Yu Yu Hakusho 2017 #YuYear event

February 2 prompt: #12 “Connection”
Featuring Master Level Shadow Hand Puppets with Kido Asato
Brush pen and watercolour

I’m sure with enough training, Kido could manipulate his shadow to do lots of awesome things! Except for the fact Genkai told them not to use their powers anymore… boo.

I’m a big fan of Kido. His territory is really cool, but more than that, he’s just a (formerly) normal, polite and surprisingly shy kid who’s very brave. For some reason he keeps volunteering for things where he has to get beaten up… 3: 

He’s also a great actor! It was super downplayed in the dub (…basically they changed his lines…), but he was extremely freaked out about the role Genkai had him play in Yusuke’s kidnapping. You totally wouldn’t have guessed it since he made such a convincing primary antagonist! I should note this is especially impressive because he had to keep up a threatening facade for a lengthy period of time against Yusuke, a master of BS and intimidating body language in street situations (will touch on this again in tomorrow’s prompt, spoiler spoiler). Yeah, Kaito had to face down Kurama which is certainly impressive as well, but I feel Kaito was more in his element and saw it as a competitive intellectual challenge that he was itching for anyways. My .02!

So, I like to imagine Kido eventually became an actor. Though considering this drawing, and his personality, maybe a children’s entertainer…