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Wanna One reaction when all the members like the same girl


He is the oldest in the group and it may seem like a big disadvantage for him. He would think that you’d choose someone young and fresh over him. He likes you, but confessing to you would be impossible. The only think he might do is make jokes about you two being together, but in the end he knows that it wouldn’t happen.

“We can be the parents of this family.”

“That would so weird, Jisung.”

“Yeah, so weird.”

“But I’d love it.”

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He’d also not be very confident about dating you. His feelings are there, but he would think that he is not handsome enough to date you. He would always think that you’d like to date someone more handsome than him, that there’s always someone better than him.

“In terms of handsomeness, what do you think about me?”

“You’ll be number one. Everyone in Wanna one is number one.”


“You do look good. Really good. I’d trade my kidney for your beautiful skin.”

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He would feel a little weird that everyone likes the girl he likes. He knows that you are beautiful and have a good personality which makes the others fall for you. But he’d think that it’s a bit too much that even the youngest likes you.

“Why does everybody like you?”

“Cause I’m cute. Wait, who likes me?”

“Nobody. Just curious.”

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He wouldn’t care about the others. He is handsome and aware of this. He’s certain that he can steal your heart. He would make moves on you in front of the others to make them jealous.


“What did you say?”

“Not you, them.”


“Nothing. Let’s go eat something.”

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He’d be really similar to Ong. He is the visual after all. He would compliment you all the time, help you everything, and hug you in front of the others.

“Jaehwan, I don’t think it’s okay to hug me like this with the others around.”

“Let them see.”

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I think Daniel wouldn’t be as bold. He would hate the idea that he has to compete with his friends for you. He likes you, but if his love for you would make him uncomfortable with the other members he’d be able to give it up.

“They won’t hate me if I try too?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but I’m sure nobody will hate you.”

“Maybe I’ll try my chance too.”

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You’d think that Jihoon is still a child, but he in reality he is really mature. He’d understand that it’s quite impossible to date you, but he’d still try. Seeing you with the others would make him jealous, but as he doesn’t have other option he’d just try to seduce you.

“You think I have a chance with you?”

“That is to sudden to ask, Jihoon.”

“So it’s a no?”

“It’s a yes.”

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He would be a little shy about it. He would feel intimidated by the other members whenever he is with you. When he tries to make a move on you he’d get really shy.

“Are you gonna place that hand on my shoulder or not?”

“No. I mean y-yes.”

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Bae Jinyoung

He’d be really anxious when he’s about to talk with you. He’d feel like it’s not okay to love you, but he loves you in the end and doesn’t have to change it even if all of them like you. He’d try to make you love him as much as he can.

“Do you like cute or sexy boys?”


“Good. Daniel and Seongwoo are out.”

“You were sexy when you danced to ‘Hands on me’.”

“Agh, why am I so good at everything?”

“True. You’re cute and sexy and everything so you’re still on the list.”

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He wouldn’t be confident about it. The age difference is not that big but it would still make him think that you would prefer someone as old as you. He is not really confident in his looks so it would be hard for him to do the same things as the others do.

“Daehwi, will you come with me to the park?”

“Me? Really me?”

“There’s no other Daehwi.”

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Well, he’d be awkward. He would try his hardest to make you fall for him, but knowing that the others are trying the same he’d feel it would be kind of meaningless. Compared to the oldest, who have experience in dating, he is completely inexperienced and would find it hard to compete with the pros.

“I’m not good with flirting.”

“I know.”

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The Last Cup of Ramen

Someone stole their last cup of ramen.

Yuuri is starving, and Phichit is about to get revenge.

in AO3

“It’s not here!” Yuuri rummages the box under his bed.

It’s the end of the month, and both Yuuri and he have no money left. Yuuri, because he bought the limited edition of boxer-briefs based on Victor’s SP costume this season (which Yuuri—full of tears—swears the best he’s ever seen. True, because Victor broke another world record in GPF; but Phichit thinks that anything Victor does, will always be the best thing for Yuuri’s eyes and heart and dick) along with new Victor dakimakura and posters. While Phichit’s money is replaced with the beautiful eyeliner from Marc Jacobs (it has glitter!) and the Russian Red MAC Lipstick he’s going to convince Yuuri to wear.

Lack of self-control aside, they still need to eat. Ciao Ciao won’t go back until three days from now, and while Leo promised to bring food from his home, he won’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon.

How could the ramen cup be missing now? It’s not like the ramen cup can walk on its own. “Someone stole it.”

Yuuri’s lips wobble. He looks tired and hungry, eyes red like he’s about to cry. “It—It’s fine. It’s just a ramen cup,” Yuuri tries to assure. “We can always borrow some money from Jess or Nathan or others, right?”

Except that they can’t. Phichit knows that all others are just as frantic as they are these past few days. He’s seen Jess, Brad and three others are trying to find dates for a chance of free meals. Kara even went back home and she abhors her home. Those in relatively normal situations are from well-off families or have sugar-daddy or sugar-mommy to back their money up.

Phichit hates college sometimes. Everything is too expensive for their wallet.

Truthfully, Phichit and Yuuri can also do that. Phichit is pretty popular, he can get a date rather easily if he wants. And Yuuri… well, Phichit knows at least twenty people who’re willing to trade their kidney for a dinner date with Yuuri.

But it’s the matter of principle. Someone stole their last cup of ramen, and Phichit frankly would kill that thief for breaking the unwritten rules between broke college students.

“It must be Jared,” Phichit decides. He remembers since they had to go to the dorm to get their final lab project and Phichit went out for a few minutes too, leaving the guy alone in the dorm.

“Huh?” Yuuri perks up from beneath three Victor plushies. Phichit ignores him and picks up his knife shoes along with his phone. “Phichit? Where are you going? Why are you bringing your ice skates? Phichit?”

But Phichit is already gone for a mission.

Yuuri is terrified.

He knows that Phichit must be trying to revenge for their ramen cup and he’s scared that soon enough, he’ll have to call Mæ̀ that her son is convicted of murder.

The problem is, Yuuri doesn’t know which Jared that Phichit is about to murder. He’d tried to call people he knows, (“Yuuri, I’m happy that for whatever reason, you graced your voice on my ear; but I’m currently in the midst of negotiating my future textbooks financial situation; also no, Phichit knows too many Jareds I have no idea which one.”) but no such luck.

Now, Yuuri is currently hugging his third Victor dakimakura for comfort, wishing that Phichit has enough conscience to not killing anybody, or at least knows how to hide the body.

It isn’t until Yuuri’s thoughts have gone downward spirals and Yuuri tries his best to think of how to tell Mæ̀, when Phichit arrives with flourish. He’s smiling brightly, one hand holding his skates and a plastic bag while the other is holding a thermos.

“Yuuri! Sorry that you have to wait so long!”

“Phichit!” It’s such a huge relief to see his bestfriend alive and well. “What did you do? You made me worried sick! Are you okay? You didn’t kill anyone, do you?”

“Of course I’m fine. No, I don’t kill anyone, I’m not savage,” Phichit chuckles. “Anyway, look at what I bring!” He opens the plastic bag and it’s full of ramen cups. “Ramen cups! We’re not going to starve tonight!”

Yuuri stares at him rather dubiously. “You didn’t—threaten anyone, did you? With the ice skates?”

“Not with the ice skates, Yuuri.” Phichit rolls his eyes. “I don’t need the knife shoes to threaten anyone. These are just for accessories purpose.”

Which means, Phichit blackmails someone, most likely the Jared person. Well, Yuuri is willing to turn a blind eye.

“Here,” Phichit pours the hot water into two cups of ramen. “Itadakimasu.”

“Thanks,” Yuuri takes the ramen cup gratefully. “Itadakimasu.”

The ramen cup tastes good when they don’t have to split it in two.

Mæ̀ = Mama in Thai

(this is no beta-ed I die like a fool)

Someone, is supposed to write for YoI shit bang; instead here the idiot is, writing bloodlust Phichit over a cup of ramen.

Worth it, tbh.

No kidding though, don’t steal ramen cup from broke university students.


We’ve come to a point where there are people – millions of people – who are quite happy to trade a kidney in order to go on television. And to show people their knickers, and to show people their skid marks, and then complain to OK! Magazine about a breach of privacy. The exchange of private information – that is what drives our economy. But you come after me because you can’t – you can’t arrest a land mass can you? You can’t cuff a country.


“Let me tell you this. The whole planet’s leaking. Everybody is leaking. You know, everyone’s spewing up their guts onto the internet, putting up their relationship status and photos of their Vajazzles.

We’ve come to the point where there are people, millions of people, who are quite happy to trade a kidney in order to go on television. And to show people their knickers, to show people their skidmarks, and then complain to OK Magazine about a breach of privacy! The exchange of private information – that is what drives our economy.

But you come after me because you can’t arrest a landmass, can you? You can’t cuff a country. You can’t lynch that guy there, can you?

But you decide that you can sit there, that you can judge and you can ogle me like a Page Three girl.

You don’t like it?

Well, you don’t like yourself.

You don’t like your species, and you know what? Neither do I, but how dare you come and lay this at my door.
How dare you blame me for this.
Which is the result of a political class which has given up on morality and simply pursues popularity at all costs.

I am you and you are me.”

Malcolm Tucker.

Solution to Sprite Woes:

***Release recolored sprites & matching goblin recolors.***

Original sprites/gobs maintain current rarities, people still get a chance to have a sprite, even tho it’s not the original. Staff can show newbies some kindess without going back on their word. Sounds win-win to me.

Seriously: I would trade a kidney for this. I want “imposter” sprite/gobs so bad. Then I can still save for original sprites & the goblins I missed and feel awesome if I ever manage that, but I can definitely still give a dragon a “light sprite” someday. 

I’m watching this new miley cyrus video (I know) and they went hard as hell with the innocent white purity shit. Pigtails, white ruffles,gratuitous shots of her engagement ring. Frolicking on a beach in a white bikini you only see one half of at a time, the other half artfully covered. Hugging a dog. Pastel balloons. Excessive, innocent lip biting.

Being white is black magic. Somebody traded they kidneys and some chicken gizzards for this shit.

Out of the blue

Based on “Imagine falling into Middle Earth, but literally falling from the sky and landing on top of Thorin” from ImaginexHobbit.

Part two: Into the smoke
Part three: Under the same sky

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There was nothing outwardly remarkable about the antique shop on Gloucester Road, except, perhaps, that it seemed to be always closed. You passed it every time you walked to the grocery store from the little shoebox of a studio at the top of a Victorian building near Kensington Gardens that you would call home for the next three months, and only ever saw the same lonely table in the display window, the white marble top laid with the same china tea set, its painted flowers fading in the sunlight.

The shop was inconsequential, certainly, in the scope of your giddy excitement that your long-awaited summer in London was underway. This adventurous detour before you went back to the grind of grad school had been financed by a lot of nannying jobs and even more ramen dinners, but you were finally there, even if you would be living on a shoestring. Your landlady was a trust-fund baby who had inherited the tiny flat from her grandparents and couldn’t be bothered to invest in the renovations it desperately needed, but the rent was dirt-cheap, so you stuffed a towel into the hole in the bathroom window casing and learned to order your schedule around the finicky water heater, and walked – after all, walking was free – down Gloucester Road to do your marketing.

Still, it came as a surprise on that particular day when you walked past the antique shop and saw, for the first time, that the sign hung crookedly in the window now read “open.” Curiosity pricked at you, and after standing indecisively for a moment, surveying the storefront, you quickly crossed the street and opened the glass door.

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Let me tell you this, the whole planet’s leaking - everybody is leaking. Everyone is spewing up their guts onto the internet, putting up their ‘relationship status’ and photos of their vagazzels.

We’ve come to a point where there are people, millions of people who are quite happy to trade a kidney in order to go on television and to show people their knickers, to show people their skid marks and then complain to OK magazine about a breach of privacy.

The exchange of private information, that is what drives our economy but you come after me because you can’t arrest a land mass can you?

You can’t cuff a country.

You might as well - you can’t lynch that guy there… but you decide that you can sit there, you can judge and you can open me like a page three girl.

You don’t like it?

Well you don’t like yourself.

You don’t like your species and you know what? Neither do I but how dare you come and lay this at my door. How dare you blame me for this which is the result of a political class which has given up on morality and simply pursues popularity at all costs.

I am you and you are me.

—  Malcolm Tucker - The Thick of It

It’s the 9th of March, 2014. Flappy Bird has been down for a full month now. Most people have forgotten about the app that had consumed much of their time and caused much frustration; others have been spared and will live on in ignorance. Some, however, are caught up in an illegal market. People are trading kidneys just for a flashdrive with a copy of the app on it. The black market slowly crumbles around the game. Nothing is worth anything anymore. Flappy Bird is all that is left. Long live the bird.