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Hi I love your Wish By Spirit And If Yes. One thing that always pops into my head though, the Whitebeard Pirates? How they kidnapped Ace until he agreed to join them? I kinda want them to do that to Sabo....just take him. When the RA asks for him back their just like "No. This is what happens when you don't take care of your toys, they get taken away." And Sabo just being so much happier cause he's around Ace all of the time, I mean he prob tried to escape for a while but No he's one of them now

Ahhhh I’m so glad you like Wish by Spirit! Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say! haha, that’s a hilarious thought, I love that thought of the Whitebeards running away with Sabo over their shoulders going “na na na~”!

“I’m just here for a few days,” Sabo tells them, and Whitebeard laughs.

“Of course, son,” he says. “You’re always welcome here!”

Halfway around, Sabo stops and turns back because that’s not quite right. “I am?” he asks.

“Course you are!” Whitebeard booms at him. “All my sons can come and go as they please.”

That’s really not right. “I’m not yours,” he points out.

An arm drops over his shoulder and a familiar, warm weight leans into his back. “You kinda are,” Ace points out.

“I’m really not,” Sabo retorts. “I have a job and a life and everything.”

“And we’d never take you away from that,” Whitebeard tells him with an implacable kind of gentleness. “But our home is yours.”

“It’s too late now,” Ace says, really loudly and still right in his ear. “You’re already family.”

That’s a loaded word if ever there was one, and Sabo shrugs Ace off, perhaps a bit sharper than he meant to. “I don’t need family,” he says, loading the word with bitterness. “I’m not anyone’s son.”

Ace wraps himself around Sabo’s back again, offering comfort without clinging. “Neither was I,” he murmurs in Sabo’s ear, “but they took me anyway.”

“I can’t afford–” Sabo starts, and then he makes the mistake of meeting Whitebeard’s eyes.

“We aren’t asking anything of you, son,” Whitebeard says. “And we never will. But we’ll be here, always, and we’re yours to claim if you want it.”

That’s not fair–it’s not fair. “You can’t give me a choice,” Sabo says, and it comes out higher and faster than he’d meant it to. “Don’t–you can’t just do that.”

He doesn’t get choices. No one gives him choices. If he wants something, he has to choose it for himself and then fight for it, tooth and claw, like he did for Ace and Luffy. Like he did for his position in the Army. Nobody gets handed things in this world, especially not things as nice as family.

“You can’t seriously think–” Sabo says, waving the arm that Ace isn’t pinning. “You can’t just offer someone unconditional acceptance like–like it’s an invitation to dinner!”

“Why not?” Whitebeard asks, genuinely curious.

Ace scoots sideways to lean on his shoulder instead of across his back. “You’re not winning this one,” he tells Sabo. “Seriously. They got me.”

Which is a valid point, really, but Sabo’s not prepared to let this go without a fight. “I’m not yours,” he tells Whitebeard, because if there’s one thing he is, it’s stubborn.

“That’s fine,” Whitebeard says, and at the same time Ace grins at Sabo and adds, “not yet.”

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Hey just wanna let you know I'm a little too invested in your Shimada fuckbois in the best way. Personally I can't help but see them sort of reluctantly sharing you physically. Like maybe Genji originally has you abducted and Hanzo's dragons sniff you out before he can even get past second base because he's got dibs as the eldest. Im totally down for the poly threesome or even shimadacest too but understand if its not your cup of tea or none of this works for you. still lovin' all of it!

Okay, so I’m not about that Shimadacest, however, that Poly threesome I can totally fuck with. If both of the Shimada boys are interested in you then, honey you’ve got a big storm coming.

I’ll write a Part II if more people are interested in it.


Genji spotted you in the local coffee shop; you were trying to study for your exams when you caught his eye. He felt his dragon stir as a green glow appeared beneath his shirt, and knew he had to have you.

He casually approached your table and began striking up a conversation. You tried to be polite and let him know that you were studying for exams, so you didn’t want to be bothered right now. Secretly though, you knew who he was and what his family did, and you didn’t feel like being involved in any of that. Even to a visitor like you, it was well known that nothing good ever came from dealing with the Shimadas and you weren’t one of those girls who wanted in on some pay after sleeping with them. You just wanted to finish your studying abroad so you could get into a good University back home.

He didn’t appreciate your quick dismissal of him and tried to convince you into going on a date after you were done studying. You declined him again and told him that you already had plans that evening.

His smile had faltered for a brief second before he said that it was fine and he understood, wishing you a good day he left you alone. You should have known that it was too easy but didn’t pay it much mind since you still had a lot of studying to do.

You left the coffee house around closing time and didn’t even make it to your car before you were taken and thrown into another vehicle. You tried to fight them but the suited men just tied your ankles together and bound your wrists together behind your back. They eventually gagged you since you wouldn’t stop crying.

When you finally arrived at the Shimada castle, you were taken straight to Genji’s room and roughly tossed onto the bed. You glared at him as he leaned down to remove the gag from your mouth. As soon as your mouth was free, you spat on him and called him every curse word that you knew. Genji calmly wiped away your spit and laughed at your struggles.

“My dragon sure knows how to pick them. It’s going to be fun breaking you in,” He says as he leans in to place his lips on yours, forcefully shutting you up. You squirm against your restraints as his hands wander down to your chest, ripping your shirt open, and begins to grope you harshly.

You gasp at his roughness, and he takes that opportunity to slip his tongue in. His other hand travels down to your thighs and begins to push up your skirt, his fingers brushing up against your warmth.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, and Genji finally breaks the kiss, growling as he gets up to walk over and open the door. You couldn’t see who he was talking to nor hear their conversations as they talked in quickly hushed tones. He turned around to look at you, admiring your disheveled form before speaking.

“Do not move, my pet. I will return shortly,” and with that, Genji left the room. You didn’t hear it lock, but you were still too dumbfounded at everything that had just happened to move and open it.

After some time you were finally able to catch your breath and sat up, hands and ankles still tied, you looked around to see if there was anything useful that you could use to free yourself. When out of the corner of your eyes you noticed a blue mist begin to creep in underneath the door. You scooted until your back hit the headboard as the cloud slowly drifted towards you.

Gradually the fog started to take shape into what looked like a lizard? Wait…two lizards? At least that’s what you thought they were. They were at least three feet long each, with snake-like tongues, short legs, and what appeared to be thick whiskers on the side of their noses. Their scales shimmered a brilliant blue even in the low light of the room.

You began to whimper as they finally reached your feet and one began to slowly slither up your legs, while the other one made it’s way up to your torso. Closing your eyes, you turned your head to the side, scared that they were going to harm you when you heard them begin to make what sound like chittering noises.

Opening one eye you looked down and saw that they were both staring wide-eyed back at you. You let out a small exhale and relaxed a bit which caused them to make more excited noises as they continued with their inspection. The one closest to your torso smelled your neck, and you giggled a bit as you felt its tongue flick against your neck. In the meantime, the one on your legs decided to make itself at home and curled into your lap.

You wanted to pet one but were quickly reminded of your current predicament as you remembered your hands and feet were still bound. Maybe one of these lizard things could help you, they looked pretty smart, so it wouldn’t hurt to try. As you opened your mouth to speak, the blue creatures suddenly perked up as you heard a voice yelling down the hallway.

“Ranma! Naito! Come back this instant!” said a deep voice. You looked down as the creatures looked at each other and then back towards the door.

The footsteps became louder until you could hear the man’s voice right outside the room, “The two of you are going to be in trouble if you’re messing around in Genji’s room again.”

Suddenly the door swung open, and a man with ebony hair tied in a loose ponytail stood there, his piercing gaze taking in your disheveled state. Oh, you knew who this was. If you knew who Genji was, then you most certainly knew of his older brother, Hanzo.

Your eyes widened in fear, and you pressed yourself as far back against the wall as your possibly could. Hanzo didn’t let his gaze falter from you as he snapped his fingers and the weight on your lap lifted as both of the creatures ran towards him, chittering excitedly.

His stare finally fell from you to them as they crawled up his leg and onto his arms, every once in awhile he’d look back up at you as he listened to what they were saying, nodding now and then. Once they finished, he looked back up at you and finally spoke, “It seems my dragons here have gained an interest in you.”

“D-Dragons?” you asked in disbelief. You shook your head; this couldn’t be happening.

Hanzo grinned cockily down at you and let out a small snort, “Yes, dragons. I would have figured that any whore that Genji picked up would at least know some basic information about the Shimada family.”

“Well, I didn’t exactly come here willingly,” you said while trying to show the ropes binding you together.

“What’s going on here?” Genji’s voice rang out. Hanzo stepped to the side and turned around to face his brother.

Genji looked at you and Hanzo as he went and stood in front of you, blocking Hanzo’s view.

“Nothing…yet,” Hanzo said while his dragons disappeared back into his left arm, “I was looking for Ranma and Naito when I found them in your room, playing with your new toy.”

Genji snarled as he stood up a bit straighter, “Well you’ve found them now. So you can leave.”

“I would have already if it were that simple,” Hanzo sighed as he stepped to the side so continue looking at you, “My dragons chose her.”

You raised an eyebrow as you looked between them both. What?

“Well, that sounds like a personal problem for you, Hanzo. Ki choose her first,” Genji smugly said while crossing his arms over his chest, “So she belongs to me.”

“Unless all the drugs have finally gone to your head, need I remind you that I am the eldest. So I am first to pick when it comes to situations such as this,” Hanzo said while making his way around the bed to your other side.

Genji pouted and let out a huff of annoyance, “That’s not fair!”

You’ve had enough of this and finally decide to speak up, “Please, I just want to go, home. Just let me go, and I won’t say anything about what happened….”

Hanzo sat next to you as you spoke and turned your face to his, a spark of blue flashed quickly in his eyes, making you pause.

“Let me make one thing clear,” Hanzo said as he roughly held your face, his grip tightening as he continued speaking, “You do not get a say in what happens to you from now on. If the dragons chose you, then you now belong to us. We can use you, breed you, and abuse you to our enjoyment.”

You felt the bed dip on the other side as Genji began to rub his hands up and down your thigh, inching closer to your pussy with every stroke. Tears began to spill out as Hanzo’s hand moved down to your throat, grip just as harsh. You couldn’t speak or move your head as Genji traced your sensitive nub outside of your underwear.

Hanzo’s lips captured yours in a rough kiss. He bit down hard on your lower lip, and you felt him grin against your mouth as he licked the speck of blood that came out, “By the time we’re through with you, pleasing us will be the only thing left on your mind.”

Art of kidnapping

I dont understand why the hell kidnappers have to be so extra? Like using chloroform and getting so physical and wearing all black and driving in a van. Like dude . All you gotta do is bribe me with a book and lock me up in a hugeeee library and feed me. That’s it. Easy pesy. Best part? I wouldn’t struggle a bit. You need my soul? No problem. Here have it. Just remember to bring me snickers.

speaking of being a massive ecology nerd, guess what season it is, folks! That’s right, it’s FLEDGLING BIRD SEASON here in North America, which means it’s time for an annual reminder that most species of birds have almost no sense of smell. Someone probably told you that if you touch a baby bird, the mother will smell you on it and reject her baby. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. 

Pictured: a young Mourning Dove, after being rescued from the tender mercies of my dog, circa spring 2005. It’s a fledgling! Note how it has most of its feathers, but still looks a bit awkward and scruffy, and, being unable to properly fly, can be caught by an elderly husky or a child. 

  • Hatchlings: IF it is covered in fluffy down (or partly naked) and cannot flutter successfully, it’s a hatchling, and has fallen from its nest prematurely. Look for the nest- if you find it and can reach it, return baby and then gtfo and let the parents return. If you can’t find the nest, or if you find it in pieces on the ground, use a small box lined with dryer lint or dog hair or similar fluff and attach as close as possible to where you found the bird or where you think the nest was. Return baby!!!! 
  • Fledglings: If you spot a young bird covered with feathers on the ground, chances are it’s a fledgling (bird tween, can flutter) who is not doing well in flying 101, but it is probably NOT injured or sick. Hanging out on the ground is part of the learning to fly process! If it looks like it’s in immediate danger (i.e. of being run over, stepped on, or eaten by a cat or dog), the best thing you can do for it is to gently scoop it up and place it in the branches of a nearby tree or shrub, and then LEAVE. The parents are likely nearby, and will return once the coast is clear of humans/predators. If it flutter-hops away from you and you can’t catch it, then don’t worry! It just successfully avoided a predator (you), and therefore can probably continue to do so. 
  • DON’T DON’T DON’T: Try to feed it, bring it into your house or car, or take it to your local vet or animal shelter. 
  • IF it IS actually for-real injured, you can catch it and contact a local wildlife rehabilitation professional (and then listen to whatever they tell you), but keep in mind that they get a LOT of fledgling birds, and those birds have a pretty high mortality rate. They may tell you that there is nothing you or they can do but allow nature to take its course, and that’s hard, but important to hear and respect.
The character development is strong in this one
  • Season2!Dan: Lucifer kidnapped Trixie but yeah whatever I mean he's practically her stepdad, right?

Thing that just occurred to me:

Peter, from the beginning, had no problem at all when it came to dealing with Rocket.

Rocket tries to kidnap and sell him? Pffft, yeah, that’s in the past, now they are working together to break out again.

Rocket yells and threatens and curses at him the whole time? Peter doesn’t bat an eyelash and just shoots back in much the same manner, or calms the other down with a few pointed words.

And why?

Because Rocket is extremely similar to Yondu.

Peter could easily deal with and see through Rocket’s behavior because he had dealt 26 years with Yondu.

He’s used to it.  


On March 6, 2002, 19-year-old James (Jimmy) Carwile and 18-year-old Derek Faxlinger met up with 20-year-old friends Jonathon Cockerill (pictured) and Travis Payea, and his 19-year-old roommate Christina Lumm at the house those two shared in Flint, Michigan. Also present was newcomer Danielle Taylor, 19, and they spent the evening drinking and watching movies. After several hours, Payea grabbed a video recorder and focused the tape on Taylor, instructing her to say hello. She complies, then he asks, “If you had one thing to say, if this was your last day on earth, what would it be?” Jokingly, she responds, “fuck you,” as Cockerill appears behind her with an outstretched cloth in hand. Taylor darts to the side when she spots him, while he follows, joined by Carwile, and they wrestle her to the floor, binding her hands behind her back. Meanwhile, Payea taunts her from behind the camera, asking how she’s doing, then he says, “I take it it’s been better, huh? Just think, you’re better now than you’re going to be in half an hour, that’s for sure.” Later, when she complains of it hurting, he replies, “Hey, it hurts, right? Well, think about it. Half an hour from now, you’ll never feel another thing.” The group prepares to leave and Payea threatens, “If you scream and you fight we put a gag in your mouth and throw you in the trunk,” adding, “If you relax and accept death and what’s coming to you and take it like a real woman would, then you just accept fate and realize what’s going to happen and stop fighting.” Taylor lets out a whimper and Christina warns, “Don’t struggle.” With Derek Faxlinger left behind, Lumm starts driving the others to a remote wooded area a half hour outside of town with Carwile as her passenger and a blindfolded Taylor in the backseat between Payea and Cockerill. Cockerill holds a knife to her throat, as the taunts by Payea continue, and he allows her to say her goodbyes when their destination approaches. After exiting the car, Payea carries her to a shallow grave, and they begin shoveling snow and dirt on top of her. Payea then makes a slicing motion with the knife across her throat, and she remains slumped over in the grave, as he says, “Congratulations you’re dead.” Cockerill then begins filming the cast, revealing it was only a movie to them.

Two days later, Taylor returned to the house to retrieve the videotape and immediately turned it into police. All five of them were arrested and charged with assault and kidnapping. Since the videotape was the main piece of evidence, every frame was analyzed to prove whether the defendants claims it was intended as a movie and Taylor had known about the details beforehand were true. In their defense, they noted one scene, where she scratches her nose then puts her hand back behind her back, as well as another where she appears to free her hands, as evidence of her acting. Indicating they didn’t plan to cause her physical harm, tape that was wrapped around the sharp edge of the knife was cited too. They had also attempted the scenario with another female friend of Payea’s, but they stopped after three minutes because she became too freaked out. The prosecution countered with Taylor’s obvious terrified reactions throughout the video, as well as testimony from Christina Lumm stating Danielle was never told in advance about the prank. Lumm accepted a plea bargain on a reduced charge of attempted felonious assault and received a suspended six-month sentence pending the completion of probation. On a reduced charge, Derek Faxlinger was ordered to pay a 200 dollar fine. The other three each plead no contest to kidnapping and assault. Jimmy Carwile received a four month sentence, while Payea and Cockerill got eight months, all suspended sentences following the completion of probation.


Co-star Jaime Murray about David Suchet’s Poirot smell
(Agatha Christie’s Poirot 10x01: “The Mystery of the Blue Train”)

When 16 year old John Paul Getty III was kidnapped in 1973, his billionaire grandfather refused to pay $17 million ransom. After the kidnappers mailed Getty’s ear to a newspaper, his grandfather only agreed to pay $2.2 million because that was the maximum amount that was tax deductible.

He loaned an additional $700,000 to his son (the kidnapped kid’s father) under the conditions that he would repay him with 4% interest. Talk about an awesome grandpa, right?