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An Easy Dessert for Anyone Aged 7 - 99+

I’ve been productive and here’s what I did - I made as I call them Sugar-Butter Cake and this is how you make them!

(TN: this dessert contains a lot of sugar, so if that’s something you’re looking out for, you might want to consider an alternative for sugar instead.)

Here is what you’ll need:

- Cookies (preferabbly ‘Petit Beurre’ by LU, but if you have anything alike to those, feel free to use that of course)
- Sugar, this can be any kind of sugar you like (I used the light brown kind because I like its taste the most)
- Butter. (I figured it’s easier working if your butter is a little soft, so if you keep it in the fridge, you might want to let it warm up in room temperature until it’s less of a solid lump.)
- A kitchen scale to weigh the butter and sugar.
- A bowl to mix the sugar and the butter.

Interesting to know is that, for 20 cakes like displayed in the above picture, I needed 60 cookies and 500gr of sugar-butter mix.

Literally, that’s all you’ll need. It’s that easy and it’ll only get easier.

Here is how you make the batter: (+/- 5 mins of work)

I had to make them for 20 people at least, but in fact you can just make as many as you desire! It’s so easy and once you have the batter, it goes fast!

To make it easy for myself and avoid creating a mess I worked in batches of 200gr of batter. Now, how much sugar and butter does that need?

If you take 100gr of butter, you add on the same amount of sugar. (so, 100gr of sugar)

If you like your desserts or biscuits a little more sugar-y, you can add on about 10gr of sugar more. (that’ll give you 100gr butter and 110 gr sugar)

You throw those together in a bowl and you mix them until you become something with the same texture of batter/spread because in the next step, you’ll basically spread this stuff over the cookies like you’d put chocolate spread on your bread..

How do I make the “cakes”? (+/- 2 minutes per cake)

You now have your spread and your cookies. This step is easy and you can make lots of variations on it according to your own preferences or the people you’re making them for. I made mine as they look in the example picture because I needed desserts for 20 people and they had to be easily ‘transport-able’ so I made them into “bites”. 

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of how exactly I made them, but I’ll try to explain:

To make the Sugar-Butter Bites like I made them, take a cookie, spread some of the batter on top of it, then cover with another cookie. You can stack as many cookies as you want and instead of leaving a cookie on top, you can cover the final layer of spread with sprinkles or something else. 

Afterwards, I decided to make an alternative dessert with the same recipe for the people at home. It’s kind of the same like making tiramisu, but if you don’t know how to make tiramisu, here’s how I worked:

  • I created a bottom of cookies (before you do this, count how many cookies you have in total and divide it in the amount of layers you plan to stack in your cake). 
  • For this cake I think I needed about 300-350gr of sugar-butter mix (so 150-175gr butter and 150-175gr sugar) and 21 cookies (for 3 layers)
  • Again, you can cover your final layer of batter with more cookies, or with something else like I did (I used chocolate sprinkles)

I put everything in the fridge for now since I don’t need my 20 bites for my classmates for another day while the family is still out working as I made the large cake but in fact, once you’ve finished stacking cookies and smearing batter until you ran out of supplies or until you’ve reached your count you can immediately serve them or eat them yourself!

More questions? Or do you know another way of using this recipe? Feel free to let me know.

Master chef Octavio is here to serve us some spicy wasabi beets…literally!

I got this silly Idea in my head and it was too stupid good to let it go to waste!

Also a big thank you for MEME SUPREME aka. @fissionmetroid101​ for sticking around and helping me with this absolute silliness. :D