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i thought the delena parallels from 3x14 and 5x16 shows that what they feel for each other is obsession, their "love" is unhealty and no one wants that. elena telling damon his love for her maybe is a problem is 100% true damon killed jeremy for it, he can't be a normal person and be her friend, killed aaron and kidnapped jeremy because he was so sad that she dumped him. and elena using drugs to see damon, she destroyed herself for him, so her "love" for him is a problem.

Which is essentially what I meant, the reason why I put SE gifs in my response is because I was showing that the show doesn’t portray the irrationality of an obsessive love properly with DE.

While Stefan and Elena were not an obsessive, toxic dynamic, they each portray that kind of agitation, irrational thinking very well. Damon is standing there going, this is a BAD idea and Stefan is yelling that he doesn’t care and storms off. Elena was literally going to run into a burning building because she saw Stefan go in and Bonnie has to stop her. They actually get crazed about each other

What you’re saying about how Elena destroyed herself by taking drugs to hallucinate Damon when you say it it sounds exactly like what you said, when you watch it it’s actually pretty muted and there are absolutely no consequences to that decision and it’s just a waste of time. Elena doesn’t actually get to a dark place because she loves Damon so much, the show stops it before she does something that would be considered too much and therefore it doesn’t actually feel like she’s tail-spinning, it doesn’t look like she’s consumed whole by this love that’s destructive because trashing the crypt one time doesn’t really say much. And Damon killing Aaron and snapping Jeremy’s neck and using Andie, yeah that behaviour is obviously a problem but because Damon did things like that when he was in love with Katherine, Andie = Caroline, snapping Jeremy’s neck = snapping Vicki’s neck, killing Aaron = feeding on sorority girls, that’s just who Damon IS, that isn’t unique to Elena and so Damon himself is the problem not his “love” for Elena, this is why I’m saying the show doesn’t do that dynamic properly, they don’t commit to it.

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On May 25, 1997, 7-year old Sherrice Iverson was lured from an arcade into the bathroom of a Primm casino. She was taken into the largest stall, where she was sexually assaulted, strangled, and her neck broken by then high school senior, Jeremy Strohmeyer

Because of laws surrounding gambling in the state of Nevada, Sherrice was not allowed to stay with her father on the casino floor. However, she was also not supposed to be unattended in the arcade, and casino staff continued to bring her back to her father and ask him to attend to her. She ended up in the arcade alone every time. Her 14-year old brother was elsewhere in the casino playing games, while her father played slots. 

According to him, the family did not have enough money to rent a room for the children to stay in, and he only planned to stay and gamble for a few hours before returning home. They had apparently done this several times. 

Sherrice’s murder took place around 3:48 am, just after casino surveillance caught her walking into the bathroom. 

Jeremy Strohmeyer, now 38, was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault. The murder sparked conversations about whether or not casinos should be expected to provide childcare to avoid situations like this in the future. 

FAHC - Reactions when kidnapped.

Geoff - Calm and composed, voice low and head ducked to look up at his captors, slight smirk on his lips.

“Do you have any idea who the fuck you’re messing with?”

Jack - Leant back in the chair, body posture open, smiling. Voice light and carefree.

“I am decidedly not jealous of what my crews gonna do to you when I get out of this.”

Ryan - Body posture tight and intimidating, glaring directly into the eyes of his captor, completely calm.

“Before I kill you, I gotta know; are you really so stupid as to think you can get away with tying me, to a fucking chair. I’m gonna rip your fucking head off.”

Michael - Tightly would body posture, glaring at his captors, seconds away from snarling at and/or biting whoever gets close.

“You got 5 seconds to get me out of this chair or I’ll KILL YOU WITH MY BEAR FUCKING HANDS MOTHER FUCKERS. COME HERE!”

Gavin - Relaxed, smirking at his captors.

“What seems to be the problem fellas?”

Jeremy - leaning forward in his chair, like he’s about to tell a secret, smiling like he knows everything.

“You should really invest in some stronger rope.”

The Three Musketeers AU
  • So it basically follows the Disney version with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, except it’s all narrated by Mr. Reyes
  • Michael, Brooke, and Jake are all close friends and they all dream of being great Musketeers, despite just being janitors in charge of palace maintenance
  • MEANWHILE Prince Jeremy is contemplating true love, due to his father wanting him to marry soon, while Chloe is his lady in waiting and doesn’t get paid enough for dealing with this
  • MEANWHILE STILL The SQUIP is Captain of the Musketeers with his assistant Rich, while plotting to kidnap Jeremy and take over France, with the help of Christine, Jenna, and Madeline (although lbr here they’re not at all evil)
  • So after a failed attempt on Jeremy’s life via dropped safe (coughMADELINEcough), his father wants Jer to be protected from harm
  • The SQUIP: Absolutely, I can assign you some that are fantastic and will be the best you’ve seen!!
  • The SQUIP, ten minutes later, breaking down the door to Michael, Brooke, and Jake’s quarters: CONGRATS LOSERS YOU’RE PROMOTED AND YOU’RE GONNA PROTECT A PRINCE and fail miserably
  • So it all goes downhill from there, and it gets Very Gay as Michael and Jeremy start to fall in love (Think of the hand kisses. thE HAND KISS E S)
  • Not to mention the entirety of the ‘Sweet Wings of Love’ scene. NOTHING BUT BOYF RIENDS.
  • Chloe and Brooke end up together and there’s lots of happy smooches and nail painting and Brooke protecting Chloe from harm
  • Jake and Rich have a romantic duet to ‘Chains of Love’ while Rich is trying to hurl Jake off a bridge, but that too ends up being Very Gay.
  • Imagine the SQUIP singing ‘King of France’. The SQUIP. Singing ‘King of France’. Ho boy
  • You think ‘Michael in the Bathroom’ hurt? Get ready for: ‘Michael in the Cellar’, singing about how he’ll probably die there, chained with rising water coming in, without his friends and without the chance to tell Jeremy he loves him. Ow.
  • Not to mention the opera.
  • Christine impersonates Jeremy with her acting skills
  • The whole ‘fighting while the opera’s still happening’ scenes
  • Lots of fun
  • But the story ends happily and it’s very fluffy where everyone gets together at the end, and they all live happily ever after
  • … I’m probably gonna write this

So when Geoff said “when Jeremy goes quiet, you should start looking” in that mc lets play, I got to thinking.

GTA Jeremy, the fucking escape artist of the twenty first century. Because no one expects him, and no one hears him.

If the crew needs to rough up a guy in prison, Jeremy is the guy. He can get arrested and he’ll be out the day he enters with the job done.

But there is one day where a rival gang kidnaps Geoff and Jeremy and take them to an unmarked warehouse. They focus on Geoff, because of course they do. He’s the boss, the ringleader, the one that holds all the leashes. When Geoff doesn’t give any answers, they point a gun to Jeremy’s chair and promise there will be pain in his close future.

And Geoff goes “That chair and I aren’t that close.”

And everyone looks over, and Jeremy is gone. Completely gone. There has to be something close to twenty guys in that room, and no one saw a damn thing.

So the rival gang’s leader gets angry, nay, furious that he escaped. He could call for back up and they can’t have the whole crew on their ass. He orders his twenty-some henchmen to find him, and they all leave the back room where Geoff and Jeremy were being held. Only Geoff and the gang leader are there, and the gang leader has his gun pointed to Geoff.

Its less than a minute when a gun goes off in the back room, and the henchmen run in to see their leader, tied to Jeremy’s chair with a hole in his head, and the two FAHC members no where to be seen.

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For God sake Elena didn't lose anything with Damon . She was happy with Damon . Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so . Elena never really loved Stefan she didn't even knew him properly she fell madly in love with Damon . You wanna ship se do but don't say Elena was puppet in de relationship . Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

And if you want to ship DE then go ahead but stop being so willfully ignorant about your ship, anon.

I have multiple posts about the inflation of DE:

But you guys seem adamant on making me repeat myself.

“Elena never really loved Stefan”

Where is the proof of this? I mean next to the fact that she consistently declares her love for Stefan

These declarations of love are earned by how ride or die Elena was for Stefan.

Like you don’t face werewolves and go into vervain/snake-filled wells and run into a house full of tomb vampires and risk coming face to face with the supernatural monster trying to kill you if you don’t “really” love someone. This type of devotion is not bred from obligation, anon.

she didn’t even knew him properly

Elena knew Stefan so implicitly that she knew he was on the other line when he didn’t even say anything:

Elena’s emotional and spiritual knowledge of Stefan (which I speak about here: is unparalleled and that knowledge and that connection actually, and not DE-actually, but actually actually made Stefan a better person: 

We started this season with Stefan drinking Elena’s blood. Is that going to come back to haunt him or haunt them as he drinks more human blood?
Julie Plec: Not at the moment. I think that in its own way, it was a smart choice. He’s come to terms with all his demons from last year and all the guilt that lead him down that road and Stefan’s issues with blood were psychological and emotional. And drinking small tiny amounts every day with the trust and the commitment of your one true love to build up the strength so that you never have to worry about becoming that guy, I think we want to see if we can deliver on that. (source)

And this declaration to Rebekah (and Julie’s quote about Stefan) is earned in action and not simply dialogue. It’s earned in action because pretty much whenever Elena came face to face with Stefan’s demons, his lust for blood, his voracious vampirism, her presence, her emotional knowledge of Stefan would make it subside. It begins in 1x10 because she’s actually seeing past his vampirism, embracing it and accepting it, seeing to the man:

which allows for this to happen:

and that type of connection doesn’t go away because in 5x04 it’s repeated:

And in 5x06 it’s reiterated how much Elena brings Stefan back to life:

And in 6x16, Elena is directly related, yet again, to bringing Stefan back to his humanity, narratively, she is directly related to him being the best version of himself:

she fell madly in love with Damon 

I guess we’re ignoring the fact that Elena literally had to die and then be emotionally entrapped by a bond that gives her the illusion of free will to make DE happen. I talk about that here: but the highlights are these:

“The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so

H O W?

I have asked this many times and no DEr has been able to give me a legitimate answer, all you guys give me is what you think happened, it’s conjecture based on unearned dialogue. I want to know what he’s actually done that has propelled Elena’s character development because from what I recall, it’s Stefan who’s the one who always helps her:

but don’t say Elena was puppet in de relationship

Except that she is though. Because the DE relationship is inherently Damon-focused, Elena is his plot line so she actually just has to be there, it’s not about the both of them unlike SE:

Julie Plec: I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show […] (source)

Even the 6x22 goodbye scene is inherently about Damon:

“ It’s our way of the characters having sex in like a beautiful way, so it made perfect sense on the road, which is symbolic of Damon’s journey as a vampire[…]”

as opposed to the SE goodbye which is inherently about Elena and their knowledge of each other:

“That’s where she admitted she never wanted to lose her humanity, she didn’t want to be a vampire, and so he found it fitting for them to revisit that environment,” Dries said.

The sire bond … Elena isn’t given any complicated feelings about the fact that she’s emotionally enslaved to someone else, all she has to do is believe that she loves him:

I think the takeaway, ultimately, is that Elena believes it so fundamentally that in that moment, it’s enough for Damon to let himself believe too.

and it’s Damon who gets the “character” exploration of struggling with something and letting himself believe it’s real or not real, they make it inherently about how Damon feels when it’s Elena that this is happening to:

And it’s gonna continue to eat at Damon for the next few episodes […] Just letting himself allow it to be real for one small moment is enough for Damon.

At least with Stefan and Elena, she’s allowed to have complicated feelings which actually enrich their relationship because she goes through a multitude of emotions:

Plec assures that this storyline will be a big deal for the Stefan/Elena relationship, especially as Elena struggles “with her desire to help rescue this person that she loved very purely and very deeply, but also learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your life by saving someone else’s.”

Even their first meeting is solely for the benefit of Damon:

It was us wanting to give Damon something to fight for. Ric is unbeatable, a jillion times stronger than Damon. Damon was a dead man, and Ric was relishing beating him, and Damon had nothing left to live for, having been passed over once again. It was just that slight little thing that she said to him, when she was just trying to take the sting off: “Hey, maybe if you and I had met first.” She was just trying to soften the blow. But in reality, he had this memory that gave him the will to fight back. I love that moment, where Ric’s about to drive the stake into him, and he’s like “You know what? I’m not ready to die today.”

And with SE, it’s about how they save each other:

Julie Plec: In my mind, Elena’s parents are dead. It was a human accident, and a human tragedy, and as we know, the night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life. That was kind of the beginning of their love story. (source)

She isn’t just this symbol to be reacted to.

Even when Nina talks about SE, it’s about the individualism of Elena in relation to the love of SE:

Nina: But Elena — it’s not about that for her. She cares about Stefan. And he’s important to her and she has this connection with him, but she will put her friends and her family and the safety of her town before anything else, and she’s not going to swoon over the fact that he’s a vampire and ask her to bite him right away and all that. (source)

and you see that in their relationship. She doesn’t realize she can be with Stefan until after he saves Bonnie’s life in 1x09, she doesn’t get back with Stefan in season 2 until after he sacrifices his freedom to get with Jeremy out of the tomb, they take care of the people around them together, whether it’s saving Matt or taking care of Caroline after being tortured or helping Bonnie when it comes to Emily, where is any of that with Damon? They can’t even meet Bonnie halfway in the Prison World because they’re too busy arguing about their relationship. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Jeremy because she’s too caught up sleeping with Damon, she isn’t even paying attention to the parent-teacher interviews, she doesn’t care that he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy again and the show doesn’t actually explore the psychological battle of loving someone who does these terrible things, she makes one comment about bending her morals and that’s it, that fundamentally reduces her character.

In season 8, the show very rarely (if ever) talks about Elena as an individual person or about her significance to the other characters, it’s all about how if Elena was there then Damon wouldn’t go off the rails, if Elena was there she would be able to get through to Damon, I wish Elena was here so Damon wouldn’t be the way he is, there are like four times in the season when Elena is spoken about outside the context of what she can do for Damon. When Elena wakes up, she realizes that Stefan is gone and she and Bonnie briefly share in that grief and then instead of asking about Bonnie, it’s “where is he?” 

It’s only when Damon is gone that Elena actually is the person she’s supposed to be because the show gives her other focuses like bringing Stefan back or bringing Bonnie back to life or setting Caroline up or getting everyone together to do shots so they can hang out, when Damon is back in the picture, the show just shackles her to him.

Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

Except not? Their connection exists throughout the series and it’s proven repeatedly that they depend on each other and are tied to each other more than they’re tied to other people. Like Elena could break compulsion for Stefan but she couldn’t do the same for Damon.

In season 8, Bonnie tells Stefan to find his hope and what he does right after is write to Elena:

In the finale Elena is found sitting at the Salvatore crypt, writing about how she owes her life to Stefan:

[and I talk about how this is different than Matt here:]

In season 7, Caroline talks about how she’s been waiting for the day Stefan could love her the way he loved Elena

Not to mention the natural intimacy of SE and the romantic undertones of their scenes:

Like their narrative, their action, seeps through everything, DE has the dialogue, we have what actually matters.

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 12

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve are reunited with Jeremy and meet the woman who brought him back to you. Chris is arrested and brought into custody. You come face to face with him for the first time in over five years.

Pairings: Steve x Fem!Reader, Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Peter x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Grant Rogers, Peter Parker, Christopher Jenkins (OMC), Amanda Clarke (OFC), Penelope Garcia, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, William LaMontagne. Jr, Danny Smith (OMC), May Parker, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Vision, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Eric Smith (OMC), Joy Struthers, Shawn Struthers, Savannah Hayes, Jack Hotchner, Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Kai Struthers

Warnings: Swearing, little bit of violence, mentions of murder, Christopher is a creepy douchebag

A/N: A huge thank you to @mo320 for being my beta and for helping with the part summary. You’re awesome!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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For the pirate AU - why do you think Michael kidnapped Jeremy in the first place? Random? A living metal detector? And how do you think he treated Jer in the first place?

Probably because Jer’s related to like, a very wealthy aristocrat and they just sorta happened to stumble upon him when they were raiding a town and they were like, “Eh, why not?” They figured they could kidnap him for ransom or smth you know?

It wasn’t actually Michael that captured Jeremy, no, it was his crewmates, and Michael sorta got pissed at them when they brought Jeremy back to the ship lol, but Jeremy’s like “Please don’t make me go back I’ll stay here and work for you” and Michael’s like uhh okay sure I guess? Knock yourself out

So yeah

At first, Michael treats him sorta coldly, he has a rep to uphold and people to impress. However after witnessing Jeremy’s eagerness to be out at sea and his kind personality Michael warms up to him after a while!


Taking in the disheveled bedroom in front of them, they knew that something horrible had happened to you.  Jeremy was the first one to find the note left behind by your captors, and he quickly read through it before handing it over to Kol.

“They’re going to pay.”  Were the only words he uttered before his fist clenched to crumple up the piece of paper.  Though both men had their differences, they were both willing to set them aside for you.  To ensure that you would be safe.

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Stelena wasn't healthy. Their problems are worse because they're not even remotely acknowledged. The show romanticizes them to such a degree that Elena tells Stefan that he was a "perfect" boyfriend who never scared her, who was never a monster, as she's standing next to the bridge that he was about to intentionally drive her off of a year before. The show props them up as "pure" when they weren't even close. They never once actually worked out their issues, or even acknowledged their problems

“ Stelena wasn’t healthy. Their problems are worse because they’re not even remotely acknowledged. The show romanticizes them to such a degree that Elena tells Stefan that he was a “perfect” boyfriend who never scared her, who was never a monster, as she’s standing next to the bridge that he was about to intentionally drive her off of a year before. The show props them up as “pure” when they weren’t even close. They never once actually worked out their issues, or even acknowledged their problems Even long after they broke up and became friends, they still white washed their history. And that’s not a promising foundation for a future relationship IMO. Say what you want about Delena, but their problems were laid out bare on the show. They both acknowledged when their relationship was unhealthy (the only couple to ever do this, mind) and ended up changing so that they could be together in a healthier way which we saw in season 6. And now they’re human and living a normal life, and lasted”            

I read this on my phone when I wok up and literally bell laughed so thank you for that anon, you made my morning. Truly. Now, shall we begin?

Stelena wasn’t healthy. Their problems are worse because they’re not even remotely acknowledge […] They never once actually worked out their issues, or even acknowledged their problems

The thing about Stelena, anon, is that when they do have an issue, it isnt simply acknowledged but it’s resolved and it’s resolved rather immediately so that they don’t have to spend so much time on one issue because they’ve already worked through it and have a better understanding of each other because of it. Every argument or setback that Elena has serves to make them a stronger couple. Case and point.



In 1x06 when Elena confronts Stefan about being a vampire:

He spends the entire episode answering her questions and beginning to tell her about his past:

and Elena is satisfied with Stefan’s explanation but the issue between them hasn’t resolved yet because she doesn’t know if she can handle being with him and so they don’t move past it, she tells him they can’t be together, which directly contradicts your claim:

And in 1x07 it’s clear that the feelings are still there and yet she doesn’t rush into his arms, he doesn’t push her to because the issue isn’t resolved:

But in 1x09 when Stefan helps Elena despite their circumstances and saves Bonnie:

Elena realizes she doesn’t have to fight her feelings anymore because at his core, Stefan is a good man, he has proven it to her by trying to help Vicki and by trying to get rid of Damon to protect her and Caroline and now by saving Bonnie so the issue is resolved for her because she knows she can be with him, however it isn’t resolved for Stefan so he walks away:

In 1x10 Stefan succumbs to his love for Elena because Elena makes it perfectly clear that her issues are resolved, she’s walking in with open eyes and she loves hm and she trusts him:

Essentially, the issue for SE in season 1 was trust and building that trust through vulnerability and communication, through honesty and they make good on that, they tell each other how they feel even if it’s something they don’t want to admit because they will not be kept in the dark from each other:

In season 2 their issue was external forces trying to tear them apart and them staying strong in the midst of that. In 2x06 Elena breaks up with Stefan because Katherine hurt Jenna, that is their issue:


So Stefan partly resolves it in 2x07 by taking Katherine down:

but like I said, it’s still only partly resolved, that sense of safety hasn’t been put back together for Elena yet so they still remain apart:

And it’s when Stefan proves the lengths he’ll go to to make sure the people around him and Elena are safe:

That they reconcile:

And even during their time apart, Stefan and Elena remain open with each other, Stefan encourages Elena to just feel her emotions, to let everything out and let him in:

which she does after expressing how she thinks everything is because of her

And then in 2x15 when they are together, they disagree on the best way to handle Klaus and Elijah and they have that out

which is resolved because Elena chooses to fight and she has Stefan at her side:

I have so many posts that breakdown how they got through season 3, you can read a few of them here:

But this takes me to the next part of your claim.

The show romanticizes them to such a degree that Elena tells Stefan that he was a “perfect” boyfriend who never scared her, who was never a monster, as she’s standing next to the bridge that he was about to intentionally drive her off of a year before. The show props them up as “pure” when they weren’t even close

The thing is, anon, Elena is consistently unafraid of Stefan:

and she never thinks of him as a monster

to the point that she consistently opens her veins to him

despite knowing and seeing his demons

because she believes in the kind of person he is, in the good man he is, in his desire to combat the darkness to the point that he had become suicidal:

And because it’s been repeatedly proven that she connects to the humanity inside of him, that he is at peace and calm around her so she heads off his ripper tendencies

(^^ it is also clear here that Elena is concerned not afraid)

So because of all of this foundation, all of this groundwork, in season 3, Elena understood the context of Stefan’s situation which was that he was forced into an impossible situation to save his brother and that Klaus compelled him to kill innocent people which is why she can see this:

and still say this:

She saw him fight

Heard these words

Witnessed him defend her

So no, she never thought of him as a monster:

Even long after they broke up and became friends, they still white washed their history.  And that’s not a promising foundation for a future relationship IMO.

Here, you’re just repeating yourself although I find it so rich that you accuse the show of whitewashing SE’s history when all they ever do is whitewash Delena’s history, it’s like the show’s number one priority next to making Bonnie suffer.

I have an entire post on DE’s retcons, here:

Say what you want about Delena, but their problems were laid out bare on the show. They both acknowledged when their relationship was unhealthy (the only couple to ever do this, mind) and ended up changing so that they could be together in a healthier way which we saw in season 6. And now they’re human and living a normal life, and lasted

So I really need people to stop confusing acknowledging issues with solving them because Damon and Elena never, and I mean never, resolve their issues.

From 5x10 to 5x17, it’s all about how toxic Damon and Elena are and the show thinks it scores points by the fact that Damon can acknowledge that hes a bad influence

but Damon doesn’t stop being a bad influence on Elena. She’s trying to concentrate on Jeremy in 5x17 and he’s intent on distracting her with sex

Damon literally kidnapped Jeremy and told Enzo to choke him because he as upset that Elena broke up with him

much like how three seasons before he snapped Jeremy’s neck because Elena rejected him

and Damon and Elena never even mention it. Instead Damon simply says this

but do we ever get into how Damon’s go to reaction to heartbreak is to punish Elena by killing the people close to her? Does he ever work on that? Because if I remember correctly, Elena has been saying the same shit since season 3:

And your boy STILL doesn’t change. THEY don’t change. Did that 5x16 conversation catalyze a change? Or does this happen instead:

Elena says this:

but do we ever get into how Damon can’t even recognize his own girlfriend? That he is such a narcissist high on his own insecurity that her ex-boyfriend was the one who noticed she wasn’t Katherine and not him?

In 5x17 Elena says they need to be apart because they’re bad for each other and do bad things for each other but is there any real reflection on the problems in their relationship, do either of them do anything to change or does Elena spend 5x18 dreaming about a perfect life with Stefan while Damon tries to stop it.

5x19 Elena is with Stefan again being held hostage by Enzo and Damon tries to get her out.

5x20 Stefan and Elena keep a secret about Enzo’s death while Damon tries to figure it out and they kiss because he was having a bad day.

5x21 Stefan tells her to be with Damon so she listens.

5x22 he blows himself up.

Where is the change, where is the development, where is the growth? There wasn’t any to the point that in season 6, the show had to erase Elena’s memories to start the DE love story over again, talk about whitewashing history, and even in season 6, Damon lies to Elena about the cure because he was once again too involved in his own insecurity and when Lily outs him, Damon and Elena never talk about it. Do not get it twisted, the last thing, the very last thing, Damon and Elena do is evolve from their issues. 

You tried, though.

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Oh my god, the Three Muskateers AU is giving me life I need RICHJAKE HCS FOR IT


  • The SQUIP decides that, in order to kidnap Jeremy and become King of France™, he needs to get rid of the Musketeers one by one, so he tells Rich “Get rid of the jock, I’ll deal with blondie and the prince’s favorite”
  • So Rich’s original plan was to set him on fire, until the SQUIP was like “no, that’ll leave too much evidence, just. Drop him in a river or something, I don’t know, it’ll less of an issue.”
  • So Rich seduces lures Jake away from the group by pretending to be Michael, only to knock him out, chain him to an anvil, and drag him to a bridge over a river
  • (All the meanwhile he’s thinking of how much muscle this guy’s got on him, probably enough to bench him, and the thought only makes him blush)
  • So when Jake finally wakes up Rich dissolves into his Villainous Speech of Triumph: “Thorry, handthome, but your dayth of muthketeering are over!”
  • And the first thing Jake says is “Your lisp is adorable”
  • “wait what”
  • [Sudden smooth cello music is sudden]
  • So the duet happens (and Rich somehow manages to shatter the moon with his singing), and the two of them are happily cuddling
  • And then Jake plummets
  • So Rich catches the chain he’s on, ties it to the bridge, and slides down to meet him again “Hurry babe, your friend? Michael? He’th in peril!”
  • “Uh, no, he’s in the musketeers?”
  • So after the two get Jake free (which involves crashing into Brooke and her rowboat), Rich gives them directions to where Michael is and tells them about the SQUIPs plan at the opera
  • Jake just smiles a little as he says thanks, and he turns around before he leaves with Brooke. “Oh, and by the way -”
  • Jake just kind of leans forward and gives him a kiss
  • “ - Your lisp isn’t the only adorable thing about you.”
  • So Jake rows off with Brooke, leaving a blushing Rich on the shore whispering “oh my god, I am totally bi.”
  • So once the two reconvene at the opera, they’re so happy to see each other Rich flings himself at Jake and they get a spinning hug
  • (The rest of the cast is too busy smooching to realize their doing it too)

The first time another crew got their hands on some of the FAHC they wildly underestimated the gravity of their mistake. Opportunistic, they struck when the central six were separated - Geoff and Gavin off visiting Burnie while Ryan took care of business out of state - only Jack was around when Michael and Ray were taken.

There’s a strangely persistent misconception that being the calmest and arguably most reasonable member of the crew means Jack never loses her temper. That the majority of her focus being monopolised by strategies and logistics, the get away driver rather than the infiltration crew, somehow makes her less of a threat. Like she has been regulated to these roles rather than choosing them herself, even though anyone with any brains in this business knows the worth of a talented wheel(wo)man. Jack knows every backstreet, every alley, every dead-end, hideout and bottleneck in Los Santos; they’ve never found a vehicle she couldn’t master, and even lauded aerobatic pilots can’t fly like Jack can fly. Maybe she comes across as more reserved and amicable than her counterparts, the cool-headed voice of reason, but only because that’s the counterbalance her crew of reckless hot-heads sorely needed. Conscious control rather than an utter absence of savagery, those who find themselves on the wrong end of her wrath are quick to regret their curiosity.

Jack has never known fear like the ice in her veins upon realising Michael and Ray are gone, never known anger like the fire roaring through her when she realises what has been done. Eventually the FAHC become so well versed in life and death emergencies that they create basic plans of action, formulate protocols and identify trustworthy allies to fall back on. They learn that, when punishing a whole crew, its better to leave one or two alive. No one in charge, no one with a vendetta; any possibility of retaliation must be quashed immediately, but there’s always someone. Low level, afraid, thankful for the chance to live, someone who will run and keep on running, spreading the tale as they go. The aftermath of wholesale desecration leaves its own story, but nothing beats the sworn truth of a terrified survivor to drive home their clear warning: Don’t fuck with the FAHC.

Its a big picture move, leaving a survivor. Careful. Calculated. It takes some practise, fortitude they don’t all possess to push back the anger, contain their desire for immediate revenge. Jack might be the best at it, the one who reminds them all what they agreed on, who holds strong when the red fog of rage threatens to wash them all away, but that wasn’t always the case.

The foundation of their reputation as untouchable began the day that first crew thought Jack couldn’t protect Ray and Michael, wouldn’t be able to save them, wasn’t capable of exacting revenge. The crew that though she alone was not more than enough. For that crew there was no mercy. No second chance, no possibility of a survivor.

The first time they all burned.

This episode was SO jokes {TVD 8x15 Review}

Hi all! You know the deal. I write my thoughts in real time so anything I saw at the beginning that might be a mistake may be corrected by the end. This review will have anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments and will most likely have references to other shows and to the misogynoir, anti-blackness and racism in the narrative. If you do not like it, you do not have to read this. Are you ready? OK! Let’s go.

1. So I’m stopping a very promising Kdrama to watch this. The Kdrama is called Mirror of the Witch, I’m on the first episode and already there are more consequences in this drama than all eight seasons of TVD. So far it looks exceptionally dark and mean-spirited, I think it might actually disturb me. Anyway. It’s still entirely ridiculous that Cade’s last words are “Go to hell.” Like why? Also why would Stefan say, “You first”? Wasn’t Cade already in hell? Like didn’t he sort of create it? And now he’s just … dead? What was that dialogue?

2. I like how opening the door to Cade’s world will only destroy everything for “miles”, like that’s such a small scale, shouldn’t it be the end of the world if the devil is walking among us? Or is he not the devil, is Katherine the devil? I’m confused about the Hell hierarchy, you see.

3. Also I should mention I have a cold and I took cough syrup and it SAYS non-drowsy but last night I was knocked the fuck out so if I get a little loopy near the end, it could be that. Or it could be that watching TVD has finally addled my brain. Who knows.

4. They really do hype Katherine way too much.

5. Sorry, pausing because my cat is being extremely affectionate and I would rather play with her for a little than watch what trash this episode is going to be.

6. But now she’s on my keyboard. It’s like she’s trying to spare me.

7. The lighting in this episode seems to be darker than normal, I can barely see anything.

8. I think it’s funny that Caroline keeps waking up expecting to see Stefan and he’s not there.

9. Matt’s hair is SO stupid though. LIKE WHY.

10. I have it paused because the video is loading still but like seriously, he looks thoroughly unattractive like this and out of character I think Zach is pretty cute, so like ugh, why am I subjected to this.

11. Why do we care about Matt’s dad again?

12. Or his mother for that matter.

13. Like remember when she came to town and then made out with Damon and then they discovered Vicki was dead and she made out with Tyler? Or was Tyler first and then Damon? Either way, she’s messy af. The only interesting dynamic was her and Caroline and Elena. She’s pointless.

14. “That was a lifetime ago, things have changed since then” that should just replace the title of TVD. “Didn’t Damon kill your sister?” “That was a long time ago.” “Didn’t Damon kill your brother” “That was a long time ago.” And now apparently abandoning your family because of man pain and cowardice and immaturity is “a lifetime ago” too but oh no, Stefan was a ripper a literal century ago and we need to harp on it forever.

15. Real talk, I already feel kinda woozy but it’s fine it’s like being buzzed and it’s probably the only way I will get through this episode.

16. Why would Dorian agreeing to help them on how to get rid of the “Queen of Hell” be misconstrued as him being “cool” with Stefan though? Isn’t getting rid of someone who is supposed to be the devil Plus be in everyone’s best interest? Like whatever, it was just another chance to take a shot at Stefan. Transparent as fuck.

17. That red looks nice on Kat.

18. I like how Katherine is in this world, everything is supposed to be going to shit and Matt isn’t like “Mom, Dad, I hate you but you need to leave town because you could possibly die” he’s just like yeah fam, I’m rescheduling our awkward dinner date. Like lol. It would be more interesting if he didn’t give a shit if they died but this is just the writers being the writers. In Buffy, when the Mayor is supposed to devour all of Sunnydale, Buffy forces her mother to leave town and tells her if she doesn’t her presence will get her [Buffy] killed.

19. I love Stefan’s face when Damon says “she’s obsessed with Stefan” like BITCH WHO TOLD YOU TO TALK?

20. Why does it have to be a wedding though? It could just as easily be an engagement party or a rehearsal dinner, like sooooooooooo forced.

21. I mean, I don’t blame Bonnie for hating Stefan but Damon was responsible for killing Jeremy and kidnapping Jeremy, Enzo was responsible for suffocating Jeremy and she’s cool with both of them, hell she fell in love with one of them so I’m just like girl, I guess. The writers are ridiculous because it just feels like they don’t know the web they’ve created with these characters and understand that they’ve turned pretty much everyone into a hyprocrite.

22. And as a non-Beremy shipper, I still think Bonnie loved Jeremy more than Enzo and Beremy was a problematic af ship but at least some things were halfway earned, Bonenzo is pure dialogue, fam.

23. Oh and looks.

24. I don’t even know why Damon needs to tell Stefan that what happened to Enzo will haunt him like Stefan isn’t new to guilt. Why are they making it seem like this is Stefan’s first rodeo?

25. My video keeps fucking buffering. I might switch sites because I love myself too much to drag this out longer than I have to. Because I am only eight minutes in, that’s not gonna fly.

26. OK so everything is just buffering. I was supposed to have my data back, what is this.

27. Right now I have it paused on Damon. I really don’t get what anons mean when they tell me his arms are huge. Like I don’t see it.

28. WHO CARES ABOUT MATT’S MOM? What’s her name again? Kelly?

29. Is she dying?

30. She’s dying.

31. Oh she’s dead. Ish.

32. “Oh please don’t be mad at me, Caroline” that actually sounded like Stefan was talking to his mother.

33. Yeah this BE scene is giving me nothing.

34. Liz did a TERRIBLE job protecting MF, who are we kidding? And toasting with your rape victim about how her mother became your best friend and now her daughter will be your family is disgusting.

35. Lol yes use the SE necklace that Damon kept taking to give it to Caroline on her wedding day for Stefan because we’re ignoring how important that necklace was to SE, sure.

36. Seriously, Caroline looks at Alaric with more love than she does Stefan. Like just marry him, y'all are more compatible and have more chemistry than you and Stefan anyway. Like omg.

37. “I hope I get to see this one day with you and Elena” lol the FLATTEST delivery ever. Like do you even mean it? Do you REALLY? Think hard, Stefan.

38. “I want to be a part of your happiness” I mean I guess. I don’t like Bonnie being arbitrary in her blame for Stefan but like can the girl be selfish and feel what she feels when she feels it for once? And indulge? Like??

39. I also find it interesting that Stefan and Caroline don’t have a private moment before the wedding, like I know this isn’t how we wanted to do this blah blah blah. They’re so segregated even when they’re together.

40. Do the writers not know of any alcohol other than bourbon?

41. The slow mo doesn’t change the deadened expression on Paul’s face, guys. Sorry.

42. Also Alaric’s speech is stupid, who becomes “family” with the people who have continuously terrorized your life and are responsible for the people you’ve lost? Like that’s when you see a psychiatrist because you have serious emotional issues.

43. “You saw light in me when all I saw was darkness.” WHEN WAS THIS? NO LEGIT WHEN? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Madly in love, you don’t even look madly in love, you look SO chill. OMG.

44. LOL bout you’ve been ready since you saw him at school. You were on his jock for one episode, then you onto Damon and were unfortunate enough to be his victim, then it was Matt, then it was Tyler, then it was Klaus, then it was Tyler then it was Jesse then it was Klaus then it was Stefan. Girl bye.

45. That SC dance looks SO AWKWARD.

46. Of course Matt’s dad isn’t dead. I mean he got stabbed when it was light out and now it’s dark but he’s still gurgling. Jesus. We met him THIS season, Julie, you can kill the irrelevant fucker off.

47. I don’t know why Caroline is STILL wearing the necklace.


49. Why isn’t Caroline vamp speeding into the house?

50. Really? That’s your reaction to your kids potentially dying?

51. So like the smoke is having no effect on Bonnie?

52. And them siphoning her doesn’t hurt?

53. Caroline is legit calm when she thought her kids were dead for a minute.

54. LMFAO SO WHO ISN’T IN HELL? Vicki was in hell, Kelly was in hell, so like ERRBODY GOES TO HELL THEN? WHAT CRITERIA IS THERE? Like if I run a stop light do I go to hell because it’s against the law? What if I jaywalk or accidentally step on an ant or something? BECAUSE SERIOUSLY.


Final thoughts: This episode didn’t enrage me like I thought it would, it’s just thoroughly ridiculous because it attempts to haphazardly rewrite history and Paul was such a lacklustre groom, like faaaam, those vows were horrible. And Caroline and Stefan are just so isolated from each other, like they don’t feel like a couple or a pair, they don’t feel like one, it’s so very cold. Kelly coming back with her daughter to destroy MF is like, I mean I guess, Katherine’s plan isn’t even original, Stefan was going to burn MF to the ground first anyway, like we’re seriously recycling plots in the same season too? This was actually laughably bad.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Hey Everyone!

Today we are going to review a film that we were able to catch via Netflix…

‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’

Currently on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes it is rated rotten 46% (Users). 
There was no critics review of this film.

Mia (Michelle Ang) is writing her thesis, and with her team Gavin (Brett Gentile) Luis (Jeremy DeCarlos) are creating a documentary video about Alzheimer’s. 

The film subject in the Alzheimer’s documentary is a lady named Deborah (Jill Larson); At first Deborah hesitate to being filmed, but her daughter Sarah (Anne Ramsay) is persistent and constantly reminds Deborah how much they are needing the funds of this documentary to assist with their financial needs. 

While the documentary team are recording/observing Deborah they see the everyday struggles that one faces with this horrible disease, and the effects that it places on the family members. 

During the course of the filmings they are starting to notice differences with Deborah that is showing more of aggressive behavior that falls more within a demonic possession than an mental illness. 

Without giving away any spoilers; Let’s continue…

What I struggled with on this film

Mia drove me nuts in this film!
She was the typical obnoxious character in a horror film. Especially towards the end. URGH!

I do want to say that I had major hair envy; Her Ombre was on point. 

There was this one scene where they were searching for a body, and they noticed on the ceiling and there was a damp/moldy outline of a body that was coming from the attic floor. 

First off, You wouldn’t catch me up there; the attic is Chris’s job. =)

Second off, Why are they touching every damp, sticky thing they see in the attic?!
I could have sworn, I was watching Prometheus where Fassbender’s Character was touching everything. 

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Gavin was my favorite character in this entire movie!
He reactions to the creepy things that were happening were exactly my response, and I thought he was the only one in this film that “Kept it Real”.

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Nightmares were made of this…

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Accurate reenactment of our reaction to that scene…

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Seriously, there were some great creepy scenes in this film…

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Overall Thoughts

This movie was a pretty good horror flick that is available on Netflix. It didn’t receive a lot promotions/advertisements but it was entertaining to say the least. 

I would have to say that this film is similar to the Paranormal Activity, and Blair Witch with the film mostly shot within the documentary style filming. 

It was a rather slower film. However, it becomes crazy intense within the last 20-30 mins of the movie. 

Chris’s Rating : 7.50

Stina’s Rating : 7.00

Suitable for a Date: Maybe.. For a Scary Movie Date.
Suitable for Children: No, Children should pass on this film.
Suitable for Girls Night Out: Nahh.. I wouldn’t suggest for a Ladies Night.  

Share your thoughts…

What did you think of the movie?
What what your favorite scene?

Thanks for reading!

- Stina :)

It's Time to Abandon Ship: Why I moved on from Stelena & Klaroline and jumped aboard Steroline

I just wanted to put this out there in anticipation of Steroline getting together, and to help drown out all the Steroline hate that’s been thrown around lately. Besides, I know I’m not the only ex-Stelena and ex-Klaroline shipper out there who came to see the light. 

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