【The Sorting Hat】〜 ✂︎背伸び君orz

Not Slytherin, not Slytherin…

I see, then… Azkaban!

Alri- huh? Huh?!


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I spent more time drawing this comic than I should have. I wish I could draw faster in Clip Studio Paint. :(

I toned Fi’s body with the combo design I made up for her skin just to see what it would look like. You can’t really really tell though since her swimsuit covers up the more interesting parts.

The Fandom Mental Hospital
  • Sherlock:Stood naked on the table with just a sheet wrapped around them, probably threatening to jump
  • Harry Potter:Running around in a cape, brandishing a stick
  • Doctor Who:Staring at the statue in the corner, unblinking
  • The Avengers:Running around grabbing everyone's ass
  • Supernatural:Rocking and drooling in the corner, trying to exorcise anyone who comes close
  • Merlin:Tears rolling down anytime they see a white-bearded old man because he might be the one

What really annoys me about some HP fans is that they wish other characters had some of the key moments instead of Harry because they deserved it more. It’s the Harry Potter series not the Hogwarts students series. It was made to revolve around Harry and his perspective of the Wizarding World and what not. He’s the boy who lived guys just let him live.


England’s finest turned out for the first day of the Audi Polo Challenge on Saturday in London.

Prince William and Prince Harry, who are playing on Team Audi Ultra in the tournament, mingled with Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley on the polo field at Coworth Park. The Mad Max: Fury Road actor also posed for a picture with the princes’ entire team.  

People Magazine