Got my South Park: The Fractured But Whole Blind Box case from Kidrobot today!

Was slightly ticked that my Clyde/Mosquito was missing his nose but I contacted Kidrobot’s Customer Service and they were super awesome and are sending me a replacement Mosquito for free! 

Got the entire set, including the chase Mint Berry Crunch and the super chase Glow in the Dark Mysterion!

Wonder Tweek IS NOT in the set! He is a custom figure I made using a Paladin Butters head and the body of the extra SuperCraig I got. 

I am hopefully planning on making figures of Token, Jimmy, and Timmy’s characters using the extras and other extra KR SP figures I have in the next few weeks. 


We interrupt your daily feed to bring in this BIG announcement from Toyfair 2016:

Kidrobot will produce vinyls for The Fractured But Whole game.  Including THREE medium vinyl of the most popular in the hero lineup: The Coon, Mysterion, and Professor Chaos.

But even better is if you look closely on the display box for the blind box 3″ vinyls, you’re going to see spoilers for the game.

We have our FIRST female South Park vinyl in the form of Cat Girl [Wendy].

Scott Malkenson will return to game form as Captain Diabetes.

Jimmy is retaining his role from Stick of Truth as The Bard, oddly.

But I saved the most exciting [at least for me] last because it looks like Craig will join in the game as Super Craig.

Does it suck that Tweek won’t be getting a vinyl, thus leaving his role [if any] in the game up in the air? Yeah.
Is it thought-provoking to wonder if Jimmy is replacing Timmy on the team or that Kidrobot doesn’t have the capability to cast Iron Maiden in their style [or it could be a copywrite issue]? 

Still, let the speculation and fanarts begin.

New South Park McFarlane Sets

After an ill-fated attempt for McFarlane toys to release South Park figures a little over a decade ago, the toy company is finally looking to put out some pretty killer construction sets!

This is a first look put out by Yahoo TV, so full details as to which familiar sets and full range of characters isn’t available yet.

Obviously scale isn’t so much an issue, but McFarlane always had intense attention to detail regarding their toy designs, as seen in the above playset.  No word yet what if any other iconic locations might be used such as the bus stop or the playground.

Also of note is that there looks to be a tie-in with the upcoming [and unfortunately delyed] Fractured But Whole.  Regarding overall available characters, it’ll most likely it will be the main characters only [think of the initial Kidrobot run of vinyls] but if this proves to be successful, who knows what else we’ll see.

The South Park Construction Sets from McFarlane Toys will be available in August 2017. Prices ranges from $7.99 to $34.99.


Darth Vader 3" Custom Vinylmation
Vader is one of my favorite characters to make variations on. Here I have him in a Hoth setting, as this piece is going towards a Star Wars set I’ve had in the works for one of my collectors for a few months now. Only the 9" left and the set will be complete!


Some recent news regarding the release of the Fractured But Whole vinyls from Kidrobot revealed TWO important details.

One: We’re looking at a summer release, with several online retailers already offering pre-orders.
This honestly makes sense since the various game cons are rolling up, and with it probable trailers [and hopefully a release date for the game].

Two: The packaging has been redesigned so that all the ‘new’ hero characters are kept secret.  I actually find this hilarious since the Toyfair previews inadverdantly revealed all save the chase figure.

In summary, keep an eye out at your local shops that stock vinyls in the coming months.

#repost @cluttermagazine “Melo” close up of 1 of 3 of my designs for the DTA Dunny mini series releasing in May…thanks for the photos 💕 ・・・ Classic @harlow_bear T1 factory sample (not final but close) of the new @designertoyawards Dunny series 1. On display at #toyfair @kidrobot. Amazing!!

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