New girl in my Sunday school class: Are you a girl?

Me: No, but people used to think I was a girl.

Girl: Oh. Is that why the other teacher called you (deadname)?

Me: Yes, that’s my old name I used before I told people I’m not a girl. But I haven’t used my new name forever so sometimes (other teacher) forgets.

Girl: Okay. I’ll remember to use your new name! *bounces over to the toy cars*


Me: I want you to start calling me Mx instead of Miss. Okay?

Little boy: Okay. *violently stabs crayon into paper* Mx Roman, I broked the crayon.

Me: That’s probably because you stabbed the paper with it, buddy.


3 y/o : Are you a boy or a girl?

Me: Sometimes I’m a boy. Sometimes I’m not a boy or a girl.

3 y/o: *proudly puffs out chest* I’m a girl all the time.

Me: Good for you, kiddo.

3 y/o: I know.


Preschoolers understand better than any adult I’ve ever met.


Had this thought because of the hot weather we are having where I live. I needed to get it out there lol.

Mrs Chen makes an appearance since it’s rare that people draw her and I honestly tried to pit her in some how 😂😂😂😂

I know that I forgot to give Eddie his tattoo so sorry about that but it slipped my mind 😂😂😂

Enjoy 😊

I think a lot about how kids think they don’t like learning and about how wrong they are about it.

Kids love learning. They’re biologically hardwired to love learning. They just think they hate it because half of what gets taught in schools is irrelevant to real life and not hands-on activities.

Kids might say they hate school and learning. But like ask any kid if they want to be shown how to make fire turn green. Ask any kid if they know about real life Dracula. Ask any kid if they want to hear about how strong a tiger is. They’ll want to learn about it.

When I was in third grade, my entire class started this weird black market inside our desks where everybody sold different things and we used broken pencil leads as currency. I sold pet erasers I think, they were just erasers with faces drawn on them. Obviously we got in trouble and weren’t allowed to do it anymore, but imagine if our teacher had stopped our boring curriculum to teach us about economics through the lens of the weird businesses we had created? It would have been amazing. We would have loved it.

Kids don’t hate learning. School is just bad.

Family member: so… have you changed your mind about having children yet?

Me: no, I still don’t want to have kids :))) I actually want to have surgery done so I can’t have children :)) I might adopt kids though :))

Family member: oh NO but you’ll reGRET it some day!!!!! :O

Me: no, I actually won’t, Patricia, because the world is becoming a terrible place full of crime and global warming and unhealthy living and technology that listens to what you say and do and I don’t want to bring kids into a world like that, but I’m happy to look after children who are already here in that world. Thanks for coming to my TED talk :) please take your opinions elsewhere :)