kidnapping for ransom


Donald Neilson was also known as ‘the Black Panther’ during his criminal career. His career began when his building and carpentry business hit hard times and he was unable to support himself, turning firstly to burglary and eventually armed robbery to supplement his income.

His target of choice were small post offices, operating under the logic that they would be easier to rob and would have fewer security measures. It was during these armed robberies that he committed his first murders, shooting witnesses in the process of robbing the post offices. While the robberies supplied him with small amounts of money he craved a much larger pay off, and decided to branch out into kidnapping for ransom.

He targeted 17 year old Lesley Whittle, whose father had left her £82,500 in his will. Neilson broke into her house at night and kidnapped her at gun point, enabling him to take the young girl without a struggle or much noise. He left a ransom note demanding £50,000 and tied Lesley to a disused drainage shaft by a rope around her neck, leaving her with food and bedding. Eventually Neilson grew to believe that Mr Whittle was operating within a police trap in order facilitate his arrest, and in a rage is thought to have pushed Leslie off a ledge by the drainage shaft, throttling her, the constriction of her carotid artery slowing her heart down to such an extent that it quickly stopped altogether, killing her.

Her body was discovered hanging from a wire, with her feet inches from the ground. Neilson was eventually arrested in the process of carrying out another armed robbery, with police officers spotting the gun sitting in the back of his car. After a struggle - which lead to the injuries shown above - he was apprehended. He was convicted of four murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

My mom had been kidnapped, and instead of a ransom the kidnappers demanded that I play the national anthem on a piano. But I didn’t know how to play the national anthem, I only knew how to play My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I spent the rest of the dream petitioning for the national anthem to be changed to it so I could save my mom.

A Stern Talking To

Prompt: Batmom being kidnapped and held for ransom because “Hey, Bruce you’re rich” and Batmom handles it before Batman can get there by giving them a stern talking to…

Words: 563

You’re a bit offended to be honest. You don’t get Joker, or Bane, or even the Riddler; no, you get common everyday thugs that hold you up in the parking lot. It’s nothing you can’t handle, after all, you spent all the time travelling with Bruce and watching him train. It’s only natural that you’d pick up a little something. Then there was that one Saturday that Bruce kicked your butt in the name of a self-defense class.  In all honesty, it was revenge for making him go to an opera that you knew he hated.

Still, you can’t really bring yourself to be afraid, even with a loaded gun pointing at you. You know how to disarm him, and you’ve already pressed the panic alarm on your car remote, which means Batman will soon be there. You know it’s the smart thing to wait. To just let the idiot holding the gun and his pal argue about the best way to stuff you in the back of a van and hold you for ransom. BUT…

He’s distracted, and the safety isn’t off the gun. Dropping your purse to the ground you move forward before the bozo in front of you can react. You grab his wrist, sending it towards the sky before quickly stepping to the side and behind him while twisting his arm. Meanwhile your foot slides under one of his, sending him to his knees before going to rest on the back of the knee.

He drops the gun a second later and you stare at his shocked pal. The dude is literally just standing there with his mouth open in shock. It’s the look the boys give you when you catch them doing something they shouldn’t. So you do what you always do in these situations, you begin your lecture. It’s the same one you give Damian about when he tries to ditch school for months on end, or tries to go on patrol on school nights. You lecture them about life choices, and making smart decisions.

Before you can finish, he’s running, and you’re doing your best to not laugh as you apply just a bit more pressure to the guy’s leg making him whimper. You know one good stomp would break it, but that’s more Bruce’s thing than yours.

Almost as though the thought of him alone summons him, Batman drops from the ceiling, followed by all of your boys. Throwing your head towards the exit you say, “His buddy went that way.”

Tim and Damian head in that direction as Dick and Jason take over your guy … who has effectively fainted at the sight of your family. Knowing that you’re in clear you walk up to Bruce kiss his cheek and simply say, “See you at home sweetheart.” And then throw back towards the boys, “Be safe boys, I’ll have ice cream ready when you get home.”

Bruce is still to stunned to say anything, and as Jason hands you your purse and keys, he gives you a hug and says, “My Ma’s got moves.”

You just smile and say, “Damn Straight. Slap your father if he doesn’t come out of his stupor in the next few minutes.”

“You got it.” He says, and then you get in the car and head home to retell the tale to Alfred.

Damn, I’ve had enough of this. What part of “love grew between them” is so hard to understand?  

I mean, headcanon and let headcanon. But sometimes headcanons can influence mainstream fanon to the point where people seem to forget what’s canon, and canon is not “Maglor was a creep who kidnapped Elrond and Elros for ransom/redemption, and they developed… complex feelings for him, some of which looked a bit like… Stockholm syndrome, in what was essentially an abusive relationship”. I think I’ve read one comment too many which off-handedly treats this as a fact.  

Canon says that Maglor was a murderer who went along with a dirty game although he didn’t want to. He also loved the twins, and the twins loved him. Even Third-Age Elrond speaks with compassion about people who take oaths without knowing what they’re in for:  

“(…) No oath or bond is laid on you to go further than you will. For you do not yet know the strength of your hearts, and you cannot foresee what each may meet upon the road.”
“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,” said Gimli.
 "Maybe,“ said Elrond, “but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.”  
“Yet sworn word may strengthen the quaking heart,“ said Gimli.
“Or break it,” said Elrond.  
(LotR, Fellowship, “The Ring Goes South”)

I wonder who he may be talking about.

So stick to your headcanons, variety is great. They can be fun and entertaining, and I don’t ask anyone to stop writing them, as long everybody remembers that they’re just headcanons. Just imagine it was one of your favourite characters someone was talking about. We’re all here to have fun together, aren’t we?

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How would the Sakamakis and Mukamis react to their crushes getting kidnapped and held for ransom? (Either they witness it happening or they hear about it through the grapevine).


Shu - Shu probably heard Reiji babbling about it to be honest. He’s really the least possessive of all and you’re more likely to get kidnapped if you’re his s/o due to the fact that you are not always in his line of vision. However if all they want is money he’d gladly give it to them to get you back with no fuss, what does he need it for anyways?

Reiji - He had saw it happening alright, and Reiji is on the case! As soon as the talk of ransom came up the vampire starts to use his awesome negotiation skills (DnD joke should be made) to not only get you back get you back at half the price for what they wanted. Now that is some extreme haggling at a grocery sto- I mean, hostage situation.

Ayato - Your’s Truly is coming to the rescue, how dare someone take his prey after all! Ayato would not care about some stupid ransom, money is nothing when his food is on the line, he’d go and find you on his own. Yes it’s dangerous but when has Ayato ever played anything safe?

Kanato - There is a roar in the background, what is it? It is hell opening! Cities are collapsing, men are dying, children are crying, society as we know it is crumbling at our feet. No seriously, Kanato saw them take you, and Kanato followed them, and Kanato slaughtered them. He does not even think about how you could have possibly been in on the whole thing at that moment all he was doing was killing.

Laito - Laito saw your captors take you, and Laito followed them. He was rather disappointed when all they wanted was money though. Why not something else? Something everybody could enjoy? He’d even join to!

Subaru - Subaru may not have seen you get taken but rest assured he is tearing cities to shreds trying to find you. It takes all of his brothers to calm him down enough to catch his bearings and thing rationally about what to do. He pays your ransom and gets you back rather quickly, and if it not for the fact that the captors were still able to hurt you he would have killed them then and there. After that incident you are never leaving his side.


Ruki - Livestock can be so troublesome sometimes. He swears you’re gonna give him grey hair from all of the nonsense you get into. Is what he thinks until he figures out it was real and the captors are asking for a large amount of money. He does not care about the cost, he won’t be paying to get his own livestock back! He track you down and unleashes Yuma… problem solved.

Kou - Let’s be clear, Kou cannot get caught up in a scandal like that, it would ruin his career. He would pull strings to anonymously send the money but as for you know it was him you are s.o.l. because he enjoys his career thank you very much… You owe him BIG though.

Yuma - Yuma saw, Yuma is there and Yuma is kicking ass. He’s so irritated that you ended up getting kidnapped of all things and thus had to save you. He’ll give you a hard time about it, but at least he didn’t leave you for dead.

Azusa - Azusa would search everywhere for you until his brothers tell him what happened. He’d think real hard about a course of action and pay the ransom. He does not want you hurt, that’s his job thank you very much, and find it the best possible outcome in the circumstance… until the captors go missing a few miles away, their tires were slashed and they lost control of the vehicle killing them.

Prompt #7

Person A is very poor and desperately needs money to pay for the treatment of a sick family member. A tries everything they can think of but eventually resort to drastic measures. Person B is the child of an extremely wealthy family so A kidnaps Person B for ransom.  Person B’s family stall in an attempt to find their child but in that time A’s family member die. A loses hope and realise they had done the wrong thing so A removes their mask, gives B a phone, apologises, gives them a map with directions back to B’s house and says they can go and call the cops. B runs, suspicious its a trap but when B finds their way safely home they tell everyone they never saw the kidnappers face and don’t know where they lived. B then goes back to secretly spy on A.


Nigeria’s Youngest Monarch

Obi (King) Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I, the newly crowned Obi of Ubulu Uku in Anioma, the Igbo-speaking part of Delta State, Nigeria, is Nigeria’s youngest monarch at age 17 as of February 2016. His ascension to the throne came after his late father, Obi Akaeze Edward Ofulue III, the former Obi, was kidnapped and murdered by suspected herdsmen in January.

Hundreds have died and continue to die in Nigeria from conflicts between some nomadic Fulani herdsmen from northern Nigeria and their host communities, (including kidnapping for ransom) and especially in Benue state where over 300 people including women and children have recently been killed in the Agatu local government area. Entire villages have been raised down over cattle. More than 3000 people have died since 2010 through such clashes.

Okay but…

A fic where Grantaire is the rich son of someone with a lot of political power. And Les Amies kidnap him in order to ransom him back for political change.

They’ve heard this guy’s an asshole but they get a hot mess. It quickly becomes clear that he’s an actual alcoholic and somehow they all become involved in detoxing him, more or less against his will. Joly does all the medical stuff. Courferac gives him hugs. Bosuette trades terrible jokes with him. Musichetta makes really bland, easy to digest food for him. Cosette tells him about adventure and strokes his hair. Eponine synpathises with him about having a shitty family. Maruis talks seriously about how having a shitty family doesn’t have to define you. Combeferre teaches him meditation. Feuily teaches him origami for something to do with his hands. Gavroche tells him dirty jokes when nobody else is around. When he’s feeling better, Behorel boxes with him. Jehan encourages him to write what he’s feeling down, even if he thinks those feelings are ugly and he doesn’t want to share them.

And Enjolras, Enjolras is just there. Enjolras is there at Grantaire’s nastiest, when he’s pushed everyone else away. Enjolras is there to hold his hair back while he pukes. To chase hallucinated spiders our of the room. To listen to Grantaire’s late night confessions that he wishes he’d just die. Grantaire grows to love these guys but he still gets upset and frustrated and pushes them all and when he pushes they all take a step back except Enjolras. Enjolras stays right where he is, no matter how terrible Grantaire is to him.

And Grantaire is just a little in love.

Meanwhile, the kidnaping thing isn’t going to well. They’ve been struggling to contact Grantaire’s father. When he finally answers his phone they put it on speaker and Combeferre states their conditions etc.

Grantaire’s father goes on some massive rant about how useless and worthless Grantaire is and how he never wants to see him again and they’d all be doing him a favour if they killed Grantaire.

Enjolras grabs the phone and hangs up. Then he throws the phone against the wall hard enough to break it. Everyone is stunned, not just by what Grantaire’s dad has said but that they’ve never seen Enjolras this demonstratably angry before.

Enjolras turns and pulls Grantaire into his arms. He tells Grantaire that his father’s wrong about everything in every way. That’s he’s funny and kind and intelligent and yes he has some problems, they all do, but everyone in that room is glad they met him. And his family don’t matter, he’s one of them now. All of Les Aimes joining in with this massive group hug with Grantaire in the middle, telling him how much they care about him and Grantaire just crying on the middle of it into Enjolras’s shoulder because he can’t believe he’s found these people. This family.


William Edward Hickman was broke and apparently needed $1500 to attend Bible College. His solution was to kidnap and hold for ransom 12-year-old Marion Parker in December of 1926. Marion was the daughter of a prominent banker and Hickman, calling himself “The Fox”, demanded a ransom of $7500.

Hickman arranged that he would meet her father to hand over the money and set Marion free. He had Marion wrapped in a blanket bundle in his car which he said he would leave further up the road.

Once Mr. Parker handed over the money, Hickman sped off leaving behind Marion as promised. When Mr. Parker went to his daughter, he discovered she was already dead. She had been strangled, disemboweled and her limbs had been severed.

Hickman was caught and tried for murder. His tried to plea insanity to no avail. He was found guilty and hanged at San Quentin in October 1928.

R-Pod AU Laurens is such a spoiled rich college student, his friends make fun of him because he’s always complaining about the most ridiculous things. Like:

  • How the jail doesn’t allow alcohol (not even the occasional beer)
  • The crappy material that the clothes and blankets are made out of 
  • The bland food (which nobody else complains about, because it’s about the same as the average school lunch) 
  • The fact that the shower has nothing but a curtain in front of it
  • The picture quality of the pod’s tv, 
  • The wooden pencils he has to use for his sketches, 
  • Etc. etc.

Alex has to constantly tell him not to make it so obvious that he comes from money and he’s just oblivious that he does it, like, “don’t most people pay $30 for coffee and leave a 20 in the tip box?” 

Every one of his bunkmates is low-key worried that he’s going to get himself kidnapped for ransom one day (but they also know he has a mean right hook and the kidnapper would be in for the fight of their life.)


Request : Can I request a void stiles imagine where void stiles kidnaps the reader for ransom against the pack and stiles is in love with the reader so void exploits that

Summary : Void!Stiles kidnaps Y/N and reveals Stiles’ feelings for her while holding Y/N for ransom.

Warnings : Swearing, angst, small bit of fluff, verbal abuse, physical abuse.

A/N : Hi, anon! I REAAAALLLYY hope you like this. Also, sorry about the delay! It’s been a very busy week. I tried my best with this one, so hopefully it’s alright! Also, Y/N is switching places with Lydia in this fic during the events of 3x23 - Insatiable. ALSO: THIS ONE-SHOT DOESN’T FOLLOW THE EVENTS IN THE SHOW. And when speaking about the Nogitsune, I didn’t use any pronouns. The Nogitsune is referred to as an ‘it.’ This could potentially turn into a 2-3 parter. Anyways, I hope you like it! x

Playlist : Trouble - Memorecks (ft. Jenna Pemkowski) 

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A chill ran down your spine as you leaned your head in your palms. The dead silence was killing you, leaving you to your thoughts. You didn’t know where you were, but you knew who had taken you. Stiles. Well, it wasn’t really Stiles. It was the Nogitsune wearing Stiles’ face. You knew that. Half of you was absolutely terrified, but the other half wasn’t. You understood the part of you that didn’t feel afraid. You had been in love with Stiles for as long as you could remember. It wasn’t like he had romantic feelings. His feelings were platonic and it killed you. He was far too infatuated with Lydia Martin to develop mutual feelings. But you understood. She was Lydia Martin. Queen of Beacon Hills. You were just Y/N. There wasn’t anything special about you. 

A harsh breath was pushed from your lips as you lifted your head from your hands and looked around. You were in a long tunnel that seemed to have no end. The sound of footsteps coming closer and closer caused your blood to run cold and your heart rate to pick up. The footsteps echoed across the walls, taunting you. Finally, the Nogitsune came into view. You gulped, scuffling as you struggled to push yourself to your feet. A sadistic smirk rested on it’s lips as it neared you. You backed up, stumbling over your own feet as you walked.

A dark chuckle filled the air. The part of you that hadn’t been afraid had slipped away as you finally accepted that this wasn’t Stiles. Stiles was safe. Right? The thought of him being anything but okay made terror run through your bones. The Nogitsune stepped closer to you as your back collided with a wall. It tilted it’s head to the side as it observed you. 

“You’re thinking about Stiles.” It stated, a cold finger began to trail across your cheek which caused you to flinch. You refused to answer, but the Nogitsune already knew. How did it know? “He’s thinking about you too.” 

This statement caused you to look up to meet the eyes of the Nogitsune. You wouldn’t let it’s looks deceive you. Stiles’ eyes would make you melt under his stare. You would not let the Nogitsune have the same effect on you. 

“You don’t know that.” You said. The same dark chuckle rumbled from his chest, filling your ears. 

“Oh, but I do, Y/N. Don’t you know how the feels about you?” It said, stepping impossibly closer to you and placing it’s soft lips beside your ear. “Don’t you know about how much he worries about you?” The voice coming from Stiles’ lips was menacing and cold. Although the Nogitsune had his voice too, it sounded nothing like Stiles. Stiles’ voice was warm and calming. This one made goosebumps raise on the back of your neck and arms, and not in a good way.

“H-He doesn’t.” You stuttered, turning your head the opposite way.

“Yes, he does. In fact, I can guarantee that he’s crying over you at this very moment.”

“Stop messing with me. Just let me go.” You pleaded, clenching your teeth together. 

“I’m only telling the truth.” It sneered, its lips trailing down your ear and to your neck. 

“He’s in love with you.” You clenched your eyes shut and took a deep breath as the lips belonging to Stiles brushed across your neck. You knew you couldn’t believe anything the Nogitsune said.

“Stop. Please.”

“In fact, if Scott and the rest of your pack doesn’t show up within the next hour with the money, I think I’ll kill you. Just for fun.” You could feel as it’s lips curled up into a smirk and it made your blood run cold. 

“You mean you’re holding me for ransom?” You asked.

“Don’t be an idiot. That’s what that means.” The Nogitsune snarled, pulling it’s head back and grabbing your wrist. You yelped in surprise, head turning to look back at Stiles’ face. “Maybe I should just kill you now. What could the pack want with you, anyway? It’s not like you offer any valuable assets.” 

It’s fingernails were digging into your wrists as you whimpered in pain and you struggled to remove your wrist from the stone hard grip.

“Stiles would be a wreck. That’s the only use you have for me. You make him weaker.” It snarled. Stiles’ face was only inches from yours and hot breath made contact with your face as the Nogitsune spoke. 

Finally, the Nogitsune released your wrist and you sighed in relief.

“They should be arriving any minute now.” The Nogitsune said, a smirk returning to it’s lips. It grabbed your arm forcefully and began to drag you in the other direction. 

“Let go!” You yelled, thrashing in the Nogitsune’s grip. This only caused it to grab you tighter than before. A whimper of pain escaped your lips. 

“Shut up.” It growled. You struggled harder than before as an amused chuckle rang through the air. Suddenly, everything went black as you were hit across the head.


The sound of tires on gravel caused you to stir, squinting your eyes before opening them. You had been thrown over the Nogitsune’s shoulder and you panicked. 

“Right on time.” The Nogitsune hummed, tightening it’s grip on your legs. “Try and escape and I’ll bash your skull in.” It whispered just as the sound of car doors being slammed shut could be heard.

“Ah, Scott,” The Nogitsune said, fake pleasure lacing it’s tone. “And Stiles.” HIs name caused you to lift your head.

“Oh god,’ His voice. It was Stiles’ voice. The real Stiles. “Stiles!” You called out, your voice somewhat weak. 

“Let her go.” Stiles growled. The same sinister laugh filled your ears and you winced. “Hand over the money for the stupid girl.”

Footsteps travelled across the gravel slowly. “Here,” Scott’s voice rang out. You couldn’t see what was going on but you could imagine what was happening. “Now, let her go. You got what you asked for.” Scott calmly said.

“Fine.” The Nogitsune said. Suddenly, his arms let go of your legs and you began to slip. A surprised gasp left your mouth just as your body collided with the hard ground. 

Just as quickly as it had appeared, the Nogitsune was gone. Your eyes were squeezed shut, a tear leaking from one of your eyes, your ribs aching. 

“Y/N!” Stiles called out as he ran to your side. You were lifted into his lap as you opened your eyes to look up at him.

“S-Stiles?” Your voice cracked slightly as you spoke. He nodded quickly, hands framing your face.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He said. Without thinking, you threw yourself into his arms.

“Oh god, I was so scared.” You cried, instantly feeling comforted as his arms wrapped around you.

“You’re safe now. I’ve got you. I’m here.” Stiles said, his words muffled by your shoulder. You smiled through your tears and pulled back, looking into his golden brown eyes.

“Are you okay? Did it hurt you?” Stiles asked, his voice panicked. “Not really.” You shook your head. “It lied. That’s all. It was playing tricks with my head.” You explained.

“What did it say?” Your cheeks reddened. “I’ll tell you later. I just want to go home.” Stiles nodded, helping you to your feet. Your legs shook as he supported your weight, helping you to the car and into the backseat. 

“I can sit back here with you if you want and-” “Stiles, it’s okay. I’m fine.” Stiles frowned.

“Y/N, you were just captured by the fucking Nogitsune. How are you fine?”

“I don’t know.”


“Okay! I’m not fine, alright? I was so scared, Stiles. I-It kept lying to me. Messing with my head.”

“What did it say to you?” You shook your head, unsure of how to tell him.

“It doesn’t matter-” “Y/N, tell me.”

You took a deep breath. “It told me that… It told me that you loved me, Stiles. And not just as a friend.” He took a deep breath and his eyes searched your eyes as you looked down at your lap.

“Y/N, hey,’ He said, taking your chin and tilting it upwards so you were looking at him. “It - It wasn’t lying.” Stiles admitted.


“I love you, Y/N. I always have.” Stiles said. Your heart swelled.

“I love you too.” You said. You thought the amount of butterflies in your stomach as impossible. 

Stiles looked at war with himself for a few moments as he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, unsure of what to say. 

“Oh, fuck it.” Stiles muttered before pressing his lips to yours. You were surprised at first before you kissed him back.



So you know that one soul mate au?

Y'know, where you see the world in black and white until you meet your soul mate and suddenly there’s color?

What if someone were robbing a bank, and they make eye contact with one of the hostages, and suddenly the world is in color?

Or what if for whatever reason you were deemed “armed and dangerous” and while you’re running, you lock eyes with a police officer, and color explodes in the world… just before they shoot you through the heart.

Imagine being some rich kid and you’re engaged to someone just for the sake of getting married and keeping the family going, and you get kidnapped for ransom. You never see the kidnapper’s face until they slip up or something. Like you got untied and sneak up behind them, ready to hit them over the head with a chair but they turn around and you look them in the eyes, and you both freeze. You’re holding the chair up thinking “oh my god what beautiful eyes” and they’re just standing there like “what the shit”.

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Hi there! Welcome to the world of ouran imagines! May I request the hosts reacting to their s/o being kidnapped for ransom?

Headcanons || Fluff + Kidnapping

A/N: This is actually kinda cute because they’re so protective of you & and am I the only one that sees the Host Club as some cheesy spy group?

Tamaki: Hearing the news that his you were gone… he would freak out to no end and immediately, he would call the rest of the members and ask where your presence was right away. Kyoya would be one trying to pinpoint where you were, but when the word was out, Tamaki would order the rest of the club to go find you and have Kyoya bring some of his private police force along the way, plus Mitsukuni and Takashi would have to prepare themselves for a battle while Tamaki would cry to the others and constantly worry about your well-being.

Kyoya: He would grab the nearest fragile object and break it, angry that he couldn’t be protective of you easily and then he would order his private police force to go assault anyone that hurt you—plus, he would have the Host Club try to fall back on this but Honey and Mori would insist on helping, so every tags along why Kyoya is trying to pinpoint where you were taken and also do the best he can do to make sure you were safe and out of harm’s way.

Haruhi: She would skip breakfast with her father and once Ranka asked what was wrong, she broke the news that you were taken away from her. Knowing her daughter loved you so much, he would make Kyoya hire members of his police force and have the rest of the club try to track your presence down. She would cry to the other members about you and hope that you were safe, and even have a mental breakdown in the car at the thought of you getting hurt.

Honey: Hearing the news, he would burst into tears of anger and worry, and then he would break the nearest furniture in his mansion. He’d ask Kyo-chan to immediately find out where you were and then the club would brace themselves to come save you, having part of Kyo-chan’s members of his police force come for extra protection; he would prepare himself for brace of impact and get ready for any enemies that will get in the way.

Mori: For the first time after a while, he would tear up because he loved you and he didn’t want you to get hurt. Startling the members, he would order Kyoya to figure out where you are, and even Honey was willing to help out him. While on the way there, he would clench his fists in anger and hope that you were safe, and he knew that he was going to get back at the person who kidnapped you—basically, he and Honey were going to kick a lot of asses.

Kaoru: After hearing that you were kidnapped, he would actually lose it and he’d cry to Hikaru about it. Hikaru sends word about this and that made Honey and Takashi prepare for a battle in the dojo while Hikaru tries to calm down Kaoru who is in a fit of tears, and during the ride to your destination, Kaoru would be clenching his fists in anger and he wouldn’t hesitate to punch the nearest person that gets in his way of rescuing you.

Hikaru: He would scream out to Kaoru about this and even break the nearest vase in their bedroom, startling the maids. Kyoya would inform him where you were taken, and then he’d spit at Kyoya to do what he can to come save you—and when the entire club goes their way to rescue you, Hikaru was crying and all he can do is hope that nobody gets hurt during the rescue—especially you since he can’t imagine you get hurt by someone—ever.
A Bird in the Hand is a Pain in the Ass - Chapter 1 - PrincessOfDragons - The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Batman/Joker (DCU)
Characters: Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Robin (DCU), Dick Grayson, Bane (DCU), Bruce Wayne, Harley Quinn (DCU), Poison Ivy
Additional Tags: okay this is going to be fluffy and adorable probably, and lots of coupley bickering, catwoman is going to be having so many issues with this angel child, batman and joker both suck at parenting, no matter how hard they try, Kidnapping, Ransom, cartoonish violence, Repressed Emotions, mututal pining (probably), title subject to change as I had not thought of one prior to posting it lmao, is this a slowburn? not really but sorta

When Robin is kidnapped on his way home from Joker’s,Batman and Joker team up to find their favorite bird-themed superhero. What follows is a lot of arguing, different parenting styles, and a damn near constant denial of any emotions that may or may not be felt. Meanwhile, Robin’s kidnapper finds herself in more and more danger of falling prey to the very boy she kidnapped.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Gina Prince-Bythewood reunite for An Untamed State adaptation

Gina Prince-Bythewood will direct and Gugu Mbatha-Raw will star in An Untamed State, an adaptation of Roxane Gay’s debut novel that the director will co-write with the author for Fox Searchlight.

The novel tells the powerful, unflinching story of a Haitian American woman kidnapped for ransom in front of her husband and child. The novel explores the privilege that made her a target, and the strength she must draw on to survive and reclaim her life.

Prince-Bythewood and Mbatha-Raw previously worked together on the 2014 movie Beyond the Lights