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you know, one of my favorite things about isak posting about 21:21 is that for us it’s just so obvious, like oh! of course! 21:21, his birthday, his mother mentioning it after he came out to her, to let him know that she’ll always love him no matter what, the night of their first kiss, the o helga natt scene. but the people in isak’s life don’t actually know about all of this like we do. in the skam universe, only isak (and even, and his mother) know

this was isak looking at his phone and without a doubt smiling, isak remembering and being appreciative of all these moments he experienced and wanting to put it out there, in the universe. there is so much love in isak valtersen, sometimes he just has to express it 💝

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fluffy-ish prompt: Brian and Dan adopting a kid?

Brian/Dan: Adoption 

Brian knows Dan is a good guy, a wonderful man, amazing husband, the best friend you could ever ask for. He’s endlessly talented, an eager and caring lover, funny as all hell. Brian knows all these things about Dan, but he also knows Dan isn’t really a kid loving kind of guy. Dan likes kids, likes his nephews, but as far as being naturally inclined towards children…well, Brian knows Dan really isn’t.

It makes him nervous when the topic of kids comes up in their marriage. They’ve been married three years now and Brian is ready. Dan…he isn’t sure. He’s scared because their options are limited. He’s scared, as silly and awful as it sounds, he’s scared somehow that if they adopt a child that Dan won’t bond with their child, won’t consider it his in a way.

It’s that fear that put off their conversation for another year. Brian never forgot, the urge never faded. He wants a child and finally he broaches it with Dan. To his surprise Dan agrees, smiles, says, “I think I’m ready to be a dad. I know I can do it with you by my side.”

They settle for adoption, at least as their first choice. They both had agreed that there are so many kids out there that need homes and help and they can provide both. Brian can see a list of cons, gay couple, older men, their history of sexual related videos scattered across the internet. He can see a million reasons why someone wouldn’t give them a kid and he’s scared.

The process isn’t easy, it’s damn hard, but by some luck they are chosen. They are set to adopt a three-year-old girl. She has tanned skin and dark hair and big bright eyes that crinkle when she smiles. Brian loves her the second they show him a picture. He loves her and feels his heart shift, feels it swallow her up. He feels the word daughter tie in knots around his body. He looks at Dan and he wonders if he feels the same. Does Dan feel that connection? Does he consider her theirs already? God, he hopes so.

“She’s beautiful,” Dan says and his voice sounds awed.

Her name is Maria and Brian and Dan decide not to change it. It’s a part of who she’s been for three years and they don’t want to erase it. They go and fill out the correct paperwork, they name her Maria Ruth Avidan-Wecht.

The first time they meet her Brian nearly cries. He doesn’t want to scare her so he holds it back, but she’s small and gorgeous and she blinks at them with big and nervous eyes, her hand holding loosely on to the caretaker with her.

“Hi,” Brian says softly, his knees aching as he squats on her level, “Hi, Maria. I’m Brian.”

“Hi,” Maria says back quiet, her voice a tiny pearl in the room.

“I’m Dan,” Dan adds from next to Brian, his eyes happy and a smile on his face. He definitely doesn’t look like he’s going to throw up.

“Hi, Dan,” Maria says and her hold on her caretaker’s fingers loosens.

They visit her on and off for a few weeks, spending more and more time with her. Brian thinks about her all the time, at home, at the office, whenever he isn’t with her he thinks of her, of his daughter, and craves the day they can be a family.

At home her room is set up, designed in pinks and purples and soft blues and greens. She has toys and clothes and books, all the things the Grumps and Dan and Brian had gotten for her. The only thing missing is Maria.

Finally, the day comes, after weeks of playing with her in the foster home’s playroom, of making her laugh and reading her books, and nearly crying when they have to go home without her. Finally, she is theirs.

“Papa!” Maria says when she sees Dan and Brian enter the room. She had taken to calling Dan papa, calling Brian Dad or Daddy. Maria runs to Dan and Dan is quick to scoop her up in his arms. To hug her and spin her and make her laugh. Brian’s heart is about to burst, “Papa! Angela said that I get to go home with you and Daddy.” Maria touches Dan’s cheeks, focusing him to make sure he hears her.

Dan nods and then he passes Maria off to Brian so she can hug him too.

“It’s true,” Brian says, “You get to come home today.”

They leave with her, their daughter buckled safely in the backseat of the car. Brian driving and Dan talking excitedly with her, and all of Brian’s fears seem so far away, so distant and silly compared to now. Dan loves her, adores her. Everything is perfect.

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Why r so many people saying Amber had to go for work. Mtv is her job but it wasn't an mtv trip until after they decided to film it. It was a trip for these morons to get their jollies away from their kids and cates bday party. Amber could have said no. They would have filmed her at home like they did Farrah for this episode. Amber is a pos. Stop saying ppl that she went on a work trip. Their planning. Not mtv doing !!#

Exactly it wasn’t for “work” it was for a free vacation with her friends.

in december my aunt and uncle hired some girl who works at hooter’s to dress up as a mermaid at their kid’s bday party and afterwards i posted a pic of my cousin with the mermaid and joked that the mermaid died after the party because they didn’t provide her with water and my uncle texted my mom saying it was the rudest most offensive thing he’d ever seen and then they banned me from their house and they ended up also banning one of my other aunts from their house the very same day for completely unrelated reasons and then half of my family gathered in my mom’s living room to drunkenly talk shit about my aunt and uncle for banning everyone from their house

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briana's bump disappeared on christmas, louis has yet to do a past test, the child looks nothing like him and instead looks like the alleged mother's stepfather, and briana's bump picture had 0 bellybutton sore OR stretched hole, not including the mole on her belly the picture also didn't have. not to mention briana, louis, and tammi all said freddie was born on a different day. like... louis left that kid's bday party 30 minutes after arriving to go to a concert lmao.

ding ding ding. I think you’re on to something anon! don’t say it too loudly you’re going to scare off my anti.

My neighbours are having a pokemon themed kids’ bday party and I can hear the kids playing and laughing in the garden and i’m like .°(ಗдಗ。)°. CAN I JOIN?!!!

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Louis Tomlinson is a 'top story' on UK's Entertainment Google News and some people think this was just Louis being cute with his kid. Like please -.- have a brain. This was all done for the single purpose of generating articles about it. He spent the whole week talking about the kid's bday and party and so on, so of course they were going through with it. And now look at that. He's a trending topic in the UK. Now I expect them to start the end while this video is still fresh in the GP's mind

It’s totally normal that it looks cute to the outsiders, though, that’s the point! That’s why the random, pointless pics once in a while. After the last week, what did people expect? I honestly thought they would have made it SO MUCH BIGGER. I am still surprised that we only got that and I’m even more surprised that people are surprised and disappointed about the 3 second muted video where he smiles?

I’d never invalidate anyone’s feeling, so, please, take care of yourself first and do whatever is best for you, but I just struggle to understand. He couldn’t do less than this, especially after they spent a week promoting the baby and his bday! Would it have been better if he had taken the kid at his public house? Had them celebrate there? I even half expected that some of his friends would be involved, that we’d finally get public acknowledgements and yet nothing??


Was at Barnes & Noble (after my 3 hours nap after derby AND the kids bday party -3-) just now, and found the new magazine but also a new doodle book with WAY better art than the last doodle book. They also have Catty and the fusion dolls. It’s $13 and I think I need that one too :P