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Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

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Why I believe NaLi was mashima’s original plan

after nearly a year i finally manage to bring forward some motivation to create this extremely procrastinated post. so buckle up kids and sit tight as i practically retell ft and connect the dots to nali.


if you havent already heard mashima admitted he had no intention to pair off natsu and lucy and is only considering it as of very recently (even as far as tartaros romantic!nalu was nowhere on mashima’s agenda). this only strengthens my argument that nali was probably his original idea and as i’ve been saying for a while nalu wasnt planned and is only there for fanservice if the writing didnt do enough talking.

warning: this is very long.

lets start off with the introduction of lisanna

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          he  had  never  really  paired  the  two  together  ;  when  he  thought  about  one  sister,  he  didn’t  think  to  the  other.  it’s  vastly  different  from  the  way  gallaghers  were  paired  together  ––-  like  a  toxic  train  with  the  actions  of  both  parents  and  siblings  rolling  through  when  only  one  kid  showed  up.  maybe  it’s  better  he  hadn’t  immediately  connected  the  dots  for  WHY  he  recognized  the  blonde. 

        ❝  hey ––-  you  went  to  school  on  the  south  side,  didn’t  you?  ❞   he’s  almost  positive  she  had  been  in  a  couple  of  his  earlier  high  school  classes.   ––––   starter  for  @cleverblcnde

The media is in instant “lone wolf” white privilege mode. This shit is soooooo predictable. Interesting how these crimes are on the rise, but are never connected with a larger narrative. Who could ever connect the dots? They will sooner say white kids with bowl cuts are danderous than mention racism, white terror or white terror as institution across society.