C: You know what pisses me off? The fact that Black women/teens, Latina/Latinx women/teens and Asian women/teens are being abducted in the USA but there is barely any news coverage on it! We are not second class citizens, this is scary and needs to be dealt with! Since the media doesn’t care, we need to stand up and care. Too many young girls/boys and women are disappearing, we have to do something you guys! We have to protect and look out for one another because, clearly, no one else will.


Donald Neilson was also known as ‘the Black Panther’ during his criminal career. His career began when his building and carpentry business hit hard times and he was unable to support himself, turning firstly to burglary and eventually armed robbery to supplement his income.

His target of choice were small post offices, operating under the logic that they would be easier to rob and would have fewer security measures. It was during these armed robberies that he committed his first murders, shooting witnesses in the process of robbing the post offices. While the robberies supplied him with small amounts of money he craved a much larger pay off, and decided to branch out into kidnapping for ransom.

He targeted 17 year old Lesley Whittle, whose father had left her £82,500 in his will. Neilson broke into her house at night and kidnapped her at gun point, enabling him to take the young girl without a struggle or much noise. He left a ransom note demanding £50,000 and tied Lesley to a disused drainage shaft by a rope around her neck, leaving her with food and bedding. Eventually Neilson grew to believe that Mr Whittle was operating within a police trap in order facilitate his arrest, and in a rage is thought to have pushed Leslie off a ledge by the drainage shaft, throttling her, the constriction of her carotid artery slowing her heart down to such an extent that it quickly stopped altogether, killing her.

Her body was discovered hanging from a wire, with her feet inches from the ground. Neilson was eventually arrested in the process of carrying out another armed robbery, with police officers spotting the gun sitting in the back of his car. After a struggle - which lead to the injuries shown above - he was apprehended. He was convicted of four murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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I'm trying to write a story where a pair of young twins (5 or 6) are kidnapped and live with their captor for 10 years. How likely are they to develop Stockholm Syndrome if they're absolutely terrified of her?

There are a lot of factors that influence how likely (or unlikely) Stockholm Syndrome is to develop. In this case:

More likely:

  • Captives are extremely young
  • Long duration of captivity

Less likely:

  • If they’re not completely isolated from each other, the twins can support each other and bond against their captor.

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to have them develop Stockholm Syndrome or not. You can justify going either way with it.

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post-All Night Gang again

thought it’d be interesting if Ran learned about Efune’s actual intentions, and perhaps decided to visit him with Shinichi/Conan after it stops stinging that someone she trusted was grooming her for kidnapping. Just to see what became of the guy, his wife and his wife’s brother, maybe. Might leave that up in the air, might comic it out.

Part 1 because I know I’m doing at least another one on the subject

ANOTHER THING: I think that worldwide security camera quality needs to be better. so many kidnappings happen in the parking lot of your local fucking target and a lot of cases were only able to be solved due to the help of security cameras. HOWEVER, in missing person cases there is no time to waste and if the quality of the cameras were better they would have a higher chance of getting a clear view of the face of the kidnapper. Idk man I just think better cameras would save a lot of time and they could possibly get to the victim before they are killed.

Beacon Hills rarely had the chance to take a breath before its inhabitants were threatened. Scott knew this as soon as Deaton told him the fate of the Nemeton and the meaning of the town’s name. Despite this, he’d somehow been convinced by his mother to accompany her on a trip out of town to scope out a potential college. She insisted on him maintaining a “normal” life, despite all of Beacon Hills challenges. When he came back, however, he’d wanted to shout into the void. With Deaton gone, Scott’s link to the town lore was severed. The world was crumbling around him and he hadn’t been there to pick up the pieces and now… he wasn’t sure if he could pick any of them up. He slumped over the empty examination table at the Beacon Hills pet clinic. It was the one place he could go and feel relatively safe enough to brood–despite the painful memories that he would never see Deaton here again. A sudden knock on the door and the familiar sound of the squeaking hinges broke him from his thoughts. “We’re closing soon,” he called out to the door, just in case it was another client trying to get a walk-in-appointment. The hours were posted right on the door! “Come back tomorrow!”

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Ok. Not a request but imagine poly ships like roadrat, mchanzo and others abducteding a person to be their son/daughter instead of another love intrest. Like "you're our kid now"

I’d like to imagine that Junkrat is just chillin at a carnival or some place fun and meant for children and is abt to loose yet again to one of the rigged games and a kid so easily wins and hes like “wot m8″ and the kid shows him how to do and they bond - wait no junkrat stop put that child down he’s not urs god damn it

As for Mchanzo it would be way more precise as Jesse is like “that one?” “no” “how about her?” “no jesse” “but-”

McCree is more “they look like a good kid lets take em” but Hanzo wants to stalk them to make sure they would be happy with them and stuff. Tbh I can see McCree just wanting to kidnap a baby from the hospital or an orphanage while Hanzo would prob want a child from the lesser branches of the Shimada clans that are still around so they actually carry his blood


This black woman was kidnapped yesterday evening!

Her name is Comfort Alaba Baikie. She went missing in Festac, Lagos, Nigeria.

The plate looks like it reads EPE-I13CY or EPE-IBCY or  EPE 08 CY.

Let’s help the police to find her, she is in danger!! Maybe someone knows something or can help!

God, let this woman be rescued unhurt… This could happen to any black woman both in Nigeria and in the United States!!!


there are hundreds of guro/horror mangas out there the only reason why killing stalking is so popular is because of its homoerotic content
like. an attractive guy is held captive by another attractive guy and the only way hes keeping himself alive is being sexually available????
“im not fetishizing gay men” lmao yall are so full of shit

Send me “Restrained” + a number for a starter in which one or both of our characters are:

Or send “Restrained?” for a randomly generated number.

1. Locked in the trunk of a car
2. Tied to a chair
3. Chained up to the wall
4. In a cage
5. Behind prison bars
6. In a room with a locked door and barred windows
7. Hand-cuffed to an object of their choice
8. Hand-cuffed to one other person (or each other)
9. Stuck in a hole underground
10. Trapped in an attic
11. Trapped in a tomb or mausoleum
12. Stuck in the back of a police car
13. Stuck in an elevator
14. Locked in a vault
15. Strapped to a table

Kidnapped Starters

WARNING: possibly triggering content below!

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“Hush now. If you scream too loud I may be forced to do something you’ll regret.”

“You are a pretty thing aren’t you?”

“Trust me. You were no crime of opportunity. I’m getting paid a lot of money to deliver you.”

“They say, 2/3 of kidnappings are performed by someone the victim knows. Want to take a guess as to who I am?”

“You are in no place to be making demands, missy/mister.”

“Say one more word, and I may be forced to cut out that sharp tongue of yours.”

“I am sorry about this. Guess you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lucky me.”

“Are you ready to behave, or do you require more punishment?”

“You better behave. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

“Every time you misbehave I add a tally. You don’t want to know what happens after.”

“Beg. Convince me why I should keep you alive.”

“Looks like your _______ came through with the ransom after all. However, I’ve grown rather fond of you. I think I’ll keep you.”

“I’ve always wanted a pet. I wonder what sounds you can make.”

“When you can control yourself the gag will be removed.”

“You were being so careful too. Next time you think someone is following you. They probably are.”

“And where do we think we’re going?”

“They say when you can’t see your other senses amplify. What do my touches feel like, pet?”

“If you behave maybe you’ll get your own bed at my feet.”


“P-please. I-I didn’t see your face. J-just let me go, and n-no one will know.”

“Help, please!”

“Who are you? Show yourself!”

“You think tying me to a chair and swinging a knife is enough to intimidate me?”

“How do you know my name?”

“Tying me to a bed. Very subtle.”

“Please. I-I have money.”

“Why? Why me?”

“Could you loosen the handcuffs? They’re chafing my wrists.”

“You better hope I don’t get out of here.”

“I’ll give you whatever you want. Just please let me go.”


“Please. I can’t feel my legs.”

“No, no more. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Is the gun supposed to scare me?”