kidnapped hearts

Sora: *been a heartless, memories messed with, power taken*

Riku: *been possessed, haunted by past*

Kairi: *heart taken, kidnapped*

Roxas: *so much angst, memories messed with, gone*

Namine: *used, held prisoner, gone*

Xion: *dead, forgotten*

Aqua: *missing*

Terra: *possessed*

Ventus: *lost heart, sleeping*

Strelitzia: *dead*

Me: Nomura, do I have to raise your kids for you?! Hurt me one more time and I will! I will take them all!

Otayuri Confession Senarios

-Beka visibly crying (because he thinks he is going to lose his best friend) telling Yuri he loves him. Yuri saying they have to stop being best friends because being boyfriends is so much better.

-Yuri one day losing his temper and yelling “ARE WE GOING TO BE BOYFRIENDS OR NOT?!”

-Mila and/or Viktuuri locking them in a room and not letting them out until they “define the relationship”.

-Parallel to Viktuuri’s kiss in Ep. 7 but then Beka pulls away saying sorry over and over again. Yuri rolls his eyes, kisses him again and says “shut up Beka”.

-“Innocent” Grandpa Plisetsky inviting Beka over one day and saying “oh so this is the hero that kidnapped my fairy’s heart?”

-Grandpa Plisetsky, Viktuuri and Mila gang up on and Beka tell him to stop being a coward then threaten with “a fate worse than death” if he hurts Yuri.

-Beka’s phone “accidentally” autocorrects ‘best friend’ to ‘boyfriend’ when he tags Yuri in a pic on Instagram.

-Yuri’s cat somehow bumps into one of them and causes them to kiss.

kidnap my heart (ransom my soul)

Based off @homemadesterekpie​’s post   (also on ao3)

Getting kidnapped was never fun. But it was something that Derek had eventually gotten used to.

No matter how perfect his memory, no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t have been able to count how many times he had gotten kidnapped. It was just a part of his life as an alpha.

He had been kidnapped by hunters and werewolf poachers who either wanted to torture him for information on the rest of the pack or force him into his full shift so they could skin him alive for his pelt. Then there were the hunters that just wanted to terrorize him for the fun of it.

He had been kidnapped by other werewolves, other alphas who wanted to usurp him and take over the highly sought after territory that had belonged to his family since before time was a concept. There had even been one alpha who had kidnapped him in a bid to get him to mate her daughter.

He had been kidnapped by fairies and pixies that reveled in the idea that they could overtake Hale territory in the name of the fae folk. It had been a useless endeavor but they had persisted nonetheless.

He had been kidnapped by witches who had wanted to use his blood for old sorts of dark magic. And he had been kidnapped by other darachs who sought to harness his alpha spark for themselves.

There had been countless other creatures that had kidnapped him — vampires, sirens, dragons, even a kelpie — but he had always escaped. With a few scrapes and bruises that would quickly heal, but he escaped all the same.

It was different with hunters.

With hunters, he genuinely had to worry about whether or not they would actually kill him. While other creatures might hesitate at killing, or even just seriously harming, an alpha werewolf who was so connected to the land he could practically predict when the leaves would start to change, hunters had no such qualms.

All they wanted to do was inflict as much pain and agony and traumatizing torment as possible. Until he was begging them for death, begging them to just put him out of his misery.

And they would. In a rare show of mercy, they would kill him. But it wouldn’t be quick or painless. No, hunters were never that kind.

They would draw the death out. However they could.

Werewolves could still die of dehydration. It just took a little longer. And the hunters wouldn’t mind waiting.

Mistletoe extract was much more than an essential oil used for homeopathic treatments. When injected into a werewolf’s bloodstream it acted like a poison, a slow one that felt like fire coursing through veins like a deadly flood.

Knives dipped in mountain ash wine could be used for dismemberment. That way no limbs would heal, nothing would grow back.

It was both fascinating and horrifying how creative hunters could be when scheming up new ways to torture and slaughter werewolves. Human cruelty would never cease to amaze him.

Not after decades of suffering at the hands of humans, of hunters. Not after he was manipulated into being an unwitting accomplice in the murder of his family.

Not after being seduced by a woman twice his age who had charmed her way into his bed and his heart with pretty smiles and sugary sweet lies. Not after being accused of his own sister’s murder by humans who had no idea what he was, only who he was.

Not after the pack he had formed out of desperation and howling loneliness had been hunted down by the very same family of hunters that had taken everything from him when he was only seventeen years old. Not after his attempt at living a life with some semblance of normalcy had been shattered into pieces.

And especially not now. Not after they had dragged Stiles into it.

Apparently, Chris Argent, who Derek had been keeping an eye on despite his many assurances that he had put his days of werewolf hunting behind him, still had a few surviving family members. Family members who just so happened to be hunters.

And lo and behold, they had decided to vacation in Beacon Hills for the fall. Of course, Derek hadn’t known about any of it until he had already been knocked out by a cloud of wolfsbane and dragged off to some abandoned warehouse.

Hadn’t known until he had already been chained up to an electrified fence that was pumped full of enough voltage to kill a whole herd of elephants. Until he had already been viciously shocked for hours on end in hopes that he would reveal where the other members of the pack were.

Derek had never been so grateful that most of the betas had decided to attend college out of town. He had reminded himself of that every time the damn Argents turned on the generator.

He had tried to focus on thoughts of Erica’s smile as she laughed at something sarcastic Boyd had said as the hunters gouged him with blades dipped in mountain ash. Had pictured Isaac’s head of golden curls and Peter’s rare moments of tolerability as he was doused in yellow wolfsbane that made his skin burn like it was on fire.

But the thought that got him through the worst of the torture was Stiles.

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forget subtext, here comes: text

sherlock flirts with john, winks at him.  john asks if he’s single, is happy that he is.  sherlock is flattered to be asked out but declines

sherlock asks john out on a date.  sherlock crashes his date.

sherlock and john fight like a couple.  mrs hudson points this out.  sally tells john to not hang around sherlock but concedes that he probably won’t heed her advice because ‘opposites attract’.  moriarty says that sherlock does have a heart, he kidnaps john the person he knows sherlock cares about.  john offers to die to save sherlock.

john’s girlfriend dumps him because she’s jealous of sherlock.  she says john is sherlock’s boyfriend, john does not deny this.  irene tells john he and sherlock are a couple, john smiles and does not deny this.

john acts like sherlock’s wife in front of the press.  the newspapers call john gay in the context of being sherlock’s constant companion.  moriarty talks about people that sherlock loves.  sherlock immediately says only one name: john.  

sherlock says that he will be reunited with john by jumping out of a cake like a stripper at a bachelor party.  sherlock thinks that without him john has no life and expects him to still be living at their old flat.  by the end of the episode john meets the press with sherlock acting like his doting spouse just like at the beginning of TRF

sherlock drops everything to write his best man speech and plan john’s wedding.  sherlock makes a very long speech about how wonderful john is and talks about all the great times they’ve had together.  sherlock says john is obsessed with him and that his blog is romantic.  john spontaneously gets up during the speech to hug sherlock, everyone claps like they’re the couple who just got married.  sherlock’s very prominent role in john’s wedding continues as sherlock plays the violin for john and mary’s first dance.  sherlock writes a special waltz for them to dance to.  sherlock teaches john how to waltz. 

 sherlock relapses into hard drug use after john’s wedding and subsequent absence from his life.  john dreams about sherlock coming to take him away.  john wakes up and answers his door hoping that sherlock is coming to see him.  mary is angry that john thinks sherlock is so important that everybody (kate) must know who he is.  mary is angry that john thinks it’s been a long time since he saw sherlock, it’s been only a month.  sherlock is dying until he remembers that john is in danger and then wills his hear to start beating again.  sherlock kills magnussen to ensure john’s safety.

mary is jealous that john is always with sherlock so she decides to go to baker st as a client as it’s the only way she will get to see her husband.  nonetheless john soon leaves her again to go off with sherlock.  when sherlock tells john that mary is in danger john is not concerned and dismisses the issue.  john attempts to have a romantic conversation with mary, sherlock inserts himself into it as if he were john’s love interest.  

everyone talking about the gems telling Greg about what happened to Steven and yes that breaks my heart but like,, what are they going to tell Lars’s parents

Mark of Mastery in BBS: fight a few orbs of light, spar a little, it’s all chill and good. Maybe take a little multiple choice test


Amends (part three)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Newest part! I hope you enjoy! Next part is the last one :) xx

There was a slight feeling of panic when you woke up the following morning (afternoon), without Carter by your side. This’d happened many times before, though back then, you woke up in a different state than this morning.

“Mmh, Carter?” you tried to blink away the sleep still clouding your vision to look around the lavish hotelroom. No sign of Carter. Well, goddamn it.

“Carter?” you called out louder, and your heart made a little jump when you heard him respond to you.

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whitedaisysoul  asked:

it's currently 1:57 am here in california, and i've got this idea in my head: lilian kidnaps baby lexi & arranges lena to meet her in one of lex's secret garages. she had to keep it from kara bc lilian threatened to use kryptonite if she showed up. towards the end, lilian points a gun at lenas face & she pulls the trigger, only to have kara show up anyway standing behind lena & stopping the bullet with her hand in front of lena's face (so her arm is kinda around Lena). prompt and/or fanart op!

OMG! this is so angsty!! I love it!! And I also really love the visual of Kara stopping the bullet!


Merlin doesn’t know why he waits till the last minute.

Maybe it’s the idea of betraying people who fight for a cause he believes in.  Or maybe it’s because because he doesn’t want to believe that Morgana could lie to him about something so important.

Either way, the look on Val’s face when Merlin finally says no is dangerous, but the look on Arthur’s face had been far worse. Merlin already knows what he has to do.

Merlin art tag

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  • Raphael Santiago is not just your pure and precious cinnamon bun. 
    • He does not revolve around Simon Lewis. 
      • He is a full grown vampire with a full time job juggling multiple dangerous factions in an attempt to preserve his clan and his own power
      • He is extremely intelligent and ambitious. 
      • He has a short temper. 
      • Sometime he can be a bit of a jerk
    • He’s not a villain, but he’s not a precious innocent puppy who has done no wrong either. Stop infantalizing him. 
    • Contrary to popular belief, he did not take Simon in purely out of the goodness of his heart. Keeping Simon around allowed him to keep power out of Camille’s hands. 
    • Simon was well aware of this. They might have liked each other, but they both had multiple motives for sticking around and they were both manipulating each other. 
  • That’s the entire point of 1x13 scene. Everyone is wrong. Simon is putting the clan in danger by releasing Camille, but Raphael is putting the world in danger by not allowing them to talk to her. Clary and Isabelle are far too blase with vampire lives because they’re thinking too big picture, Raphael is thinking more short term and doesn’t recognize the threat Valentine poses. 
  • Characters are flawed and their flaws play off of each other. No one makes the right choices all the time. 
  • Raphael isn’t an altruistic angel, he’s a person. A very smart, stubborn, somewhat selfish person. 
  • Please stop pretending he’s a darling romantic who swooped out of the night to save poor babby Simon. That’s ignoring so much of the snarky beauty that is Raphael Santiago, and simplifying a complicated and emotionally heavy ship.
The Cost of Caring - EmeraldSage - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
Based on this prompt: It’s 3am. Your partner gets out of bed to use the restroom, after they return to bed and you are drifting back to sleep, you are surprised by a knock at the bedroom door. It’s your partner … asking why the door is locked. Set two years before "The Weight of a Name"
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is done. Holy Fuck, this is DONE. @Usagi323, thank you darling for helping me get through this and letting me rant out to you, much love ^^!

This literally drained me so much to write, but I know everyone really wanted to see a continuation of the prompt I posted up on tumblr, so here y'all are. It took a few months, but in less that 12 hours, this went from 600 words to goddamnit 4600. Just WHAT. THAT…argh.


So Much Fun (Joker x Reader) - Part 3

Part 2

Summary: imagine being the fiancé of Bruce Wayne, when the two of you visit Arkham Asylum to discuss how future donations could help improve security, you become lost. You end up in front of the Joker’s cell and an obsession is started.

A/N: It’s been along time since I updated this one! Hope you guys like it.

Warning: Mentions of Torture, threats.

Pairing: Joker x Reader, Bruce x Reader

Your eyes fluttered open, the dark room slowly becoming clear as your vision focused. A dull throbbing refused to cease within the walls of your skull. It wasn’t the first time chloroform had been used on you and it probably wouldn’t be the last time, however it still wasn’t a pleasant thing to wake up from after. Your eyes burned as you tried to focus on your surroundings. You were lying in an bed that was clearly not your own. The sheets were gold with purple and black comforter covering the bed. As you slowly pulled the bedding from you, you suddenly realized that your beautiful dress was gone.You felt your face heat up as you stared at your reflection through the large mirrored wall. Your small body was clothed in a silky gold night gown, nothing like you’ve ever worn. 

“Who the hell undressed me and put this on me…”

You stepped over to the bedroom door, that was when you heard the voices from the other side. You recognized that voice, how could you forget it. You knew you had to get out of this place, without hesitation, you ran over to the window. Struggling with the latches that held the large window closed and no other exits to be seen other than the door. You growled as you had no choice but to give up. If you weren’t going to be able to get out this way, you were going to need something to arm yourself with. If this was the Jokers place for sure, he had to have weapons stashed somewhere, probably in every room.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, you started to check the drawers and closets in the room you were in. You found a unreasonable amount of news clippings of various crimes the Joker had committed over the years, as well as many defaced images of Batman, all drawn over with marker. That’s when you found a news clipping of Bruce and you, except Bruce had been cut out of the picture and only you remained. You cringed as you continued looking. You sighed in relief as you found a gold trimmed hand gun. It was pretty decorated for something so simple. A engraved ‘J’ was featured on the handle and really you shouldn’t have been so surprised.

You checked to make sure that was loaded and stared at the door. Minutes passed as you tried to gather courage. Finally, you pushed the door open slowly, moving out of the room with as much stealth as you could muster. The talking became more clear and you moved across the loft slowly. You saw the large double door that you could only assume had to be the entrance. That’s when you saw him, he stood in the middle of the sitting room. Tossing darts at a image of Batman, creating a smile with colorful darts.

“Frost, I don’t think you’re in any position to tell me what to do…”

The tall henchman shifted on his feet, “I was only saying that you should avoid any doing anything reckless and impulsive for the time being. We both know that Bruce Wayne isn’t going to sit back while you have his fiancée.”

He looked to Frost, his eyes narrowed. “Careful…I won’t have you questioning my actions.”

“Sorry boss.”

They were were far enough from the door that you felt like you could sneak past them. You swallowed hard and crouched down as you slowly made your towards the door. You were almost there, you reached out towards the handle. That’s when the dart flew past your face, almost hitting you. You screamed and flew backwards, landing on your ass.

“Tsk tsk…”

Your eyes moved to him, watching him come closer and closer to you. You stood slowly, deciding that you may as well face him instead of being a coward.

You could feel his eyes rack over you and the ridiculous thing you were wearing. “Hmm, I knew it’d look good on you…” his tongue ran over his lips as he watched your face turn a shade of red. “I gotta applaud your effort to escape, but you didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?”

You rose the gun, aiming it at him. “Yeah, for a second, I did.”

If he was at all caught off guard, he hid it well as his face remained the same. That was until he lunged towards you, moving to take the gun from you. But you countered, hitting him in the face with the handle of the gun. He staggered backwards, you knew this was your only chance and you planned on taking it. You swung the door open and dread filled you instantly as you saw all the men with guns, guarding the hallway.

You felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you from the door. “You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?”

“Bruce will save me…”

You could feel his breath against the skin of your neck before it moved higher towards your ear. “I’m counting on it.”

For a moment, he must of forgotten that you had the gun. You fired at him, the bullet grazing his arm. He growled, pushing you back into the wall. His hands grasped your wrists, forcing you to drop the gun as he pinned them above your head. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were trying to kill me…”

“I was,” you growled.

Without warning, he crashed his lips against yours. When he pulled away, you glared at him. “Pull something like that again and I’ll make Batsy go on a scavenger hunt for your body parts.”

He could tell you believed his threat and he let you go, picking up the gun and shoving it in the waist of his pants. “Do we have an understanding?”

You nodded, knowing you didn’t have any other option. He smirks, “Good.”

You shivered slightly, unsure if it was from the strange attraction you had for this criminal or because you were in barely any clothes. He seemed to notice as his heavy purple alligator coat was thrown at you. When you looked to him, he had already turned around. “Frost. Where were we?”

You pulled the coat over you, your arms slipping into the sleeves that were still warm from his body. You headed back towards the bedroom. As you did, you allowed your eyes to drift towards the TV. They were reporting your kidnapping. Your heart ached, you wondered what Bruce was doing. If he knew where you were this very moment.

To be continued…