you know what? im so fucking glad i went to london bc not only i might have gotten some v valuable info at the seminar but i got to spend some fucking amazing time with my dad alone, liek that had never happened before bc i was too much of a cunt and he was too busy, got to know everything at all from his past, what hes planning on, why he is how he is, and i got to tell him how much i love him and how im so fucking proud that he is my role model and that someday i aim to be as nice of a person as he is, we ended fuck knows where in london hugged and just crying bc he had a rather fucked up childhood and he managed to give me everything, love, an education, knowledge, and i just love that man, nothing will ever change that, like happened with him and his father

137 Days

It is 137 days until July 7th, the day that I’ll donate my kidney to my sister. Today she told me that she is working on starting a non-profit organization to raise money for kidney disease research. I still cannot believe how strong she has been through all of this. She is truly amazing. She gives me strength.

As I run and start to think that I won’t be able to finish or keep on going, I remind myself that she has done, and gone through a lot more than I have and just knowing that makes me realize that I can finish that run and gives me that extra strength to keep on pushing. 

This coming week should be pretty laid back and give me a lot of time to get more into my running, it feels so good to start to get back on track. Today was the Livestrong half and full marathon here in Austin, I can’t wait to finally do a full marathon, one day. 

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday, and a great week. Remember no matter how hard something may seem, you can make it through!

im excited for the next installment of Space Fight but i know some shit is gonna go down and im just not prepared for that emotionally. like some awful shit is gonna happen to rey or something or finn is just gonna be unconscious for the whole thing or poe is gonna get kidnapped or GOD FUCKING FORBID that ANOTHER horrifying tragedy happens to leia

like i know things have to escalate for there to be more movies i just am woefully unprepared for any kidn of emotional reaction to anything

hwat the fuck kidn of servant am i anyways i mean. i literarly madde a highre up fele lieke theyre doing smth wrong like!!!! no im doing aomething wrong!!!! imd oing everytjfing wring!!!! im a bad servandt you edsever betrwer

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Then I apologize for being so aggressive about it. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I apologize for any ways I seemed, and am done arguing. To you and others following the blog, I have seen the error in my attempts to understand, and ask for your forgiveness(I know most won't and will probably see it as a cop-out but it's worth a try.) Everyone have a good night.

ye ts cool just tbh try to not tell other trans pl how to vent and if it bugs u that much block these kidns of blogs from now on

That being said if any of my followers are sending xem anon hate, i dont condone it.

my true undertalesona (instead of the skeleton)….. a slug deer…..

apparently is a yellow-bordered taildropper slug

and then just. a deer. 

cause i am lazy and easily startled also both deer and slugs live in the pacific northwest….

probably not very good attacks. or any.

no idea what sprites would look like, either…. i am not a pixel artist lol.

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hey ross im feelin rly bad tonite and i feel like i kidn of don derve to cos i hav an overall nice life?? but i feel so gross and its horrible in my head rn and i just needed to tell someone i guess. could you mayb give me some alien!ty cos thats my fav. hope u have a good day/nite

yes honey n listen no mttr how good ur situation is ur allowed to feel how ur head makes u feel. but yes!!!!! lil baby takin a bath w josh for the first time n he giggles at the coldness at first “eeee!! joshua, it is very freezing!!” but whn the waters all warm n cozy ty sinks into it cooing as josh sits behind him washin his hair n body n his hair glimmers all shiny n glittery n its so relaxin n sweet

The only reason why zutara is better than maiko is because Zuko is cappable of caring about Katara.

Mai risks her life for him even after his betrayal and what does Zuko do? Forget about her until she appears again to help him…

I think that for me ships in wich one character gives all the care and the other is never willing to give even kidnes are really depressive ships.

Like, loving someone and that someone giving zero cents about you gotta hurt, but you can’t remove yourself for them because “love”