There she is!

This lady is Prithivi Camarapuccha, a human [actually a kitsune] rogue. She’s got some minor magic talents she can mainly use to identify magic items and do other small tricks, but what she does better is stabbing people in the kidnies, moving really smoothly and being charming. Prithivi comes from Jalmeray and was (through some loops) given to Jackdaw as a wife by the thakur of Jalmeray. Surprisingly enough, most of the time Jackdaw and Prithivi actually get along pretty well, and sharing assets is convenient, so it’s all in all a fairly happy marriage.
Prithivi is a smooth talker and quite clever, clever enough that she gets frustrated and prickly when other people are being stupid. Most of the time her sense of humor is quite well-adjusted, though sarcastic. She does sometimes make some questionable decisions though, such as insisting on wearing really nice clothes instead of practical ones, carrying only one throwing dagger with her, and carrying too much stuff for her to carry around nicely. I’m sure she has her reasons. They are probably good ones.
Prithivi is actually a kitsune, but is much more comfortable in her human form, and hardly ever uses her fox form. But I wanted to draw it for reference purpouses!