Aaaaa I found out your birthday was today, sorry this was rushed but I hope you like it. Thank you so much for being so nice to me during your mekaka dan episode streamings and thank you for loving this fandom as much as I do. Just, thank you for being here. And I hope I can enjoy this fandom with you there for many more times to come.


OMG sweetie, thank you ///w/// I’m glad the stream I hosted made you and other’s happy at least /)///(\ And I love this! Kyaaa!

Let’s keep enjoying Kagepro together, okay? òuó)9 There’s still the manga coming out soon, the novel (even though I am looking forward to Kuroha’s POV but better than nothing I guess), the movie and the new Kagepro song Jin is writing (and not supposed to say)! So a lot of things to go through!  òuó)9

Again, thanks again C’X


Danchou advertised the MX4D™ 「Kagerou Daze -in a day’s-」this November and… do we have a new character here!!?



ANYWAY. I made this for kikithedeceiver, since it is her birthday today <3 Just a fan comic adaption of her kanokido oneshot, Confession to the cat. Even if it took several hours to finish, it was super fun to work on this, and i’m pretty happy with the result~ I’m not an expert in comic making so everytime I try it is quite the experience. 

And now that i’m done with this i can go back to my usual posting in this blog and the kagepup’s ask blog.