at dad-jokes than him.

Clint has only once used his Dad Voice during a SHIELD mission. It got three first-timers to stop freaking out and get out alive.

Clint’s only allowed to take the kids clothes shopping if he promises that they will come back with at least one item that isn’t 1) purple or 2) brown plaid.

Clint’s kids have all the Avengers Action Figures. It was probably Fury’s fault. Aunt Nat is their favourite action figure and she gets the best adventures.

Clint telling the kids to eat their vegetables because Aunt Nat and Captain America eat their vegetables, don’t you want to be an Avenger?