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Jorge R. Gutierrez on Twitter
“Who wants to see this movie? Asking for a friend.”

idk if anyone on tumblr has seen this yet but….. go blow up Jorge’s twitter feed and let him know y’all want more Book of Life!!!

It’s not unusual for him to like your tweets back too, he’s such a cool dude.  Keep this man making movies.


toys are weapons, weapons are toys

Actually reading the book right now (muttering “No, Kevin” on every other page). He keeps haunting me aah
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A Monarch Butterfly Story, the forth and final book in Maine Audubon & Islandport Press’s Wildlife on the Move series will be out next month! A Snowy Owl Story will also be back in print after being sold out for almost a year. Melissa Kim & I will be signing copies of all four books on May 20th, at Gilsland Farm’s annual Pollinator Parade & Festival in Falmouth. Dress your kids up like their favorite pollinators and join the parade! Hope to see you there.

i lik the bred original poem by poem4your_sprog

I read the poem on twitter and really liked it, so I made a little kids book style comic to go along with it! I hope you enjoy :)

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