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connect the dots [sirius black]

summary: it’s YOUR chair. regardless of the fact that you found him sleeping there, for merlin’s sake, it’s yours. neither he, nor james seems to understand that. remus is an accidental wingman, lily is there to help, and peter just wants everybody to be friends.

word count: ~2200

a/n: (thats pretty fuckin ironic peter pettigrew u stupid swine) ANYWAY KIDS WHATS UP I LOVE ALL THE MARAUDERS EQUALLY???? but i have an especially soft spot for sirius and remus and james…. hmm…. (especially ben barnes as sirius and andrew garfield as remus but shhh) anyway ik i have a shit ton of requests to do but here i am, master procrastinator, back with more procrastination works! i had an impulse okay. y’all should be thanking me for this insight on snogging sirius black bc i know i’m thanking myself tonight

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A Good Influence

Ask: Could you do an imagine of what it’d be like to be Jason Todd’s gf and going to thanksgiving dinner at the Manor (Maybe it’s the first time meeting the batfam too?) Please! Congrats again love! @avengerdragoness

A/N: Wowow thank you for the request! It turned out longer then I thought it would but I think it turned out okay. If you have any requests please don’t be shy I need ideas! 

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Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

she manages

Lingering Effects: Arrow 6x01 Review (Fallout)

Hello friends!!! Missed you guys! Man it has been a long writing break for me. I hope I remember how to do this!

Another hellatus survived! Another season premiere! Six seasons - wow. We’ve put in a chunk of time with this show. What I admire about Arrow is they really pay attention to what worked and what didn’t in the previous season and try incorporate those lessons into the next. Arrow has five years of lessons informing their sixth season premiere and the episode reflected it.  

There is a seamless fluidity and confidence to “Fallout.” Arrow knows what it does best and what it doesn’t. The captain of the Arrowverse, the original DC TV show, “the veteran” is owning their experience. The cast feels incredibly well integrated, it’s fast paced, funny and emotional. Most importantly it answers the long awaited “cliffhanger” while still leaving some unanswered questions and launching new mysteries.

The term “Fallout” is an interesting choice for the episode title. It stuck with me as I watched because of the open endedness to the term. The definition of fallout is:

1 a :the often radioactive particles stirred up by or resulting from a nuclear explosion and descending through the atmosphere; also :other polluting particles (such as volcanic ash) descending likewise

b :descent (as of fallout) through the atmosphere

2 :a secondary and often lingering effect, result, or set of consequences

There is no conclusion or end to what happened on Lian Yu and what Adrian Chase did.  The characters are still falling through the consequences. Some are grappling more than others with the, but the lingering effects are shifting them all in new directions. For some, these new directions are wonderful. For others, it is like a radioactive particle slowly descending all around them… like a cancer taking hold.

Let’s dig in…

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Tree bros headcanons again let’s go

Trigger warnings: mentions of anxiety and drugs 

  • Connor has definitely taken Evan to small concerts around their town.
  • Evan doesn’t want to go at first because large groups of people and loud noise is not great for his anxiety, but he doesn’t speak up.
  • Later on he opens up to Connor, who feels awful even though he had no idea. Evan tells him that everything is fine, that he didn’t know and he just wanted to have a good time with him. 
  • Everything was fine, he knew that if things got bad he could hold Connor’s hand and that would help ground him.
  • Speaking of music, of course Connor loves grunge and emo music because that kind of music tends to speak to people going though internal issues, but he also loves Troye Sivan despite his more pop sound. 
  • Like, how could he not? Not only is Troye Sivan gay (representation is important, especially in a media that doesn’t really provide it) but he sings about feeling lonely and other not so nice feelings. When his withdrawal symptoms get really bad and Evan isn’t around he listens to Happy Little Pill to remind himself that his addiction wasn’t just about getting high, it was something a lot deeper. 
  • It’s not really Evan’s thing, he’s more into Dodie Clark type stuff, but he has definitely caught himself humming along to Suburbia or Youth more than once. 
  • Evan has one of those voices that is made for humming. He’s ok at singing, not great, but ok. (Note: Ben Platt has an amazing voice. Evan is not Ben Platt, he’s a fictional character and these are just headcanons. Continue reading.)
  • But Connor… Connor can sING.
  • He has this sort of scratchy voice that’s still soft and sweet, it’s really unique and Evan lives for it. 
  • He’s tried several times to get Zoe to play guitar while Connor sings, but neither of them are really comfortable with it. Connor has only really sung for Evan, and his and Zoe’s relationship is still healing so it’d be kind of weird for them to open up to each other though music. It takes a lot for either of them to make music in front of people they don’t completely trust.
  • Evan is still convinced that the two could be a famous sibling group one day, but he doesn’t push it. 
  • Evan is considerably shorter than Connor, and Connor has realized that when Evan can’t reach something and Connor is around to help him get the thing, he always kisses Connor because he’s that grateful (it’s not fun not being able to reach something, I should know, I’m a short boy).
  • When Connor realized this, he put everything in his room and in his house that Evan could possibly need to get one shelf higher than normal when he gets home. 
  • Cynthia is not happy. 
  • She asked Connor what in the world he was doing, and Connor got really flustered and his face turned red (which almost never happens). Cynthia decides that this is about Evan and she should just leave her poor lovestruck boy alone. 
  • He does this at Evan’s house too when Evan isn’t looking. Heidi is super confused as to why all the glasses in the kitchen are higher up than normal. She knows it couldn’t have been Evan, he inherited his shortness from her. She wonders for a second if it’s Jared because that’s the kind of thing he would do when everyone else is asleep during a sleepover.
  • She rules out Zoe and Alana almost immediately. Alana would put much more planning into her pranks, and Zoe isn’t interested in that kind of stuff. 
  • So she confronts Evan and asks him if Connor has been moving their stuff around, and does Evan connect the dots? Of course not. He’s a smart kid, but Connor trying to get Evan to kiss him is not something he’d think of at first.
  • So one day he tries to reach for one of the mysteriously high up glasses in the kitchen, fails to get one, and calls Connor for help. Connor comes over, looking way too happy about the situation, and gets Evan his glass. Evan stands on his toes and kisses him, but something connects in his mind once he does. 
  • “Wait,” he pulls away. 
  • Ok, and it’s not like Connor was fully aware of what he was doing. He just knew that if he put things up high, something good would happen and he would feel needed. But this was a moment of realization for both of them, and once Connor became completely aware of what he was doing he gets s o  e m b a r r a s s e d.
  • Evan is laughing so hard he can’t breathe and Connor is hiding his face in his hands and they both know what he was doing.
  • “You know,” Evan says, “if you want a kiss you can just ask for one.”
  • This sends Connor’s head spinning and he won’t talk to anyone for an hour.
  • When Jared finds out he won’t leave Connor alone, every time Evan asks for help with something, be it homework or anything else, Jared just raises his eyebrows and mouths “get some”.
  • And Heidi notices that all the glasses are back in their place. She doesn’t question it.
Dive Bar

summary: The summer of 1989 was something Bill had not thought about in years. The people. The places. The Loser’s. But when he runs into an old friend at the bar, it’s like he’s there all over again. 

Ships: Reddie

Song: ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel

(IT happened but Bill runs into someone before the 2nd showdown)

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I have been sick and I still have a blocked nose that doesn’t want to go away. I am carrying my nasal spray everywhere. Remember my sick week essentials? It’s the same one. Yeah, it’s that good. But the point is, I am having a hard time focusing, and I have been working on this review for a while. But it is finally here! So, say hello to the wonderful Heart & Hands Tarot by Liz Blackbird, a deck which was completed over the course of ten years!

Aside from how beautiful it is (and it is easy to get stuck on saying beautiful all over again when admiring it), there are two features that immediately capture the attention: one is the big size, as these are the largest tarot cards I have. The other one is its contrasting, intricate, black and white art. There is a lot going on each card, a lot to look at; but it’s not busy or overwhelming, on the contrary, it makes the deck alive. The cards draw you in, they are very eye catching and special. At first, you see each card as a whole piece, which it is, but after looking at them long enough you start discovering stuff you’d missed the first time, and it’s like one element guides you to another. I feel there is a hidden path on each card, and I kid you not, they made me think about a connect the dots puzzle in the best way possible.

The cards are striking and fascinating. There are lots of hands, patterns, plants, suit symbols, and some people. They have a lot of movement, and this is emphasized by the fact that the art spills over the image “limits” and goes into the wide white borders, like they break through them. I love this effect and how well it’s made because it’s like you feel the cards must do that. The backs are gorgeous too, and have lots of flowers and eyes. I could not pick only one to be my favourite, but I must say I definitely love the cups suit. It was really difficult to pick just a few for the review, and even then I feel the pictures do no justice because of the details and the intricacy of the design.

They come in a custom tuck box which matches the extra card that acts as a deck cover. It has a companion leaflet, with meanings (keywords) extracted from Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card and the celtic cross layout. And there’s also an extra organza bag, which I feel it’s the perfect final touch for the contrasting, b&w effect.

The Heart & Hands Tarot deck is glorious. It’s not only beautiful, but also exuberant, joyful, alive. In my opinion, the large format is absolutely necessary to avoid missing the many details that Liz has included on each card. As I always say, decks in general are great for art lovers, but I have found that this deck is particularly good for meditation as there is so so much to think about and discover.

‘It’: Everything You Need to Know About Stephen King’s Killer Clown Story

Pennywise is one of modern horror’s greatest monsters
He’s the original killer clown from outer space and the most infamous villain in Stephen King’s bibliography, which is saying something. (All apologies, Randall Flagg.)  Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the form most frequently taken by a malevolent entity that’s been haunting the entire town of Derry, Maine for centuries; it’s lurked beneath the land since it hurtled through the cosmos and crash-landed on Earth from another dimension millennia ago. This shape-shifter can transform into its victims’ worst nightmares, feeding on both their fear and their flesh. Its preferred target: little kids, whose vivid imaginations give it an extensive menu of terrors to choose from. This also explains the monster’s default mode: What kid doesn’t love clowns? (At least before It more or less singlehandedly ruined their image, that is.)

But in addition to being one mean, multifaceted predator, Pennywise has exerted a malign influence on the entire town. He himself – or It Itself – only emerges from hibernation once every 27 years or so for a feeding frenzy that lasts roughly a year to 18 months. But Its presence in the sewers beneath Derry radiates an evil that makes the small town the murder capital of New England … and generates a sort of willful amnesia among the population. Such forgetfulness keeps folks from reflecting on their sleepy burg’s history of atrocities, disasters and mass murders. It also prevents people from connecting the dots when the creature resurfaces and kids start going missing en masse.

Overall, Pennywise combines a killer look and set of powers with one of King’s strongest concepts: a fairy-tale troll that hides out not under a bridge, but an entire city – a ghost that haunts not just one house, but all of them. As our foremost chronicler of small-town American evil, King has a royally good time with the idea.

I wrote a primer on It — the book, the miniseries, the movie, Pennywise, Tim Curry, That Scene, you name it — just in time for the release of the new blockbuster film adaptation for Rolling Stone.

theory time:

(some parts of this are drawn from other posts ive seen but i thought i’d connect the dots)

cardinas kid is The Boy, he came up with wendimoor (hence the drawings) he’s psychic, and the ‘67 was caused by a huge surge in his psychic energy (which probably also lead to the tree incidents). he then fell into a coma, but his energy was so powerful that wendimoor actually came into existence.

he was then captured by blackwing, and he’s project moloch (old guy in a coma). it’s 50 years since the ‘67 so the guy would be about 60, which sounds about right.

ALSO, according to google, moloch is a canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, which i guess would mean mean that he was sacrificed as a child in order for wendimoor to be created?

anonymous asked:

I had a dream where a black widow bit me on the head and threw me into a state of paralysis after a few minutes. Followed by a vision of you posting an Ao3 work. Is this prophecy for Connect the Dots or for more Widowtracily?

First of all
You ok homie?! I mean dream you??


prep yo asses kids

I love the idea of Jack and Bitty being parents but Patater being parents and going to their kid’s first elementary school Open House night is also a guilty pleasure. I like to think that being with Tater has really mellowed Parse out in that he’s still aloof asshole to the world but never to his family. Their kid would be waiting in the classroom by himself because his parents are a little late because of traffic, and his teacher is about to approach him because she feels bad and is lowkey annoyed that this kid’s parents didn’t even bother to show up until Tater comes from nowhere and swoops his kid up into his arms, apologizing for being late and basically being a loud and larger-than-life embarrassing dad, the biggest Dad to ever Dad. Parse takes off his sunglasses, ruffles his kid’s hair, and blows kisses on their cheeks with the kid going, “Dad stop I’m in first grade now sTOP.” Tater would definitely let their kid ride on his shoulders and be so damn impressed at his kid’s artwork hanging on the wall because his art skills are very minimal (”Kenny our kid is so talented” “Tater, you’ve said that three times. But yes I agree”). And when Tater finally lets their kid down he would hook his arms around Parse, and Parse would fit next to him automatically.  

BONUS - The parents and teachers are so shocked/starstuck at the Tater and Parson’s appearance (y’all know they went all out with the suits and the watches and the gold chain they are so extra) like for some reason they never connected the dots (their kid draws their Pa as a potato sometimes and says his parents play sports as a job so everyone just thought it meant that they work at home or something). It takes them fifteen extra minutes to leave the school because everyone wanted autographs and photos. 

Playing House Pt. 2

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants


Warnings: Slight mentions of smut. 

Summary: Pietro takes you and Nathaniel around town and the three of you have a big day together with hot chocolate and snowball fights. 

A/N: This is going to be super fluffy!! I hope you all enjoy! Also I got some ideas for it from @luv4fandoms! She’s a great writer and awesome friend! Also I do mention Chanukah at some point in this story because Wanda and Pietro are Jewish, and I’m sorry if I spell it wrong, I am not Jewish so I don’t know that much about the Holiday or it’s spelling and I did look it up on google but I’m worried it might still be wrong so please don’t be offended if I made a mistake it was not my intention. 

The next time you opened your eyes you were in front of a diner. You looked in your arms and found Nathaniel staring at the two of you wide eyed and his hair all messy as well as yours. “That was awesome!” Nathaniel shouts. You laugh at him and Pietro smiles. “Can we do that again?” He asks Pietro and tugs on his shirt. Pietro sets the two of you down and you let Nathaniel down on the ground. 

“Maybe later.” Pietro says and Nathaniel smiles at him and Pietro takes his little hand in his big calloused one and he leads you both inside the diner. 

“Hey Pietro!” The owner calls to him and Pietro smiles and strides over to the counter. The two of them have a quick bro hug and then Nathaniel gets entranced by the fish tank and pulls you over to it so he can show you how he can name all the fish since he watched Finding Nemo. “I’ve been waiting for you to come back.” He tells Pietro. “Ever since you saved my family and this diner from that awful fire last year I thought we would keep in touch more often.” 

“Yeah I’m sorry Marcus, well I got busy with the team and couldn’t find the time. But I figured since it is the Holidays I should come by and see how things are going.” Pietro says. 

“Hey you’re welcome back any time.” Marcus says and then looks over to you and Nathaniel. “I see you brought your wife and kid?” Pietro smirks and stares at the ground and shakes his head. 

“She’s not my wife and he’s not my kid.” He says and blushes a bit. 

“Girlfriend and her son?” Marcus asks and Pietro shakes his head and Marcus looks confused. 

“Girl I have a crush on and my friend Clint’s son.” Pietro says and Marcus nods. 

“Oh, well you guys make a cute family.” Marcus jokes and then Nathaniel runs over and grabs Pietro’s leg. 

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volleyballhell-deactivated20150  asked:

"I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately."

alright so this got ridiculously out of hand ridiculously fast, but they make-out so it’s all good right? oh well who cares this was cute and fun

also i have no idea how old takeru is nor do i really care if kids are like this they are mere plot tools in my grip lol

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The media is in instant “lone wolf” white privilege mode. This shit is soooooo predictable. Interesting how these crimes are on the rise, but are never connected with a larger narrative. Who could ever connect the dots? They will sooner say white kids with bowl cuts are danderous than mention racism, white terror or white terror as institution across society.


Hand-drawn by Kid Cudi, the Indicud logo is prominent on each cap. Cudi wanted each letter to be unique and different.

The ‘brain lining’ on each piece illustrates Cudi’s thoughts, featuring some of his favorite lyrics.

The space brim connects the dots to the Kid Cudi brand as a staple in all of his creations. Cudi also wanted to stray from the traditional undervisor to make it unique.

To further authenticate the collection, the Cudder Approved logo, hand-drawn by Kid Cudi, as well as Cudi’s orbit insignia were added to make every piece in the collection cohesive.

anonymous asked:

Mr Bendis. I volunteer to teach reading to a group of disadvantaged kids, and after their homework as a treat we read Ultimate Spider-Man because they love it and it's my favorite comic. They get sad when something bad happens to a character and I tell them "That character is only in a book. The writer wanted us to learn something from what happened to him." We're almost at Peter's death and I can't figure out what to tell them. Im thinking self-sacrifice but I wanted your blessing. Thanks.

Boy, that is a tough one. First of all God bless you for spending your time helping other people. And I’m truly honored that you would use my work in your lofty pursuit

And most people do learn the facts of life and by that I mean life-and-death and all that from stories. Most people learned about death from Bambi’s mom or finding Nemo’s family. I guess it’s entirely your call you know these kids and probably have a good sense of what they can handle

I would tell you just say to them that it’s only a story but being a parent I know that that line never works. Kids immediately start to connect the dots between the fictional tragedy and a real one that they have witnessed or felt


SciShow Kids - Constellations: Connect the Dots in the Sky!

For a long time, people have seen pictures among the stars – just like connect the dots! Learn all about constellations, including someone of the easiest ones to spot, and what some people thought they looked like.