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chibita, if you had to date any of the matsus, who would it be?

K: Eh?! Really?!! M-Me?! (And without hesitation…?!)
C: Well, yeah, we’re already best friends so if we HAD to I’m sure it’d be fine. Is that weird?
K: N-Non, of course not!!
C: Right…. Are you ok? You’re really red….
K: Ah- Yes!! I’m fine! Heh…. I-I suppose the summer heat is getting to me….
C: Its not even that hot out…?

p5 hc

just some hc ive been thinkin but for a while. Also this is gonna be EXTREMELY  LONG

- akira is the cool quiet type. externally. Internally, hes a fucking dirty memester and never misses an oppurtunity to drop subtle outdated memes

-*akira under his breath*: get rekt, scrub

- he also only has like two different smiles: his soft ‘look at all the friends i made along the way’ smile and the dirty ‘fucking gotcha in ya dirty face’ grin

- so basically people who think they know him are WRONG,, u gotta get real close and personal to figure out this dude

-ryuji is like aggressively protective of his friends.


- (also ignoring all the shitty canon of the sacrifice(you know what i mean)and some backstory)

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this took longer than it should have

idea from: here

Not mine: Full credits to owner. But, I’ve had this picture in my computer for so long and I just can’t help but think of all the possible stories, but mainly -and because I have a thing for when a man wears rings- can we all imagine this:

Broken Dean, a man that has been through so much in life, opens a bar with his friend but is mostly interested in his music, and escape from the horror of this life and mostly his darkest side. A man that can’t find a purpose in life because he doesn’t think he deserves one, and a man that spends most of his days in a dark room just trying out all kidns of songs.

Until he meets Reader, the light he never thought he’d see in this dark place he was used to living. He tried to push her away but she can’t help but find herself entranced by this mysterious man, visiting his bar all the more to see him. And he tried to fight, he does really hard, but his walls are slowly crumbling and he hates it.

And you, the reader, only try to get to know more of him… until you finally become the only inspiration he had been looking for so long in life. The inspiration to make music the way he wants to, to feel comeplte… to settle down.

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oooh for the reverse!au could we get some soka and nobi shenanigans? like, there's no way that ahsoka wouldn't find some time to tell her line brother all the embarassing stuff about anakin. maybe she 'kidnaps' him for a while to get him off the front lines for a break? (inevitably actual stuff happens maybe haha)

“Nobi.” Someone was poking him in the cheek.

“Nobi, open your eyes.” Another poke and Obi-Wan waved his hand, mumbling sleepily as he rolled onto his side. There was a tiny giggle. “Nobi-Wan, open your eyes and look at me.”

Obi-Wan yawned and forced one eye open to see the shadowed face of Ahsoka peering down at him with a wide grin.

He gave a startled squeak and pulled covers up to his chin. “Soka! I’m naked under here!” He meeped.

She giggled again. “Relax Nobi. I’ve seen your butt before.” She teased and he turned bright red as she ruffled his hair. “…You’re evil Soka.”

“I know~ Now get up and get dressed.” She got up, moving so she had her back to him, waiting for Obi-Wan to indeed get up and dressed. The copper haired padawan shuffled out of the bed and squinted at the set of clothes that was NOT his tunic on the chair in the tent.

“…Soka, where are my clothes?”

“Somewhere else. I’m kidnapping you so you can be a kid, not a Jedi. So put on the normal clothes.” She offered cheerfully.

“Kidn-where are you taking me? Did you tell Panakin?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kind of, she left a note for him to find. “Now get dressed, there’s a fair in the local town on this planet. You can do worse things then have some fun!” She hummed. “…Also why are you nude, you don’t sleep in the nude at camp do you?”

“I fell in a pit of something smelly and my clothes needed to be washed. I had to borrow Panakin’s tunic. It was huge on me.”

“…That’s kind of cute.” Ahsoka giggled.

Obi-Wan blinked and looked at the clothes before slowly shuffling the warm clothes on. Obi-Wan can tell they’re not new, they have a soft, worn in sensation to them but they are nice and comfortable and they fit him. A nice blue shirt, black pants and a warm blue coat. He put on his socks and boots before moving to the older teen, peering up at her before eeping when she grabbed his hand. “Are you sure about this Ahsoka?”

“You’re in the middle of a war zone, fighting a lot of the time. You deserve some time off Obi-Wan. So I’m kidnapping you for some fun while you can. And hey, if they left, I’d get you back.” At Obi-Wan’s alarmed look she squeezed his hand. “Not that Skyguy would leave you behind. You know he won’t. The moment he sees you’re gone he’s going to checkup on you through the bond.”

She gave Rex and Echo happy waves as she continued pulling the padawan along.

“Oh…Rex and Echo knows?” He waved at the two troopers and got smiles and waves in return.

“Course, they don’t have a bond to check on you. They’d worry if I just stole you. And someone needed to sneak me into the camp.” They reached a speeder.

“…You didn’t ask Panakin.”

“I left a note.” She laughed and got on it, pulling on her helmet before pulling Obi-Wan on in front of her, offering a pair of googles to him while giving his braid a little tug as he took them from her. “Come on, you deserve SOME fun Obi-Wan.”

The boy turned the googles over in his hands, peered up at her then smiled shyly before pulling them on. “Okay.”


“…Skyguy is so going to ground us.” Ahsoka sighed.

Obi-Wan only sat down beside her and accepted a icecream cone from one of the grateful vendors with a tired little smile. “I don’t think he has the authority to ground you anymore… me however… not to mention Master Jinn…and Rex might place me in Hardcase jail again.” He sighed.

“…Hardcase jail?” She looked at him in amusement.

“They drop me in Hardcase lap and he cuddles me until I either need the loo or fall asleep. Well Hardcase, Hevy or Fives. Its still jail.” He pouted at her before glancing at the burning building not far of. “…Though Hardcase might be proud I managed to blow up a building.”

“We rerouted a bomb away from the public.” Ahsoka held up her hands. “Focus on the important bits or else Skyguy IS really going to ground you.” She meeped as one of the vendors placed a cone in her hand then grinned happily at her.

She winked back and ruffled Obi-Wan’s fluffy hair.

“You’re just lucky I knew what to do. Bruck used a similar bomb only it was filled with shaving cream…” Obi-Wan sucked on the cold treat while Ahsoka studid him. “…Is Bruck still at the temple?”

“I…yes. We’re so few that they can’t really…send him of.” Obi-Wan focused on his icecream cone, not wanting to look her in the eyes.

“Even with…Obi-Wan, he was a very mean child. He was mean the last time I saw him, I can’t believe he’s changed yet even with everything going on.”

“He hasn’t. He’s still a bully but they’re choosing to ignore it and hope a master will help him change his ways.” She wrapped her free arm around him, Obi-Wan leaning into her side. “…Also Panakin knows we’re here and he’s asking about the smoke he can see from the camp. I told him it was a building.”

“He’s on his way?”

“Uhu. Along with a small group of troopers he says.” Obi-Wan took a bite out of the icecream and sucked on it before swallowing. “…And Bruck’s just scared. We’re all just scared.”

“Just because you’re scared doesn’t mean its right to bully someone Obi-Wan. He and his cronies are going to find the entire galaxy is not going to approve of it. And if they become padawans, they’re representing Jedi to the people they meet.” Ahsoka sighed and looked at her hands, wondering if she’d eaten the cold treat to fast, it was settling a bit heavily in her stomach and Obi-Wan wasn’t even half done.

“…But you left Soka…” Obi-Wan whispered. “It was horrible but…you left…I just…” He stared at his hand, the icecream melting over his hand.

“…They were suppose to trust me. They didn’t even give me a chance, if it hadn’t been…” Ahsoka breathed out.

“I’m not saying you didn’t do the right thing for you.” Obi-Wan mumbled, dropping the remains of the icecream into the trash beside the bench. “But…you can’t… you can’t dictate what’s right or wrong for the Jedi anymore Ahsoka.” He looked at her with eyes to old for the face it was set in. “The future has to be ours to decide with the order, not the ones who leave it because its to rigid, change has to come from within, not from the outside.”

“…When did you get so smart Nobi?” Ahsoka smiled sadly.

“…When I almost died on an unfamiliar planet because I decided someones else life mattered more then mine.” The two descended into silence, sitting close together as they waited for Anakin to arrive.



“For what its worth…I think you did the right thing. For your own sake.”

“…Thank you Obi-Wan.”

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I kidn of want Sana to break down in front of the girls tomorrow because as much as I hate seeing Sana crying I think it would be important for the girls to be reminded that Sana too is only human even tho she always has that" I can deal with everything on my own and nothing gets to me" attitude, i think that since she's always like that the girls tend to forget that everyone has a breaking point

i actually agree!! as much as i HATE seeing her sad and crying, i think it would be a wake up call to the girls bc apparently they see her as this ‘gangster muslim robot’ who is physically incapable of feeling emotion smh but its sad that they would have to literally see her break down in tears to understand that she feels emotions ???

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while we're talking about the scary fusions, what about, like... Kane and Cadet!Mike. 80 If I was getting up to Kane's age and there was some kind of threat, I would definitely want somebody yougn and strong around to fuse with. (seriously, if you fused their fist-fighting abilities they would be, like, unstoppable)

hahahaha HOLY SHIT?  what a terrifying mental image??? 8|

I don’t know what could possibly warrant this level of response but???

somebody’s gonna die is all I’m saying

Winter’s Witch Part 1

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Mentions of blood, swearing
Summary: Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
A/N: Hiya!! This is going to be a series revolving around Bucky Barnes :~) I got inspired while listening to The Garden & Wu-Wu, if you don’t know these artists, I highly suggest you check them out! They’ve got this mad mystical vibe about them.
Word Count: 2.3K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

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