kids doing amazing things

“See, if I do this, the umbrella won’t get dirty!”

“Woah! That’s so cool! But why use an umbrella when you can just use your powers?”


it’s ok to give yourself a break when you feel like a failure and not be so hard on yourself for everything you think you should be but aren’t.

Perfection doesn’t exist. You do.

And you are amazing.


90s Black Pop Culture

Art Credit - Xavier Payne

”Dean? Dean will you please let go of me you’re throwing me off balance…”




Collab with the wonderful @sarawh! She sketched, I did the rest, this was so much fun to do oh my god

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College!Reader long distance calling Zenyatta, Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Dad!Reyes, and Dad!76 because they're stressed and in need of comfort. I'm sorry but I really need this now huhu, finals are in one week and I still have a shit ton of projects to do :< Hope you guys are doing alright


“I know it can be stressful, but you will persevere and become stronger. Remember to take breaks, get plenty of rest and you will do wonderful things.”


“I know you can do it, keep studying and remember to take breaks and you’re hard work will pay off.”


“It can be stressful, I have been in your shoes. But you can do great things.”


“I ain’t been in a university, or any school, but you’re smart and talented and you will do amazing things.”


“Knock ‘em dead, kid. You can do this, just don’t get too overwhelmed and keep on trucking on. You’ll do great.”

Soldier 76

“ You’re gonna do great, keep your eye on the target and you’ll do amazing thing. Just remember to get enough sleep.”

Batman VS Spider-Man [ Harry Holland ]

Anonymous said to peteypxrker:

Could you pretty please do a Harry imagine where you go to his school and you LOVE Batman so you two get into a cute argument about who’s better Batman or Spider-Man and then at the end he asks you out? If not, it’s okay!!

it’s short, but I hope this is good :)

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When Dipper said he wasn’t taking ford’s apprenticeship I screamed.I knew it was going to happen, but I still hoped that it wouldn’t.

I know that it’s meant to be a good thing. It’s meant to show that Dipper and Mabel are inseparable, and that they have ultimately overcome what set Stan and Ford apart.

But this this ‘solution’ to their fight is basically the equivalent of Ford skipping out on a fantastic opportunity, his dream college, in order to make Stan happy. It’s not even a compromise, it’s just Dipper giving in again.

Of course, Mabel did say that if he really wanted, Dipper could take the apprenticeship. After he had just said that he wouldn’t, in order to make sure Mabel left the Bubble with him. Going back on that now would make that whole fluffy speech seem brittle.

The thing is, even if it’s not what the creators really mean, this ending implies that this is the correct choice. Somehow it has become a choice of dreams vs family when it shouldn’t have. Following your dreams doesn’t make you a villain, it doesn’t mean you chose them over your family. Ford deserved to go to an amazing college and have an amazing future. Dipper deserves to have his every dream come true and study the mysteries of the universe with a relative he genuinely connects with.

Fandom never should have made it seem like it was one or the other, because it never had to be. Stan and Ford’s situation was just a disaster of miscommunication and mistakes. It didn’t have to turn out that way. Dipper never chose his dreams over Mabel, because could you ever see them cutting off contact? He never saw Mabel and his dreams as mutually exclusive.

But Mabel did. (And some parts of fandom cause parallels I guess)

I mean, look at how happy the goobers are to play with someone.

Is it really so shocking that Ford would offer to teach Dipper, when Dipper loves the supernatural so much and might be the first actual friend he’s had in years? Dipper and Ford would have been so excited, solving the mysteries of the universes with a friend just as passionate as themselves

But as soon as Mabel finds out about this, she asks ‘But what about me, huh?’. I know it was a bad day for her, she’s twelve and she is really afraid of growing up, but does that mean she gets to ask this? Well of course she get’s to ask but should she? She’s asking him to give up something incredibly important to him and put her first. Again. And by now she should know that he always does.

In Time Travellers Pig, he puts her over his desire to spend the day with his crush Wendy, because she gets so upset over her pig that she sulks for weeks(as a joke for the audience tho). It’s not a bad thing, she lost Waddles helping Dipper. It’s just that it starts a trend. If she needles or sulks enough, Dipper gives in.

The Deep End. Dipper puts Mabel’s crush over his crush + his summer job

Sock Opera. Dipper puts Mabel’s crush of the week over something he really cares about, the mysteries of gravity falls. And then Mabel asks for more. More help after days of him helping her after she promised to help him.

And then Mabel puts her crush over Dipper ‘Can’t we wait till after the show?

And does so again. Even if just for a second, she gave up what they thought was dipper’s one shot at getting his body back. She put her crush over Dipper’s life and his most precious possession.

And now we have Mabel’s desires on display in the bubble prison, and what do we get? Dippy Fresh, a ‘back-up’ brother that supports her. Wow, a tad hypocritical there.

And now it’s all come down to this. Mabel refused to leave the bubble until Dipper gave in. Maybe this will change next episode, and Mabel will actually encourage him to do what he wants.

But even if she does, he’ll say no, because that would go against the lesson they just taught. A lesson I don’t agree with. It shouldn’t be dreams vs family, and family should never force you to make that decision.

Translation: “Guru Guru Taihen EVERYDAY!!” (Atsushi’s character song)

Oh god, this song is so great. I feel so bad for him and also I kind of want to whack him. I’m not sure if he’s been hanging out with Kin-chan too much or should get together with him more.

ANYWAY, this is Atsushi’s new character song from “Love Fountain”. Japanese lyrics are from Hitomin’s blog, with thanks. Pls enjoy. Message me about any errors so I can fix them, thanks.

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My thanks and appreciation and love to everyone who was apart of Skam...

I can’t believe that today is the last day of Skam. It feels like just yesterday I was logging onto Tumblr and seeing my feed full of countless gifs of the two precious boys who would come to change my life (and take it over!) making out spiderman style and sharing smokes with each other. I remember reblogging one of those gifs and thinking to myself “they look so cute together and they look so gone for each other, what is this show?” and thus, my downward spiral (really it was totally positive though!!) into the abyss that is called Skam began. I remember figuring out that those gifs were from season 3 and that they were already on the fifth episode of it and I went back and watched all of season 3, found season 1 and 2 and watched those, and then watched season 3 again until I was caught up. I think I’ve watched season 3 about 10 times by now and I’ve seen seasons 1 and 2 several times more as well! That’s how much I love this show, I can rewatch it so many times and still never get sick of it! I really can’t believe that we’ve reached the end- it feels so surreal. I’m so grateful for everything Skam has done for me. It has taught me so many things about some many different topics, I’ve made some great friends because of it, I’ve gotten to learn a new language and appreciate different cultures, I have so many new mottos to live by now as well. God, this show was just so good. It was so real, which is way different from most of the shows I watch. As an American, our television shows love drama and love to drop bombs for “shock value” and they love to use actors who are like 27 to portray someone who’s supposed to be 17, so the fact that Skam had actors that were really 17 playing 17 year olds and that all of the conflicts were realistic and weren’t just there to create more drama but actually had a purpose was so so refreshing and it just drew me in even more. I have loved every second of Skam and deciding to check this show out was probably the best decision of my life. This show, these actors, Julie- all of it has changed my life for the better and I know I’m never going to find something as amazing as this. I will forever cherish this show and everything it has done for me.

To Julie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for this show. You’ve created so many amazing characters that all represent something different and are all so genuine which allows us to see ourselves in them- they’re not perfect, they make mistakes, but they learn from those mistakes and the lessons these characters have taught us are lessons I will never ever forget. You also managed to give so much representation for so many different groups- religion, sexuality, mental illness, gender, race, abuse victims, and so many others that I have not seen before, and that in itself is truly amazing. You chose the perfect actors to be apart of your creation as well, every single one of them seems so down to earth and so genuinely good, and they are all immensely talented and work so well together. The storylines, as well, are masterpieces. Every single problem these characters faced were real problems that people face all over the world and every person that watched this show could identify with at least one of these problems. I especially enjoyed how everything was relevant and how you used parallels and symbolism so so well. This show has not only taught me so much and helped me become more aware of things, but it brought me closer to so many people around the world. I’ve made so many new friends through this show and for that I am forever grateful. Not to mention, this show has sparked an interest of languages in me, and I even started learning Norwegian! It’s such a beautiful language! You are an incredibly talented human being and I have never been more happy to have found this show. I stumbled upon a true gem when I found this one ❤

To Tarjei, god where do I even start? I started watching this show about halfway through Isak’ s season and I knew from the second I started watching that I would absolutely fall in love with you. I was totally right. I was captivated from the start. You are such an amazing actor, I literally cannot put into words how talented I think you are. Your ability to do so much and portray so many different emotions with your facial expressions and just the tiny details of each expression, it blows my mind. You’re only eleven days older than me and you’ve got more talent that I could ever imagine having. I know you’re going to go on to do the most amazing things- who are we kidding, you’ve already gone and landed yourself some wonderful roles (Grease!! My favorite musical!! I’m so excited for you!!) that I know you’ll beyond succeed in! I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow both as a person and as an actor (and as Isak, especially as Isak, that character development is wow, too good!). Throughout the years you’ve only gotten more talented and more amazing, and I am so glad that I was able to be here to witness that! You put so much passion into everything you do and I could totally see that with Isak. The way you played him was phenomenal and the way you handled his struggles and the ways he dealt with things (or didn’t) was so well done. Once again, I am at a loss for words for how insanely proud I am of you, Tarjei. I love you with all my being. Never stop being you. ❤ 

To Henrik, you wonderful, bright star of a human being. I’ve only “known” you since November but it feels like it’s been years. You are single handedly one of the absolute most talented people I have ever had the honor and pleasure of watching. In one of your interviews at the Skam party you said that you didn’t want to make Even a stereotypical character and that you wanted to portray mental illness in a respectful, believable way and can I just say you were beyond successful in this. Anyone that ever has to play someone with a mental illness should absolutely take notes from you! You did Even so much justice and you made him so believable and genuine and you were so very respectful about it all. Mental illnesses are not easy, and you definitely portrayed that. Your portrayal of Even taught me so so much about mental illnesses and I will forever be grateful for that. I know that you resonated with so many people through this role and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. You definitely made history with Even seeing as he not only represented living with bipolar, but also identifying as pansexual, something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. You are a role model for so many people, myself included, and I’m so glad that Julie picked up that phone and called you. I’m still so upset that we didn’t get to see more of Even and learn more about his story and his background and explore all of his complex layers- he had such an amazing story to tell and so so much potential. Part of the reason why he had so much potential, I think, is because of you Henrik. You breathed so much life into that character and I could tell how passionate you were about that role. Every single time you came on screen I was just so captivated with how much effort you put into Even. I’m truly impressed and so so proud, I can’t even properly express it all. I’m not ready to let go of Even, that’s for sure! I’ll miss him so so much, but I know he will always live on in my heart and mind, and I know he will in yours as well. (And hey, I know a ton of people, myself included, would totally be 100% on board with and in support of you just making Even his own season- I bet you could get some of the other cast to get on board as well, if they’re not already) I know you’re going to do great things, whatever projects you have next are so lucky to have you and I can’t wait to hear all about them. Not only are you incredibly genuine when you play Even, but you’re also so genuine in real life as well. You seem like you’re the nicest human being ever and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to exist in the same lifetime as you. You’re insanely talented and charming and so down to earth and sweet, I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of you! I love you with all my heart, Henrik! ❤❤

To Iman, I’m so incredibly proud of you for everything you have done in Skam. You are a truly wonderful person and an amazing actress. To hear that you’ll be joining the army- I am incredibly proud of you, and Norway is incredibly lucky, their army is gaining such a strong, wonderful woman. Your portrayal of Sana has been amazing, you brought her to life, embodied her sass and her strength and gave her your everything. I learned so much from both Sana and you about so many different things- about Islam and religion, about friendship, about being selfless and always looking out for those you love. Sana was such a loyal character and I admire that so very much. She always stood up for her friends and defended them and would go to the ends of the earth for them. Her heart is so big and so golden and I love her so so much. Her friendship with Isak was one of my favorite things to watch, their banter was lovely and they were so pure. I wish we could’ve seen more of Sana and Even interacting, I feel like they would have been amazing friends. Your portrayal of Sana was a gift to us all, and Sana’s nickname may be Sanasol, but Iman, you really are the sun here, shining so very bright and leaving us all in awe. You are a beautiful soul, inside and out and I’m going to miss you and Sana so very much. ❤

To Ulrikke, you. are. absolutely. stunning. You have a heart of pure gold and I admire you in every single way possible. You are such an empowering, strong, beautiful woman and I consider you to be one of my role models. Every time I see you post something on Instagram, I always smile because I know that whatever it is you posted is going to inspire so many people, girls and boys, young and old, everyone. Your portrayal of Vilde was amazing. Vilde was such a complex character and she struggled with so much, and I’m so disappointed that we didn’t get to see her have her own season- I know she deserved it- but what we did get to see of her was so so wonderful, and that’s all because of you and your incredible talent. Vilde could definitely be problematic, but you couldn’t help but love her. Despite her ignorance’s, she really did mean well and she seemed like a lovely person to have in your life and a great friend. You really brought her to life and I’m so glad I got to be here for this! I cannot wait to see what you do next- whatever it is I know you’ll do such an amazing job at it! ❤

To Lisa, the amazing, beautiful girl who started it all. Our very first ever main character of Skam! When I discovered this show and then went back to watch season 1, I fell in love with it in an instant. I loved everything about Eva’s season and I think it was a brilliant start to a brilliant show. Eva is one of my favorite characters on the show, I absolutely love her. At first, she was very shy and insecure, but as time progressed you could see her coming out of her shell and really finding out who she was and I think you managed to capture all of this so well. You can truly see the difference in her, can see her character development and her growth and that’s so impressive! Eva is so fun-loving and sweet and I absolutely adore her. I loved her friendship with Isak and I’m so happy that Jonas and Eva were endgame because I love them together. You are such an amazing actress and I’m so glad you got cast in this show! I’m going to miss you and Eva so so much but I know both will go on to do wonderful things! I love you! ❤

To Ina, what a fun-loving, big-hearted, beautiful spirit! It is truly a travesty that we didn’t get to see more of Chris, I loved her so much. She was always so funny and always put a smile on my face every time I saw her. Chris was such an underrated character and she totally is one of my favorites! You did such a good job as Chris, I love everything about her and everything about how you portrayed her. My absolute favorite Chris clip was the solo one she got in the last week of Skam. We got to see a different side of her, and it really made me feel for her. Her insecurity about her friendships, the “am I good enough?” feeling is so relatable. Her talk with Dr. Skrulle and the smile that she gets at the end and then how she goes out and sends everybody such sweet messages, I fell in love with her all over again! Chris Berg is the purest soul! She is really an amazing friend and I would love to have her as one of my friends! You really did a wonderful job playing Chris, Ina! I’m going to miss the both of you immensely! And of course, you will do such amazing things in your future! I love you! ❤

To Josefine, Noora is one of the first characters I fell in love with! I absolutely loved her strong, independent vibe in season 1. She was such an empowering character, and she stands up for such amazing things, and has such solid, good beliefs. I wasn’t the biggest fan of her relationship with William, but I knew that Noora’s a strong girl and would be able to take care of herself, something she proved time and time again. Not only is she strong, but she is also one hell of a friend. She stands up for her friends, she helps her friends through tough times, she’s loyal. Josefine, you portrayed Noora so fantastically, there is no one who could have done it better. Listening to your voice is always fun, I think your voice is just so nice to listen to. You always seem to have a smile on your face as well, which I love. Also, you’re absolutely stunning in every way possible. You made watching Noora so enjoyable and I’m going to miss you as Noora! You’re going to do wonderful things in the future and whatever project you work on next is going to be so lucky to have you! I love you, Josefine! ❤

To Marlon, the eyebrow king of the world. Okay, I actually love you so much it’s crazy. Both you and Jonas are so likeable and I just want to be both of your best friends! From the first episode in season 1 I fell in love with Jonas. He’s such a strong character, so opinionated (in the good way!) and wise, and just so genuinely cool, like, god I really do just want to be his best friend. I love how season 1 opened with Jonas’s anti-capitalism speech and I love how season 4 ends with Jonas giving a speech again, it really feels full circle. Marlon, your acting as Jonas was spectacular and I enjoyed every second of it! Jonas was such a loyal friend and when he loves someone, you can really see it and you managed to capture all of that so so well! I especially enjoyed the wide mouthed laugh thing you do in the episode where Isak texts Even to figure his shit out after Isak announces that Even is at his door is my actual favorite thing ever, it’s absolutely precious, and your little “ahh” in the first episode of season 4 is also just great. I wish we would’ve seen more Jonas in season 4, he’s such a great character- I wish he would have had his own season as well, I think that would have been so cool to get to see things through Jonas’s perspective! But Jonas is such a good friend to Isak, so supportive and chill and the scene where Isak comes out to Jonas is by far one of my favorite Jonas scenes. You are truly such a talented guy and you seem like such a cool dude as well. Like I said before, I would love to have you as a best friend, Marlon! I especially enjoy how you would draw stick figure Isak and Even in the places of your home that they used during filming and I also loved the lowkey shade you would throw about your character and whatnot with all of the Instagram posts you liked. Thank you for everything you’ve done with Jonas, he was one of my favorites! I’m sad to see Jonas go, but I know this won’t be the last we see of Marlon! I can’t wait to see what adventures you go on next! Marlon Langeland, I love you so much! ❤

To David, oh my god I love you I love you I love you! Magnus was one of my absolute favorites! He was insanely funny and boy squad always gave him so much shit and teased him a ton (all of it lovingly of course!). He definitely had some moments where I would facepalm and be like oh my god Magnus why? but he always came back from those and he always meant well! I wish we got to see even more Magnus he was a true gem and such a pure soul (despite his dirty mind and desperate need to get laid haha). You truly brought Magnus to life, David, and I am so happy that you were the one to play him! You hit the nail on the head and portrayed his slightly cluelessness and desperation perfectly. He may have been somewhat ignorant at times, but hey he learned from his mistakes and like I said before, he totally meant well! David, I just want to give you the biggest hug, especially after watching Magnus hug Even so many times- those hugs always looked so good and cozy! Magnus’s obsession with Even is actually the purest thing in the world and I adore it so much. He definitely looks up to Even and the way he treats Even just makes me love him that much more. I really really loved the scene where Magnus talks to Isak about Even and bipolar disorder and shares about his experience with it via his mom. That scene showed a different side to Magnus and made me fall in love with him even more because he really loves everyone with his whole heart and sees the good in everyone. David, you are truly talented and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for you! I think one of my favorite things about you is your laugh as well. It’s so bright and it never fails to make me smile and laugh right along. I feel like you would be such an amazing friend, you seem like the nicest soul ever! I love you with all my heart! ❤

To Sacha, you are a gift to us all! I’m really sad that we don’t get to see much of Mahdi onscreen and that he doesn’t have more speaking lines, but what we do see of him he is truly wonderful! He seems like a solid friend, always seems to have good advice, is totally loyal, incredibly pure, has amazing values, and his love for waffles rivals Leslie Knope’s! The advice Mahdi gives Isak is wonderful, and I really liked how open-minded Mahdi is. In the scene where Isak comes out to Magnus and Mahdi, I love everything about Mahdi in it. He isn’t holding a grudge towards Isak about Isak shoving him, he’s completely chill about it. He gets offended when Magnus thinks it’s funny that people thought he and Isak fought because he’s homophobic (which he makes very clear is not the case!). He suggests that maybe Isak and Even are pansexual. Everything about that scene, I love. You portrayed Mahdi as such a ball of sunshine and as such a great friend and I love everything about him! You’re incredibly talented and I hope to see more of you in the future! I love you! ❤

To Carl, the one and only guru angel. Carl, Eskild was such a fun character because of you! Everything about Eskild, I loved. He was so supportive and so sweet and so energetic and uplifitng and funny and just an all around angel. He was very much like a father figure to Isak and every time I think about how he found Isak all alone, drunk off his ass at some gay bar and how he decided to help him and take him in and all of the support he’s given Isak and how he’s constantly there and in Isak’s corner ready to give him advice or make him smile again, gah it just makes me so emotional! Eskild is a gift to this world and so are you Carl! Your portrayal of Eskild was absolutely amazing! You really brought him to life and made him fun and vivacious and loveable! His numerous nicknames for Isak, his constant support for everyone close to him, his perky personality, all of it was so wonderful because of you! There are so many favorite Eskild moments I have, but I especially enjoyed the speech Eskild gives Isak when he makes the ignorant comment and puts himself above gay pride- you did an amazing job with that scene, the emotion you have while giving that little speech is so raw and it’s so moving. Another one of my all time favorites is the Eskild and Linn clip from season 4 that we just got! That scene legitimately made me cry. Eskild is such a good person and such a great friend and he loves with his whole heart. To see him reassure Linn that they will always have each other made me so emotional. Carl, you are so talented and I cannot thank you enough for your portrayal of Eskild. I love you and I can’t wait to see what you will do next! ❤

To Rakel, a beautiful warrior-princess. You did an absolutely outstanding job at playing Linn. I wish Linn had more screen time, I would have loved to see more of her, especially more of an interaction between her and Even. I feel like they would have gotten along swimmingly and would have been fast friends. Even could have even helped Linn out with her depression maybe, and they could have talked about a lot of deep stuff together. Linn was totally relatable in some ways and I really liked her. You’re incredibly talented and absolutely beautiful inside and out! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next, I’m sure it will be wonderful! I love you Rakel!❤

To Cengiz, to Yousef, to Simo, to Adam, to Mutta, the balloon boys, the sweetest, purest souls. All of you were so amazing in your respective roles! I wish we would have been able to see more of you guys, and I definitely wish we could have learned more about the balloon boys’s relationship with Even and both how it fell apart as well as how it was repaired. All of you boys seem like such lovely people and are all insanely talented. Cengiz- you were a wonderful Yousef, he was so sweet and such a down-to-earth cutie pie, I loved him with all my heart, just like I love you! Yousef- Mikael was such a sweetheart and I always loved seeing your smile onscreen, it’s absolutely precious! I wish Mikael had a bigger role in this, he seemed like such an interesting character! Simo- Elias Bakkoush was the best big brother in the world. He was so protective of his sister, but in such a good way. Him saying that Yousef would be good for Sana was so sweet and the fact that he genuinely was disappointed when the other boys said Yousef was with Noora. I would’ve loved to see more of him as well! Adam- I would have loved to see more of you and hear you more as well! Adam seemed so fun! Mutta- The same goes for you, it would have been lovely to have you in the show more! ❤

To Herman, to Thomas, you both did amazing in this show! Herman, your portrayal of Perpetrator Chris was funny and you did a really good job at playing a fuck boy, haha. Minus his fuck boy attitude and his playboy “I can do whatever and whoever I want” mentality and his cheating tenancies, I think Chris was a good person, or at least he seemed to be shaping up to be a decent person towards the end. Thomas, I didn’t really like William at all, but you did a really good job with his character. You got the fuck boy attitude down as well, and the onscreen time between William and Noora was sweet at certain times. ❤

To Theresa, to Cecilie, to Kristina, to Ruby, you all had the more “villainous” roles, but in reality you all seem like absolutely sweethearts! You all played your roles exceptionally well and I give you all the kudos for that, those roles always seem hard. I can’t wait to see what each of you will do, I know it’ll all be great! You all are so talented and will go far in life! ❤

To whoever was in charge of picking the music, I just want to give you the biggest kudos in the entire universe. The music of Skam was so so amazing, especially in season 3. God, season 3′s music was the best. Every single song fit the moment perfectly and I will truly never get over that! I’ve found so many new songs and artists because of this show and for that I will forever be grateful! Music is such a big part of my life and getting the opportunity to discover new sounds made me so happy! ❤

To all of the friends I’ve made through Skam, I love you all so so much and I am so glad that we were brought together! It’s been amazing to get to know you guys and I only wish that we don’t stop talking because the show is over! ❤

To all of the incredible fic writers and fanart creators… @shadeandadidas @westiris @bechnaesun @noenoaholi @dahlstrom @isisisak @jydoodles @isaksredscarf @danielhowell @elli-skam @miranhas-art @ravenclawisak @stardefiant @leoniejulie (I know there are many more so if I didn’t tag, don’t worry, it’s just because I’m drawing a blank because there are so many!)… you guys are absolutely amazing! I appreciate all of the time and effort you take to create these masterpieces, these incredible works of art. You all have so much talent and I hope that you all will stick around and keep writing/drawing for this amazing fandom! ❤

Skam, it has been a real pleasure. 😚👏✌

Tusen takk og jeg elsker deg i alle universer! ❤❤❤

Just Not A Unicorn

A lovely anon sent me the following prompt like the one sent to @omeliafics not long ago (x):
anonymous sent: Can you write a oneshot where owen and amelia are expecting their first child and owen buys unicorn toy to unborn child! Amelia hasnt told owen about her unicorn baby and she gets mad and maybe has a mental breakdown and what happens when owen doesnt understand that! I love yout drama fics sooo much❤️

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this!

The nursery was almost complete. Owen and Amelia had spent hours the night before building the crib and the changing table. The rocking chair was where Amelia wanted it to be. The light pink walls were a little annoying, but Owen insisted on them when they had painted the month before. As Amelia walked in there after work, she smiled, resting a hand on her large, but still growing baby bump. She was about ten weeks away from her due date, but the time had been flying by. 

She sat down in the rocking chair, letting her arms sit upon the arm rests as she leaned back. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. It was silent in the room, and she knew that once the baby was here, silence would likely be hard to come by. As she opened her eyes, she looked over at the crib. Her smile that she wore before was being replaced quickly by a frown. 

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If you want me to love you forever, buy me the Sanders Sides Posters or Shirts. I will double love you forever if they are signed.

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tbh I'm quite jealous of you. you are absolutely gorgeous, seem to have a great personality and your art is really good. and I'm just sitting here, being an old hag whose art is shit. keep doing your thing kid, you are doing an amazing job!

no no babe don’t be jealous, I’m really not perfect or good at everything really. I’m sure you’re good at drawing, be confident. I know it’s hard sometimes but yeah, and thank you!!!!♥♥

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Lmaoooooooo XDDD

Yes <3 Perfect <3


“Use your head and challenge yourselves. That’s where the dream lies.

whenever i see that scene with tony and he says ‘if you’re nothing without that suit you shouldn’t have it’ i just….i tear up a little.  you can see it on peter’s face.  the truth that hit him in that moment and just how heavy it was.  in a span of only months he went from being a regular, nerdy kid to having these powers that let him do amazing things.  he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in peter parker.  but everyone puts so much faith in spider-man that he suffered from it.