kids are faggots

like i can 10000% promise u copypastas and calling someone out isnt fucking bullying. you know what bullying is? being called a carpet muncher by your friend after you come out to and have her tell fucking everyone in a school with like 200 kids and get you ostracised from everything. its when all the other kids start calling you faggot and queer. its when youre chubby in 8th grade so everyone points out what u should and shouldnt wear and knocks all the food off the table in front of you and tells you “you dont need it” its when your ex sends your fucking nudes and phone number around to all of his friends because you wouldnt fuck him and you start receiving unsolicited calls and pictures and text messages and it gets so bad you have to change your number and skip school for a week. i could go on about actual fucking bullying is because ive been through it. stop trivializing it

Bus Rides- Chapter 5

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There’s a couple warnings on this one 

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Chapter 5 Warnings: Homophobia and slight angst

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Chapter 3-

Chapter 4-

Chapter 5 Word Count- 932

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Aquí tengo listo a Phone Guy y a Purple Guy. uvu

Sí, de seguro se preguntarán el porqué se parecen un poco, bueno, yo estoy a favor de la teoría en que se dice que Phone Guy es el asesino. :^)
En fin, ese Phone Guy es tan uke~ (??)

Y la nacionalidad de los dos weones es estadounidense. :U

Me da flojera hacer el de Phone Guy y el del guadia nocturno del tercer juego. </3 So, mañana se los traigo listo.


Here I have ready to Phone Guy and Purple Guy. uvu

Yes, surely wonder why they are almost equal, is that I am in favor of the theory that is said to Phone Guy is the murderer. :^)

That Phone Guy is so uke~ (??)

And the nationality of the two fools is American. :U

Me too lazy to do the Phone Guy and the night guard of the third set. </3 So, tomorrow will be ready.

[Meh, Google translator. :L]


Phone Guy design © Me (Emotionlesslyflower)

Purple Guy design © Me (Emotionlesslyflower)

PG, Purple guy, fnaf © Scott Games.

“Bowie was the patron saint of kids on the margins. Kids called faggot, weirdo, nerd. Kids kicked to the curb and told they were nothing.”

Rest easy, you brilliant, beautiful thing <3

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Michael Jackson wearing eye liner is pretty gay isn't he a faggot how the fuck he had kids if he a Faggot damn I feel bad for those kids hopefully his sons don't turn gay since their father was the biggest faggot lol Queen of bleaching

his eyeliner got more pussy than you’ll ever hope to get though 

now do me a favor and hop back into the trash can you came from

Anon requested: Can you maybe write a kid fic Destiel au in like middle school-ish age, maybe a little younger where Cas and dean have been best friends since they were little but Cas is kinda nerdy and super innocent while dean is, well, dean. Some kid calls Cas a faggot (oh god I hate even typing that word) for the first one and he asks dean what it means and dean gets super angry and threatens to beat up the kid who did it and Cas kinda realizes that he has a crush on dean?

“Dean, what does faggot mean?”

Dean sent soda spraying all over place. Castiel tilted his head while Dean tried to stop choking.

“What?” He croaked, staring at Cas like he had never seen him before.

They had been best friends for as long as Dean could remember, despite how different they both were. Cas was straight ‘A’s nerd that grew up in a strict, religious household. Dean was far from both of those things. Even with his upbringing, Dean never thought that he would hear that word come out of Cas’s mouth.

“Gordon Walker called me a faggot yesterday. I want to know what it means.”

Dean felt his blood start to boil. How dare Gordon call him that when Cas didn’t even know what it meant? He shoved himself back from the table and stood.

“I’ll kill him,” He said. “I swear to God I will.”

“Dean, wait,” Cas caught his hand and pulled him back down into his seat. “What does it mean?”

“It’s a slur, Cas,” Dean sighed. “It’s a bad name that assholes call guys that like other guys instead if girls.”

“Oh,” Cas said, dropping his eyes.

He hadn’t known that there were words for this. He thought that the way he felt around Dean was just a passing thing that would go away when he met a girl. If it was a real thing, maybe it was there to stay.

“Is it normal to have those feelings?” Dean ran a hand through his hair.

“Well, yeah. I mean, it just depends on the person.”

Cas still looked confused, so Dean tried to explain the different kinds of sexualities. Cas nodded, as if he had never heard of anything like it before. He probably hadn’t, Dean realized. His parents definitely wouldn’t have tried to teach him any of this.

“Cas, do you like dudes?”

“I…” Cas’s face turned pink. “I don’t know.”

They had been friends long enough that Dean knew that he was lying. He decided to let it go because Cas looked so uncomfortable.

“It’s okay to feel like that, Cas. It’s normal. And if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.” Cas nodded, but he knew he wouldn’t come to Dean. Not if he didn’t have the same kinds of feelings.

“I need to get home,” Cas said, standing up and gathering his things. “I have youth group tonight.”

Dean nodded and watched his friend leave, worry gnawing at his gut.

Years passed and Cas never brought up the incident. He and Dean continued their friendship as if it never happened. Then one night, Cas turned to Dean and asked him if he remembered.

“Yeah,” Dean said, smirking. “I still give Gordon hell on the field for it.” Cas smiled a little, then looked down.

“Dean, I do like boys,” He confessed. He looked up at Dean from under his lashes. “I like you.”

“Thank God,” Dean laughed, before pulling Cas in for their first kiss.

Headcannon #7 (Solangelo)

Will lie outside of the Hades cabin. Beaten, bloody, and bruised, he still managed to crawl his way to his Death Boys cabin.

At the time, it seemed smarter than going to his own cabin or the infirmary, where he could actually be treated, but right now he just needed Nico.

Will didn’t know how long he had laid there, but it seemed like an eternity.

Visions flashed through his head.


He was going to find Nico.

Then a few… Ares kids appeared.

“The weak, faggot healers here,” they laughed out,“You don’t deserve to be at our camp. What can you even do for us? Put band-aids on our boo-boos?” they taunted.

Will shrugged it off. He was pan and he knew to expect this kind of stuff when he came out. It was one of the reasons it took him so long to.

Will tried to push through them and was shocked when the first blow hit.

A punch landed at his stomach, sending him to his knees.

A kick barreled into his side and Will coughed, tasting blood.

He heard laughter


Suddenly, he was pulled up by his collar, before another hit to the jaw.


Will awoke in the infirmary, with Nico grabbing onto his hand for dear life on his knees at Will’s bedside. He was praying. Praying for Will’s health. Praying that whoever had done this to Nico’s precious savior would never do it to anyone else, ever again. But most of all, Nico prayed that Will wouldn’t realize who’s fault this was. That Will wouldn’t remember why he was hurt like this, that if he hadn’t been dating Nico, he wouldn’t have been attacked. Nico hoped that he wouldn’t remember anything that had happened when he was beaten, four days ago.

Nico let out a choked sob.

Will’s heart broke. He wanted to say something to Nico, anything, but the searing pain that had appeared in the back of his throat prevented him from doing so. Will squeezed Nico’s hand gently to get his attention.

Nico sprung into action, quickly calling for help and tipping a drink of water down Will’s throat which Will gladly drank.

“Oh my gods, Will. I am so so sorry, mi amor, this is all my fault. If we weren’t- this would’ve never- I’ll be leaving,” Nico said looking broken and began for the exit of the infirmary.

Suddenly, a cold hand weakly grabbed Nico’s wrist. “Stay, please,” Will choked out, the pain in his throat becoming more on obvious with each syllable.

Nico hurriedly gave him more water, keeping one hand on the cup so Will’s shaky hands wouldn’t spill the freezing water on himself. Will was alarmingly cold already.

“S-stay,” Will repeated, not being able to say anything else.

Nico smiled softly at him,“As long as you want me.”

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“When I was younger, I was bullied a lot because of my sexuality. Kids called me ‘faggot’ and things like that.”
“What helped you deal with it?”
“Listening to music and smoking pot. And getting older.”

Boston, MA


You have got to be kidding me. THE STATE I LIVE IN LEGALIZED GAY MARRIAGE. You faggots can get married now! ARE YOU SERIOUS. LIKE WAKE ME UP AND TELL ME IT’S A NIGHTMARE. Omg you all are going to hell. God help us. Our modern society has defined marriage as a union between 2 people of the same sex. DUMBASSES!!!! Marriage is a union between one MAN and one WOMAN. Nothing else. Other than that, you’re marriage is not valid. Who am I kidding? IT’S NOT EVEN MARRIAGE STOP DEGRADING THE WORD. UGHHHHH. God help our society. I ask this through intercession from Mary, God help these psychotic people and their mental conditions. Help them sin no more and have pardon on their sins.

Actual Conversation Between 5th Graders Today
  • kid #1: Donald Trump said he's sending all the faggots to Mexico. Do you agree with him?
  • Kid #2 and #3: ummm, no.
  • Kid #1: Then you're a faggot lol.
  • Me: That's not a nice word to say.
  • Kid #1: It's not?
  • Me: No. Where did you hear it?
  • Kid #1: Donald Trump said it in a video I saw.
  • Me: Well maybe you shouldn't be listening to what he's saying.
  • Kid #1: Oh, Okay.
  • END OF RANT*******

A lot of the times when I post my experiences here from before I was, I don’t know, 11, I include the ridiculous explanations I made for myself about why I felt the way I did when I saw cute girls. I’m posting this to express that back then, those weren’t excuses; I struggled to make sense of my feelings because I literally had no concept of girls liking girls. I thought I was afraid of cute girls not because I was kidding myself, but because the thought had never even crossed my mind that girls having feelings for girls was even a physiological possibility. I wasn’t until middle school, when kids first started screaming “faggot”, “lesbo” and “you’re gay” as friendly banter to each other that I had any scrap of context to figure out what my feelings were.

What’s your best heckler story?

I’ll never forget it. I was a heel at the time, and at some point, I was outside the ring selling while the guy I was working was in the ring, getting his shine. He comes outside the ring and I take another big bump on the outside while whoever it was jumps up and walks away to celebrate.

I’m laying on the outside for a little bit, close to the rail and just clutching my gut, sell sell sell. A kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old, at the oldest, comes up to the rail and leans over. I barely open my eyes enough to see that he’s looking down at me and he’s leaning down a little bit to get close to me. He looks left and right to make sure nobody can hear him, looks me straight in the eye, and says in the tiniest little kid voice, “……you’re a faggot fuck.”

I had to turn over on my stomach, because I almost broke character right in front of him. I was dying laughing, man.