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boltenny-is-dead  asked:

What types of drunks do you think the nerd crew and Tadashi would be (including Hiro when he's 21+)?

oh man

ok Tadashi would be such a friggin light weight, it’s not even funny. He would also be such an adorable little drunk, slurring his words together, giggling at everything, and saying really embarrassing things because at that point he has like zero filter.

GoGo would be the type of person who would try to fight everyone, but not in an angry way, more of a “i-could-totally-arm-wrestle-you-into-the-ground” kinda way. She also can hold her own when it comes to alcohol, and doesn’t really seem like she’s drunk, but really she could just pass out at any moment.

Fred gets weirdly deep and philosophical when he drinks. They aren’t as farfetched as his usual ideas (like the invisible sandwich), and he actually comes up with some great stuff. He also becomes incredibly loud and has absolutely no concept of volume control, and is known to get into really passionate debates about comics.

Wasabi doesn’t drink very often, so when he does, he’s always the first to start getting tipsy. He’s usually very quiet, just kinda taking everything in. He gets really riled up if pushed, though, which GoGo usually instigates. He’s also the first to pass out, but never gets a hangover.

Honey’s type A personality gets amplified when she’s drunk by like 15 times. Also she just wants to dance constantly, and often does her own karaoke, regardless of where they are. She is also that Drunk Girl who compliments everyone she sees in the bathroom, and makes like 80 new friends. She goes between talking in rapid Spanish and English without realizing she’s even switching languages. 

And finally, once Hiro is old enough, he’s the kind of drunk that everyone has to keep an eye on constantly because you never know what he’s going to do, and 9 times out of 10, it’s nothing good. He gets “really great ideas” (read: terrible ideas) for inventions that he insists on trying to make right on the spot with whatever is on hand. Also insists that he’s “not that drunk,” but really he’s already blackout.

anonymous asked:

Ok but what if Undyne heard about her favorite anime character dying as a spoiler and she gets really pissed and destroys a coffee table with spears. Linda would be like "WTF THE KIDS AREN'T SAFE AROUND HER" and Sans would just shrug Linda off entirely. "they aren't safe around you but we never say anything about it."