Tonight I got to sit in on a small town school board meeting, a meeting debating if a young trans girl should be allowed to use the girls bathroom at her elementary school. I walked in preparing myself to encounter ignorance, hatred, and opposition… What I instead was met with was love, compassion, support, and levels of understanding that I frankly underestimated. I met young trans children, parents of trans kids, friends of the young girl in question, directors on the school board, and so on– 80% of whom I would say were standing in solidarity, just as I was, with this little girl who just wants a safe and loving school environment. My eyes were opened by the open arms of this community, and I was proud (and blessed) to be there to witness it. #protecttranskids

I used a good 50 minutes of my life to draw the most adorable lil’ gray kid ever. Time well spent.


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Ooooo!! Wowie! This is really neat! I like all the specks/dots! I think it gives the scene a sense of loneliness, poor Goner Kid! The glitchy effect around G-kid is great too! I love how dark it is too, the soft blues make this look so nice! Thank you for the fanart! <3

* Tem!Frisk shoves a whole lot of love into a balloon, and then blows it up until it EXPLODES! Now there’s love everywhere!

koote-kana  asked:

So Shiro do you let the kids play pokemon Go?

Shiro: Allura plays. 
Shiro: Once while we were out, I left the kids with her for a few minutes while Hunk and I ran into a nearby gas station to pick up snacks.

Shiro: Apparently Lance wanted to play, but Keith and Pidge got to the phone first…

Shiro: I tend to avoid letting the kids play on my phone…

Leather - Sneakpeak

You gasp, scrambling towards him in a blind panic to reach for offensive object but he’s quicker than you, reaching his arm up to put it out of your reach. “Fuck, Harry, you were not supposed to s-“

“Why’d yeh bring it with you?” It’s a question you don’t know the answer to and it makes you huff as you try to reach for it, fear swelling inside of you and it feels like you’re suffocating. Damn it, this was not what you wanted!

“I dont know, she just gave it to me and I-“ You whine, exasperated and he raises his eyebrow at you. There’s no getting away from this one. “Y-you looked good and I liked it and she thought we could, uhm- she thought we could put it to use.”


“The stylist.” You nod and there’s a smirk on his face when he lowers his arm, free hand reaching the knot that holds your towel up. Droplets of water cling to your skin and he follows them with the tip of his finger before he dips it between your breasts and pulls hard, leaving you bare and vulnerable in front of him.

“Think she had a point…” He’s reaching for you, collar positioned and you don’t know what possesses you to raise your hand to stop him from putting it on you, but you do.

There’s a shake of your head and a shadow crosses his eyes and he falters, hand stopping mid air. Your eyes are locked to his when you take the collar from his hands and there’s electricity humming in the air that makes your heart pick up when the words leave you… “Not for me, Harry. For you.”