kids and trolls

Pay attention, 2014 Mad Men: This little girl is holding a LEGO set. The LEGOs are not pink or “made for girls.” She isn’t even wearing pink. The copy is about “younger children” who “build for fun.” Not just “girls” who build. ALL KIDS.

In an age when little girls and boys are treated as though they are two entirely different species by toy marketers, this 1981 ad for LEGO — one of our favorite images ever — issues an important reminder.

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Certified Cool Vintage Gum Machine Prize Header Card

Circa 1971

What would be the prize you would hope your dime got you??  I was definitely a skeleton kid, I always ended up with the hot dog charm though!

At 15 John Egbert had recently lost his dad as well as just ended the world and was struggling with all the emotional trauma and pressure he had been through by hiding it.
Now he had lead his friends into a new universe and world where they are happy, and he has finally started to express his emotions little by little.

At 15 Rose Lalonde was struggling with the loss of her mother and struggling with alcoholism and the weight of reality on her shoulders.
Now she is happily married to her true love and is clean, working a job she’s happy to do with the love of her life. 

At 15 Dave Strider was still getting over the abuse his brother had dealt him for the first 13 years of his life, and hiding his trauma and self hatred. 
Now he is living with the person he loves and has learned to truly be happy being himself, doing what he always wanted to do.

At 15 Jade Harley blamed herself for the death of two of her closest friends and spent such a long time in isolation and loneliness, for three years. 
Now she is finally with her friends, she’s not alone or afraid and she has started to do what she loves again.

At 15 Jane Crocker was raised to be an heiress but after hardships and heartbreak, it seemed as if she would never get what she was working for.
Now she is the head of Crockercorp, and has made the company better than it ever was through her hard work. 

At 15 Roxy Lalonde was struggling with severe alcoholism, and she just wanted someone to show they love her. 
Now she has so many people who love her so much, including the romantic partner she always dreamed of, she has beat her addiction and has become truly strong.

At 15 Dirk Strider was dealing with identity issues and isolation, he had self loathing issues and was always hard on himself for all his mistakes.
Now he has worked hard to correct those mistakes and is living happily with his friends who remind him of who he is and he can be happy knowing that. 

At 15 Jake English was in a relationship that had left him with signs of c-ptsd, and prior to that he had known nothing close to human contact for the past 10 years besides being beaten to the point of unconsciousness by a violent salter robot.
Now he has worked through his trauma and manages still believe in people. He restarted his grandmothers company and had become incredibly successful, and for the first time, confident.