What to do in case you get kidnapped
  • Think rationally! 

Try to stand balanced and in control, breath calmly, and try not to panic. This will make it easier to think.

Resisting may be dangerous if your kidnapper(s) has a gun. You never know if they are willing to shoot or not, so is it worth the risk? You may want to be cooperative in a situation like this. TIPS: where in the world do you live? Many places in the world kidnap people for ransom, so they will have a motivation to keep you alive. A good sign of this is if they seem calm and coordinated instead of aggressive and worried/clumsy.

However, try to make noise so others around you will hear you, because you will not have the chance if you get placed in a car or a house. Do NOT fight them if they have a gun/knife, just run if you have the chance. A bullet will most likely not kill you if you get hit. And remember to not run in a straight or predictable line.

Luckily there are times when the potential for escape in the first few minutes is high. 

If you decide that your chance of escape is high, you need to fight. I suggest looking up videos or attending self defence classes. A few good places to attack someone is their nose (take the palm of your hand and hit him/her up the nose, this will push their nose up their head), or balls if your kidnapper is a man.

I do NOT verbally insult your attacker, in any situation what so ever, not when you’re being attacked or held hostage. Screaming ‘’fire’’ instead of ‘’rape’’ is thought to help, because people always come to see a fire.

  • Observe everything! 

Are there any identifying feauters of your attacker? How many are they? Can you identify their age group, gender, race and phycial condition? Are they aggressive or calculated? Where were you kidnapped, and where are they taking you (try to make a route in your head if you are unsure). Count every left/right turn that is taken. 

Beaware of your self as well, can you move freely and are you injured? Try to remember time patters and routines if they sucsessfully kidnapped you. 

  • What to do if you have been placed in a car. 

Use this time to get yourself untied if you are restrained. 

You may be able to kick in the back seat of the car if you have been placed in the boot, this is because some cars has backseats with a thin panel behind it. You will then be able to climb into the cabin of the car. I would suggest that you do this when the vehicle is parked and even better if your abductor(s) have left the car. Try to drive away if the keys are in the ignition, or exit as fast as you can. Use the keys or another sharp object to smash the window if the doors are locked. Remember not to run in a straight line, and run the way you came if you know. 

Other (esp. older models) makes it possible for you to open the boot so that you can fall down on the ground. Do this when the car has stopped or slowed down.

You may also want to puncture the petrol tank if you have access to it.

  • Do the obvious things.

Do you have a phone on you? Call the police. I suggest that you do this as fast as possible, do not wait. Because they might search you and take your phone. Of course you need to do this when your kidnapper(s) aren’t watching, if you’re still with them.

  • What if they successfully kidnapped you? 

Talk to them, make them see you as a human, ask for small favours (remember to be tactical and not annoying! These favours should be small, easy and far between). For example, if they are a Christian you may want to ask them for a bible, as this will likely make them relate to you more.

Talking to your kidnapper will also make you understand the situation better. Are they mentally unstable, do they have you for ransom?

  • Avoid being in the middle of the rescuing!

You’re lucky, you’re being rescued. But you’re not out of the woods yet. This is the second most dangerous part of being abducted! Your kidnapper may want to try to keep you as a human shield or you may even be hurt or killed by police or other rescuers. Lay down on the floor with your hands visible, preferably so they are protecting your head. You may also want to hide somewhere. Do not make any sudden moves when you’re being rescued, and do as the police says!

Guys Stan did not wander off in that sewer scene? I keep seeing people saying this. He did not. He heard a noise, turned to investigate thinking it was Beverly, crawled a A FEW INCHES inward and saw Pennywise. Once he saw him he immediately turned to alert the group and found himself in a totally different room.

Missing (Eggsy Unwin Imagine)

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Warnings: kidnapping, swearing, violence, angst (it’s a jolly one…)

The gun in Eggsy’s hands shook imperceptibly next to the man’s head.

Blood trickled from a wound on his temple, trailing down his cheek and running over his lips. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice; he pressed the barrel harder into the man’s face.

“Where is she?” He hissed. A crackle sounded through his earpiece and he flinched.

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“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”

Kidnapping Sentence Starters

as requested

The Kidnapped

  • “H-hey! Let GO of me!”
  • “Wow, we’re in an abandoned warehouse…how original.”
  • “You’ll regret this…”
  • “Please…just let me go…”
  • “These restraints hurt…”
  • “As soon as I get out of these restraints, I’m going to kill you.”
  • “What do you want from me?” 
  • “Who are you?!”
  • “…Where am I?”
  • “When this is over, I’m going to make sure you rot in prison.”
  • “I’ll never tell you anything.”
  • “…Am I ever going to see my family again?”
  • “Do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter anyway.”
  • “Is that supposed to scare me?”
  • “Wow, I get a whole bottle of water after two days…how generous.”
  • “I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me.”
  • “You don’t look like a kidnapper…”

The Kidnapper

  • “Just stay still!”
  • “Be quiet! I don’t want to hurt you.”
  • “Stop asking questions.”
  • “Crap, that wasn’t supposed to happen…Wait–stop crying–I’m getting a bandage.”
  • “I know someone would pay a handsome price to have you back.”
  • “Scream all you want. No one will ever find you.”
  • “I can’t let you go. You’ll just rat on me.”
  • “Don’t even think about trying to escape.”
  • “If you don’t give me the information I want, I’ll use one of these pretty little blades on your pretty little neck.”
  • “Shit, I think I got the wrong person.”
  • “Torture isn’t fun if you’re going to stay quiet…”
  • “Relax, I’m not going to do anything. I’m just keeping you here until I get a phone call.”
  • “Try to leave one more time, and you won’t make it out alive next time.”
  • “Good, you stopped crying. I got you some food, so eat it and be quiet.”

Poirot’s iconic dove grey coat