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Queers hanging out in public were once considered a staple of West Village street culture. Yet within the climate of the Giuliani/Bloomberg “quality of life” crusade, the presence of gender insubordinate young Black and Latino queer youth, as opposed to white men with moustaches, is often viewed as a problem. […]

The crackdown is part of a campaign designed to privatize, sanitize, and control public spaces such as the piers throughout New York City. It began in 1994 as a cornerstone of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s pledge to clean up New York City. Existing “quality of life” legislation falls under Article 240, Title N, Offenses Against Public Order, Public Sensibilities, and the Right to Privacy. Such “offenses” include “rioting, unlawful assembly, criminal anarchy, disorderly conduct, harassment, loitering, public intoxication, and criminal nuisance in a public space” (McClean, 2002). [… In 1995] the New York City Council passed a zoning law intended to restrict and shut down adult-use spaces such as strip clubs, bookstores, video stores, and movie houses. Mayor Giuliani hoped to shut down almost every adult business that dealt with sexual materials or entertainment.

When quasi-private interior spaces targeted by the zoning law were shut down, people with nowhere else to go moved outside. But visible signs of public sexual culture were further targeted with the police carrying out undercover sting operations, resulting in stepped-up arrests of men charged with indecent exposure, soliciting sex, and other “lewd” acts. Some were based on entrapment, while others were wrongful arrests. During one three-day sting by the Port Authority police in 1997, ninety men were arrested in the men’s bathroom in the PATH station concourse of the World Trade Center (Schindler, 1997).

Adonis elaborated: “If two heterosexuals were in the park making out and the police walked by, they wouldn’t say anything. If two homosexuals were doing things, they would say something.” Many of the “quality of life” initiatives appeared to specifically target queers. Selective enforcement of a Prohibition-era cabaret law, zoning ordinances, a ban on dancing, and fire codes were used to produce a constant flow of legal assaults narrowing the types of clubs and bars functioning in Manhattan. Before summer of 1997 some seventeen gay businesses, nine theaters, and eight clubs—including five in close proximity on Fourteenth Street—were closed for violations of the state health code banning oral, anal, or vaginal sex on business premises. That summer, fifty queer businesses faced some fourteen hundred inspections (Schindler, 1997). Many clubs could not endure the legal barrage and were forced to close their doors.

One such space was the Two Potato, a bar at the corner of Christopher and Greenwich Streets, close to the piers. […] L.P. and several others I interviewed recalled the Two Potato as a “legendary” gathering place for queer and transgender people of color. Like the West Village in general, the Two Potato provided a refuge when the AIDS epidemic hit. “At night people could spread out to Fourteenth Street and over to Two Potato on the water and just drink and wild out and have sex, and feel like we were still normal,” L.P. recalled. Yet the feeling of safety engendered within the queer spaces of the West Village was placed in jeopardy by phobias accompanying the epidemic. As L.P. explained, “We’d have to do a lot of fighting because there was a lot of prejudice.”

The pattern is simple enough. Moral guardians use fears about the AIDS crisis to justify restricting access to spaces such as the piers and Two Potato, supposedly in the name of community health and “the children.” What unfolds is a general “not in my backyard” thinking stirred up by the “quality of life” campaign. The result is simple. “He [Giuliani] used the excuse of AIDS. He was saying that [public sex] was a way to spread the virus, but responsible adults who knew about it used condoms. They were consenting adults,” Adonis explained.


Yet as the AIDS era wore on, anxieties about the epidemic coincided with countless other cultural phobias and inequalities. L.P. explained that just getting off the train at Fourteenth Street could be an ordeal. “If you got off the train and you looked gay, you might get beat up by a group of kids. ‘Faggot, we don’t want you in New York.’ And the police were no help. The cops would stand there and watch because they were in agreement that this was the gay man’s disease and that they didn’t want to get any bodily fluids on them or get involved. Let the faggot get what he deserves.” For L.P., navigating from the Bronx to the Village “was like going through a gauntlet.” Between the antivagrancy laws, a social purity crusade described as a “quality of life” campaign, and AIDS hysteria, L.P.—like many other queer youth—engaged in a struggle against what amounted to a panic over queer space.


In August 2001, after years of “quality of life” complaints, the Two Potato’s liquor license came up for review prior to renewal, and the bar was closed (McLean, 2002). For L.P. and countless others, the impact of the club’s closure and the subsequent erection of fences at the piers was immediate. “It made it very hard for us to function,” L.P. recalled. “You couldn’t hang out by the water anymore. They were doing construction on the highway so you couldn’t really go down there.”


Sylvia Rivera struggled for over thirty years to force the city to accept and protect the right of transgender people to walk or work in public space. In many ways, the youth who continue to struggle for queer spaces are working from the same vantage point. Queer space is about creating room for the spectacle of difference as opposed to assimilating sameness. As long as autonomous zones pop up, the possibility remains.


Benjamin Shepard, “Sylvia and Sylvia’s Children: A Battle for a Queer Public Space,” in That’s Revolting!: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation (2008), ed. Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

some context people don’t realize is their inheritance when they panic over lgbt sexuality

Five years ago I was an angry republican who used ‘I’m not racist but…’ as an excuse all the time.

Today, I’m happy and my poc coworkers have been more loving and respectful than anyone else I’ve ever known. Over the past few years They’ve taught me more life lessons and more about acceptance than I ever though possible.

Five years ago I would have acted differently, things change.

Be patient, sometimes it all works out when the right people are in your life.

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Serious question

Why is it homophobia if a kid calls someone a faggot on the internet, but heterophobia can’t possibly exist unless straight people are getting murdered in the streets on a regular basis? Consistency please?

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I am newly obsessed with this ship and I wanted to know if you could write something about Nancy not knowing about Steve and Jonathan being together but then walking in on them on accident?? Your blog is amazing btw!!

( Welcome to the fandom, friend! We could always use more shippers! Thanks so much! )

There were a lot of things in the town of Hawkins to be kept secret, from secret government facilities to interdimensional creatures of the murderous variety. Out of all they’d seen, you’d think two guys being in love would be the least of their worries.

Steve wasn’t afraid of anything, he was stupidly brave and he smirked in the face of fear. But Jonathan had rationality on his side, and he knew that they didn’t stand a chance when most of the kids had been drawing ‘Faggot’ and ‘Queer’ on his lockers and desks for the past five years or so.

However, their friends and family were another story entirely. Even Nancy didn’t know, which was getting difficult to continue hiding. The girl was smart, she’d probably figure it out soon enough.

But there was no way to know how anyone would react, and confronting the idea made Jonathan anxious and sick to his stomach. So Steve had promised to keep it a secret, at least for now. It was better safe than sorry, and Jonathan knew sorry often came with a package of ass kicking.

“Okay, your turn.” Steve runs his fingers through Jonathan’s hair, pushing his bangs out of his face and settling his hand on the chest of the younger boy’s sweater. Jonathan leans his head back against Steve’s shoulder to stare up at the ceiling, sucking on the Jolly Rancher in his mouth. He’s fitted snugly between Steve’s legs, a favorite position of his that made Steve his own personal recliner.

“Queen.” He decides after a moment, Steve admits a loud offended gasp and lightly smacks Jonathan’s stomach.

“You sicken me,” He hisses, grabbing Jonathan’s extremely sensitive sides, the younger lets out a yelp.

“Steve!” He struggles against the young man’s grip, laughing breathlessly as he’s tickled without mercy. He eventually squirms from his boyfriend’s grip and rolls off of him, tackling him off the bed and wrestling with him on the carpet.

“You picked the- ow! -wrong guy to wrestle!” Steve laughs as they grapple with one another, he eventually gets Jonathan on his back and pins him down. “I… Win..” He pants with a bright smile, Jonathan gives him a glare that holds no real heat to it.

“You’re out of shape, Harrington.” He says mockingly, smirking in the slightest. Steve scowls and huffs, dropping his bottom down on Jonathan’s hips.

“I won, didn’t I?” He sneers, Jonathan shrugs with a smug smirk on his face. “Shut your face, Byers.” He demands, Jonathan giggles (a noise he rarely made and didn’t even know he still could make) and the older boy ducks down to kiss him, effectively quieting him.

The door squeaks suddenly and Jonathan’s forehead slams into Steve’s nose, the young man falls off with a groan and the other boy sits up fast. Nancy stands in the doorway, eyes wide and a familiar history book clutched to her chest.

“You… uh… left this at my place.” She says quietly, smirking a little as she steps forward and throws the book onto the bed.

“Oh… T-Thanks.” He can feel the bright red blush rising to his cheeks, Nancy smiles suddenly.

“I can’t tell what’s funnier, your face or Steve’s.” She snickers, Steve himself is rubbing his nose with his eyes crossed as if he’s trying to inspect the damage. “You two are idiots… It’s a perfect fit, I guess.” She shrugs, Jonathan clears his throat and stands up slowly.

“Do… I mean… Could you keep this a secret?” He asks hesitantly, the girl nods her head.

“Of course, that’s what friends are for. You should have told me, it’s not like I’d be mad… I mean, you’re not the only ones here into boys and girls.” She informs them matter of factly, Jonathan and Steve look to each other with raised eyebrows and identical shocked expressions.

“Well, you learn something new every day.” Steve offers with a quiet chuckle.

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in 8th grade a kid called me faggot so i kept kicking him in the shins, and he tried to untie my shoe lace as revenge? it was rlly weird lmao

Should have kept kicking him

like i can 10000% promise u copypastas and calling someone out isnt fucking bullying. you know what bullying is? being called a carpet muncher by your friend after you come out to and have her tell fucking everyone in a school with like 200 kids and get you ostracised from everything. its when all the other kids start calling you faggot and queer. its when youre chubby in 8th grade so everyone points out what u should and shouldnt wear and knocks all the food off the table in front of you and tells you “you dont need it” its when your ex sends your fucking nudes and phone number around to all of his friends because you wouldnt fuck him and you start receiving unsolicited calls and pictures and text messages and it gets so bad you have to change your number and skip school for a week. i could go on about actual fucking bullying is because ive been through it. stop trivializing it

Bus Rides- Chapter 5

Yikes I need to find something else to do with my life

Like write that English essay

But instead I’m here

So enjoy


There’s a couple warnings on this one 

Uh oh 

Chapter 5 Warnings: Homophobia and slight angst

Chapter 1-

Chapter 2-

Chapter 3-

Chapter 4-

Chapter 5 Word Count- 932

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I started watching the first episode of The Mist on Netflix tonight, and a few minutes into it a 16 year old girl gets raped, and the football jock boy is said to be the perpetrator by the only witness, who is a pansexual emo boy that very quickly gets referred to as a faggot. And like, you can tell right away that it’s clearly a lie and that the jock didnt do it, and I confirmed my worst fear by googling it, and as I fully expcted it was actually the “faggot” kid that raped her.

Just ughhhhhh. Jesus fucking christ can we have one piece of media where lgbt people aren’t written as being predatory. Don’t watch this show, it’s gross and really badly written. Watch the movie or read the book instead. 

someone: adults who go on about how they hate kids are really annoying and boring

22 year old with a 90s geocities type gif of a satanic circle made of blood as their header and the first thing on their about is something like “i will hardblock you if i feel like it and dont fucking think i give a shit if you care”:  lmao die kid you faggot retard (yea i can call you those words cause i reclaimed them)

20 Questions

Title: 20 Questions

Genre: fluffy angst

Words: 2.9K

Beta: Amber 

Warnings: self hatred, bullying, minor anxiety

Summary: Dan grows up under his parents luxury, but has never had a friend. When he makes friends with Phil at a holiday resort, he tries hard to not ruin their friendship by messing up. Something happens though when it is revealed in a game of ‘20 questions’ that Dan has never kissed anyone before… (one person asks a question and you have to answer with the truth)

A/N: feedback is always welcome pls, and also, I have considered making a sequel for this, opinions? no i totally didn’t base the setting on high school musical 2 shh

- also, this story was loosely inspired by Phil’s 'first kiss story’ at Vidcon 2014.

Dan Howell was commonly considered a lucky and privileged thirteen year old kid. Usually by his parents, his friends, his parents’ friends; anyone who knew of Dan Howell would say that he had nothing to complain about. According to his parents, Dan had everything he could ask for. But Dan knew that that was a wrong conclusion; there wasn’t one night in which Dan didn’t dream about having a different life. Dan’s parents were ridiculously rich, they owned about 20 different companies, and Dan had grown up in luxury. He had everything you could buy with money. But what really was the point of owning everything when you had no one to share it with, and no happiness left to enjoy it? Sure, he had a few friends, who sometimes came to his house to hang out. But none of them ever supported him when his life was in ruins, and they blatantly ignored the obvious bullies surrounding Dan every day. To Dan ‘rich kid’, ‘posh emo’ and ‘faggot’ were words he heard every day. Being reminded of his parents’ wealth every day had never boosted his confidence, in fact it had done the opposite, dragging it down and through the mud until it was just a pile on the ground.

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You have got to be kidding me. THE STATE I LIVE IN LEGALIZED GAY MARRIAGE. You faggots can get married now! ARE YOU SERIOUS. LIKE WAKE ME UP AND TELL ME IT’S A NIGHTMARE. Omg you all are going to hell. God help us. Our modern society has defined marriage as a union between 2 people of the same sex. DUMBASSES!!!! Marriage is a union between one MAN and one WOMAN. Nothing else. Other than that, you’re marriage is not valid. Who am I kidding? IT’S NOT EVEN MARRIAGE STOP DEGRADING THE WORD. UGHHHHH. God help our society. I ask this through intercession from Mary, God help these psychotic people and their mental conditions. Help them sin no more and have pardon on their sins.

“Bowie was the patron saint of kids on the margins. Kids called faggot, weirdo, nerd. Kids kicked to the curb and told they were nothing.”

Rest easy, you brilliant, beautiful thing <3

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Michael Jackson wearing eye liner is pretty gay isn't he a faggot how the fuck he had kids if he a Faggot damn I feel bad for those kids hopefully his sons don't turn gay since their father was the biggest faggot lol Queen of bleaching

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