I love to people watch. 

Last week, while waiting for my sister’s flight to land, I sat in a corner of the Toronto Billy Bishop Airport and drew all the people that walked by who caught my attention

It’s always so much fun to draw and observe, and imagine where these people came from, where they’re going. 

There were impatient kids waiting for the arrival of a family member, newly arrived tourists with kids and luggage in tow, girl friends, older couples, a patient grandpa with twins pulling him from all sides….

These were done originally as very quick 5 second pencil sketches, then inked later on at home and painted digitally.

The Subsidy Struggle

CONTEXT: My future child is treatment level due to his behaviors, has extensive history with Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Neuro-Psychology department, and has some medical conditions as well. 

He was placed with us officially on June 12th. Therefor, he cannot be adopted until December 12th at the earliest due to needing to be in the home 6 months.


Subsidy worker in June: “He is a cute caucasian male under the age of four. Do you know how many families would be willing to adopt him for -nothing-?” – “You’ll be lucky if you even get a medical card.” 

Me: “Good thing the law doesn’t base subsidy on how attractive children are.”  

Subsidy worker in July: “He doesn’t have asthma because he was never formally diagnosed.”

Me: “Then why has he needed an asthma specific inhaler the past two years with the reason on the prescription noted as “asthma”?”

Subsidy worker in August: “Your child has no special needs.”

Me: “Your level of care assessment workers beg to differ. Hence why he is treatment level two…”

Subsidy worker in September: “Either you sign this agreement that you will accept a zero dollar subsidy or we will be forced to look for placement elsewhere.” 

Me: “I actually contacted Dan Shook who is the Chief Policy Officer over Ohio’s adoption subsidy laws and forwarded him all of the e-mails you have sent me over the past four months attempting to break the law and intimidate me out of the negotiation phase by making false statements about eligibility. He took a very special interest and said he would be intervening on my behalf. He also mentioned that he would be conducting a broader investigation into the subsidy practices of the county… considering FCCS receives funding from the State and Title IV-E.” 

Subsidy Worker: …. ….. ….. Oh.

Me: ….. ….. ….. Yep. 


A very special thanks to: North American Council of Adoptable Children